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By Drew Sera | Comments: ( 985 ) | Date: ( Dec 09, 2019 )

With Sydney s first public scene rapidly approaching she begins to have second thoughts about it being with Evan After spending so much time with Colin and Anthony, Sydney has become unavoidably attached to the two Doms and best friends Sydney s heart begs her to speak up and voice her true desire for her Top in her first public scene While visible wounds and hidden scaWith Sydney s first public scene rapidly approaching she begins to have second thoughts about it being with Evan After spending so much time with Colin and Anthony, Sydney has become unavoidably attached to the two Doms and best friends Sydney s heart begs her to speak up and voice her true desire for her Top in her first public scene While visible wounds and hidden scars cause Sydney to worry and doubt herself as a worthy play partner or submissive for anyone, they don t stop her from fantasizing that she belongs to Colin or Anthonyor both.As Colin and Anthony continue to work with Sydney they begin to unravel the nightmare life that she has been living The connection and chemistry between Anthony and Sydney becomes apparent Colin wants nothing than for Sydney to be in a happy and healthy D s relationship and he knows his best friend can give that to her along with anything else under the sun The only problem is that Colin s idea is met with resistance from Anthony But with the clock ticking closer to Sydney s first public scene, Colin has to move quickly.Will Colin be able to convince Anthony that he is the right Dom for Sydney without his own feelings getting in the way and will their strong friendship and bond survive

  • Title: Belonging
  • Author: Drew Sera
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 336
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

Drew Sera

Drew Sera was born and raised in Sin City and has been immersed in the BDSM lifestyle as a submissive since 2011 As a native to Las Vegas, it was only natural for Drew to incorporate her love of Sin City in her books Her knowledge of both the city and the lifestyle has given her insight and first hand experience on the actual fears and emotions that her characters go through It s through the relationships she forged there that she is able to give a realistic glimpse at the everyday side to this wonderful lifestyle She attributes much of her learning to her longtime partner and Dom who has encouraged her freedom to explore Drew prides herself on learning about alternative lifestyles by asking questions, attending classes and reaching out to many people in all aspects of the BDSM community While Drew is primarily focused on writing, her creativity stretches beyond words she draws a wicked stick figure.

Comments Belonging

  • Diana Perry

    What a page turner! DARK, Sensual, Erotic & Extremely Explicit D/s Romance that breaks your reserve & allows you a somewhat better view into the dark recesses of Sydney's past & mind. Collin & Anthony are my heros! They are such masterful Doms who any s would be honored to be with. I couldn't put this book down & STRONGLY SUGGEST this book. I read this ARC & this is my honest review

  • Debra

    Belonging 4 plus stars New Author for me, I missed the first book and reading out of order. This book could easily be read as a stand alone, it was easy to get into the story, l really enjoyed how the story unfolded, the interaction between the main characters Colin, Anthony, and their heart and sunshine Sydney. The sexual tension and scenes where excellent, I loved how gentle the men where, how Sydney bought out the caring protective softness.I would highly recommend this book, it's well writt [...]

  • jenTed

    This review is similar to the one I wrote for the first book. I really enjoyed the story line, but had to read through a lot of repetitiveness. That would be my only criticism of this series so far. The story is great though and I'm continuing on to the third book. I'm enjoying watching these three grow. Technically I'm giving this a 3.5, but as in all my reviews I don't round up so it's a 3. Hey GR, when are you going to allow for half star ratings? It can't be that hard to do.

  • Kathy L

    OMG! Drew Sera has done it again. This s the second book in Everett Gaming series. This story is beautiful. Love reading the story unfold before my very eyes. I know from reading the first book you start to root for Colin, Anthony and Sydney our three main characters to come together as a triple. Loved finding out more about Anthony's background. It makes you understand the connection he and Sydney share. I was so sad to read how long Howard had tormented Sydney and how cruel her parents ere to [...]

