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Their love, forbidden yet beautiful, hardly stood a chance of surviving a place like this.Trey Palmer killed his stepfather three years ago, stabbed him repeatedly with a butcher knife, and now he s facing life behind bars He doesn t deny what he did, nor does he regret it But he s plagued with flashbacks of a torturous childhood in which he was abused by this man he finTheir love, forbidden yet beautiful, hardly stood a chance of surviving a place like this.Trey Palmer killed his stepfather three years ago, stabbed him repeatedly with a butcher knife, and now he s facing life behind bars He doesn t deny what he did, nor does he regret it But he s plagued with flashbacks of a torturous childhood in which he was abused by this man he finally extinguished In prison, Trey employs a strategy of avoidance He becomes a loner and a workaholic, steering clear of the gangs and their drama His life changes one day, however, when a new cellmate arrives Jeremy Banks, also in for murder, decries his innocence With his long hair and angelic face, he s too pretty for a men s prison Though at first annoying and mouthy, Jeremy begins to wiggle his way into Trey s heart, and Trey starts to wonder if maybe the kid really is innocent He really does seem like an angel Their feelings for each other evolve, blossoming into something forbidden yet beautiful But how can a love like theirs last in a place like this

  • Title: Fallen Angel
  • Author: Jeff Erno
  • ISBN: 9781487403003
  • Page: 159
  • Format: ebook

About Author:

Jeff Erno

Jeff Erno currently lives in southern Michigan He holds a bachelor s degree in business management and human resources Jeff began writing stories in the late 1990 s and initially posted them to a free online amateur website The positive feedback he received from readers encouraged him to continue, and this eventually led to the publication of his first novel, Dumb Jock Erno has subsequently published several other novels.His greatest passion in life is writing, and he hopes to be able to continue sharing his work with readers worldwide.

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Comments Fallen Angel

  • Nile Princess

    3.5. You need a bit of patience with this one. There are few tropes that get me excited like m/m prison romance does. There's something about two men finding love in the most desolate of situations that just warms me to the core, so I was beyond excited to find this series. I struggled a bit with the beginning. It wasn't what I was used to. It's clear that a lot of research went into this and, at times, it felt like the author was trying to teach us about the inner workings of the prison system. [...]

  • Vfields Don't touch my happy!

    I don't mind the brutality of life behind bars and I liked both MCs. I just found the whole thing way too depressing for my reading pleasure.

  • Tammy

    Blog Post: lovebytesreviews/2016/07/1As this is the first book by Jeff Erno that I’ve read I wasn’t sure what to expect. What I got was a very intense realistic (I think) look at what life in prison would be like. I must say I was a bit confused by random section’s about prisoners who appear to be obscure side character’s. I’m hoping all will be cleared up in the second book. Trey Palmer is twenty years old, he’s currently served three years of his sentence. Trey murdered his step-fa [...]

  • Joyfully Jay

    A Joyfully Jay review. 4.5 starsFallen Angel is billed as an erotic prison book and just from that description, I was expecting a certain kind of story. This book surpassed that and had more depth and more emotion than I was really expecting.The book opens with Trey. He has a routine and he sticks to it. He has no choice, but he keeps to himself and tries to find ways to break the never ending monotony of life behind bars. For a shorter book, there was a reasonable amount of character developmen [...]

  • Katie

    This is voluntarily and honest review of an Advance Reader Copy provided by the author.The word that came to my mind before starting this book was TREPIDATION.I get a little nervous starting books from new-to-me authors. I gotta get over that because my TBR has exploded with books from authors I’ve never read — attending a book con will do that, I learned.You can take from that statement that I recently met Jeff. I spent lots of time talking to him in the outside lounge of the hotel over the [...]

  • Carly

    This might have got a higher rating from me if it had been a little more focused on Trey and Jeremy. I felt the parts with the secondary characters were a little out of place and boring, to me at least. It was only a hundred pages so I was hoping to establish a quick romance in this first book, but nothing happened until the end and I felt like it kind of came out of nowhere. I'm undecided on whether I'll continue with the series or not.

  • Deirdre

    What do you do when your life is over, but you're still breathing?I was a criminal justice major with a specialization in prison management. But I eventually ended up in an entirely different field of work. I believe I've impacted many lives in my new career over the years. But I never forgot what I learned and experienced regarding jails & prisons. How the various types of incarceration differed based on age, gender, and purpose of the facility, as well as the level of security. Which state [...]

  • Ana

    FALLEN ANGEL is the first book in a series, and it introduced the reader to a prison life which the author does a great job in trying to keep it real. It had some nicely done characters that will easily keep the attention and get the reader to an interesting journey into the darkness. Trey is used to keep a low profile in jail, where he was sent after killing his stepfather. He has no interest in getting involved in any drama and spend his days absorbed by his routine. But when Jeremy, his new c [...]

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  • ä Fallen Angel || ↠ PDF Read by ✓ Jeff Erno
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