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By Barbara Ridley | Comments: ( 254 ) | Date: ( Feb 23, 2020 )

Coming of age in Prague in the 1930s, Lena Kulkova is inspired by the left wing activists who resist the rise of fascism She meets Otto, a refugee from Hitler s Germany, and follows him to Paris to work for the Republican side in the Spanish Civil War As the war in Spain ends and a far greater war engulfs the continent, Lena gets stuck in Paris with no news from her JewiComing of age in Prague in the 1930s, Lena Kulkova is inspired by the left wing activists who resist the rise of fascism She meets Otto, a refugee from Hitler s Germany, and follows him to Paris to work for the Republican side in the Spanish Civil War As the war in Spain ends and a far greater war engulfs the continent, Lena gets stuck in Paris with no news from her Jewish family, including her beloved baby sister, left behind in Nazi occupied Czechoslovakia Otto, meanwhile, has fled to a village in England, and urges Lena to join him, but she can t obtain a visa When Lena and Otto are finally reunited, the safe haven Lena has hoped for doesn t last long Their relationship becomes strained, and Lena is torn between her loyalty to Otto and her growing attraction to Milton, the son of the eccentric Lady of the Manor As the war continues, she yearns to be reunited with her sister, while Milton is preoccupied with the political turmoil that leads to the landslide defeat of Churchill in the 1945 election Based on a true story, When It s Over is a moving, resonant, and timely read about the lives of war refugees, dramatic political changes, and the importance of family, love, and hope Lena s beautifully developed character, Ridley s commanding sense of place, and a well drawn supporting cast bring this intricate historical fiction vividly to life Barbara Stark Nemon, author of Even in Darkness Compelling and complex, with a strong female protagonist, When It s Over adds a much needed fresh perspective to the canon of World War II literature Lori Ostlund, author of The Bigness of the World With rich, sensuous details, Barbara Ridley captures the tumultuous 1940s in England, transporting you with a captivating story about love, loss and war Nina Schuyler, author of The Translator This fraught love story brings to life passionate, personal, and political struggles in the face of paranoia and prejudice in wartime England It s a story that resonates with the tensions and blindness all too apparent in the twenty first century Desmond Barry, author of The Chivalry of Crime

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About Author:

Barbara Ridley

I was born in England but have lived in Northern California for over 30 years I am now focused on creative writing after a successful career in nursing, which included publication of several academic articles When It s Over is my debut novel My writing has appeared in Clockhouse Review, The Writers Workshop Review, Still Crazy, Ars Medica, BLYNKT and The Copperfield Review.

Comments When It's Over

  • Bonnye Reed

    GNab I received a free electronic copy of this historical novel from Netgalley, Barbara Ridley, and She Writes Press in exchange for an honest review. Thank you all for sharing your hard work with me. I LOVE that this novel had as an opening salvo a calendar of actual historical events covering the duration of this historical novel. It is a help my poor old brain needs. The big events hold their place in line but when the story travels from now until then it makes it difficult to stay focused. T [...]

  • Patty

    I keep breaking my promise to myself to not read any more WWII books. It is, I suppose, a very deep well to draw upon for story inspiration. When the tale you bring to life is based on your own family’s history it makes the telling all the more compelling. Such is the case of When It’s Over for Ms. Ridley as it is based on her parents’ lives.The heroine of the story is Lena, a young Czech woman who feels strongly about what she learns is going in Spain with the rise of Fascism. As she and [...]

  • Cathy

    Find all my books reviews, plus author interviews, book extracts and guest posts, on my blog: whatcathyreadnext.wordpress/I’ve read a lot of historical fiction set in WW2, and, to be frank, I’ll probably never tire of it. However, it’s always refreshing to get a new angle and this novel delivers it. It opens in Prague and focuses on the experiences of a family of Czech Jews. As the author explains in her afterword, the book is a work of fiction but based on the experiences of her parents. [...]

  • Brighton Belle

    This is an outstanding first novel. The storyline, well rehearsed elsewhere in these reviews, is immediately compelling. We are quickly drawn into Lena’s situation and concerned for her safety. The writing is clean and self assured. The gentle and luminous observation of detail throughout effectively draw us in and we live through events as they unfold. This is a WW2 setting from a perspective that most of us will not have experienced and it is told in such a moving and heartfelt way. I was fa [...]

