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By Vinay Sitapati | Comments: ( 125 ) | Date: ( May 30, 2020 )

When P.V Narasimha Rao became the unlikely prime minister of India in 1991, he inherited a nation adrift, violent insurgencies, and economic crisis Despite being unloved by his people, mistrusted by his party, and ruling under the shadow of 10 Janpath, Rao transformed the economy and ushered India into the global arena.With exclusive access to Rao s never before seen perWhen P.V Narasimha Rao became the unlikely prime minister of India in 1991, he inherited a nation adrift, violent insurgencies, and economic crisis Despite being unloved by his people, mistrusted by his party, and ruling under the shadow of 10 Janpath, Rao transformed the economy and ushered India into the global arena.With exclusive access to Rao s never before seen personal papers and diaries, this definitive biography provides new revelations on the Indian economy, nuclear programme, foreign policy and the Babri Masjid Tracing his early life from a small town in Telangana through his years in power, and finally, his humiliation in retirement, it never loses sight of the inner man, his difficult childhood, his corruption and love affairs, and his lingering loneliness Meticulously researched and brutally honest, this landmark political biography is a must read for anyone interested in knowing about the man responsible for transforming India.

  • Title: Half - Lion: How P.V. Narasimha Rao Transformed India
  • Author: Vinay Sitapati
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 355
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

Vinay Sitapati

Vinay Sitapati Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Half - Lion: How P.V. Narasimha Rao Transformed India book, this is one of the most wanted Vinay Sitapati author readers around the world.

Comments Half - Lion: How P.V. Narasimha Rao Transformed India

  • Vikrant Rana

    I distincly remember loathing PVN during my growing years, mainly because he gave an impression of a non decisive leader. Over the last decade, as we came to know more about him inspite of all the efforts of the dynasty that still plagues India, that perception has changed and thats an understatement. Undoubtedly PVN (along with AB Vajpayee remain the finest PMs that India has produced. It always amaze me how Indian polity is able to propel the best to the top, inspite of it's vastness, all the [...]

  • Hrishikesh

    The biggest drawback of any biographical work is that it tends to gloss over the faults of the subject, presenting a flawless picture. For the most part, this book calls a spade a spade. Credit where credit is due, and criticism where it is due. PVNR has been a fascinating figure in Indian History. This is a well-researched and well-documented book, and I highly recommend it.

  • Vishaka Datta

    I was less than a year old when Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated, and a week away from turning two when the 24 July 1991 budget that dismantled decades of industrial policy was announced. And I have very hazy memories of staring up at an old television screaming about the then worst electoral defeat of the Congress party, and the ascension of Vajpayee as the prime minister. I was, however, old enough to remember the controversy over the humiliation Rao endured even in death, where his ashes were le [...]

  • DebjaniBanerji

    PV Narasimha Rao has always fascinated me. His Economic Revolution has transformed India and where we are today. Unfortunately he was never given his due and that saddened me. The genius and the knowledgeable man he was, I believe history and his party should have given him much more respect than what he got. This biography lucidly written by Vinay Sitapati is an easy read and you are soon transported into the era of PV Narasimha Rao. And the end of the Congress era with his decline.

  • Debjit Sengupta

    In the early 1991, the Indian economy was going through its worst and egregious phase ever. In other words , it was in tatters- a total financial mess. A party was well positioned for power in next general election. However, the party had grown itself by tethering to a single family. Prosperity without it was unthinkable. The leader of the party was however assassinated. The reign of an imbroglio and fractured nation was then handed over to a seemingly unimpressive , harmless and powerless perso [...]

  • Ankur Vohra

    I was not even 10 years old when Mr. Narasimha Rao came to power and it was only round about 98/99 that I started following National Politics on a regular basis with my source of Information being the regular media houses and the impression that they had created on me for Narasimha Rao was of a leader who would cling to anything- Money, Baba's anyone who has able to help him for the sake of being in power and a leader who did not do substantive much for the country apart from letting Mr. Manmoha [...]

