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By Louise O'Neill | Comments: ( 706 ) | Date: ( Nov 19, 2019 )

In a world in which baby girls are no longer born naturally, women are bred in schools, trained in the arts of pleasing men until they are ready for the outside world At graduation, the most highly rated girls become companions , permitted to live with their husbands and breed sons until they are no longer useful.For the girls left behind, the future as a concubine orIn a world in which baby girls are no longer born naturally, women are bred in schools, trained in the arts of pleasing men until they are ready for the outside world At graduation, the most highly rated girls become companions , permitted to live with their husbands and breed sons until they are no longer useful.For the girls left behind, the future as a concubine or a teacher is grim.Best friends Freida and Isabel are sure they ll be chosen as companions they are among the most highly rated girls in their year.But as the intensity of final year takes hold, Isabel does the unthinkable and starts to put on weight And then, into this sealed female environment, the boys arrive, eager to choose a bride.Freida must fight for her future even if it means betraying the only friend, the only love, she has ever known.

  • Title: Only Ever Yours
  • Author: Louise O'Neill
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 450
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Louise O'Neill

Louise O Neill is from Clonakilty, in west Cork After graduating with a BA in English Studies at Trinity College Dublin, she went on to complete a post grad in Fashion Buying at DIT Having spent a year in New York working for Kate Lanphear, the senior Style Director of ELLE magazine, she returned home to Ireland to write her first novel.She went from hanging out on set with A list celebrities to spending most of her days in pyjamas while she writes, and has never been happier.

Comments Only Ever Yours

  • Barry Pierce

    The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood is a truly great work. Since its publication it has become a pillar of dystopian fict*knock on the door*Oh, one sec."Yeah, come in!""Barry, I heard you speaking out loud whilst you were typing and you mentioned The Handmaid's Tale?""Yeah, I'm reviewing it right now""Uhm, Barry, you read and reviewed The Handmaid's Tale months ago""No I didn't! I literally just finished reading it," I hold up the book. "Look!""Barry that says Only Ever Yours by Louise O'Neil [...]

  • Cait (Paper Fury)

    I've put off reviewing this FOR A LONG TIME. It's too hard. I cannotI don't even have properly formulated thoughts. I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO RATE IT. *frets and sweats* (I'm buddy reading this with my friend, alsowhen she finishes we can discuss and I will be so grateful, but in the meantime, if you've read it, comfort me. PLEASE. HELP.)This book is basically a futuristic world were women are treated asrbie dolls. They're only there for sex. They are nothing. An insult is, "Don't be academic." It's [...]

  • Deanna

    Wowwhere do I start?With elements of The Stepford Wives, 1984, The Handmaid's Tale and Mean Girls' this book is ABSOLUTELY one of the more unusual, disturbing, and intriguing books that I have read in quite some time. Apparently it was first published as a young adult book but is now being republished as an adult book. This takes place in a "future" world where women (called eves) are created purely for male pleasure. They are no longer bred naturally but manufactured to become one of three thin [...]

  • Abi

    What was the point of this book?Only Ever Yours is basically a failed attempt to give Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale the YA treatment.The characters were all despicable, without exception, and if this was an attempt to be subversive or dark or honest, it didn't work.This novel is supposedly feminist, but I don't see how anyone can make that claim when a book is filled only with vapid, mean, petty, insecure girls and equally horrible women.I mean, I get it, the man gets you down. We're lik [...]

  • Joe Valdez

    There's a good book buried deep in Only Ever Yours, a debut novel by Irish author Louise O'Neill published in 2014. Set in a Euro-Zone where ecological catastrophe has reset human civilization into a patriarchy, where women are genetically engineered and socially conditioned to serve men upon graduation from an all-girls finishing school at the age of 17, the book caters heavily to Young Adult readers. Where its target demographic might find this relatable, eerie and thought provoking, I found i [...]

  • Stacey (prettybooks)

    I purchased Only Ever Yours after it won the YA Book Prize. It was one of the few books on the shortlist that I didn't already own or hadn't read, but it was one everyone was talking about.Louise O'Neill describes Only Ever Yours as The Handmaid’s Tale meets Mean Girls. It is startlingly, painfully real. I've read a lot of young adult dystopian fiction and I've been reluctant to think of Only Ever Yours as 'dystopian' – it's more 'speculative'. Even though our society doesn't mirror freida a [...]

  • Shannon (It Starts At Midnight)

    I have a lot of feelings about this book. Just so many. Here's the general theme of them though: Read. This. Book. Seriously, I am not saying that because it was fun and enjoyable, because it simply is not. It is hell on paper. Exquisitely written, horrifyingly realistic hell on paper. Basically, I am just going to list why I absolutely implore you to read this book, okay? Great.This book is way, way too close to how our society actually thinks/feels. frieda is terrified of gaining an ounce. S [...]

