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By Morgan Nikola-Wren Kimberly Ito Julie Guzzetta Alysia Nicole Harris | Comments: ( 807 ) | Date: ( Sep 18, 2019 )

In her much anticipated debut poetry collection, Morgan Nikola Wren has woven her signature romantic grit through a stunning, modern day fairy tale Chronicling the relationship between a lonely artist and her absent albeit abusive muse, Magic with Skin On will gently break you, then put you back together again.

  • Title: Magic with Skin On
  • Author: Morgan Nikola-Wren Kimberly Ito Julie Guzzetta Alysia Nicole Harris
  • ISBN: 9780998589800
  • Page: 273
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Morgan Nikola-Wren Kimberly Ito Julie Guzzetta Alysia Nicole Harris

Morgan Nikola Wren began writing poetry for various literary periodicals in 2013 She is a winner of the Pangaea Worldwide Poetry Slam, 2016, and has published two books of poetry Her debut book, Magic with Skin On, received a Choice nomination for Best Poetry Book of 2017.Morgan is perpetually searching for new favorite words, black clothing, and the perfect design for her next tattoo She currently splits her time between Los Angeles, and traveling with her husband s circus.Find her on Facebook at facebook morgannikolawren, follow morgannikolawren on Instagram, or visit morgannikolawren.

Comments Magic with Skin On

  • Morgan Nikola-Wren

    I liked it very much, so I wrote it down, and now, it's a book.

  • Kath

    This was the 10th poetry collection I've read this year and I can definitely say that this one is totally unique and brilliant. Huge thanks to Ms. Morgan for sending me a copy.The book is divided into seven Acts which starts with short stories followed by poetry/prose. I really loved this concept and how the author uses metaphors effectively. The book tells us a heart-wrenching story of a woman and her unconditional love to a man. She starts writing her story and later on realizes her worth and [...]

  • Gretchen Gomez

    i needed this poetry book

  • Nadja

    Every act starts with a short prose text which helps to understand the theme as well creates atmosphere for the poems which follows. Some poems I didn‘t get but there were a few which I really liked. I don‘t have much experience with poetry but I think Magic with Skin On is a good way to start.

  • McKayla Debonis

    This collection has soul, it has character that is powerfully wrapped for the reader to explore. I am living for this book & I will always return to it need be! Beautiful.

  • Chris

    This is still showing as a kindle freebie. I suggest you pick it up. The poems are dark, but dark in terms of trying to find onesself. The brillance isn't so much the fairy tale themes, but the comments on relationships -to others and to self.

  • Rachel Nicole Wagner

    5/5 Stars!!!! I don't even know where to begin with this one. I absolutely LOVE this creative book of poetry. I love the way it's divided up into chap-book-like sections. Most of all, I love the poetry within it. I'm just. Wow. This touched me. I'm pretty speechless. xo, Rach

  • Luna Margo Valentine

    Literal MagicThis book held so much magic and pain and promise within every single page. My heart is full as is my soul

  • Maggie • Library of Colors

    This was my first ever time to read poetry like this, and it was incredible. It was such a whirlwind quick read, but it was magical. I feel empowered, independent, and strong in who I am. I feel like I can conquer any pain the world throws at me. I loved this, and I'm so thankful Morgan Nikola-Wren sent this to me.

  • Amanda Linsmeier

    The cover drew me in first. How could it not? Once I opened the book I was quickly drawn in to the words Morgan Nikola-Wren created. Not just the words, but the world. As a reader, I loved it. As a writer (and poet) I was humbled. The word choices throughout are strong, beautiful, gut-punching. There’s strong imagery and metaphors in some, but it’s really the way the words are put together that create such beauty. The poems are told in in Acts (7, to be exact), and there’s prose in between [...]

  • cheyenne raine

    unraveling and piecing togetheris book. THIS BOOK. i can't begin to tell you how many times it hit my heart. with a bat. ow. but, i needed it. it was that extra push to letting go. and i can't tell you how many times it held me together. i had to stop reading for a bit, because i realized how out of tune i was with my heart. i am so used to leaving my heart as the last priority on my list. this book held me and watched me fall apart and said: it's okay. love is not the only magic. magic is you. [...]

  • Ayesha

    Do you ever have have these feelings that are so hard to put into words? Feelings that manifest themselves that you want to put a name to, want to describe, but don't know how? Morgan Nikola-Wren has mastered this nearly impossible task. Following the 7 acts of her story, we see the journey one takes from heartbreak to healing and all of the steps in between. Bringing together poetry and prose, Morgan Nikola-Wren expertly weaves the story of what it's likes to be broken, and how we stitch oursel [...]

  • Jessica Marie

    5/5 stars"She writes as though every thousand poems can join hands in a collective chain, reach their way back into her should have dones, and pass one of them back to her."My good friend Jen insisted that I read this, and since I trust her recommendations, I decided to give it a go, ESPECIALLY since it was featured on Kindle Unlimited. (I will never not regret buying it every month, what a great program!)So, this book is an absolute work of art. It goes through (I’m assuming) the author’s e [...]

  • Eunice Moral

    Review to follow.

  • Eileen

    4.5 ⭐I loved this book so much, just the end (act 6&7) wasn't as good as the rest.

