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Eighteen year old Charlee Parker met the love of her life in a parking lot a leggy brunette with a valedictorian medal hanging from her rear view mirror and an attitude as biting as a Boston winter.Alexandra Woodson was guarded, a nineteen year old orphan set on a bright future in hospitality administration She never imagined an art student with a penchant for cheesy pickEighteen year old Charlee Parker met the love of her life in a parking lot a leggy brunette with a valedictorian medal hanging from her rear view mirror and an attitude as biting as a Boston winter.Alexandra Woodson was guarded, a nineteen year old orphan set on a bright future in hospitality administration She never imagined an art student with a penchant for cheesy pick up lines and stealing parking spaces would crack her rigid exterior and claim her heart.For four years, theirs was an enviable love evergreen and growing Unbreakable Until it broke.Now, after five years on the opposite side of the country, Alex s work brings her back to Boston When, by chance, they meet again, Charlee and Alex are swept up in a whirlwind of heart rending history, tossed between past and present, and lovers old and new Will their lingering connection be enough to convince them that some loves are meant to last Or should the past remain in the past 79,500 words

  • Title: The Art of Us
  • Author: K.L.Hughes
  • ISBN: 9783955338923
  • Page: 328
  • Format: ebook

About Author:


KL Hughes is an American poet and fiction author writing in multiple genres Growing up in a small town of just over 1500 people, she spent much of her time inventing various ways to entertain herself as well as others Whether it was through vocal performances of original children s songs or theatrical re enactments of books, movies, and actual events, Hughes showcased her extensive imagination and creativity at a very early age.She began writing poetry at the age of nine, a passion that rapidly grew and expanded to include short stories, novellas, and eventually novels Throughout elementary school and high school, Hughes won several contests and competitions focused in original poetry and short story composition.After graduating valedictorian of her high school class, Hughes went on to pursue and earn a Bachelor of Liberal Arts degree in Theatre Arts and English Literature Her collegiate studies allowed her to develop and hone her skills in poetry, playwriting, screenwriting, and fiction prose.Working as a writer full time, Hughes lives in the United States with her wife and their Dalmatian When not writing, she enjoys theatre and film, travel, visits to old cemeteries and haunted houses, putting on one woman musicals for her wife, long walks and hikes, and family time.

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Comments The Art of Us

  • Lex Kent

    Edit: I am changing my rating to 4 1/2 Stars. I originally only rated this 4 stars, but I keep thinking about this book and I think my rating was a little too low.This was really good and emotional. I’m not kidding about being emotional; I lost track on how many times I was flat out crying. I love when a good book can make you feel, and this book definitely did.What happens when you run into your soulmate after being apart for five years? Charlee and Alex are about to find out. That’s it, th [...]

  • Pin

    I enjoyed The Art of Us very much. Once I started, I just could not put it down. I even reread some parts right away, and it went straight into my favorites. Bravo KL Hughes!5 starsNov 3, 2017

  • Diane Wallace

    'Ylva-Publishing ARC provided in exchange for a honest review'4.5stars!A remarkable grit filled work of good penmanship in an emotionally charged romantic love story of performance in its own right,this book is a vivid and powerful rendering of the unparalleled lives of both extraordinary leads. Some readers will also enjoy certain part of this storyline which dealt with art and peek into the mind of one of the leads who's preeminent style was an echo or focus in this book because of her passion [...]

  • Luce

    5 Stars.I don't do angst. I don't mind it in small doses but I generally don't gravitate to it. Unless it is as well written as Hughes has done in this fabulous book. At first I thought I would breeze right through the book it was so good. But I couldn't. I had to read a chapter or two and take a break. Because, you know, I don't do angst. And there are flashbacks. I don't mind it, but I know some readers do not. But wow. This story goes back and forth to college years to present to post college [...]

  • Netty

    I swear i inhaled this book it was absolutly excellent, i really really loved it and without a doubt be buying the paperback as soon as it's released, Alex and Charlee are the sort of characters your instantly drawn to, so you cant help but root for them, also the supporting characters are great, cam especislly she made me laugh a time or two, i don't normally like all that flashback stuff in books but they actually make this book, one of the best romances i've read this year, i'm slapping it in [...]

