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By Joshua Khan | Comments: ( 405 ) | Date: ( Nov 19, 2019 )

In Book 2 of a three book series, things are dire for the inhabitants of Castle Gloom and the surrounding villages The undead are leaving their graves in droves, a troll army is on the march from the north, and people are mysteriously disappearing from their homes The people of Gehenna are blaming their misfortunes on Lilith Shadow, their young queen They believe she haIn Book 2 of a three book series, things are dire for the inhabitants of Castle Gloom and the surrounding villages The undead are leaving their graves in droves, a troll army is on the march from the north, and people are mysteriously disappearing from their homes The people of Gehenna are blaming their misfortunes on Lilith Shadow, their young queen They believe she has cursed them by using magic, a practice forbidden to women With her trusty executioner among the missing and her blackguard soldiers busy battling trolls, it is up to Lily and her friend Thorn to root out the real cause of all the trouble Their search will uncover ugly truths and eventually lead to a nightmarish confrontation with nothing less than the rulership of the realm at stake Zombies, ghosts, trolls, dream weavers, a black hearted villain, and a giant hero bat are only some of the imaginative delights that await readers who relish a soaring adventure combined with a hair raising mystery.

  • Title: Dream Magic
  • Author: Joshua Khan
  • ISBN: 9781484737620
  • Page: 467
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Joshua Khan

Writes a bit about goth princesses, outlaws and giant bats And zombies.Lives in London but would rather live in a castle and is a lot less scary in real life than his photo would suggest.

Comments Dream Magic

  • ~Tina~

    Such an adventure!! Love this series so much!!! Gimme Gimme book 3! <3

  • Rebecca

    An excellent sequel to Khan's first book "Shadow Magic". This installment follows the adventures of Lily Shadow, the 12-year-old queen of the ghosts and ghouls of the Shadow Realm and Thorn, a son of the forest and an advocate of all things natural.A wayward sorcerer is on the loose, and his attacks threaten to send all six empires into war. Lily and Thorn use their unique talents to make amends to the past as well as ensuring a brighter future. But maybe not too bright. The series will continue [...]

  • Emilie

    I enjoyed the second installment in the Shadow Magic series. The characters continued on journeys that seemed organic and true, and the plot was different and exciting. This was a great book.In the beginning, I did have a little bit of trouble getting going while reading, because it seemed like there were a bunch of different things just going on and happening to Lilly and Thorn, and nothing really seemed related. I felt like I was still waiting for the story to really get started and I was alre [...]

  • Small Review

    I love these books! So happy there will be a third!

  • AlenGarou

    Joshua Khan è una conferma. Non solo questo romanzo è il degno successore del precedente, ma è così carico di avventura, magia, misteri e sentimenti che cattura letteralmente il lettore, trasportandolo nel tetro regno di Geenna.Eh, sì. Mi era mancato.Anzi, mi erano mancati! Thorn e Lily sono fantastici…Prima di annunciare le novità, devo fare una nota di merito. Di solito molti romanzi nel mezzo di una serie si limitano a continuare le avventure iniziate nei primi volumi; qui, invece, so [...]

  • LeggerePerVivereBene

    4stelle e mezzoRECENSIONE COMPLETA SUL BLOG: leggereperviverebeneQuesto libro è il seguito di Shadow Magic, dove eravamo rimasti all’ascesa al trono di Lily. Ora nuove minacce sono in agguato e non si tratta di nemici qualunque, sono i morti stessi a risvegliarsi! Come se non bastasse eserciti di troll si avvicinano sempre di più a Castel Cupo minacciando il regno di Lily. Per fortuna Lily non è sola e può contare sul fedele Thorn per contrastare le minacce che affliggono il suo regno, pri [...]

  • The Books Blender

    Questa recensione è presente anche sul blog-> thebooksblendertervista- Ho ricevuto una copia di questo libro in cambio di un'onesta recensione -Preceduto da:- Shadow MagicBentornati a Geena con i suoi zombie «tornati per restare», i suoi spettri e anche i suoi assetati vampiri.Lily, anzi - ehm - Lady Shadow regna sulle cupe terre dei suoi antenati, riceve doni meravigliosi da altri paesi e ascolta le lamentale dei propri sudditi.Il ritorno dei non-morti ha infatti creato non pochi sconquas [...]