  • Moonlight Reader

    Unpopular Opinion Alert.This book is very difficult to rate and review. It is not an enjoyable read - in some ways I intensely disliked it. But, at the same time that I was reading it and hating it, I was flicking screens as quickly as possible to get to the next page. Where I run into trouble with this review is in that I must decide if I am going to treat it as a potentially important and serious treatment of misogyny and the oppression of women, through the medium of speculative fiction. Or, [...]

  • Mary

    initial reaction: what the fuck what the fuck what the fuckReview: I’ve never felt so physically sick while reading a book. This is a dark, hopeless story, that will make your insides churn and frighten you with its similarities (exaggerated, but present nonetheless) to our current society. You need courage to pick this up and a lot of resolve to keep going once the story gets started.We’re presented with a dystopian futuristic society, in which women are no longer born, but created (scienti [...]

  • Kirsty-Marie Jones

    Once upon a time, there was a happy book. This is not one of them. Once upon a time, there was a clever book. This is one of them. It's funny because of course before you go into a book you never know what to expect, especially with synopsis's lately that sound amazing but turn out disappointing, again, this is not that book. The world in Only Ever Yours is based upon Men's idealism of women, and what a dark world that is. Women are no longer made, they are genetically made and modified and are [...]

  • Reading Corner

    So I was thinking more about this book and I've decided to drop it to 4.5 stars due to the ending.This book is just wow, it is soooo good and incredibly engrossing,I couldn't wait to get back to reading this one every time I put it down.It completely surpassed my expectations and has weaved it's way into my highly recommend.The story is completely enthralling, it reels you in from the start as the dytsopian world that Louise'Neill creates is just so interesting.Although,the ending is slightly an [...]

  • ☘Misericordia☘⚡ϟ⚡ϟ⚡⛈ ❂❤❣

    Apotheosis of neurosis wrapped up in dystopia narrowed down to a bitches' school. An extremely unusual take on popular topic demostrated in a set of a very persuasive world-building. The particularly unhappy end felt like an improvement on the messed-up world of this dystopian future.There's lots of insight on bulimic/anorexic behaviour, drugs controversies, bullying, betrayal, self-image isses, digital nonsensicalities (do update your status online so world would know you're still alive!), one' [...]

  • Ellen Gail

    2.5 stars."I am a good girl. I am pretty. I am always happy-go-lucky."Sigh. I was so excited for this. A YA feminist dystopia given a blurb of approval by Jeanette Winterson, she of The Passion, which was dreamy and whimsical and everything I wanted Only Ever Yours to be. In a world full of genetically engineered women, aka eves, girls are trained from age four to please men. The story follows freida (non capitalized, like all eves names) who is in her last year of school. Her whole life has bee [...]

  • Jesse Baker

    Am I the only person who was disappointed by this book? I was entertained enough to keep reading it because I had heard the ending was shocking, however I was underwhelmed. This book was very repetitive, and there was nothing underneath the surface.

  • Glire

    What would you do if you failed to produce sons? Throw myself on the pyre before Termination Date so my husband can marry someone better. What would you do if a man asked you for sex when you where feeling unwell? Always be willing. What would you do if a man asked you to perform a sexual act you felt uncomfortable with? Always be willing.I want to forget I ever read this book. On a scale of zero to 'Leonardo Dicaprio asking for a lobotomy in Shutter Island', I am Leo. Running to the lighthouse. [...]

  • Ömer

    4.5/5 "Nihayet beden öğrendi. Kız bebeğin bir istilacı olduğunu, annesinin güzelliğini çalmaktan başka bir işe yaramadığını öğrendi. Kız bebekler tehlikeliydi." Yorumu için: kronikokur/201

  • Şeyma

    Ben şimdi ne okudum? Yazara olan nefretimi anlatmaya kelimeler yetmez. Konuyu düşündüğüm gibi işleyememiş olması hayal kırıklığına uğrattı beni

  • Liz Barnsley

    So I read the final page of “Only Ever Yours” and was incoherent for about half an hour. Literally. Thats how good it was. Unbelievably believable, , compelling, utterly riveting and scary as hell when you think how much of this imaginary world could so easily be our reality given a simple twist of history or fate, I was completely undone by the whole reading experience.We follow along mostly with frieda – she’s an “Eve”, a female bred for the pleasure or service of men. She is at [...]

  • Jessica Healy

    Oh my goodness I just realised I completely forgot to put up a review for this book. Which is kind of insane because it is a book that is WORTH TALKING ABOUT! There are two major things I loved about this book. First, is the writing, which is kind of the most important thing about any book, really. This book is fantastically well written. It's a very accessible, sparse kind of prose, with the occasional foray into some very lovely things going on with the language. There's nothing like reading a [...]

