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  • Title: Mama Loves Me From Away
  • Author: Pat Brisson Laurie Caple
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 134
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About Author:

Pat Brisson Laurie Caple

I have been writing picture books and easy to read chapter books for the last twenty years My first YA, The Best and Hardest Thing, a novel in verse, will be coming out in May 2010 I am a former elementary school teacher, school librarian and reference librarian in a public library I now write full time and do author visits to schools.My husband and I have four grown sons We live in Phillipsburg, New Jersey.Our last name has a short i sound and rhymes with listen.

Comments Mama Loves Me From Away

  • Joey Zadina

    Mama Loves Me from Away is a great book that chronicles the life of a young girl whose mom had her at the age of nineteen and is later sent to jail when the girl is in elementary school. I love the way that this book is not afraid to use pictures and text that are talking about or portraying real life issues that the young girl is dealing with. Pat Brisson wrote this book in way that introduces readers to some very serious issues, such as the loneliness of a child while her mother is in jail, wh [...]

  • Judith Bracamonte

    Mama loves me from away is such an emotional picture book, probably one of the deepest books I have read for young readers. In the title, you can sense that it is going to be a sad book. We start reading about this little girl that loves to write letters to her mom that is far away and the author does not say where she is. We do not learn until halfway through the book that her mom is in prison, and she goes to visit her often.We are presented with two pages of an illustration of the little girl [...]

  • Dione Basseri

    I always see so much criticism of picture books that address these real-world issues, as if we should hide the problems and let young children flounder through the hard times portrayed. Really, my only criticism of this book is that the cover does nothing to show possible purchasers what is contained. And I say this not because someone who doesn't have to face a parent being in jail might find this book, but because people who ARE trying to help a child through this will be less likely to discov [...]

  • Hannah

    This book is narrated by a young girl, Sugar, whose mom is in prison. Instead of focusing on why the mother is in prison, the book focuses on ways to cope with the many confusing feelings one might have with dealing with parent incarceration. Sugar and "Mama" share the same birthday, and on her visit she tells Sugar that she "is the best present I ever had", and gives her a notebook with stories that she wrote, which helps Sugar cope and gives her something tangible to hold on when she misses he [...]

  • Alyssa Adams

    This story pulled at my heartstrings. This little girl loves her mother so much, but something happened that caused Mama to be sent to prison. Even though there is hardship to try and visit her, bothe the daughter and grandmother try their best to make it any time they can. We never find out what caused this situation to occur and I think this is what makes the story so memorable.The media used is watercolor, pencil, ink and I believe maybe marker.Since children have many different parental back [...]

  • Katie Brown

    The book is good to talk about different family dynamics. This little girl has to go live with her grandmother because her mother goes to jail. They write letters to each other. Her mother gives her a notebook of stories she has written and tells her to read one every night and it will feel like they are together. It is a good book about dealing with change. It is sad, but a true scenario that many children go through.

  • Lu Benke

    Okay book if you are looking to help a child understand about an incarcerated parent. Not about poverty per se or resiliency.

  • John Jeng

    Life is hard for single mothers in prison.

  • Angelina

    Good choice for a children with a parent in prison.

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  • [PDF] Download ì Mama Loves Me From Away | by ↠ Pat Brisson Laurie Caple
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