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By Brenda Rothert | Comments: ( 870 ) | Date: ( Dec 08, 2019 )

Sienna Mills knows her alpha males They brood They growl They love the word mine.After spending her early twenties in and out of relationships with alphas, Sienna used her knowledge to found Alpha Mail, a booming business that allows women to sign up for emails, letters and texts from their own brooding, red blooded man.Her star is on the rise and Sienna is attractingSienna Mills knows her alpha males They brood They growl They love the word mine.After spending her early twenties in and out of relationships with alphas, Sienna used her knowledge to found Alpha Mail, a booming business that allows women to sign up for emails, letters and texts from their own brooding, red blooded man.Her star is on the rise and Sienna is attracting the interest of investors when a mysterious man starts messaging her about the true nature of an alpha She s got it all wrong, he says, and he s willing to show her how a real man makes women respond.The Sienna hears from him, the aggravated she becomes Who does this anonymous, supposed alpha think he is, anyway And yet she can t deny his messages are becoming the best part of her days Commitment phobic Sienna finds herself wanting from her sensei of seduction But is she willing to trust her heart to an alpha again

  • Title: Alpha Mail
  • Author: Brenda Rothert
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 135
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Brenda Rothert

Brenda Rothert is the author of twenty three Contemporary Romance novels You can learn about her books at her website, brendarothert, which features teasers, excerpts and trailers for her books Follow her here Twitter goo wYVa6E Pinterest goo tYSU3n Website brendarothert goo k2ueHQ goo 47Va5y BN goo gXIFyF Kobo goo hrFmMK iTunes goo 5XKG4Z Google Play goo gQMf8p

Comments Alpha Mail

  • Bibi

    Alpha Mail lacked any form of complexity or conflict, which made Sienna's story so goshdarn boring. DNF @ 70%

  • Leonor

    I liked the heroine and her need to help and support financially her best friend and her love for her best friend's kid.Now the hero, did like him? No I didn't.He was alright but when he started emailing the heroine, he said something around the lines "I have never told a woman she was mine but sure I've shown a few" Uhh, I don't want my hero to show or say that the OW are his. I only want the heroine to be shown this by him. I want the heroine to be the first for him. Is it unrealistic? Sure it [...]

  • Wendy'sThoughts

    3 Learning from the Source Stars* * * Spoiler FreeThis is a tale which presents a number of ideas Like why is it women love that Strong AlphaWhy do we pine to be wrapped up in arms so strong we just meltAnd because the wanted Alpha is so hard to findwe have a woman who has come up with an idea that is perfectSienna Mills knows what women think they long for and she is savvy enough to come up with an app to supply just that.Who would want to have a letter saying all the right things hearing all t [...]

  • Tina

    Surprisingly beautiful story.Love the heroine and the hero, so much respect for both.Review in few hours, after I get some sleep, it 4:30 AM here *barely sees anything while writing this*3.75 ‘not so much as romance as I liked the book’ Stars I admit that before reading this I was sceptical, it sounded too chick lit, too sweet, too cliché for me. Plus, for a while, approximately a year I’ve been struggling with romance books so I am not that active on as I have been before.There is just [...]

  • Isabella - Madly in Love with Books

    Alright peeps, rant incoming. It's rare, that I get so aggravated about a book. There a good ones out there and there are bad ones out there. Those I like and those I don't - those with tropes and topics that bother me and yeah, yeah you get what I am saying. This one started off good. It felt nice and well written, I was hoping - as the description insinuated - for a funny, light-hearted, strong-willed banter between two strong alpha people that have different opinions. Boy was I wrong. The fi [...]

  • Tanya

    OMG this book!!!!!!!!! I laughed with them, I cried with them, I screamed AT them. We all have that "friend", you know the one we have probably never met in person but will listen to us or help us when we need it the most. Well in this case it is that ALPHA man we need, the one who gets us all hot and bothered, who listens to our daily struggles and lets us vent, the one who encourages us and makes us feel better about ourselves. This is the business Sienna has started for women everywhere. As t [...]

