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By Jan Drexler | Comments: ( 726 ) | Date: ( Sep 22, 2019 )

A Tender, Poignant, and Heartwarming Glimpse into the Amish Migration West from Pennsylvania Mattie Schrock is no stranger to uprooting her life Even as her father relocated her family from one Amish community to the next, she always managed to find a footing in their new homes Now as the Schrock family plans to move west from Somerset County to a fledgling Amish settlemA Tender, Poignant, and Heartwarming Glimpse into the Amish Migration West from Pennsylvania Mattie Schrock is no stranger to uprooting her life Even as her father relocated her family from one Amish community to the next, she always managed to find a footing in their new homes Now as the Schrock family plans to move west from Somerset County to a fledgling Amish settlement in Indiana, she looks forward to connecting with old friends who will be joining them from another Pennsylvania community friends like Jacob Yoder, who has always held a special place in her heart Since Mattie last saw Jacob, they ve both grown into different people with different dreams Jacob yearns to settle down, but Mattie can t help but dream of what may lie over the western horizon When a handsome Englisher tempts her to leave the Amish behind to search for adventure in the West, will her pledge to Jacob be the anchor that holds her secure Tender, poignant, and gentle, Mattie s Pledge offers readers a glimpse into Amish life in the 1840s and into the yearning heart of a character they ll not soon forget.

  • Title: Mattie's Pledge
  • Author: Jan Drexler
  • ISBN: 9780800726577
  • Page: 178
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Jan Drexler

Jan Drexler brings a unique understanding of Amish traditions and beliefs to her writing Her ancestors were among the first Amish, Mennonite, and Brethren immigrants to Pennsylvania in the 1700s, and their experiences are the inspiration for her stories Jan lives in the Black Hills of South Dakota with her husband of thirty five years, where she enjoys hiking in the Hills and spending time with their expanding family.

Comments Mattie's Pledge

  • Brittany

    Mattie’s Pledge was a very enjoyable addition to the Journey to Pleasant Prairie series. It is book two, however, I believe the story is easily understandable even if you have not read book one.I liked reading about all of the various situations and challenges these travelers encountered. Without giving away anything too specific, I will say that a few times I was frustrated with people’s reactions in this story. One situation was when some members of the Amish community did not believe Jaco [...]

  • Diamond Jones

    I really enjoyed reading about Mattie and her family's journey. Mattie, her Family and friends decided to leave Pennsylvania in search of a better life in Pleasant Prairie. Mattie instantly became my favorite from the beginning. She had dreamed so often about traveling to other especially with her childhood crush family coming along. You are taking through every step, detour and emotions throughout this book. Mattie found herself and danger a couple times throughout her Journey. Even after her P [...]

  • Paula-O

    this is a series"Journey to Pleasant Prairie" book #2, Mattie's Pledge written by Jan DrexlerI like reading about prairie stories but Mattie was a challenge, she was always searching never content. Jacob Yoder was an old friend that she has known from childhood and she trusted him. He was the one constant that helped ground her.Now the family is moving again to another amish community in another state across the prairies.She has always dreamed of going west farther west.This book will take you i [...]

  • Laura

    First, the disclaimer. "I was provided a free copy of this book. All opinions are my own." That done, MATTIE'S PLEDGE is a gripping story. Mattie is adverturous and anxious to see what is over the next hill. Behind each tree. And like most of us, disappointed when we see more of the same. More trees. More hills. Morewhatever. Jacob has never noticed a girl until Mattie. He is calm, controlled, and collected and he is faithful to what he wants. His stability to Mattie's flightiness was refreshing [...]

  • Maureen Timerman

    As this story begins we are back in the Lancaster Pennsylvania area and with the Schrock family, and we are with another daughter Mattie and her desire to see this country.As the story opens the family is busy getting ready for their journey to the new Amish settlement in Indiana, and the hopes of abundant farm land at affordable prices. We are with the family and friends when the old friends from another community arrive to go with them to their new homes.Jacob Yoder remembers Mattie from their [...]

  • Staci

    In this second book of the Journey to Pleasant Prairie, we travel along with Mattie, her family and other Amish families from Pennsylvania to Indiana. I loved that the author drove (rather than walked as the characters did) the same journey to better illustrate the geography. While I most "felt" the swamp part of the journey with the mosquitoes feasting on the travelers, the entire journey was well described.Main character Mattie craves adventure and wants to continue further west than Indiana. [...]

  • ConnieLynch

    Mattie's Pledge continues the Schrock family story as the move west from Pennsylvania. The Schrock family encounter many perils, just as the wagon trains moving west. The one peril they did not plan on was Maggie's infatuation with an Englisher rogue. Will the family make it to their destination? Jan Drexler has written a wonderful story, set in a wonderful period in time, this journey is so amazing I cannot wait for the next release in this journey west as the Schrock family learn to live in a [...]

