Unlimited [Manga Book] æ Hungry for More - by Diana Holquist À

By Diana Holquist | Comments: ( 392 ) | Date: ( Jun 06, 2020 )

Chef James LaChance has no time for the gorgeous Gypsy who appears at his restaurant with a mysterious agenda But women inspire his delectable menus, and after one kiss from this temptress he creates his boldest dish ever With her on his side and in his bed his restaurant could earn its third star But is success worth losing his heart to a woman who has sworn off loveChef James LaChance has no time for the gorgeous Gypsy who appears at his restaurant with a mysterious agenda But women inspire his delectable menus, and after one kiss from this temptress he creates his boldest dish ever With her on his side and in his bed his restaurant could earn its third star But is success worth losing his heart to a woman who has sworn off love forever Amy Burns is a Gypsy with a gift she can name a person s One True Love To keep her mystical power, she can never fall in love herself a price she s than willing to pay Until she meets the sexy chef whose talents in the kitchen are only surpassed by his talents in the bedroom But is any man worth giving up the only gift she s ever had As desire leads to passion, Amy must choose between her destiny and the man who leaves her HUNGRY FOR MORE

  • Title: Hungry for More
  • Author: Diana Holquist
  • ISBN: 9780446197045
  • Page: 324
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Diana Holquist

The Official BioI love to write That s pretty much all I do Ask my family about the undone laundry, the un bought groceries, and the fact that I rarely find time to get dressed in the morning Actually, if you train your family right, they won t notice any of these things Popcorn for dinner again, mom Cool, say my filthy children God bless them, they don t know what panty hose are Oh, my poor husband Anyway, it took me a long time to figure out WHAT to write So I spent years writing ads, brochures, and company reports If I had to give advice to anyone which, thankfully, I don t it would be that if you want to write books, start now In fact, get the heck off this website and do it First, throw your TV out the window Good Now write Are you still here Okay, then you must be a pure reader or my mother Good for you No money in writing Best to have a real job What else do you want to know about me I love kids I love cats I love chocolate Not necessarily in that order I live just outside of Philadelphia with kids and cats and my dear husband Okay, that s enough about me Let s get to work and talk books.What readers want to know How I started writing.How did I start writing I started writing badly Really badly Then, after a high school career of angsty badness and a college career of angsty awfulness, I took a job in advertising I had to be funny and fast and tight All the time Eighty hours a week It was insanely hard and the people weren t nice They said things like, that sucks and come back when it s funny I loved these people I slaved for them And after about ten years of this intense training, I started to write tighter, funnier, faster At about this time, my family left New York City for the middle of nowhere Hi everyone in Ithaca I miss you , and my career in advertising was over So I looked around for something else to write Something fun and funny and fast and exciting I decided, like so many other misguided souls, to try to write a novel A year later, I did And it sucked So I wrote another And another Meanwhile, I met the amazing women of the Central New York Romance Writers I started to study romance novels And welle rest is history What readers want to know Creating CharactersOh This is an easy one I steal them It s true I steal them from friends, family, strangers, neighbors even from myself All those odd little tidbits that make people who they are can t be made up Yet they re what make characters sing For instance, right now I m writing a character, Amy the Gypsy Psychic, who is NOT an introspective sort So how to show her thoughts And how does she think, anyway Then a writer friend told me that she constantly imagines the interviews she ll have when she s famous These interviews run through her head at the oddest times My friend Not me I swear Okay, me sometimes me too, but this is what makes this character detail ring true, we ve all done that Oh, you haven t Well, anywaySo, I decided that Amy would constantly imagine she was being interviewed by Oprah And as the book progressed, the interviews would get tougher and tougher untilwell, I can t give that away, now can I This is an example of a telling, emotionally real character trait that lets me show so much about Amy without telling it And helps move the plot And maybe even gets me a spot on Oprah Okay, probably not that Next time hobbies Really You want to know my hobbies Well, okay What Readers Want to Know My HobbiesMy new hobby is making videos.LOVE this It is completely addictive and fun.Click on the video link in the navigation bar on the top of the page to see the amazing and very fun Romance Novelists Talk Trash to get an idea of what I like to do.Enjoy Oh, and is eating a hobby Eating chocolate I m also ve

Comments Hungry for More

  • Julie (jjmachshev)

    Reviewed for queuemyreview; book release Sep08I opened “Hungry For More” looking for a change in tenor from my recent reading. Diana Holquist certainly provided that with a story about food and love…or food as love. Each chapter is headed with a food quote from the hero of the book comparing life’s lessons with food. Since I was hungry for something unusual, I dug right in.James is a fabulous, but lonely chef. His food and his restaurant are his whole life. His famous dishes are each ins [...]