  • Fatimama

    This had cute parts and I liked the H/h banter What I didn’t like- Hero took 10 yrs before making a move on heroine who is his best friend’s little sister- Heroine is the breadwinner for her best friend who has a terminally sick kid, this is weird coz she’s like paying for everything and the best friend doesn’t even seem all that grateful. Heroine was so stressed providing for all the medical care by herself just didn’t sit right with me

  • ❤Sana❤

    4 unexpected stars! What would you do if you got a mail from an anonymous arrogant RoughRider who's willing to teach you what's an Alpha but will never meet you in person?I’ll never get to take you to bed, but if I could, that’s when you’d see a side of me no one else ever sees. A side that’s only for you. That’s when I’d tell you how crazy you drive me in those skirts you wear and how much it turns me on hearing you say my name. You’d see me turn from the gentleman who makes you f [...]

  • Ella Sweeney mccorkle

    Holy Cow!!!!! Once again Brenda has knocked it out of the park with this book! I laughed, I cried, and even had a few OMG moments while reading This! Thank You for such an amazing read, and hoping for a 2nd book!

  • Isha Coleman

    Alpha Mail is meant to bring on the laughter and amp up the seduction. Ms. Rothert packs this showstopper with plenty of surprises. From the hotshot characters to the electrifying romance and the belly full of laughs, the party begins and ends with a hint of mystery and never backs down.

  • Michella

    My new favorite by Brenda Rothert! This story will hook you from the start and the struggle is real to put it down. You will laugh out loud and swoon. Your heart will squeeze and swell. Definitely a must read!

  • PaulaPhillips

    When I saw this book, I knew immediately that I wanted to read it and I was certain that I would love it. What I didn't know was just how much I would love it. This book was amazing as it draws the reader in. We all know someone who is an Alpha Mail, and like the main character Sienna, we have probably had a date with an Alpha and hated it as they turned out to be jerks. I know I had a bad date with an alpha and OMFG worst date ever as he was rude, no manners and then when I told him we weren't [...]

  • Janett The Pleasure of Reading Today

    We all have those go to authors that we don't even think about it twice when we #oneclick. Brenda Rothert is one of those authors for me, and the amount of heart that she put behind Alpha Mail just comes to cement that.Never judge a book by its cover they say, while this is not completely truth with this book, there is so much depth and so much heart behind this particular cover. Sienna Mills is an intelligent, accomplished business woman, who based on her romantic experiences with men who procl [...]

  • Hannah

    This may be the longest review I've ever written so, just buckle up for the ride. Let's tackle this piece by piece. First, the cover. Don't let the cover fool you about the contents of this book. While it adequately fits the business portrayed in the book, it doesn't quite display the depth of heart you're going to encounter in this story. Second, let's talk about that depth of heart. I saw the cover, I read the blurb, and I was prepared for light, fluff, and humor. I got all of that, but I got [...]

  • Mandy

    This was more than just a romance - there were several layers and different kinds of love in this book - romantic love, friend love, and family love. As far as the romance goes, this was a slow-burn with the sexy times coming very late into the story. The heroine is career driven and focused on expanding her business. She has a kind heart and wants to succeed so she can provide for her best friend and her son who has a terminal illness. That part of the story was really emotional and broke my he [...]

  • Crystal Wilke

    Alpha Male is the first book I have read by Brenda and I f***** loved it! I hope there will be a second book. Great characters and story line flowed. I am going to keep this short & sweet because I don't want to give anything away. Alpha Male is a MUST read and have a box of tissues nearby. I am looking forward to reading more of Brenda's books.

  • Lindsey King

    Its been a while since Ive read a Brenda book needless to say, I could kick my own ass for this. But hey. life happens right??! I love love love this storyline. Its fun and unique and not something I have seen or heard of. That really made the book stand out a lot. The characters are super passionate and honest. Which is very refreshing. I was so caught up in some of the scenes that I had tears in my eyes. This isn't just a sexy hot read. Its a soul searching read. I felt so much for not just th [...]

  • Danielle Robbins

    Alpha Mail is the first book I have read by Brenda Rothert and it will not be my last! I really loved this book! I loved the story and the secret identity of RoughRider16! I loved Sienna, she was really sweet for what she was doing for Carmen and Jack. Ryan was swoony, I loved him!! I really enjoyed this book and I'm looking forward to reading more from Brenda!

  • Sofia´s Beddable Reads

    This story had everything: it made me laugh, cry, swoon and fan myself.I didn't read it; I devoured it.I really don´t know what else you need me to say. Just go for it.You won't regret a single second of it.