  • Marilyn

    Mattie’s Pledge is an attention-grabbing story. We find the Yoder family and other characters, which readers met in Hannah’s Choice, starting their migration from Pennsylvania to Indiana. The reunion of the Schrock family with the Yoder family was welcomed along the way, especially by Mattie so she could reconnect with Jacob Yoder. Mattie’s goals for life were different than Jacob that caused her actions to be unacceptable at times by Jacob and others. Mattie’s Pledge is more than your t [...]

  • Lori Parrish

    what a wonderful read!I loved Mattie from the start. She has a terrible thirst for wonderlust. I enjoyed watching her characters get from uncertainty to finally realizing what she wants out of life ! it's a shame it took a man like Cole Bates to make her see the truth of things! Mattie also loves to be with her friends around the campfire when they are traveling west. Jacob is a pretty interesting guy himself. Afraid to let himself love because he's afraid of losing that person to death. Jacob f [...]

  • Kav

    Amish meets Little House on the Prairie - a seriously wicked combination. Drexler has captured the pioneering spirit of our ancestors in the heart of Mattie Schrock. And an Amish girl with wanderlust makes for an interesting conundrum. She's always looking towards the horizon, yearning to find out what lies beyondbut will those discoveries feed her soul and fill the empty place in her heart?Childhood friend, Jacob is the exact opposite. He's looking forward to buying land in Indiana that will se [...]

  • Brandi (Rambles of a SAHM)

    I am quite fascinated by the stories of people that have crossed the United States by covered wagon. In Mattie's Pledge, Mattie Schrock and her family along with several others have decided to leave their current home in Pennsylvania to make a new life in a small Amish settlement in Indiana. There are mixed feelings about the move. Some like Mattie's mother are reluctant to go because it means leaving not only her home but some loved ones. Others like Mattie and her father are excited to embark [...]

  • Karla

    Firstly, I must admit that any book that deals with history is NOT my favorite!! However, the enjoyment I found reading Jan Drexler's second book in her series, "Journey to Pleasant Prairie" surprised me!! Through this tale, I learned a great deal about the Amish in earlier times and was surprised at some of the historical facts of which I was unaware. This sweet romance captured my attention and I enjoyed from beginning to end. The plot moves slowly at times, however that gave me time to reflec [...]

  • Cheryl

    Author, Jan Drexler paints a nice story of Amish life with this book. I was transported to the Amish community and what life was like for Mattie and her family. For this reason alone is why I kept reading this book until about the mid-way point. What I did not understand is why Mattie had to have so many guys interested in her. I mean I can understand have two guys fighting for Mattie's affection but three when I already know that the other two guys are just thrown in the story to complicate thi [...]

  • Kathleen

    5⭐️This is the second book in the Journey to Pleasant Prairie series, and can be read as a stand alone. I have not read the first book, Hannah's Choice, and had no difficulty with the storyline or characters. I enjoyed this beautifully written novel with well developed characters, descriptive settings, several subplots intertwined within the major plot, drama, suspense and hints of romance. The Amish characters were all likeable, but Mattie and Jacob were my favourites. Mattie was helpful, a [...]

  • Amy

    Mattie's Pledge is the second installment from the Pleasant Prairie series. I found the story to be unique and refreshing to read a different Amish book. I enjoyed it and look forward to continuing the series. 5 stars

  • Cherese Akhavein

    This is book 2 in the Series Journey to Pleasant Prairie by Jan Drexler, "Mattie's Pledge" Mattie Schrock is a pro when it comes to uprooting her life and traveling with her family, her Father has always had a wondering eye and together their family had moved often which has given Matitie her desire to go west. Mattie looks forward to this next move with family and friend as they join them to head to Indiana, friends like Jacob Yoder who she last saw when they were children but she never forgot [...]

  • Billy

    If you read as many Amish fiction tiles as I've had over the years, then you can pretty much predict what's going to happened when you read a new title, but that's not the case with Mattie's Pledge. While all the books in the series has the same theme of traveling to Pleasant Prairie, the story feels like a refresher with interesting characters, well-written descriptions, and an intriguing plot. There weren't any major twists or turns, but there were a few suprises, well at least I thought so. O [...]

  • Kasey Cocoa

    While I've read and enjoyed other Drexler novels, this one just sat wrong with me. There were so many issues that didn't feel authentic. I'm no expert on the Amish, however, I am friends with a few Amish families and I've seen their horses and lifestyle. I wasn't convinced with the way they reacted in this novel, disbelief and naivety for starters. I didn't feel the three suitors were necessary or authentic, nor was the reaction to them. Otherwise, this is a well-written book and Drexler was abl [...]