  • The Belle

    When Dream Magic was sent to me for review, I was intrigued. The cover art by Ben Hibon is stunning, and after a quick flip through the pages, I was delighted to find that more of the superbly intricate and uniquely dark illustrations were included. My only complaint about these drawings is that there are so few – they are spread throughout the book almost like the tease of freshly baked bread wafting from a French bakery as you pass by, leaving my mouth watering as I craved more. The talented [...]

  • Nicole Hewitt

    This review and many more can be found on my blog: Feed Your Fiction AddictionDream Magic is great fun and highly imaginative. I wish I’d read the first book on the series, though—when the book was offered to me, I was told it was the second in a series, but that it was a standalone, and that was sort of true, in the sense that it had it’s own story arc, but it was definitely a continuation of the first book. On the positive side, it wasn’t confusing at all—Khan did a great job of “r [...]

  • Joan

    Lily and Thorn face another, really nasty challenge, this time without much help from her ghost dad, Iblis. Lily discovers that her nasty grandfather had some unknown nastiness left that is going to give her real problems. This was a creative, wonderful book and it is only my fear of spiders that drives down the stars from 4 to 3. I agree that the type of spider used was creative, but librarians, if you know that a patron is afraid of spiders, do not hand them this book! Thorn and Lily are begin [...]

  • Judith

    A touch of macabre, magic and adventure - Lily, the Sorcerer Queen of the Shadow People and Thorne, her squire and friend, embark on yet another dark and sometimes terrifying adventure. This is the second book in the series and I would recommend reading them in order but you could read this as a stand alone. Khan has a way of writing that "drops" you into the middle of the story and it's so easy to envision this magical world and all its odd characters. Looking forward to the next chapter!

  • Heather

    Readers who loved Shadow Magic , Kahn's hero's journey featuring a peasant hero, goth princess, zombies, and giant flying bats, will want to read this sequel. Now that Lilly and Thorn have saved her kingdom from her evil uncle, there's still plenty of work to do--especially with troll attacks on the rise and Tyburn, the royal executioner, missing. Unsure of herself and what others will think of her magical abilities, Lilly spends much of her time consulting the ghost of her father, until someone [...]

  • Alyson Kent

    Thank you Netgalley and Disney-Hyperion for providing an ARC. I was a little nervous going into Dream Magic because I loved Shadow Magic so much. It can be difficult to follow up a great first book and still meet expectations, but Dream Magic didn't disappoint.I absolutely love this world and the characters that inhabit it (especially Hades). I love how Thorn is a dose of practicality amongst some of the crazy that happens, and Lily is still the sweetest Princess of Darkness I've ever met. The w [...]

  • Jessica Robbins

    For complete review check out my blog at booksaplentybookreviewss

  • Nannette Demmler

    I am so enjoying this series, and so far every student who has read it has asked when am I going to get the next book. They are also excited about it which is always a good sign that the author has hit all of the right notes with a book. This book comes out today in fact, so I will be adding it to my school library very soon.The author continues to amaze me with his imagination. Those spiders on the cover are quite creepy and the main cause of all of the issues in this story. I've never been a b [...]

  • Madeline Plan to Happy

    Many thanks to the publisher for sending me an eARC of Dream Magic free of charge.It's not often you come across a middle grade fantasy series with death and destruction, but enough humor to keep the mood light.Dream Magic picks up the story of Lily, who recently became Lady Shadow and the rule of Gehenna. Her ancestral home, Castle Gloom, is windowless, full of zombies, and haunted by ghosts. But none of this is scary in Gehenna, where death is embraced and honored.We also pick up with Thorn, [...]

  • Robert sander

    I somehow accidentally left 1 star when I tried to click "Want to read"! However, that earned me a reply from the author, so I'm going to leave it!, but as a 5 star! I will write an actual review just as soon as I get the opportunity to read it!So I guess it's finally time that I get around to giving my thoughts on this book. Sequels have a difficult time living up to the original. In the first book, everything is brand new, even the main characters. You can liken it to the legendary new car sme [...]