  • Cheryl

    Chef James LaChance is the owner of Les Fleurs, two-star French restaurant. James is desperately in need of some help. One of his best servers is gone. What James didn't know is that her name would be Amy. Amy Burns has lost something. She goes in search for it and ends up at the doorstep of Jame's restaurant. Amy is a gypsy, who has a magical gift. She can name anyone's true love. As long as Amy doesn't fall in love then her gift will never go away. That's easier said then done. From the moment [...]

  • Holly

    I was surprised. Hungry for More actually had a good love story. Amy was a little too self-centered for me, but James was lovable and caring. The idea of having the story take place in a restaurant was something I don't think I've ever read about before. If anything, I learned that I don't want to be a chef.The romance was good and the lessons learned throughout the story were even better. It was good to see the main characters learn they were wrong and that they needed each other kinda thing. I [...]

  • Tracy

    Diana Holquist's novels are witty and utterly enjoyable!

  • Lori Borrill

    An extremely pleasant surprise, since I'm picky about my romantic comedies.

  • Ellen

    Review also available on my blog: neverkissandblog/Hungry for More is the third and final book in the One True Love/Make Me a Match series (hint, Ms Holquist, hint). This one focuses on Amy, our antagonistic third Burns’ sibling. This one also bugged me the most with its continuity issues.For instance, in this book out of nowhere Amy has a name and a backstory for her voice. Apparently the voice is a gypsy thing. And also apparently its contingent on not falling in love, oh and Amy’s a full [...]

  • Wendy

    Amy Burns is a gypsy with a major skill - the ability to tell people their true love. Sure, sometimes it's felt more like a curse than anything but it's the one thing she's always done and she can't imagine herself doing anything else. The only thing is that as long as she has this gift, she can never know her true soulmate. One day, she loses the voice in her head that tells her people's soulmates. But she'll do anything to get voice back, she hasn't fallen in love so she thinks she has a chanc [...]

  • C.P. Lesley

    This is actually my favorite of the One True Love series. Amy, the seeress who has lost her power to detect people's true loves and has to redefine her role in the world, is simultaneously tough and touching as she struggles to master basic skills while fighting her attraction to a chef who seems to be far more focused on his food than she thinks is necessary or appropriate. Like all Diana Holquist's books, this one is intelligent and entertaining, with a wry humor and a knack for catching the q [...]

  • Christine

    [originally reviewed on my blog the happily ever after in October 2008.]A sweet romance novel about a gypsy who while in search for her missing psychic voice, becomes part of the kitchen staff of a sophisticated French restaurant where finds her one true love. It was an okay read for me. I thought the characters were a bit inconsistent throughout the novel and subsequently I didn't feel a strong pull between the hero and heroine. I wanted them together, but I didn't feel the 'One True Love' pull [...]

  • Kate

    I read the first two novels in the series and I have to admit, Amy has always been my favourite character. This third novel "Hungry for More" didn't disappoint.I loved Amy and James. They were broken but probably not as broken as I would have like. Still they were good characters who had great chemistry.

  • Amy Denim

    Took me a bit to get into this story. I wasn't really relating to the heroine (even though she had my same name, which is fun) but ooh, that chef, he was smokin', so I kept reading. A few chapters in I got more into the story and breezed through the rest. I enjoyed it and may have to pick up the rest of this series. (because, of course, I read the last book first.)

  • Vicki

    Cute romance with a gypsy afraid of love because she'll lose her power - which has left her anyway.

  • cyndi

    loved it! this series is amazing.

  • Renee

    it was a little bit slow read for me.

  • Mary

    Neither of the main characters were believable so I didn't care about them. Plus the whole "great dishes are inspired by the women I've boinked" thing was dopey.

  • Jessica

    Four hundred pages of 'just not that good.'

  • Michelle

    3rd in sister series; good recovery from 2nd eh one

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  • Unlimited [Manga Book] æ Hungry for More - by Diana Holquist À
    324 Diana Holquist
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