  • Jennifer

    Love this book series & author. The second book in the series didn't disappoint. I couldn't put it down, it was incredible finding out about their past & how that makes them relate to each other. I love that the chapters are in POV format of the different characters. I can't wait till the next book, WOW what a cliffhanger!!!!

  • Katrina Haynes

    wow Loved this one too Made my love Colin, Anthony and Sydney more Even thou it left me hanging at the end 💜 Anthony. 💜

  • T.S. Flynn

    Excellent, evidence of a vivid imagination and a strong understanding of what makes people tick. Highly recommend.

  • Romaine Heart

    Wow! The Everett Gaming Series will captivate from the first book Fragile and continue in the mind blowing book two Belonging! In Belonging, the author sends you on an emotional journey of two broken souls with a traumatic past and the connection that they share. We get more of an in-depth of the characters. Sydney's past with her ex dom starts to unfold as you experience so many raw emotions. The abuse and torture that she endured. Anthony also has a traumatic past with many scars mental and ph [...]

  • Gem Larkspur

    This is the second in the series and I haven't read the first, but it didn't present a problem in following the story. I lovee that the book is mostly told from the POV of the two Doms; Colin & Anthony. Their developing feelings for the Sydney, a sub they rescued from abuse were wonderfully tender and a fab counterpoint to the often super hot erotic encounters. In fact, it was a little distracting when other POVs crept in. I did have a little trouble accepting that someone who had been as ba [...]

  • Ann Kelly-Uhryn

    Drew Sera did it again. She takes us on the continued journey between Anthony, Colin and Sydney. Sydney is a girl who came out of a bad, abusive relationship under the pretense of it being a D/s, but really the guy was using the Dom title to abuse young and naive girls. Anthony and Colin continue to train Sydney under the pretense of finding a good Dom for her. They try to correct her thinking of being a bad Sub that her ex drilled into her head, which brings tons of the emotional roller coaster [...]

  • Book-Lovin-Momma

    After Fragile, I just couldn't help but crave more of Anthony, Colin and Sydney! The two Doms are working in tandem to help Sydney heal and blossom, but she's still skittish, and Colin is trying to be a good friend and give Anthony and Sydney the space they need to develop their relationship. My heart hurt for Anthony in this story - he hasn't always had the easy lifestyle he enjoys now, and I had a few tearful moments just reading about his past. Sydney is being prepared for her scene, but is s [...]

  • Mardell Bonasso

    This was the second book in the series. Again I found it to be a bit long and drawn out, but full of detail. The storyline between the main characters evolves more, I loved this evolution. Colin discovering he's in love with Sydney and not afraid to say it, Sydney becoming more trusting, open and coming into her own and my favorite character by far Anthony. I so loved finding out more of his dark past and why he relates to Sydney so well but he just can't come to processing the "L" word yet alth [...]

  • Natalie Johnson

    In Book two of the Everett Gaming Series and Anthony continue training and caring for Sydney. Her wounds are beginning to come out of her fear. They are continuing to groom her for her first public scene with Evan. Colin knows that Anthony has feelings for Sydney, but due to his past won't vocalize them. Sydney has feelings for both Colin and Anthony and wishes they would be her Doms, but she feels like she is not good enough for them.This book continues their story with many twists and turns al [...]

  • Laura

    Wow Drew Sera knows just how to get under my skin. In this, book 2 of the Everett Gaming Series, it's like she just turned the heat up on the stove and pots starting to boil. The feelings are stronger, intensity is higher, the sex is hotter and the crazy is starting to boil over. I love that she shows without question the difference between a good and a bad Dom. Sydney was finally blessed with 2 amazing, caring and tender Doms, Anthony and Colin. Drew doesn't let you sit in an emotional comfort [...]