  • Mary

    This marvelous novel delivers completely on the promise of its extraordinary cover, which shows a faintly colored woman walking toward the black and white and grey devastation of London during the Blitz. Barbara Ridley gives us a heroine we can love in so many ways -- smart, agonizing over her choices, and ultimately able to act in her own best interests. I found myself swept away by the story, and even though I've read many books set in this time period, there were unexpected descriptions and s [...]

  • Monica Clark

    “When It’s Over” is not just another novel set in WWII England. Barbara Ridley skillfully weaves the life of Lena Kulkova and her Czech Resistance friends into a powerful story of love, determination, grief and triumph. Based in part on experiences of her Czech Jewish mother who escaped to England as the Nazis began their assault on Prague, Ridley delves deeply into the emotional experiences of Lena without ever being melodramatic or histrionic. Her well-researched historical facts flow sm [...]

  • Story Circle Book Reviews

    Living through major historical events is, for many people, a pretense of their previous life, normal-ish, only different around the edges. For all the heroes storming the hills, there are the civilians living (mostly) how they have before the sky fell.It isn't as if Lena Kulkova, the protagonist in Barbara Ridley's When It's Over had not been profoundly affected by the rise of the Nazis in the Thirties and Forties. She had moved from her native Czechoslovakia, first to Paris, then to England. H [...]

  • Philip V

    This historical novel provides a riveting and compelling account of the impact on the lives of several vividly-portrayed individuals of what is arguably the most important event in modern history: The rise of fascism in Europe, specifically the rise of the Nazism in Germany led by Hitler and the ensuing five brutal years of war that eventually secured its demise. As a psychologist, the novel's character development is of such depth and breadth that it's refreshing to have one's understanding exp [...]

  • Alina

    This is a very first book that I read by Barbara Ridley. This is a historical fiction, based on a true story. I like the fact that events are set in the chronological orderThe story starts in 1938. Lena, a young Jewish girl, who falls for Otto, German-born and now Spanish spy. At the beginning of the war, he is able to get Lena out of Chekoslovakia to France and later with a help of his friends to England. Lena is heartbroken to leave her family behind. Often she blames her father for not trying [...]

  • Linda Atwell

    This book transported me back in time. At night, when I finally had to put the book down to sleep, the characters stayed with me. I worried about Lena and all her friends. When I finished, I found myself still thinking about these young people and what they (and their loved ones) went through. (I guess some of these concerns are heavy on my mind because of today's political climate and I keep telling myself--we must learn from history! We must not repeat history!!) Ridley shared that this story [...]

  • Barbara Stark-Nemon

    Barbara Ridley’s When It’s Overis a welcome addition to that treasured section on my bookshelf devoted to authors who document their family’s World War II experiences through compelling historical fiction. In Lena Kulkova, the reader finds an engaging, resilient character who comes of age amidst the turbulence, chaos, and devastation of 1930s and 40s Europe. Her involvement with a group of young leftist activists leads her to break free from her repressive father in Czechoslovakia. She esc [...]

  • Kathy

    I read this book because I know the author, but would still give it an excellent review if I had no association with the book/author. This sorry is based largely on Ms. Ridley's mother's experiences before and during WWII as a Czech refugee, first in Paris, and then in England. The main character, Lena, is well developed, and complex, and other supporting characters, including Lena's first husband are not stereotypes, but appear to be based on real people. The book is well researched, and is pre [...]

  • Reese

    Ms. Ridley has done a beautiful job constructing her authorial debut; When It's Over is a balanced, engaging, and touching work. Her characters—based on her own mother and father, and their compatriots—are nuanced and realistic, and I often found myself so immersed that I was sure the author herself was simply reporting true events from memory. Additionally, although I was briefed on Ridley's family history prior to reading, I was enthralled in the her well-crafted and thoughtfully-written m [...]

  • Stephanie Burns

    World War II is my favorite time period for historical fiction, so I was very happy to receive an early copy of this beautifully written novel for review. As we follow protagonist Lena Kulkova’s experiences in her native Czechoslovakia, Paris, and eventually London, we explore how each area is impacted by the war, and, in turn, how Lena and her friends—fellow refugees and activists—are affected. The novel is one part war saga, one part political drama, and one part love story, but what int [...]