  • Karthik

    Completed the book half lion a book on Narashima Rao. The book starts with two basic things one being PVN did not have the majority what Deng Xiao Ping had in Chinaand second he hanlded India when all the borders were in boilThe book talks about how much of machivelisam he had and how he ran a minorty government for 5 yrs with zero charismaSurprising that after 1984 India only in 2014 gave a clear mandate. Do not miss what he was doing during the destruction of babri masjid or how he handled Cli [...]

  • Sankarshan

    The abundance of footnotes, citations and reference material makes this book a great read. It is a well rounded attempt to introduce the legacy of PVNR while setting the context of his government and his political thinking. Also, the anecdotes which bring up the basic decency inherent to a few members of the establishment; or, the incredible pulchritude of politics when played by seasoned actors is worth reading. The writing is helped by the arrangement and break-down of the chapters. Go ahead a [...]

  • Vidhu Shekhar

    Amazing book. Writer has done good work collecting personal papers from PVNR's family, though I suspect that the material is much more there and this could easily have been 100 -150 pages more. The kind of life that PVNR lead!In the drought of any credible sources for PVNR's period, one of the defining period of India, and steered by a man who didn't even had majority, this is definitely worth a read.

  • Sunjoy Shekhar

    Well written. Be warned, he will make you like Rao!

  • Vinay

    Best Indian biography I've read - what an amazing man. There's something to be said for non-strongman leaders.

  • Neeraj

    There is no better way to write a 'first book' or there can never be a better 'first book'. Author V. Sitapathi is absolutely fabulous in his description of the life of P.V. Narasimha Rao, a man who did not get his due credit in the history of Indian leaders. What is even more fascinating is the fact that the author has touched out on a lot of sensitive topics and events (political [fall of babri masjid, assassination of Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi]/economical[liberalization of the Indian eco [...]

  • Abhijeet

    True to its name, the author "half-lionizes" PV, portraying him for what he was, warts and all. A strongly left-leaning socialist land reformer in his early days and banished to political wilderness before Rajiv's assassination, his was a life of vacillations and contradictions. Yet, it took him but a single day to change course when it came to the economic policy and the rest of the country s grateful to him for it. The treatment he has received from the Congress since his term though has been [...]

  • Umesh Kesavan

    The book tries to answer the intriguing question "How could the head of a minority government with so little leeway achieve so much in terms of economic reforms and foreign policy?".The book combines political philosophy with rigorous research to provide a sympathetic (and not hagiographic) portrait of one of the most misunderstood and maligned leaders in contemporary Indian history. A must read book to know a man who well and truly transformed India

  • Tejas

    Fantastic book that chronicles the unsung Rao, bringing out his character and the hows and whys of what he did and when he did it. With inputs from the men and women who were there, it feels like you are standing in front of the PM in South Block when he asked Naresh Chandra and Dr Kalam to go nuclear or in his room at 7 RCR during the darkest day in the 90s, 6th Dec 1992.

  • Priyadarshini

    Finally a book that tells a more complete story of the man the BJP wants to suddenly own while his own party stupidly tried to repudiate him. Warts and all, some good insider information.

  • Sowmya

    Very interesting book. I always had a generally positive opinion about PV, and this book, which takes a reasonably objective view about PV's tenure as PM, makes me respect PV more than before.

  • Vijay Gopal

    In 1991, India was a basket case. Its economy was in the doldrums. A balance of payment crisis meant that India’s forex reserves could barely cover 3-weeks of imports. If India defaulted on its external debt, it would have gone down the Mexico way. (In 1982, Mexico defaulted on its debt payments and suffered 6 years of inflation, capital flight and unemployment.) In 1991, Rajiv Gandhi, a former Prime Minister who was campaigning to return to power, was brutally assassinated. Those were the pro [...]

  • Prathyush Sambaturu

    This book is a simple yet authoritative narrative of the story of P V Narasimha Rao (PVNR) in the arena of Indian politics (and Congress) starting as a humble party member, to a puppet Chief Minister of Andhra, to a humble significant number two in the Congress, and ultimately to the most powerful office as the Prime Minister of India. It presents Rao as the most underrated Prime Minister of India who deserves credit for much of India's progress in the 1990s. The author of the book points out th [...]