  • Pam

    With every breakthrough Sydney, Colin and Anthony have made, I have cheered them on. With every setback they have endured, my heart has ached. I can not say enough good things about this book. Drew Sera has captured the good and bad aspects of the BDSM lifestyle and given us an inspiring book(s). I love that she doesn't just write about the good side of kink. The lifestyle can be very rewarding but it can also be very dangerous. I love how one chapter tells one character's perspective and then i [...]

  • Gwen Shafer

    Another amazing book This is the second book in this series and it is as good as the first.This one builds on the relationship that is happening.I absolutely love this one as much as the first one.I love being able to read what each character in this book is feeling. With the excellent way this series is written you can feel what each character is feeling good and bad.That draws you in and has you hanging on to see what is next for these three.Just amazing.I highly recommend reading this series. [...]

  • Jennifer Woodrow

    Flying V: Colin, Sydney, and AnthonyThis author just keeps growing on me. I have fallen in love with the studied pace of the story line, the complex personalities and the often painful back stories of each character. You get to know the continuing saga, piece by piece, from different POV's, and not just the main characters. Any character who has an important viewpoint, gets to tell it. I am more and more enjoying these books. Well worth the read.

  • Krisha

    Hello totally amazingI couldn't put part 2 down , these 3 bring out the best in each other. This sweet heart of a sub just amazingly breaks thru walls of these 2 super doms lol Love ❤ how this series is going Miss Drew Sera ,I'm on my way to the #3 . If your into reads of this level I recommend it 5 stars for sure.

  • Gina Burkart / Wojahn

    This book is a second part of a series and is very dark and sensual. This book is about Sydney being able to work with Colin and Anthony the men are working very slow with her as she needs the extra care and love that the men give her I feel this book is very amazing and is ready for the 3rd book

  • Linda

    Second book I've read by this author and I'm learning that Drew Sera doesn't disappoint. I'm still having just a little trouble with things being repeated but I think I'm getting the way the author is writing the story. This storyline has a lot going and I find myself deeply absorbed in their life It's an emotional read and there's equal parts love and hotness. On to the next one!

  • Saskia

    The more i find out about what Sydney has gone though, the more I admire her. She is one strong women for surviving. I love the relationship between Sydney, Anthony and Colin. There is so much love between them. eventhough it takes them a while to admit. I wanted to slap both of the men for being so dense at times. And the perfect things to eat while reading are M&M's and/or pizza.

  • Martha Lindblom

    This is a great series. I am loving this. Drew has you so wrapped up in the story line and people you feel like you are here with them. Can't wait to finish the series. Each book does end in a cliffhanger.Enjoy reading the series.

  • Julie Scott

    Drew has done it again. The more I get into this series the more I want. The chemistry between Anthony, Colin and Sydney is off the scale. The emotions that they are all going thru is amazing. The story just keeps getting better and better. Such a complexed emotional journey. Just when u think it cant get any better it does. Bring on the next book. Amazing author.

  • Lucylu

    Keeps pulling you inI read this book in a day and a half, I love how well Anthony, Colin & Sunshine connect, they are all working to heal each other nt wait to read more.

  • Laura

    Love these books whole series is amazing just left wanting more!

  • Laura

    Love, love, loveCan not wait for #3, one of the best books out there. Great read, solid writing and great storyline. Super read!!!

  • Chantel

    WowI absolutely love this book. Colin, Sydney and Anthony's story will captivate you. Their story seems so real and you just get lost when reading their story. Off to read the next book!

  • Elizabeth Barnett

    Review Drew has done it again such a wonderful book showing Sydneys bravery and passion opening up to Anthony and Colín coming out of her shell can't wait to read the next book

  • Gabriela Bragg

    Great booksMen I can’t wait to finish the whole story of Sidney, Colin and Anthony. What other bad thing could happen to poor Sydney. Need to read more

  • Stacie

    Loved itI loved this book! Syds transformation is growing and the fact that Colin and Anthony are finally admitted their true feelings is great just wished Paul would disappear

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    336 Drew Sera
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