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By Kathleen Mareé | Comments: ( 280 ) | Date: ( Mar 31, 2020 )

This is not a standalone This is the FINAL chapter in Penelope s story Giving her heart to someone else was never going to be easy It was going to bleed, but it was worth it for the chance at love.Finally, she was moving forward and able to envision a brand new future, other than the one she had planned But when Jay and Penny are torn apart by their worlds, it seems This is not a standalone This is the FINAL chapter in Penelope s story Giving her heart to someone else was never going to be easy It was going to bleed, but it was worth it for the chance at love.Finally, she was moving forward and able to envision a brand new future, other than the one she had planned But when Jay and Penny are torn apart by their worlds, it seems like everyone is out to keep them apart Hearts are hurt Truths aren t told And when both of their pasts keep trying to make them present trusts are tested.Is Penny able to find her happiness with a love that conquers all Or is it not only her cut that is bleeding love

  • Title: Bleeding Love
  • Author: Kathleen Mareé
  • ISBN: 9781530583560
  • Page: 444
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Kathleen Mareé

Kathleen grew up in the south western suburbs of Sydney, where family holidays by the beach and tormenting her two younger brothers, was how she spent her early years But at the young age of 11, when she submitted a short story to a talented writing competition through the NSW schools program, not only did she win it, but she quickly found a love for it as well.Throughout her schooling, writing was a hobby, along with sketching and various sports But fast forward to her adult years when she moved to Europe to follow her husbands field hockey dream, and her love for writing surged to the surface.Her debut story, Cut, was penned over two years where her hobby seemed to lead to the completion of Pennys world The rest of the series came the following year.Kathleen enjoys writing stories full of self discovery, emotional journeys and of course, love.Something else she loves is hearing from her readers, so feel free to follow her blog or drop her an email.

Comments Bleeding Love

  • Sarah O'Brien

    I was dying for this book to be completed so I could read more of the Penny/Jay/Evan saga. It did not disappoint me. This is the final book based on these characters and the best one by far. The characters grow and change so much and you cant help but have an attachment to them. I was quite emotional in some of the scenes and also a huge bundle of nerves. Bleeding Love really got to me and I could not put it down. Beautiful conclusion for a must read series. I cannot wait to read more of Kathlee [...]

  • Stacey

    I had been hanging out for the last instalment of Penny/Jay/Evan’s life and was blessed to be one of the lucky few that got to read it first. I was totally blown away by Kathleen’s third book Bleeding Love. I loved the character development; I loved how drawn into all their lives I had become. I felt a lot reading this book, it made me feel love, anger, excitement all at once. It did a fantastic job of completing the series….ough I do believe that Giselle deserves her own book (hint hint K [...]

  • Catherine Bibby (Rochelle's Reviews)

    I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.Kathleen proves once again that she can keep her readers emotions twisting in the wind with this soul gripping conclusion to Penelope's journey in the “Cut” series. It has been a suspenseful, sexy, violent, gut wrenching ride from beginning to end that had me absorbed emotionally in Penelope, Jay, and Evan's life. Kathleen had me constantly wondering which one of these gorgeous men would keep Penelope's heart in their clutches and what dange [...]

  • Traci

    Image and Link Received a copy from author for an honest review.Full Review and more available at wp/p7bgOg-3wOne thing that has happened with this series is the fact that each book gets better and better. I Thought book 1 was okay, and book 2 was good, but book 3 Awesome! We had are love triangle go through up and downs in this book. We honestly at times were confused and stun by Penny, Jay, and Evan’s choices.I believe in the concept ‘you never know how good you had it till it was gone.’ [...]

  • Amber at WickedGoodReads

    Bleeding Love is the third and final installment in the Cut series by Kathleen Mare'e. It is the end of Penelope's story and I feel as if I have watched an egg hatch, a tiny bird wobble free, spread its wings and finally leave the nest and take flight. When the series started with Cut, Penelope was a simpering, pitiful mess. She was weak, dependent on others and emotionally broken. We saw her start to toughen a bit in Battlescars. With the help of Jay and their developing relationship her wounds [...]

  • Bellia (B.A.Bs Book Club)

    This book was beautiful!! I felt all the feels and I am incredibly sad that Penny and Jay's story is over. Full review coming soon!

  • Lisa I

    Bleeding Love being the final instalment in The Cut series had me hooked from the very first page obviously because I was left hanging from Battlescars and I needed more but also because I was now so intwined in the relationship of Penny and Jay that I needed them to have that happy ending that they both deserved and I was desperate for answers. Again I was taken on an emotional roller coaster and I just LOVE Jay!! I love it when a book has me consumed that I can't put it down and that's what I [...]

  • Kathleen Matthys

    Great addition to the series. Definitely read all 3 books!

  • Kieralee Bridge

    To say i was impatiently excited for this book was understatement. Since finishing Battlescars book two, i counted down the days until i could rejoin Penny and Jay's story. I was not disappointed, Bleeding Love book three and the final in the Cut series by Kathleen Mare'e i believe was the best one by far!We pick up with the love triangle cliffhanger from Battlescars. Penny realises by the end of the book that she can love both men but she knows that Jay owns her heart and Evan will always have [...]

  • Skye

    So this is the final book in the Cut series and it picks up where the last book left us – on a massive cliffhanger.Jay leaves to go back to the US to go on tour with his band for a month, leaving Penelope in Sydney. Like always with this couple there is Drama, in the form of the exes. Tahlia is causing trouble for Jay and Evan seems to always show up where Penelope is and is always willing to be a shoulder to cry on. There is Jealously, Backstabbing, Betrayal and just a whole lot of Drama.This [...]

  • Shelia

    AwesomeI had forgotten about the last book in this series . Once I found it I remembered the first two books without reading backwards! That is amazing considering how much I read. It is a testament to how good the previous books are. I could not read fast enough. The books have a lot of angst ,mystery,love, and love ! LOVED IT!!,!

  • Cherie O'Brien

    Loved it! It kept me guessing and wrapped the series up beautifully. Can't wait to read more from this emerging talent!!

  • Kathleen Mareé

  • wendy Shelton(obsessedbybooks)

    ok this is Book 3 in the Cut series and it's a must to read this series in order (Cut, Battle Scars and Bleeding Love ), each title is so perfect cause as I read these I felt just like the titles. In Bleeding Love we get the final of Penelope, Jay and Evan although I'm happy but I'm sad as well. One thing is we actually get to see a growth in these characters. Penelope has grown alot , now standing up for herself and what she wants, no its not be easy but she's not been alone, Jay has always bee [...]

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  • [PDF] Download ☆ Bleeding Love | by ↠ Kathleen Mareé
    444 Kathleen Mareé
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