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By Ame Dyckman Liz Climo | Comments: ( 972 ) | Date: ( Jan 20, 2020 )

Be careful what pet you wish for in the newest picture book from fan favorite author Ame Dyckman and rising star illustrator Liz Climo.When a little boy throws a coin in a well asking for a pet unicorn, he has no idea what kind of trouble he s in for Unbeknownst to him, unicorns make the absolutely worst pets they shed, they poke holes in your ceiling, and they make a biBe careful what pet you wish for in the newest picture book from fan favorite author Ame Dyckman and rising star illustrator Liz Climo.When a little boy throws a coin in a well asking for a pet unicorn, he has no idea what kind of trouble he s in for Unbeknownst to him, unicorns make the absolutely worst pets they shed, they poke holes in your ceiling, and they make a big mess With a knowing wink from Ame Dyckman, creator of Wolfie the Bunny and cheerful illustrations from Rory the Dinosaur creator and Tumblr star Liz Climo, this rollicking story shares all of the ways a pet unicorn can ruin your life, and is sure to have readers in stitches.

  • Title: You Don't Want a Unicorn!
  • Author: Ame Dyckman Liz Climo
  • ISBN: 9780316343473
  • Page: 385
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Ame Dyckman Liz Climo

Ame Dyckman Liz Climo Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the You Don't Want a Unicorn! book, this is one of the most wanted Ame Dyckman Liz Climo author readers around the world.

Comments You Don't Want a Unicorn!

  • Laura

    You Don’t Want a Unicorn! is a fun, colorful take on be careful what you wish for.One “PLIP” of a coin in the wishing fountain can cause all sorts of mischief. Super fun adventures too, but mostly trouble. Everything from burping colors to bring-the-house-down unicorn parties! Colorful parties! The clean white backgrounds ensure that every pink, purple, and orange pops to vivid life on the page.BUT trust me. Unicorns may not be exactly what you hoped and wished for in a house pet. Maybe an [...]

  • Diana

    I love pretty much everything Liz Climo draws - it always makes me smile - so I was definitely excited to see a new picture book on the shelves. Ame Dyckman is also great so this should't disappoint. Similar to some other cutesy, cartoonist-based picture books, this one is adorable and funny. The unicorn poops cupcakes and gets it's horn stuck in the ceiling every time it tries to jump - Hilarious!

  • Christina

    I only review a select few children's books, although I read a ton for my jobbut this one is terrific. I love funny books that parents will enjoy just as much as kids and this one fits the bill. The illustrations are great, and I think the kids will giggle over all the naughty things this unicorn and it's friends get up to. I have a new favorite Easy Reader.

  • Rachel Watkins

    You may THINK you want to have a unicorn for a pet, but trust me, you don't. Did you know they poop pink cupcakes and shed massive amounts of glitter? This colorful picture book was a huge hit at story time and will delight any young reader.

  • Steve Holden

    I'm taking a weekend break from baseball book reviews - will continue throughout next week as I begin my unit. This is my challenge, and I get to make the rules!Anyways, we visited our favorite store in town last night - Joseph-Beth Booksellers - with the task of picking out a book as a birthday gift. I love the children's section and enjoy perusing the new selections. Picture books are awesome right now! This was our selection for the gift. It's for a wonderful young girl, after all, who is ver [...]

  • Carrie Gelson

    THE best! Couldn't stop laughing. Kids are going to go crazy for this book! Can't wait to share it as a read aloud.

  • Margie

    The thing about wishes and wishing is they can be a tricky enterprise. When we wish for something we tend to think of the outcome and not how it is achieved or what may happen if and when a wish comes true. It's hard to remember it's a rarity if something happens in isolation; good or bad, there are consequences.Nevertheless if we see a falling star, the first star of the night, or witness a rainbow or when it's 11:11 on the clock, we pull a turkey bone, we find a penny, or when we blow out birt [...]

  • Casandria

    I knew it! Unicorns really ARE annoying!

  • Michele Knott

    I first read this book at NCTE. I have trouble concentrating on what I'm reading when I'm in public - too much going on around me, I guess. But this book, I laughed the whole way through and then found friends to share it with. I knew right then and there this was a special book, because kids are going to want to read this over and over and share it with friends. Just like me.

  • Amy

    Two of my fave images from the book (the jumping, chewing, and burping remind me of my cats):

  • Becky B

    An ill-informed child wishes for a unicorn against the narrator's advice and suffers many of the hidden pitfalls of having a unicorn as a pet.Oh dear. This appears to be a very important warning announcement. Who knew? As a fun compare/contrast, read this with Uni the Unicorn or some of the Phoebe and Her Unicorn series. (Phoebe might agree on some of these points, disagree on others, and have whole list of never explored before things to consider before unicorn ownership.) This is a fun "other [...]