  • Anal Ghosh

    Sitapati's authoritative biography comprehensively traces the life and career of PNVR and offers invaluable insights on him that history books or scholarly discourses have ignored till now. PVNR's elevation to PM in 1991 (after a near-exile) was met with surprise and attributed to luck, but we have probably never had a more credible person for the job (CM of Andhra, minister of Defense, Ext Affairs, Home, Health, Education, etc.). And despite presiding over a minority government with continuous [...]

  • Sandeep Raturi

    Not everyone likes a book of this genre (political, non fiction) but take my word, this is anything but boring.I still remember that during our initial college days when we were agitating for a separate state of Uttarakand, we used to call PV Narasimha Rao as “Mauni Baba” like he was known in the other parts of the country for his unusual reticence and his apparent indecisiveness (he had later famously said “not taking a decision is also a decision”) . He seemed to have completely ignore [...]

  • Sandeep

    The book has great details about PV Narsimha Rao’s life from his early days in politics in Andhra and then on the national level. It also describes how he was sidelined by the Congress and the Gandhi family. It is a good one for the nuanced trying to understand Indian political history in the late 80s and early 90s. However, for the well read this book fails to provide any insight into the thoughts of Mr. Rao. It also does not provide details on his archives but just references to a some of hi [...]

  • Naresh

    First of all, I would like to applaud Vinay Sitapati and his team for their enormous efforts to bring out works of forgotten hero of India. This book is easy to read and understand without having to know political jargon. I would recommend this book to every Indian who likes to know how india was transformed during the darkest of the times by P V Narasimha Rao. Person of his stature should not have been treated so badly by their own party when P V did so much to the country. Though P V might hav [...]

  • Aniket Banerjee

    The book deals with PV Narsimha Rao as the prime minister who transformed India for good. The book does not go deep into analysis of the man that he was. Though it shows us in bits and pieces, what shaped up or rather how he would carry out his job as the prime minister of the country. Though the book justifies why credibility of transforming India and steering it through a difficult decade must be attributed to Rao. The book is simple to read, and uses minimal jargon from the administrative wor [...]

  • Nakul

    This was a really good book. It was an insider's look at Indian politics in the 80s and 90s. With painstaking research and interviews and facts, Vinay Satpati has built a narrative that explores PV Narasimha Rao and the politics he played as India's most powerful man. This is a look into the Prime Minister's Office, like never before. So much information on how Rao actually made liberalization happen, his action or lack of during the Babri Masjid demolition. While it sees Rao in the middle of al [...]

  • Srawan Kumar Kamatala

    A brilliant book, thoroughly researched and presented in a compelling manner. Never has a book affected me more to prod to be cognizant of my birth country, India, its history and what Mr. Narasimha Rao has done for the country. A gem of a man who focused on doing things, master strategist, learning from failures, unafraid of trying new things with inevitably some failing, but letting those failures not affect him, only learn and move on. A man with a great mix of idealism and pragmatism. Also, [...]

  • Aditya Vijaykumar

    It is shameful how little the public knows of Narasimha Rao, despite him being one of the best PMs India has had. More hatred for the Sonia and some 'Congress faithfuls'. Vinay Sitapati's scholarly background is reflected in his writing. Did find some parts of the book uninteresting, but none unnecessary.Also, the chapter on the nuclear programme was so feel-filled!

  • Nikhil Deo

    Quite a wonderful book. Gives an insight into the life and mannerisms of India's most underrated PM P.V.Narasimha Rao. It is sad that despite contributing so much for his party and the nation, the EX-PM is neither valued by his party members or by the earlier government for his achievements. Also the author has to be recommended for resurrecting the achievements of the EX-PM via his book.

  • Santosh Shetty

    Exceptional insight into an otherwise much aligned Prime Minister. I realized the old adage that in politics things are not what it seems. After reviewing the circumstances in which PVNR operated, hats off to a bold and courageous move. The book is well written however the core material is where the meat is.

  • Subramaniam G

    A befitting reply by the author, to the people who claim that, India's Liberalisation was only because of IMF's Strong arming.This book also deals with important decisions took by Mr.PVN. Rao, that affected India's national security.How PVN Rao had this capability and experience to manuever his reforms, while heading a minority Government is well explained.

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  • Free Download [Children's Book] ↠ Half - Lion: How P.V. Narasimha Rao Transformed India - by Vinay Sitapati ¾
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