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As he did so well in his first thriller, The Poison Tree, British writer Tony Strong again takes us into a closed off world and exposes its most private secrets in his second novel, The Death Pit Even though the Scottish town of Inverness seems a long way from the rarified literary circles of Oxford where the first story takes place , both are small town environments thaAs he did so well in his first thriller, The Poison Tree, British writer Tony Strong again takes us into a closed off world and exposes its most private secrets in his second novel, The Death Pit Even though the Scottish town of Inverness seems a long way from the rarified literary circles of Oxford where the first story takes place , both are small town environments that engender gossip and illicit goings on A flourishing modern coven of witches seems a natural feature of the Scottish landscape especially since nearby Babcock Castle once was the scene of a notorious 17th century trial and the burning at the stake of Catherine McCulloch, a woman accused of witchcraft But when the body of one of the coven members is found dismembered in a foul pit where diseased pigs are discarded, some of the residents blame the witches and take violent action against them Terry Williams, a Ph.D candidate, has come to Babcock Castle to study McCullogh s papers and finds herself caught up in the mystery when she discovers a link between the past and the present Strong is a sly writer who knows how to create sympathetic, believable characters and place them in a tightly controlled atmosphere in which the air is charged with sex and danger Dick Adler

  • Title: The Death Pit
  • Author: Tony Strong
  • ISBN: 9780553505436
  • Page: 141
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Tony Strong

Tony Strong was born in 1962 in Uganda, though his parents came back to the UK when he was six weeks old He read English at Oxford under the playwright and poet Francis Warner and then went on to work as an advertising copywriter at Ogilvy and Mather, an agency which had already bred writers such as Salman Rushdie and Fay Weldon Tony Strong has made than thirty television commercials, including the celebrated BUPA You re Amazing, We Want You To Stay That Way campaign, and the American Express campaign He has won a BAFTA for a campaign aimed at reducing solvent abuse one of the very few drug abuse campaigns that have ever been shown to have a measurable effect Tony Strong was recently poached by Abbot Mead Vickers, whose main account is British Telecom He has published four novels THE POISON TREE, THE DEATH PIT, THE DECOY and TELL ME LIES THE DECOY has been bought for film by Twentieth Century Fox for Arnold Kopelson TELL ME LIES was recently adapted by Granada Television into a series entitled LIE TO ME.He has also written under several pseudonyms, including Anthony Capella.Tony Strong also writes under the pseudonym J.P Delaney.

Comments The Death Pit

  • Jeff

    One of the reviewer’s blurbs on the cover of this book praises the “erotic energy” in this book. Well, if one considers incest, rape and a bisexual protagonist who opportunistically engages in sex with whatever partner is at hand in order to titillate the reader erotic, then this is the book for you. Oh, the protagonist is female and writer is male. Go figure. Says the author to himself, “I don’t have to realistically inhabit my main character, all I have to do is hang contrived plot d [...]

  • Sheila

    3 stars--I liked the book.First, a warning. If you browse the reviews for this book, you'll notice a lot of readers took offense at the way the main character and her sexuality were portrayed. These complaints have merit, and this book has some "male writer writing bisexual female character" creepy moments. It also contains torture, animal violence, sexual violence, and child abuse.Despite all this, I'm a sucker for the tropes of this book--mysterious cult activity, found journals/letters, a con [...]

  • Jenn

    This was an interesting murder mystery set in rural Scotland. It involves Wicca, honey bees, piglets and lesbianism. Terry travels to the small town to transcribe manuscripts and letters of a supposed lesbian Wiccan from the 1700s as part of her dissertation. A body is found on a pig farm in the death pit and within days more bodies are found by the forensic archaeologist. This novel has a number of twists in it and I certainly did not see the end coming. I learned a thing or two about Wicca and [...]

  • Plum-crazy

    When Terry Williams goes to the Scottish Highlands to research the letters of Catherine McCulloch, who was burnt as a witch in the seventeenth century she didn't expect to become involved in either a murder enquiry or a modern-day witches coven! While the murder of Donna Fairhead is obviously a major theme of the book it's not the usual crime thriller as the police actually feature very little. The crime side comes in the guise of forensic archaeologist Iain Pullen & with this variant, the s [...]

  • Whitney

    This book was really good. Loved the Scottish Highland setting and the witch trial references.

  • Kathy

    It started it real well and was hard to put down, however, it soon became tedious. The main character Terry was impossible to relate to, the entire premise was ridiculous.

  • Сибин Майналовски

    Много слабо. Гейтарщина отвсякъде, някакви безсмислени инфодъмпове, на които само професор по литература би се зарадвал, безсмислена жестокост към котки… Ами не.

