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By Mazo de la Roche | Comments: ( 648 ) | Date: ( Jan 20, 2020 )

Renny Whiteoak is keen to sail for Ireland with his small daughter, Adeline, to buy a racehorse, but he s eager to see his younger cousins, Finch and Wakefield, who have been living in London On his arrival in England, Renny becomes entangled in his cousins affairs of the heart.

  • Title: Wakefield's Course
  • Author: Mazo de la Roche
  • ISBN: 9780449234310
  • Page: 323
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

About Author:

Mazo de la Roche

Mazo de la Roche, born Mazo Louise Roche, was the author of the Jalna novels, one of the most popular series of books of her time.The Jalna series consists of sixteen novels that tell the story of the Canadian Whiteoak family from 1854 to 1954, although each of the novels can also be enjoyed as an independent story In the world of the Whiteoaks, as in real life, people live and die, find success and fall to ruin For the Whiteoaks, there remains something solid and unchanging in the midst of life s transience the manor house and its rich surrounding farmland known as Jalna The author, Mazo de la Roche, gave the members of her fictitious family names from gravestones in Ontario s New Market cemetery, and the story itself balances somewhere between fact and fiction Critics think events in the novels reflect de la Roche s dreams, moods, and life experiences As the daughter of a traveling businessman, she may have seen the Jalna estate as the roots she never had, while the character Finch, from Finch s Fortune, is thought to be a reflection of herself.

Comments Wakefield's Course

  • Debbie

    After all this time following this series I'm half in love with Rennie myself. I get exasperated with his wife Alayne since after twice choosing to marry into this family she still gets exasperated with everyone and is a rather indifferent mother. And Sarah! How can we possibly lose her? I sure wish we would.

  • Holly

    I'm ambivalent about WAKEFIELD'S COURSE. On the one hand it's extremely well-written. There are beautiful descriptions of the Irish countryside, the remote Welsh hills and the rugged Cornish coast. There's a ruined castle too, appropriate enough for such a Gothic tale. And it takes place in 1939, on the eve of World War II. An exciting time, with danger so very imminent, and all of the excitement and uncertainty are vividly evoked. On the other hand I object to certain things about this book, mu [...]

  • Meg Ulmes

    This book had one of the best plot surprises that I have encountered in my reading in a number of years--but I'm not going to reveal what it is. But the author, de la Roche, does an excellent job of seamlessly weaving that surprise so that it seems so right and not at all contrived. There are clues--but I wasn't really looking for them so I had a genuine "Aha" moment. This novel carries the family through the last year of peace before WWII begins and the men of the family go off to war. I really [...]

  • Carilyn

    It was a harder book to go through, as Wakefield is not my favourite character, there were a few unexpected twists and turns later on in the book, which made it quite compelling.

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  • Best Read [Mazo de la Roche] ✓ Wakefield's Course || [Nonfiction Book] PDF ñ
    323 Mazo de la Roche
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