  • Starhistnake

    I won this book in a Giveaway.I was a little worried this book would focus heavily on a romance torn apart by war - which is, of course a true thing but also a story that's been told past the point of cliche. While the war definitely impacted the the main character's romantic life the novel looked at all the ways in which her world was changed and all the costs war imposes on everyone, even those who don't step on a battlefield. As the story skipped forward in time it was made clear (without be [...]

  • Cathy Zane

    When I read historical fiction, I look to be transported to a different time and place and Barbara Ridley's novel does just that. The protagonist, Lena, leaves her home of Pre- WWII Prague for Paris and then London. The historical events and era specific descriptions flow seamlessly into this wonderful coming of age love story. As Lena and her friends live through the escalation of the war, I felt the overwhelming hardship and fear that was their reality as well as the hopefulness and solidarity [...]

  • Joanna

    The book is a good one and well-written . It's based on the author's parents story. Give us a picture of life during WWII. The characters Lena and Otto came to life on the pages and their struggles of leaving Lenas country and the loved ones behind to survive the Nazi occupation in Czech . Describes every day challenges when she went to France and then to England and how they deal with the issues . I liked Lena.but Otto -not so much. It held my interest well enough till the end. It is a story of [...]

  • Nissa

    As you read about stories of resistance in Europe during the German occupation of Europe, it is easy to think of just the low points on the oppression. But, on the flip side it always reminds me of the good in people, of heroic acts and selflessness. The best that people are capable of to help each other. A riveting read. I had a hard time putting it down. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who likes to read historical fiction.

  • Cheryl Suchors

    This novel felt real to me. I enjoyed being taken back to WWII era; I find the period fascinating and this book did not disappoint. Through its pages, I was able to visit several countries and cities, as well as the English countryside, a masterful job by the author. I learned even more about what the war was like in these places. Each character offered a fully rounded human being and I cared a great deal about the protagonist, Lena. Would like to read more by this author!

  • Chris Sorensen

    An absorbing story of forced choices made in order to survive up to and during World War II and how those choices impact individual lives. Set in pre-war Prague, Paris, and war-torn England Ridley vividly describes the horrors and pleasures of life during these perilous times. What is most intriguing is that her tale is based on a true story.

  • Pat

    Totally different point of view about the war than anything I've read. Interesting look at left politics during the war and the situation of refugees from Czechoslovakia and eastern European countries in Britain. A little rough in places, but overall well-done and certainly kept my interest all the way through.

  • Barbara

    Barbara Ridley has written a masterful novel set in Prague, Paris, London and the English country side during World War II. Her visual style of writing brings immediacy to time and place. We are there with her exquisitely drawn characters as they confront their fears, their disappointments, their losses and triumphs with courage and resiliency.

  • Sue Granzella

    I greatly enjoyed this book. I adore books that immerse me in another world, and I'm enthralled by WWII books. So this one was a win-win for me. Really strong narrative that kept me highly engaged. I appreciated the non-stereotyped relationship of the two main characters. There was so much here about the Czech involvement in the war, something I'd never known anything about. Really well written.

  • Ellen Carroll

    I enjoyed this book very much - the protagonist was a good mix of strong and vulnerable - and the historical information was very interesting. Barbara Ridley does an excellent job of describing the atmosphere and the scenery; I felt as though I had been there after I finished the book.

  • Leanne

    An enthralling tale of love and hope during WWII with complex characters, a plucky protagonist and a convincing backdrop.

  • Jayne

    When It's Over is historical fiction at it's besta step back in time to slip into the lives of characters from a time we should never forgetlooking forward to Barbara's next work!

  • Michelle Olms

    Great book

  • Gail Nelson

    3.5 stars. I have read a lot of novels in this genre, and in my opinion there are many more that are much more satisfying

  • Isabella Fante

    This was a wonderful novel that I would recommend to anyone, regardless of interest in the historical context. I tend to read more contemporary fiction, but I fell in love with this work of historical fiction within just a few pages. Barbara Ridley fully develops her characters, uncovering layers of each character's complex consciousness throughout the novel, in accordance with the increasingly hard times as World War II unfolds. I particularly loved that the focus is on Lena, based on the true [...]

  • Frieda

    A compelling story of one young woman's flightto escape the Nazis during the 1930's. Trying to stay aliveyet worried about the safety of her family of origin she left behind in Czechslovkia

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