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A Revised and Expanded Edition of the original version updated after his death in 2006 Learn all about Barrett s career as lead member of the original Pink Floyd, his subsequent release from the group, and solo career A revealing investigation into the life of a reclusive cult genius.

  • Title: Crazy Diamond: Syd Barrett and the Dawn of Pink Floyd
  • Author: Mike Watkinson Pete Anderson
  • ISBN: 9781846097393
  • Page: 298
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Mike Watkinson Pete Anderson

Mike Watkinson Pete Anderson Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Crazy Diamond: Syd Barrett and the Dawn of Pink Floyd book, this is one of the most wanted Mike Watkinson Pete Anderson author readers around the world.

Comments Crazy Diamond: Syd Barrett and the Dawn of Pink Floyd

  • Paul Bryant

    My top 12 early SB/PF songs1. Chapter 24 written by Syd Barrett from Piper at the Gates of Dawn, 19672. Paintbox written by Rick Wright (B side of single Apples and Oranges, 1967)3. Julia Dream written by Roger Waters (B side of single It Would be So Nice, 1968)4. Remember a Day written by Rick Wright from Saucerful of Secrets, 19685. See Saw written by Rick Wright from Saucerful of Secrets, 19686. Cirrus Minor written by Roger Waters from More, 19697. Crying Song written by Roger Waters from Mo [...]

  • Ryan Williams

    If you like the band, Pink Floyd, you will LOVE this book. Not only do you get to learn about one of the band's founding members, but you also get to learn a lot about the bands history. Syd Barret is not as well known as the members in Pink Floyd today, but his biography his extremely interesting and even if you are not familiar with Pink Floyd, Watkinson makes this book readable for anyone who simply likes to read. I would highly recommend it for anyone.

  • Athena

    I remember watching Pink Floyd: Behind the Wall on VH1; The Wall is a great movie, just leaves you in a funk for a little while after. I remember the interviews going smoothly, of course Syd Barrett was not a participant, until, I assumed, that someone had asked Roger Waters and Davis Gilmour, separately, what happened to Syd Barrett. The camera showed a very quiet Roger Waters who responded with something like, "We don't talk about that." Then the camera switches to David Gilmour who said somet [...]

  • Hilary

    I first read this book in high school, having been looking for a good biography of Syd Barrett and seeing this as being the most accurate out there at the time. I'd be interested in finding a revised copy, if one was ever released after the poor man's death. It would be interesting to hear what others, in particular Breen, had to say about him then and whether or not his life in the end was a contended one.This biography is short, easy to read, and fascinating. It dispels some of the more harmfu [...]

  • Cwn_annwn_13

    Interesting enough if your into Pink Floyd and/or interested in Syd Barrett. However it never really even attempts to get inside Barretts head or seriously delve into exactly what was wrong with him. Its way too simple to say he just fried his brain by doing too much acid. The most likely thing was he had some form of Schizophrenia. I think this partially because of his behaviour and partially because about the age he was when he started to get really batty is a common age when Schizophrenia beg [...]

  • Albert

    Got this as a gift for a friend when I was on a road trip to Los Angeles with my sister. I was driving her and a friend to a Depeche Mode convention, being a kind of chaperone/driver, so I read this while waiting around for them to finish their Depeche Mode activities. I found the book to be very satisfying and informative, as I knew little about the early Pink Floyd days when they still used the 'The' before their name. I was a huge fan of Piper At The Gates Of Dawn and his 2 solo albums, so I [...]

  • Taylor Berschet

    Love Pink Floyd and went through a long phase of learning as much as i could about them. Very informative book on the internal works of Syd Barrett which really grabbed my attention. Respect the band and this book.

  • Terri Fuller

    this was an amazing/excellent book. there were a few slow parts here and there, but everything else made up for itowing up listening to pink floyd, this book captured me for the entire day. 300 something pages in several hours. and well worth the read!

  • Anthony Ventrello

    a very-well written story of a tragic rock n roll star. The closest you will come to knowing (or maybe?) Syd. Shine on, Syd.

  • Sam

    For hardcore fans ONLY. This delves more into SYD's post-FLOYD work as well. I give it 3 stars because "Random Precision" is more detailed. Still a pretty stelar read.

  • Steven Delbove

    Nice book about Syd

  • Bullman

    Informative and we'll writtenIf your a fan of Syd Barretts or of The Floyd then you have to read a book about them, this is the book. Very informative with out losing track of the purpose. Very enjoyable.

  • David

    El libro relata ese viaje a los infiernos mentales contando con testimonios de testigos directos de la época. La escritura es mejorable y el autor se permite en ocasiones juzgar actitudes de los implicados. Aun así queda como retrato de la época. “Piper at the gates of dawn” sigue siendo un disco imbatible. Y no puedo escuchar nada más de Pink Floyd. No puedo dejar de pensar en que podía haber sido. El bueno de Syd necesitaba lisérgicos billetes para viajar a lo recóndito de su mente, [...]