  • Sprinkles

    This here is an angsty, longing, frustrating, brilliant read. In fact, even reading The Art of Us took me longer than usual because the feelings get TOO REAL. Especially for those who've had significant exes or are dating people who broke off from something deep. It puts an uncomfortable layer of insecurity to the read. Somewhat painful, but effective. Totally what KL Hughes wants from me, I'd reckon. Or, at least it'd make her feel great to cause these feelings.I'd say for my personal taste, th [...]

  • Corporate Slave

    Well that's a good start for the year! Unbelievable chemistry! You can't miss reading this one

  • Tiff

    When you pick up this book be prepared for your heart to be ripped out of your chest. This book knocked me flat out more than a time or two. You can literally feel your heartbreak right along with the main characters. A fantastic emotional ride that is chock-full of angst and emotion.Charlee and Alex meet early on in college. There is an instant connection, and they spend the next years blissfully in love, head over heels. When school ends Alex is offered an amazing career opportunity on the opp [...]

  • Agirlcandream

    “I want to do it right, because loving her is the purest thing I’ve ever done. It’s the purest thing I’ve ever had.” Soul Mates. The Art of Us takes the concept of soul mates to a whole new level. I don’t think I’ve ever read an angst-filled read quite like this book. Five years after Alex left for the coast and they drifted apart, Charlee cannot sleep at night but spends all her time painting beautiful memories of her true love and soul mate Alex. Alex returns to Boston with girlf [...]

  • Jane Shambler

    Whoa! I am seriously exhausted. This book in a single word has to be EMOTIONAL. The feelings this book extracts are so real. You feel everything. It felt like my heart was being ripped from my chest. Also, because of that I am seriously having trouble writing this review. How Hughes managed to write it I don't know. But she did and she managed to blow me off my feet.To help you understand I found that one minute I'm happy, cheerful even. Then the next sad and angry even. Then I feel this need to [...]

  • Ted

    Liked it despite the boat ton of the sads and bad feels. Doing twin story arcs via flash backs is a tricky beast. I was confused several times when a scene change happened with no nudge that a shift in time happened as well. A simple 'Then' and 'Now' accompanying the scene separator would have insta fixed that. It's really a story of second chances. Didn't fall in love with it (see the above sads and bads) but I liked it well enough.

  • Starsandsun

    I admit that I’m not really a fan of popcorn love but after reading this I will give it a try again. Goodness! This book will give you so much feels. From the first page I already got a vibe that this will go straight to my favorites. Is there more of this? Nice execution of second chance storyline. So, if you’re a fan of those I would totally recommend you this.Charlee and Alex will be added to my top ten fav couples.You just have to read this to appreciate it.Lots of crying. Cheesy lines. [...]

  • MJS

    ARC provided by YLVA in return for an honest review. I wanted to read this story because I enjoyed Popcorn Love and this had good reviews. I was hesitant though, because past/present romances are not a favourite of mine. This isn’t a ‘fun’ book, in that it’s very angsty and there’s a lot of pining. Also, there was no separation to show when a flashback was starting within a chapter, (by that I mean use of italics or some other formatting) which did make this hard to read, because the m [...]

  • Cristina

    This is an emotional book where the past and the present are interlaced and it’s impossible to understand the present without the past. Both characters made each other and it is also impossible understand Charlee without Alex, and vice versa. This is a passionate and sometimes sad book about people who deserve second chances.

  • Rach (Les Rêveur)

    This was probably one of the most angst ridden novels I have read all year. It literally kicked the wind out of me more than once with this heart breaking tale of second chance love.Charlee and Alex met in college and fell madly in love and knew they had met their soul mates. Unfortunately when Alex is offered an important job at the other side of the country they just can’t make the long distance work. They both love each other enough not to ask the other to give up on their dreams but they k [...]

  • Sandra

    This is my first novel from this author. It’s a book full of strong emotions and it pulled me in instantly.The combination of the past and the present in this story was excellent written. And KL has a wonderful way, to make you feel everything the characters are feeling. And she also describes, explains and draws everything and everybody in a perfect way. You really can imagen Charlee’s art or the loft where she lives or as they struggling with all the emotions.Charlee and Alex meet again af [...]