  • Colleen Samura

    I keep coming back to this collection. What I love about it is how unique the sequencing is with short stories playing out in continuity between chapters of powerful poetry. It's a wonderful collection from a new contemporary poetess and well worth the read. Nikola-Wren's poems solicit strong emotional reactions with even the simplest of words. Her ability to speak to the soul of a person with honesty and integrity is remarkable and inspiring; causing repressed feelings come to light and giving [...]

  • Crystel Allain

    Loved every actEvery act in this book I enjoyed. I couldn't put it down. As I was reading some of these poems I felt as though she had crawled in my mind and was speaking for me.

  • Megan Beam

    Jesus God. I feel like Emily Bronte has returned to us after enduring the agony of love and loss and brought poetic redemption with her. I'll eat every word. Yes, yes, a thousand times yes.

  • Gaia Grazi

    "do notcall her fragilesimply because sheis in piecesyou'll neverknow what it tookto break her"This book. Oh, this book! Prose and verse are so beautifully written in an harmonic composition. The passage between prose and poetry is so natural and effortles, it's simply a pleasure to resd it.Morgan Nikola-Wren has such a way with words there is no better word than "magical" to describe them.Reading this book made me feel so much, and so strongly! And in the end it was such a cathartic experience [...]

  • TerrenceWhitter

    This book took me little time to read but for that short time there was not short cut taken on creativity.'do notcall her fragilesimply because sheis in piecesyou'll neverknow what it tookto break her' - IX taken from Act ThreeThe poems are conveyed with intellectual cleverness with use of metaphors and descriptive writing. And I felt that I was slowly being weaved into the scene.I have little experience with poetry but came to question some of the paragraph formats, but overall I really enjoyed [...]

  • Jennifer

    Incredible!This book blends poetry and prose beautifully and dynamically. Each Act tells a story and the accompanying poems are packed with pure emotion, and of course magic. Morgan Nikola-Wren conjures superb metaphor, form, and imagery in this collection and I found myself spellbound by her poetic talent. Excellent read!

  • Hira Chaudhary

    This was honestly such a magical, beautiful collection of poetry. I loved how each Act started with a prose story that influenced the poems that came after it. I loved getting to go on that heartbreaking and then -warming journey with Morgan Nikola-Wren. I loved the beauty and magic of the poems. I loved everything about this gorgeous, wonderful, stunning, amazing, MAGICAL collection of poetry

  • Aude Odeh

    Sweetness with a bitter stingThis collection of poetry is probs in my top 5 over the last couple of years. I really love the narrative intros to each chapter to set up each section. The poems were beautiful and sincere and unique. Worth the read.

  • Jamie McLachlan

    Magic With Skin On is a poetry collection by Morgan Nikola-Wren. Let me start off by saying how much I love the title. But for the purpose of this review, I rename the collection Magic On Paper. Because that's exactly what it was. Magic. My friend and fellow author, Amanda Linsmeier, recommended the book to me, and, compelled by her recommendation, the amazing title, and the intriguing cover, I decided to pick up a copy. I expected your usual poetry collection, but instead found something uniqu [...]

  • Caitie (Find Me In Fairytales)

    “The terrible truth is anything can look like love if you’ve got enough lonely in your eyes.”Before I get my review for this book underway, I would like to start by giving a HUGE thank you to the author, Morgan Nikola-Wren, for reaching out to me on Instagram and asking if I would be interested in reviewing her book! She is the first author to reach out to me asking to review a book of poetry! After just seeing the cover (yes yes, I know, I totally judge books by their covers!) and reading [...]

  • Melissa Jennings

    I haven't read anything quite like Magic with Skin On before. Morgan's collection took me on a rollercoaster of a journey. After reading, I had to go splash my face with water in order to come back to reality. The combination of prose and poetry was refreshing. I wasn't sure at first, but understanding the bigger picture was insightful. Morgan writes tenaciously, you feel as if you are witnessing the speaker battling with her demons on the page. Act Three of the collection was my favourite as th [...]

  • Isabelle

    I am so glad I read this bookMorgan has written the most beautiful creation. With creativity and care, she crafts word combinations which speak of fragility and wild nature. The book is a story and maybe one of the only poetry books that I have been able to engage with as a proper story - and without giving any real details of the man who breaks her heart, I felt like I knew him (or at least the type). I wanted the woman in the poems to find her strength, to show the man she is 'magic with skin [...]

  • Erica Hopper

    This summer of poetry continues and while much of the poetry I've read this year was along the same lines in terms of quality and subject matter, this book separated itself but all for the better. When I was younger, I adored poetry that rhymed or used words to write magic. Poets who took the English language and hand selected the best of words to describe even the simplest of things. If the poetry read like magical incantations, I was all over it. But college and life got in the way and I forgo [...]

  • Katy

    “there’s a sea of unsaidroaring through me;shy as white lace waves on a shore,but strong and stubborn enough to carry ships on their back”So many poems resonated with me in this collection, but I think this one captures the theme of the book. The world (and in this book - an abusive muse) can lead women to believe they are weak and must stay quiet; but our words are powerful, and we are stronger than we think. So watch out, world.

  • Devyani Saini

    This collection is absolutely brilliant. The voice and structure are so unique; it makes you feel, breaks you apart and makes you wonder. The imagery is FANTASTIC - far more jarring and unique and clever than any of the modern poets I've read. Truly the kind of poetry I aspire to write. TL;DR Rupi Kaur wishes she could write poetry as good as this.

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