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One drunken kiss ignites an inferno of burning desire Sworn enemies, Lucky Winters and Seven Douglass struggle to forget the kiss that shouldn t have happened Then Lucky s past comes back to bite him and he suddenly disappears for months, leaving Seven wondering where they both stand.When Lucky returns, he is a changed man and his prolonged absence means he must once agaOne drunken kiss ignites an inferno of burning desire Sworn enemies, Lucky Winters and Seven Douglass struggle to forget the kiss that shouldn t have happened Then Lucky s past comes back to bite him and he suddenly disappears for months, leaving Seven wondering where they both stand.When Lucky returns, he is a changed man and his prolonged absence means he must once again prove himself to the club he s sworn his life to Except Lucky can t seem to shake off the recent events as much as he wants to.Seven is no stranger to this feeling Her own mysterious past threatens to disrupt her future and when neither of them are able to stop the ghosts of their pasts from resurfacing, the only person they can turn to is each other Suddenly, hatred morphs into love And where there is fire and ice, there s bound to be some steam .

  • Title: Origin
  • Author: Ana Jolene
  • ISBN: 9780995241237
  • Page: 166
  • Format: ebook

About Author:

Ana Jolene

Ana Jolene is the author of the Glory MC series and the Contemporary Romance series, Moonrise Beach.Growing up as a rebellious kid didn t allow for much reading time It wasn t until she was in university that she found her passion for books and has since then devoured every book placed before her Ana holds a B.A in Psychology and has worked in both IT and Administration But she s had the most fun in the bookish world, working as a reviewer, columnist and assistant to multiple sites and authors.Ana currently lives in Toronto with her family and an extremely lazy Shih Tzu whom she adores To learn about Ana and her books, visit anajolene and subscribe to the newsletter to be notified of the hottest new releases and giveaways

Comments Origin

  • Sarah

    3.5 starsSeven and Lucky were thrown together when their best friends started dating but their relationship has been anything but love at first sight, it started out antagonistic and then they started to enjoy winding each other up as much as possible. Until one drunken night all that had ever been between them was constant verbal sparring and banter but then a scorching hot kiss changed everything. They're suddenly both looking at each other in a new light but before they can explore that any f [...]

  • Jem

    Set in a post-apocalyptic world, Origin is an interesting story of a woman who’s known unspeakable hardship and a man with his own demons. Jolene creates a bleak world where work is hard to come by, there is no government to provide order and basic survival is difficult every single day. After meeting Seven and Lucky in book one, I was anxious to learn their stories. Seven was obviously searching for something when she begged her roommate, Indy to bring her to the bar she’s working out that [...]

  • Rebecca Austin

    This is the second book in the Glory MC series and although this one can be read as a stand-alone I highly recommend reading Glory first.Seven Douglass is best friends with Indie and has become friends with the members of the Glory MC through Indie's boyfriend, Hastie, who is a member. She has a weird love/hate relationship with Lucky where they hate each other most of the time yet Lucky will not allow any harm to come to her. But one night in a drunken state they kiss and then he is gone.Dylan [...]

  • Maria Isabel Samonte

    Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an HONEST review. Review:            I went on reading this book without reading the first one and boy was I surprise by it. I expected to be a cheesy hot romance with a dangerous guy and a helpless girl but I was so wrong because it is so much more.        First of all this world is set in an apocalyptic or post apocalyptic time wherein the world is plague by solar flares, which changed how the people are living and how the s [...]

  • Peggy M

    3,5 starsI voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.For people new to this series, I can tell you that this story (and series) takes place in a world where solar flares not only have changed the earth but also society like we know it. Many people have died and there is no government or police anymore. The ‘new’ world is now divided in Wards and the MC club Glory rules Ward Four and it’s here where the story takes place.‘Origin’ is the second book in the ‘Glory MC’ series. After rea [...]

  • Kristen Johnson

    Origin is book two in the series, and to me, it read just fine as a stand-alone but for the world building, I probably should have read book one first. The general set up of this series, and therefore this story, is that it occurs in a world different from our own, a world with little regulation after solar flares. The world is now a division of different wards, and our particular story takes place in Ward four which is run by the Motorcycle Club. Lucky and Seven were always at odds, they bicker [...]

  • Mommaleena

    •Fire and IceAlthough this is book 2 of the Glory MC series it's the first one I've read, as well as the first Ana Jolene story. In all honesty I found it hard to get started reading this story, but once I was able to get into the story I couldn't put it down until I reached the end. Now I cannot wait to read not only more Glory MC stories, but I look forward to reading about her other series Moonrise Beach, a Contemporary Romance series.While I am ALWAYS up for a great MC story with lots of s [...]

  • Julie

    An MC novel set in a world where solar flares have changed the planet. And their is no government rule or police control. The world is now divided into wards and the Glory MC rule Ward four member Lucky and Seven don't really get along, but since their friends started dating they've found it harder to avoid each other, and when they do they usually converse with jibes and sarcastic remarks. Until one drunken night they kiss. They don't have a chance to talk about it as Lucky has to leave his MC [...]

  • Lisa books

    This book is book 2 in this series.This book is set in a world in trouble -solar flares may end the world and Earth is no longer what we are use too. Life is split into Wards -and Glory MC runs a Ward.I must confess I was a little lost in the beginning because I had not read the first book but this story was an enjoyable read. Lucky is a club Member of Glory MC and Seven( our heroine) is the main characters in this book. Lucky and Seven are in a love hate relationship - They are brought together [...]

  • Medavis66

    Good story. Didn't expect a few things to happen, so was a nice surprise. Lucky and Seven both have many issues. I liked that they found each other through them. Lucky's background has much sadness in it. He did not have a childhood and had to practically raise his younger sister. It seems she was bent on going down the same road as their mother, but perhaps things are looking up for her. I like how he reevaluates things after going home for that extended time. I liked that the MC took him back [...]

  • The Book Junkie Reads . . .

    Hot. Steamy. Sweaty. Mysterious. Haunting. Intriguing. Lucky had a past that did not want to let go. Seven was not much different. Just the past was a bit slower in creeping in. The explosive meeting had caught them off guard but the reunion was and explosion of epic proportions. Lucky needed to prove loyalty and at the same time needed to keep the past in the past. These two together proved to be difficult for one person to maintain. But. But with the help of another things become a bit more be [...]

  • Ana Jolene

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  • ☆ Origin || ✓ PDF Read by ✓ Ana Jolene
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