  • Roger Irish

    Well did include some things I didn't know about Roger/Syd, but it's not a very well written book. At times it seemed like a series of strung together quotes from people who knew him with little in the way of linking narrative or opinion from the authors. Overall I guess I did like it, but more because of the subject than the writing. There was a particularly annoying section which quotes extensively from the 1970s novel, 'Groupie' (infamous in its day), which seems to suggest the novel's male l [...]

  • Tim

    This is a solid, if somewhat skimpy, biography of Roger Keith Barrett, with special emphasis on his years as the leader of Pink Floyd. What really comes through is the story of a creative and well-liked young man who eventually is laid low by mental illness, perhaps brought on by excessive use of LSD, mandrax, and other substances. The basic facts of his life are set out in a straightforward manner, and it is an enjoyable read, even though it does get rather sad at times.Still, I do not believe [...]

  • Jen Selinsky

    Even though I am just starting to listen to the music of Pink Floyd, that does not mean I am not interested in reading about their work and its creators. Before Roger Waters and David Gilmore became celebrated members of Pink Floyd, there was Syd Barrett--the creative genius, who was one of the band's founders. This short, yet concise biography paints a picture of Syd during both his early years and part of his reclusive era. Syd Barrett (born Roger Keith Barrett) was a painter, songwriter, and [...]

  • Branden

    I was so happy to find this book and couldn't wait to read it in order to learn more about the mystery of Syd Barrett. This book is probably the most informative work out there on the life of Syd and the early career of Pink Floyd. I recommend this book to any Pink Floyd fans (if you love Pink Floyd then you have to appreciate Syd and his early influence on the band). After reading it, his songs made more sense to me and the album "Wish You Were Here" has more feeling to it.

  • Ceci

    Muy buena lectura para quienes intenten tratar de conocer el "misterio" en torno la vida de Syd, un personaje realmente único e irrepetible. El libro cuenta con numerosas citas y referencias de amigos, colegas y miembros de Pink Floyd, tratando de esclarecer las diferentes teorías acerca de cómo era y vivía Barrett, hasta su fallecimiento en 2006. El epílogo se torna un tanto confuso pues repite partes ya contadas de una forma bastante caótica y la sección de fotos podría ser mejor; aunq [...]

  • Dan

    Yes another biography of a 60's rock star. Syd Barrett was the brain and founder of Pink Floyd, until his break from reality and the band in 68 I think. Suffering from a mental collapse during the highlight of the bands success, almost leaving the band to disintegrate, Roger Waters reassembles the band into a new direction. I was lucky enough to visit the pub in England where most of the first two albums came to light. This story is a very informative look into the men and the band who comprise [...]

  • Kenneth Uzoma Uche

    Crazy Diamond: Syd Barrett And The Dawn of Pink FloydSyd Barrett and the Dawn of "Pink Floyd": Crazy DiamondSyd Barrett

  • Mary

    Even before his death, it was obvious that we would never see an autobiography from Syd. I do appreciate that many of the author's sources were people who were actually close to Syd rather than random hangers-on from the 60's London underground scene who seem to show up excessively in other accounts of the early days Pink Floyd. While this is a must-read for any fan, it loses a star because Syd's music itself is not discussed in sufficient depth. Syd's music is the media through which we can con [...]

  • Kitt-e-kat

    Syd Barrett, founder, singer, guitarist & composer of Pink Floyd This book took me awhile to get thrury slow and kinda boring read. This book describes the life of Syd as starting the band Pink Floyd, fame and money he really did not want or know how to handle and life after Pink Floyd members kicked him out and he just disappeared after his 2 solo releases. Syd was very much into acid that rumors created his madness and unable to enjoy his fame and music he created.

  • Barron Leland

    Astronomy Domine! I have read one other Pink Floyd biography (Saucerful of Secrets) but this book focuses on Syd. It goes in depth with his entire life. The writing is marginal but at least it features many, many quotes from people that were on the scene with Syd. It is worth reading but I don't know if it is so good that I will be reading it again, maybe, maybe not.

  • Albert Faber

    Great biography, deeply empathic, a monument for a tragic hero. Re-issued after Syd's death in 2006 with additional epilogue, which is by far not as good as the earlier parts of the book.

  • Jason Crane

    A compassionate portrait of an important musician.

  • Christina Mcelwee

    LOVED, LOVED, LOVED. Very interesting, very sad, very readable. I feel like I know Syd now. Probably one of my top 10 books EVER. If you love Pink Floyd, you'll love this book!

  • Julie isawesome

    I like Syd Barrett, and I like to read!

  • Caligula

    An average biography. Quite enjoyable if you are into Barrett or the early Floyd, but hardly essential for anyone else.

  • Patrick McFarland

    The definitive book on the rise of Pink Floyd and the psychological decline of founder Syd Barrett.

  • H

    a great read. very much focused on floyd as well as syd but you learn so much about a man who was not very well known about, especially after his retreat from fame.

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