  • Procrastireader

    What a great way to end the year with this book. I've been struggling to finish several others and finally gave this one a try. It is exceptional, exactly what I needed and wanted. I did not finish Popcorn Love, the author's previous book, so I was quite doubtful about this. And yet, despite not really having any plot or storyline, the author blows me away with her writing. The angst, the torture - I absolutely LOVE it. It is very well-written and 'gave me the feels'. I finished this book in 2 d [...]

  • Della

    The Art of Us follows the lives of Charlee and Alex who met at college, fell in love, graduated and followed their separate dreams.Ms Hughes creates an homage to love. She writes about love with such delicacy you are drawn into the characters and their story. When Alex, who is a woman of few words,speaks of love it takes your breath away.We learn that a love story is more than two people in love. Friends and families are intertwined in their story and affected by the ripples of Charlee and Alex [...]

  • Amanda

    Wow this book was a fantastic read. I can see Hughes becoming one of my favorite authors. It is too soon to tell, but both of the books I have read have been really good reads. I enjoyed her first book, but loved this one. I highlighted more moments in this book than any other book I have read. It has several laugh out loud moments, and a few crying moments. The range of emotion Hughes delivers is what makes this book memorable. This isn't a book that will quickly fade from your memory. I put it [...]

  • Bree Paige

    This book is about Charlee and Alex love story. How they met, fell in love and broke apart then meet again but not in this sequence though. And this book wasn't just about those things and you would know it if you read it by yourself. The book was so Cute, so Sweet, and so so Sad You could feel the emotions of every characters, it was heavy. Very well written and You could find the meaning of Soulmate as well. “When things fell apart, it wasn’t like a breakup for me. It was a loss, like losi [...]

  • Denise

    This book captured me from the beginning and didn't let go until the very last word. I haven't felt so moved, so captured, such raw depth from characters and a story in a very long time. Excellent job K.L. I can't wait to ready more of your work.

  • Stephanie

    Much better than Popcorn Love, the only other book I've read by this author.

  • Gaby

    I don't particularly enjoy angst in my books but I have to admit that 'The art of us' deals with it well. Around fifty percent of the plot is written as flashbacks but, instead of dividing the plot in halves, past and then the present, the author intertwined them cleverly. Past and present are not even divided in chapters or labelled in titles, Ms. Hughes makes them flow in little sections without any clarifications, and it works remarkably well. It balances sad and happy aspects of the story ni [...]

  • Anja

    It's was an okay read, it didn't blow me away. I didn't like the constant jumping between past and preent (sometimes I was confused if it's now or if it was when they first were together). 3,5 stars

  • Jo reece

    Left me wanting more.

  • Joc

    Truly beautiful but not easy going. This could have been over the top angsty but Hughes builds up an incredible cast of supporting characters around Charlee and Alex that holds the whole story together. It's very powerful and deeply moving.

  • Mirtha Siblesz

    Beautiful!This was a beautifully written story! The love Charlee and Alex felt for each other was so sweet and poignant. This writer is very good at developing characters and story lines as she did did an excellent job with Popcorn Love as well. I look forward to more stories from this author! Very well done!

  • Jade

    *ARC provided by the publisher for an honest review*I absolutely loved this book!Hughes has created a story of lost love that has you longing for Charlee and Alex to find their way back to each other.The chemistry between Alex and Charlee is palpable and the reader goes on a roll-a-coaster of emotions with both of the characters.I wanted to give this book 5stars bit I got a bit annoyed with Alex and the way she handles her current relationship and I hated how inconsiderate her character was at t [...]

  • BadassCmd

    I've read the story before and was looking forward to its release for a long time, because this book is special. It’s the kind of book you still think about weeks later.It’s the kind of book that makes you believe in soulmates, in the perfect match, in being destined to be with that ‘one’ person. It also shows you how life can hurt when one part of yourself is gone and you have to try to go on, but never really manage to feel the same way again. The chemistry between those two characters [...]

  • Mazzie

    I received an ARC in exchange for my honest review.Wow. This novel is bit heavy and full of emotions. Maybe bit too much for my taste. However, K.L. Hughes wrote the story beautifully. She is incredible with mixing poetic sense of description and complex character development. The story is really about the process of how two soulmates try to reunite after years of being apart due to break up. The break up makes perfect sense in their situation and it's really just life being complicated. I think [...]

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