  • Lisa Johnson

    Title: Mattie’s Pledge (Journey to Pleasant Valley #2)Author: Jan DrexlerPages: 384Year: 2016Publisher: RevellMy rating is 5 stars.The Journey to Pleasant Valley series begins with Hannah’s Choice and coming in summer 2017 will continue; there is a sneak peek at the end of this novel. The title for the third novel hasn’t been revealed, but I guarantee you don’t want to pass up reading such intriguing books! In Hannah’s Choice, we meet the Yoder family and watch as they endure family tr [...]

  • Judy Bell

    Absolutely adored this book. Highly recommend it! Makes your mind wander back to forests and streams and what life might have been like in the covered wagons Great read!

  • Donna Ross

    Mattie's PledgeI very rarely give someone a 5. But I really enjoyed this book. I liked the setting, the parts of Mattie, Jacob, Blades and the supporting cast also

  • Pegg

    I'll admit I'm growing a bit weary of Amish books in general, but Jan Drexler has gone back in time and gives us an account of the Amish in the mid-1800s. "Mattie's Pledge" continues the story started in "Hannah's Choice." There are a lot of characters, so I recommend reading these in order.Mattie Schrock is thrilled to be moving west. She dreams of the open prairie with its long, low hills and miles of sky. When her childhood sweetheart, Jacob Yoder, meets up with them for the journey, she disc [...]

  • Mardell

    Our world is full of dreamers looking for that magical place just beyond the mountains or across the river. Mattie's Pledge (book 2 in the Journey to Pleasant Prairie series ) by Jan Drexler is the story of a young Amish woman who is seduced by wanderlust. Mattie Schrock left Brother's Valley in Pennsylvania with her family to settle in Indiana. She loved the lure of seeing new places and longed for adventure and yearned to see what was just beyond the mountains. Not new to pulling up stakes, Ma [...]

  • Narita

    This Amish novel was very different to me. I always pictured the Amish as staying in one place for their entire lives, never making a harrowing journey by wagon train to start a new life. Very thought-provoking!The Schrock family has decided to move to Indiana from Pennsylvania. The promise of more and better farmland at good prices is the lure. Plus an Amish community has already been started there. It is courageous not only because of the dangers of the journey but they will be starting from s [...]

  • Kristina

    Mattie’s Pledge by Jan Drexler is the second book in Journey to Pleasant Prairie series. Mattie Schrock lives with her family in Brothers Valley, Pennsylvania. It is April of 1843 and the family is getting ready to move again. Mattie’s father wishes to move further west and has decided upon Indiana (near a new Amish settlement). Mattie is excited about the move. She wants to keep going further west to see what it out there. She would really love to see the mountains. Mattie is also looking f [...]

  • Kate

    The book opens talking about religious persecution, of people who were forces to hold church gatherings in their homes because it was not safe anywhere else. This made me nervous at first but it was fine. Though this intro, the author was able to talk about the Amish culture and what they find extremely meaningful. In many ways, this book is your average Amish book: Someone is moving. Some people die. Everyone freaks out. The main characters agree to marry. If thats your thing, you might like th [...]

  • Deana Dick

    I love reading books set in the 1800s. You can get a sense of how tough it was to survive during this time period by the great description the author provides. I can't imagine traveling for days in a wagon filled with all your belongings. The terrain is rough in areas and dust blowing around certainly didn't add any comfort to the trip. The story is well written and I felt like I was sitting in the wagon with Mattie and her family. It will be a new adventure for Mattie as her family decides to m [...]

  • Helen

    Mattie's Pledge is book 2 in the Journey to Pleasant Prairie series written by Jan Drexler. The author uses her ancestor's experiences in writing this story. Her ancestors were among the first Amish, Mennonite and Brethren immigrants to settle in Pennsylvania in the 1700's.Mattie Schrock's parents have decided to leave Sommerset County and move to a new Amish community in Indiana. Mattie has inherited the wanderlust of her father and is looking forward to the move. Years earlier Mattie's family [...]

  • Fiction Aficionado

    Amish fiction isn’t a genre I read all that often, but I’ve enjoyed this series by Jan Drexler so far. I suspect the historical aspect has something to do with that, but I think it’s also because the ‘Amishness’ of the characters is woven seamlessly and unobtrusively into the story, rather than being the focus, as often seems to be the case with Amish fiction. Instead of being ‘Amish fiction’, it feels like these books are historical fiction with characters who happen to be Amish. [...]

  • Meagan Myhren-bennett

    Mattie's PledgeJourney to Pleasant Prairie #2By Jan DrexlerIt's 1848 and Mattie Schrock's family is soon to move from their home in Pennsylvania for a new one in Indiana. But when her sister Annie and her husband Christopher decide not to make the move with them Mattie is torn over the split in her family. But when her old friends the Yoders and the Hertzlers join the move to the new Amish community Mattie is excited at the prospect of renewing her friendship with the other young women.But as th [...]

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  • [PDF] Download µ Mattie's Pledge | by õ Jan Drexler
    178 Jan Drexler
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