  • Carla Johnson-Hicks

    This sequel to Joshua Khan's first book "Shadow Magic" was everything I was hoping for. This story follows the adventures of Lily Shadow, the 12-year-old queen of her realm including all things dead such as ghosts and zombies, and her friend Thorne, squire to her executioner.The story picks up with Thorne living and training at the castle and Lily, learning how to be a sorcerer. The book starts slow, but stick with it. Everything comes together about 1/3 of the way into the book and it pulls you [...]

  • Sierra ALvis

    THIS BOOK IS THE BEST BOOK I HAVE EVER READ!!!😝😝😝This book is so awesome! I love the suspense and the action. I recommend this book to any kid. I also love shadowmagic. This series has so much awesomeness! I am dying for burningmagic to come it. I think it will be as good as the others.

  • Brenda

    Dream Magic takes place shortly after the events of Shadow Magic. The would-be assassin has been caught and Lily and Thorn are acclimating to their roles in Gehenna. In Shadow Magic, Lily tore open the Veil separating the land of the living from the dead and now has to deal with the consequences, zombies and spirits are roaming throughout Gehenna. She has been meeting with her father's ghost who can only appear in the library and attempts to learn how to control her shadow magic. While Lily is t [...]

  • Malissa

    Where to begin with this book, except to say that I have enjoyed this series immensely. I know some of you are looking at this and saying UGH, Middle Grade Fantasy but this is so much more than your run of the mill Middle Grade anything. This book will have you completely enamored with the world and the characters, even down to the heroic, lovable, gigantic bat Hades. Dream Magic is the second book in the Shadow Magic series and is a fantastic addition to the Shadow Magic realm. I am absolutely [...]

  • Liz

    3.75/5After enjoying Shadow Magic, I was excited to start reading Dream Magic, and wasn’t disappointed! It was a fun and action-packed read that will appeal to fantasy fans of all ages.In Dream Magic, the dead just weren’t staying dead, and Gehenna was overrun by zombies and ghosts and vampires while living people were disappering. Necromancy was the magic of the Shadows – but as Lily was a girl, she wasn’t supposed to have magic. The fact that she did – and that she was a powerful wit [...]

  • Mark Buxton

    My name is Lily, and people don't respect me, and fear me, as the new queen of Gehenna. I've been secretly learning magic, even though laws forbid it, and this scares them. Meanwhile, trolls appear to be invading my kingdom, as homes are destroyed, adults are killed, and children are taken. My best friend Thorn thinks the actual danger is from jewel spiders. These creatures feed off dreams, but something doesn't make sense. Someone must be controlling the spiders, but why? What do they want? I w [...]

  • Violet Tiger

    Lily and Thorn are facing new threats in Gehenna. People are vanishing from their homes without a trace, and people believe the troll army marching to attack them is behind it. Lily's people doubt her ability to rule them well. They believe their problems stem from her practice of magic, which shudders to a stop when someone steals Lily's key to the library. Thorn is devastated when Tyburn, his master, goes missing. However, they realize someone is manipulating them to fight against each other, [...]

  • Jessica F

    The whole family betrayal thing is getting a bit repetitive, but overall the story was still relatively interesting. Curious to see what fantastical adventures Thorn and Lily will get up to in book 3!

  • Amy

    I love this series and can't wait for book 3. It is unique, fast paced and entertaining. My favorite character is a giant cantankerous bat named Hades. I love the character development and their interactions.

  • B

    What a book 2 that I liked? Amazing.The story line carried itself nicely through this book. Familiar characters, but in a new problem. Lily, Thorn, Hades, and Tyborn all on another adventure, this time with jeweled spiders full of a sleeping poison. So good. I loved the fly pages , and the spider details on the pages.

  • Grazia Spaccia Libri

    Recensione sul blog: laspacciatricedilibri

  • Liz H Redd's Reads

    Just as good as the first book, Joshua knows how to tell a great story! Super creepy crystalline jewel spiders put together with an angry sorcerer makes for a terrifying tale of suspense and fantasy, revenge and understanding. This builds the characters of Thorn and Lily through shared experiences.Full review to come soon on Redd's Reads with my interpretation of crystal spiders!

  • Giuseppe

    Che bella la saga Shadow Magic! Thorn e Lily mi piacciono un sacco, e ho dei presentimenti su Thorn Chissà se si riveleranno fondati o meno. Spero che esca presto il prossimo libro!

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  • [PDF] Download · Dream Magic | by ã Joshua Khan
    467 Joshua Khan
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