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By Shannon Gilligan | Comments: ( 812 ) | Date: ( Apr 03, 2020 )

You are on an exciting sailing trip with your family Some kids who live on the island tell you about an old graveyard they think is haunted Are you brave enough to visit it

  • Title: Ghost Island
  • Author: Shannon Gilligan
  • ISBN: 9781933390574
  • Page: 131
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Shannon Gilligan

Shannon Gilligan began writing fiction for a living after graduating from Williams College in 1981 She has written over fifteen books for children, including eleven in the Choose Your Own Adventure series Her work has been translated into than twenty languages She spent a decade working on story based computer games in the 1990s Gilligan s day job is publisher of Chooseco, a company she co founded alongside her late husband, R.A Montgomery She lives in Warren, Vermont, but travels widely.

Comments Ghost Island

  • Dolly

    Our oldest has brought home various You Choose books from her elementary school library. And now at our local library we've discovered some of the books from the original Choose Your Own Adventure series that I read when I was a child. I remember loving books like this in my childhood and I am excited that our girls are discovering them as well.This is a CYOA book for young readers and it takes the reader to an island that is considered to be haunted. The story is suspenseful in a few places, bu [...]

  • Morgan

    I like this book. I like picking my adventures. The first one was going to the cemetery. I am brave. Jamie and Meg dared me to go to the cemetery. I went to the cemetery and I saw my two best friends they were trying to scare me with my moms sheets. it did not work because i was not scared of no ghosts. There was a real ghost with no head and I ran away. I am going to read another adventure.The second adventure I did not go to the cemetery. I hid on the beach then the ghost of english harbor saw [...]

  • April

    I LOVE that they are finally making Choose Your Own Adventure books again and I am LOVING the set for younger readers. These work great for older grade school visits. Yippee!

  • Shelby Jordan

    loved it! cute for kiddos to explore!

  • Ashanti

    I like that book because I like how the boy was scared but it was all a dream and I get like that to

  • Bianca Vassallo

    i wana fucking read it u bitch

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  • Unlimited [Children's Book] ↠ Ghost Island - by Shannon Gilligan ↠
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