  • Katrina

    This review will be full of spoilers but I'm so incredibly intrigued and horrified and offended and in love with this book all at once It's as thought-provoking as it is frustrating, both as pagan lit and as LGBT lit. But as murder-mystery lit it isn't half bad. This book is full of sexual fantasy in places that it really doesn't belong. On the one hand, the characters have really interesting depth, or the potential for depth perhaps? (Maybe it's just my mind giving them depth where it doesn't a [...]

  • Cindy

    It started off well but then just became boring! It had so much potential at first. There were so many avenues the author could have gone down e.g.-the entire town are devil worshipers and have loured Terry there to sacrifice her -Terry witnessing scary rituals- the Wiccans being real modern day witches (with powers!!) being hunted-Catherine being a real which and her soul coming back to do scary stuff.-adult humans found in the death pit and are being scarified by the Wiccans -the rich resident [...]

  • Katherine

    This isn't a book I would normally pick up and read but I liked it. Its a mystery, detective type story, easy to follow. I think my favorite part of the book aside from the story was the layout, at one moment Terry is in the library researching and then a couple of lines skipped and you were at the crime scene, kind of like television shows flip to each scene. I loved that each character was so defined for me that's something i like to look for because it's easier to keep up with who's who and n [...]

  • Louise Armstrong

    This was so gruesome!!! It was too graphic for me, and I had to finish it in one sitting so that I wouldn't be left with some of those images in my mind!I liked the comparison between witch trials and today's child abuse finding frenzy. There's a hilarious transcript.One severe mistake: his heroine is an academic on a small grant, and then she takes an expensive trip with no mention of how she could afford it. Trust me, people on small grants can not take planes and stay in hotels without A LOT [...]

  • Isabelle

    This is actually the first book I got of author Tony Strong, I found it in my sisters old books. The story is so captivating I couldn't put down the book. I love how in all his novels he always picks a strong female character to lead and the story never disappoints. I had read this first not knowing it was actually part of a mini series but that didn't ruin anything because this book stood on its own. I read all his books and Tony Strong never let me down!

  • Lynne

    Started off really well, a body is found is a death pit, full of dead pigs and the body was from a local Wiccan community. The main character arrives to write a paper on a local lesbian witch who lived in the 17th century. It started to fade a little bit in the middle and at the end it was all over the place including a trip to Romania. I enjoyed it but was slightly disappointed in the ending, could've been a lot better.

  • Andrea Sachs

    Forensic archaeology, Romanian orphanages, Scottish witch-burning and much more make this dense many-layered mystery. I almost stopped reading early in the book because it is pretty unpleasant reading at first. It begins with a body being found at a pig farm in the "death pit" where the unmarketable pigs are dumped. The forensic archaeologist has to dig through the pit and the description of that chore is really disgusting! I'm glad I continued reading as the story develops into a good mystery.

  • Kristi Thompson

    One of those modern day, suspense mystery crime novels I find so much more tiring to read than my comfortable cosy mysteries and historicals. I liked Terry and her research, and Iain the forensic archaeologist - until the author just decided to abruptly abandon him, poor fellow. Good wiccans, bad fundamentalists. Was it true about Queen Victoria and the kilts? Must look it up.

  • Helen

    This is an enjoyable and intriguing murder mystery, with twists and turns and an unexpected ending, set in a small Scottish village in which the discovery of a body in a gruesome 'pig pit' is revealed to have links to both the burning of a local 'witch' in the C17th and a modern Wiccan community in the area. It's a good read :) Definitely a 3 and a half.

  • Kim

    I think this book could have been better! I was very interested after reading the back cover and half way in I was quite into it then I don't know what happened, I got lost and the story just didn't seem to flow after that. The end just didn't do it for me and I still feel like I didn't really find out everything to understand the whole story.

  • Kim

    3.5 stars. I enjoyed the book very much until the last couple of chapters. Strangely enough, I had no interest in the killers finale scenario. I really was only interested in who he, she or they were and why she, he or they did it. The epilogue redeemed the story for me.

  • Jenny Delandro

    There were lots of POV in the early parts of this book that made it seem overly complicated. Having said that I liked the characters and way the author would slip in comments that had this reader convinced the the storyline was transparent, but the ending is shocking

  • minervasowl

    An excellent mystery, not nearly as gruesome as its title.

  • Hollye

    Bizarre, but interesting.

  • Heidi

    A really good exciting read, covering the seventeenth century witchcraft trials, as well as modern day Wiccans, via a few dead bodies on the way.

  • Jolynn

    Liked it, but obvious errors in how things work made me think the author took a lot of shortcuts to add the drama.

  • Lisa Greer

    My kind of mystery/suspense novel. Plenty of complexity, twists and turns, unique settings, and good characterization. I'll be looking for more by Strong.

  • Shonna Froebel

    Very good story, lots of good characters, lots of action.Near end jumped around a bit much like there was stuff cut out of it.

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  • ☆ The Death Pit || ✓ PDF Read by Ë Tony Strong
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