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By Korney Chukovsky | Comments: ( 294 ) | Date: ( Jan 19, 2020 )

The telephone begins to ring and ring and ring From doves wanting gloves to baboons needing spoons, animal after animal calls, until the harried, hapless hero of this classic Russian nonsense poem is at his wits end Full color.

  • Title: Телефон
  • Author: Korney Chukovsky
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 467
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Korney Chukovsky

Korney Ivanovich Chukovsky Russian was one of the most popular children s poets in the Russian language His catchy rhythms, inventive rhymes and absurd characters have invited comparisons with the American children s author Dr Seuss Chukovsky s poems Tarakanishche The Monster Cockroach , Krokodil The Crocodile , Telefon The Telephone and Moydodyr Wash em Clean have been favorites with many generations of Russophone children Lines from his poems, in particular Telefon, have become universal catch phrases in the Russian media and everyday conversation He adapted the Doctor Dolittle stories into a book length Russian poem as Doktor Aybolit Dr Ow It Hurts , and translated a substantial portion of the Mother Goose canon into Russian as Angliyskiye Narodnyye Pesenki English Folk Rhymes He was also an influential literary critic and essayist from For Russian version of same author author show

Comments Телефон

  • Penelope

    Telephone did not get my kids laughing. This nonsense poem just did not appeal to us, neither did the pictures, but maybe that's just us.

  • Agnė

    2.5 out of 5I had to learn the beginning of this nonsense poem for my Russian class and I remember loving it. Jamey Gambrell did a good job translating it to English! Here is the beginning of Gambrell's translation:Jing-a-ling-a-ling.The telephonebegan to ring.Elephant was on the line,calling from Chez Porcupine."What do you want?"I asked him up front."If I had my druthers,"he said in a mutter,"I'd order some more of your peanut butter.""How much,who's it for,and what's the location?""Just a ton [...]

  • Angelina Pozharskaya

    My favourite story from childhood, which I still remember of by hard. Pure love love love :)

  • Michael

    A good rhyming short read that allows the girls to conjure up silly images just in time for bed. Nothing scary, nothing bad, just good old fashioned silly poetry. Doves wanting gloves, Baboons wanting spoons, Crocodile that needs galoshes, even a wrong number from Kangaroo wanting to speak to Pooh. It's about all the animals calling the narrator on his phone with various requests that they want filled.

  • Satenik

    He's definitely brilliant.

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  • Free Download [Science Fiction Book] ✓ Телефон - by Korney Chukovsky Ç
    467 Korney Chukovsky
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