  • Veronica Manthei

    Comical. Pet ownership pitfalls. UNICORN PARTY.

  • Amanda Blau

    Rainbow cupcake unicorn droppings - that's all you need to know to know if this one's for you or not.

  • J

    I read this to a group of elementary school-aged kids. It was a delight.

  • Kristen Thorp

    Unicorn party!!

  • Becki

    You know, I picked this up for nieces birthday present but I think I have to keep it for myself. It was just too funny. And what a great way to tell children be careful what you wish for.

  • Suzie Bookgirl

    Okay so actually I really really do want a Unicorn, the party looks amazing! Fun and laughs. Love the poop too.

  • Lisa

    This is a kid that will never learn his lesson. The unicorn was just being a unicorn, mind you not a very magical unicorn, but awesome. Will the author write a dragon or dinosaur book next?

  • Taylor Hart

    You Don't Want a Unicorn! is a sweet little book about fantasy. The colors throughout the book, starting with the cover, are vivid and eye catching. The story is rather simple and understandable for a young audience. Although the book is fiction and about mythical creatures, there is a message to be found. The message being that even the grandest of things can have negative aspects to them. It's important for children to receive this message early on so as not to spend their lives chasing after [...]

  • Bridgette

    The illustrations are beautiful ! This is a laugh out loud book and I hope the author follows it with another one!

  • Amber

    This was hilarious and I want to leave it out on my coffee table. The unicorn poops cupcakes. Nuff said. :)

  • Aaron

    Absolutely one of the funniest picture books ever!

  • Maureen

    Ame Dyckman and Liz Climo have teamed up to give readers of all ages a giggle-out-loud cautionary tale about wishes that come true. If you wish for a Unicorn, be prepared. They do not like to be alone. It is a great picture book for kids of all ages. But I'd hold off on the cupcakes!

  • Julie

    Everything about this book is hilarious and adorable. It's an amazing read-aloud, too!

  • Sharlene Robertson

    20 students rated it 3.15 I rated it a 4

  • Baby Bookworm

    This review was originally written for The Baby Bookworm. Visit us for new picture books reviews daily!Hello, friends! Today’s book is You Don’t Want A Unicorn!, written by Ame Dyckman and illustrated by Liz Climo, a delightfully silly cautionary tale about the unexpected difficulties and dangers of having a unicorn for a pet.What are you doing at that wishing well? Oh no, don’t – oh, now you’ve gone and done it. You wished for a pet unicorn, didn’t you? That was a mistake! Unicorns [...]

  • Mama Bibliosoph

    If your child is obsessed with unicorns, you're in luck. Unicorns are very "in" right now.A boy makes a BIG MISTAKE! and wishes for a unicorn at a wishing well. POOF!, one appears and mayhem ensues. At first things seem super fun, but soon the unicorn is shedding golden dust, scratching up the upholstery, pooping cupcakes everywhere, eating the carpet, burping rainbows, and getting stuck in the ceiling by its own horn. Then it invites all its friends over and things get really out of hand.You Do [...]

  • Kelly Snyder

    recently there have been a number of unicorn books that have come out with hilarious texts and illustration and this book definitely fits right in with the others. Dyckman and Climo team up to create a book about what happens when your wish comes true, in this case getting a unicorn. There are many issues with caring for a unicorn and the least of which is the horn that can snag everything. Does having a unicorn trump all of the issues that come with it? well read this book to a young child and [...]

  • Taylor Varejcka

    Summary:In this story, a little boy tosses a coin in a wishing well, asking for a pet unicorn. Little does he know that unicorns do not make good pets. AT ALL. Soon he finds out that unicorns make the biggest mess and he is sure to tell you all the reasons to make sure you don't get a pet unicorn like he did.Activity:Draw a picture of another animal or creature that would not make a good pet. Discuss - Why wouldn't it make a good pet? What qualities do make a good pet?APA Citation:Dyckman, A. (2 [...]

  • Juliana Lee

    Be careful what you wish for! Unicorns might seem like fun, super fun, even awesome but they're not, trust me. Unicorns come with their own unique problems none which is as bad as their perchance to call their friends and have a unicorn party in your house. The only thing to do is to wish them away the same way you wished them into existence. Just be careful not to trade one problem for another.

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  • [PDF] Download ↠ You Don't Want a Unicorn! | by Í Ame Dyckman Liz Climo
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