  • lucie

    Hmm, this was a random pick and not the best one. Although I finished the book within a day, it wasn't because the story was so good. It wasn't exactly boring but it wasn't entertaining either, if you know what I mean. I liked the heroine a lot. Sienna owns a succesfull company a financially supports her best friend and her sick kid, she is independent and strong.The emails/texts between Sienna and Rough Rider - or how he called himself the true alpha - didn't work for me at all. He was writing [...]

  • Jenny-Lee Tolken

    Soooooo uhmmm i really did enjoy this one . to a certain extendSo Sienna has had enough of dating alpha males and starts a successful company called alpha mail where you get all the attention you would receive from an alpha (excluding sex, any physical attention and spankings in the bath room for making eye contact with a stranger) - via text and telephone calls.She receives a email from someone claiming that she hasn't really been dating alphas and he is willing to give her advise on the action [...]

  • Kathryn Linke

    4.5 Stars They say don't judge a book by it's cover, it's something i'm guilty of. This cover is attractive and eye catching and suits this book but it doesn't epitomize the emotion within this title. I love Brenda Rothert's books and haven't been disappointed yet, and i loved the element of mystery in this title surrounding RoughRider16's identity. Alpha Mail is a unique, fun story, passionate and emotional story full of twists and turns, surprises and laughs. Sienna and her secret admirer are [...]

  • Hypable Books

    Read our full review on Hypable!As soon as I read an excerpt from this book I just knew that I had to read it, and I was not disappointed. One of my favorite features in a novel is when the characters frequently communicate via text and/or email. Not only does it add an extra special something to the story, but it’s also very relatable.The fact that this type of communication allows the hero of Alpha Mail to remain anonymous for much of the novel made me love it even more. I couldn’t put thi [...]

  • Becky Claxon

    Sienna owns Alpha Mails which came about after all the terrible dates she had. Sienna is trying to get investors for her business so she can expand. Her best friend Carmen and her son Jack live with her. Carmen had to quit work to take care of Jack full time as he has Batten disease. Sienna wants to make sure the business is a success so she can take care of Jack’s medical bills since he will not get better.This book was a different story cleverly told and I loved it. There was mystery, hearta [...]

  • Cindy

    Alpha Mail is another HUGE hit from the talented Brenda Rothert. It's a beautifully crafted tale. Alpha Mail while fun at times with many laugh out loud moments, also had very heartfelt, passionate and emotional side to the story. Some very interesting twists and turns in this book! Sienna Mills has created Alpha Mail. Her alpha male texting business, and it's doing very well. When she develops a secret admirer, she tries to find out who he is. Can he be her alpha? The characters in Alpha Mail a [...]

  • Bethani Carter

    From the title and the cover I was expecting a light hearted romance but what I got was so much more!! This book provoked so many emotions, I loved it!! Sienna has started a business called Alpha Mail. She spends hours making it a profitable business not only for herself but for Carmen, who lives with her, and Carmen’s son Jack who has Batten’s disease. Sienna is desperate to find investors to make her business a success so she can help Carmen with Jacks medical bills. However, while she is [...]

  • Ash P Reads

    Oh my Lord, I’m a little speechless after this book. I’m a little heartbroken, giddy, bereft and elated all at the same time. This story is bittersweet and hopeful with all the forms of love it portrays. I laughed and I cried and I felt so much. I love Brenda’s books but this is definitely going to be in the top ten list of my favourites for a long time to come. Advanced Review Copy provided by the author for voluntary review consideration.

  • Lizette Criscitiello-Diaz

    Sienna Mills is a driven by obligation to take care of the people around her. Her business is Hot Alphas and she feels there is not time for anything else. Until rough rider enters the pic and makes her see what she has been missing. The background characters of Coop, Carmen and Jack make this book need a second story. I truly had all the feels throughout this story I laughed, cried and loved .

  • Lorie Glowania

    Sienna has build a business called Alpha Mail. She spends hours making it a profitable business not only for herself but for Carmen and Jack who has Batten’s disease. While looking for investors so she can expand her business she starts receiving mysterious emails that start to intrigue her. Does she know who’s on the other end? Is it safe? Will she ever meet him? This touching story had me from the beginning and didn’t want to put it down.

  • Sandy Ambrose

    Best kind of love storyThis book isn't just a love story, it a journey of love. Not just the hot, steamy love between two consenting adults, but sometimes it's the fantasy of love. Sometimes is the longing for love. Sometimes it's a secret love and sometimes it's love in its purest form. Devour this book and bask in it.

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