  • Charley Cook

    Probably the most disturbing dystopia-esque book I've ever read because it's soaldamnFull review to come.

  • Ylenia

    I'm speechless. I don't even know how to rate this. Holy shit. This creeped the shit outta me./*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*UPDATE: actual review.I couldn't form words about this book for several days. Even now I know this review will be shorter than usual, just because I really don't know what to say. It's just scary. The book is set in a dystopian world were women are designed and created to be perfect, for men. Our protagonist is in the School that's supposed to prepare them [...]

  • Rita

    Assustador, real e pesado.Um abre olhos para todos nós.Estou indecisa com a pontuação, acho que são 4,5 estrelas porque foi bom mas houveram coisas que me deixaram a odiar o livro, por exemplo: Duas personagens com nomes muitos idênticos, uma que se chamava "daria" e eu ficava confusa por aparecer em letras pequenas, além do mais o livro deixou-me irritada por ser tão real e ao mesmo tempo enrolar em certas partes MAS WOW , eu vou dar as 5 estrelas arredondadas pois ele merece, do fundo d [...]

  • Lala BooksandLala

    Rating Only Ever Yours is difficult. This book is not designed to be enjoyed, but rather demands to be felt. It has a powerful message, and I felt the way the book intended, however I still struggle with a rating because my enjoyment level was so low. But was my enjoyment level low because of the subject matter, or due to something the book was lacking? I'm not sure myself.

  • Esma Tezgi

    Cümleleri toplayamıyorum öfkeden. Kitap Flashtvdeki reklamlar gibi,Çakma ürünleri yeni gibi sunma; ePad, eFonAynı şeyleri sürekli tekrar etme;kitapta sürekli aynı şeyi okuyorsunuz bazen acaba bu sayfayı okudumda yanlışlıkla geri mi okuyorum diyorsunuz.Sinir bozucu sunucu, kitabın anlatıcısı kız o kadar sinir bozucuydu ki her sayfada biri kafasını patlatsa keşke diye okudum, nasıl tv karşısında o sunucular sizi delirtiyor freida ondan daha beterdi.Ve pazarlama bir şek [...]

  • Niamh

    Oh my god. It was horrible. But brilliant.I loved how it felt like a dystopian, but didn't go down the typical route of a perfectly amazing girl tearing down the system. No, Frieda was so flawed and broken as a result of her society, butchering her from before she was born. She wasn't strong enough (or unrealistic enough) to be a Katniss or a Tris, which was brilliant because god, am I bored of those characters and repetitive plot lines. Frieda wasn't really likeable but you couldn't hate her, b [...]

  • Lotte

    Even after finishing it, I still have so many conflicting thoughts about this book. The story definitely kept me interested, but in the end I wished it had been more than it was.Maybe I'll be able to form some coherent thoughts about this later, but for now I'm going to give it a 3, maybe even a 3.5 star rating. (I also feel like reading a super fluffy, happy contemporary now, because this was pretty depressing.)

  • Emma

    O'Neill delivers a chilling, modern-day rendition of Brave New World. In true Huxley style, she presents a world where we are controlled by sex, by the lure of the American Dream twisted in the most macabre fashion into a virtual horror show. Voices whisper as the 'eves' sleep, urging them to be perfect, to be thin, to submit to the will of their buyers, their owners - men. But what is truly frightening about this book is it's honestly, it's refusal to hide behind vagueness when presenting a wor [...]

  • Cora ☕ Tea Party Princess

    5 Words: Beauty, power, property, friendship, freedom.YA Shot read-a-long March 2016I really enjoyed this book, if that's even the right word, but by the end I felt kind of deflated. I felt that, just like the characters, all hope was gone, lost.This is a good book, but it's also utterly horrible.It takes the very worst aspects of human nature and exaggerates them and makes everything HORRIBLE, but you can't stop reading because it's so well written and right until the end you have this tiny shr [...]

  • Rebecca

    WowBefore Reading: Thanks to my lovely bestie, I'll have a copy of this soon.Asking For It was wow, so I'm even more excited to get to this. As soon as it arrives I'm reading it!

  • Sarah

    This book appears to contain some interesting themes and messages, however the characters were 2-dimensional, plain stupid or both. frieda won the worst character category: her integrity and self-confidence are the saddest of any character I have ever read about. She appears to be infatuated with Darwin, her only hope at becoming a companion yet she has no qualms spilling his secrets to megan, who she constantly tries to please, acting little more than a leech. Her relationship with isabel isn't [...]

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  • Unlimited [Psychology Book] à Only Ever Yours - by Louise O'Neill ✓
    450 Louise O'Neill
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