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By K.M. Claude | Comments: ( 668 ) | Date: ( Dec 10, 2019 )

When Father Daniel suspects that one of his parishioners is possessed, he has no choice but to perform an exorcism Too bad that that the monsignor does not believe him and the only exorcist in the diocese is Father Adam, with whom Daniel shares a less than lovely history

  • Title: Ninety-Nine Righteous Men
  • Author: K.M. Claude
  • ISBN: 9781522719267
  • Page: 267
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

K.M. Claude

K M Claude is an indie cartoonist from Louisiana whose work is best described as erotic Southern Gothic a mix of the sensually gorgeous and the horrifically grotesque that draws heavy inspiration from Catholicism, Western animation from the early 90s, and Japanese horror, comics, and musicals.

Comments Ninety-Nine Righteous Men

  • Kristen Burns

    3.5 StarsReview:Hmmm. This is proving a difficult story to review for some reason. The artwork was great---clear, easy to see what was what, and nice to look at. Adam and Caleb were also easy on the eyes ;-) The story was good too. The religious aspects and morally gray areas were interesting. And the relationship between Daniel and Adam was complex and added some emotion, even though the story didn't delve too deep into that or their backstory since it was a pretty short. I think that's why thi [...]

  • Emilie

    I'd be lying if I didn't say the ending made me cry a little bit. I adore the art style the artists has and I liked the story a lot. If they made a second one I'd definitely buy it as well.

  • Kara Jorgensen

    Title: Ninety-Nine Righteous Men by K. M. ClaudeGenre: Horror, graphic novelRating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ +0.5Tl;DR: Ninety-Nine Righteous Men perfectly blends the tragedy of unrequited love with Gothic horror into a beautifully illustrated graphic novel that can only be described as a Catholic's nightmare.You know a book is good when you dock half a star for not being long enough.K. M. Claude's graphic novel begins with two somewhat unlikely heroes, priests Daniel and Adam, who have a rather tumultuo [...]

  • Amber

    Just received my copy in the mail. Finally! All right, so what I loved about this book was, first and foremost, that someone I kind of know (all right, I follow their blog and routinely bother them) wrote and illustrated it, and I don't have to lie that it was seriously good stuff.But that aside, you've got the Catholicism, mixed with pop culture reference, you've got the reality of child molestation, with the equally realistic homosexuality (ie not all gay priests have to be evil), you've got d [...]

  • Moni

    Probably one of the most exceptional horror comics I've read, implementing the most accurate use of Catholic imagery/lore I've seen. The characters of this story are well-intentioned, flawed and complicated in their motivations, and are at time frustratingly naive of the consequences of the methods used to achieve them (like real people can be). I enjoyed the variety of the characters as well with a bar tending devout church-goer to a former priest with a penchant for heavy metal tee-shirts. 99 [...]

  • Dani

    Visually beautiful with a complex and compelling storyline, this is one indie comic that fans of the genre cannot miss. I have to say that I've had the privilege of watching K.M. Claude throughout the process of creating this comic - from the initial concept to the final version - and the end result lives up to every expectation I had. This is a comic that I'm genuinely proud to have in my collection.

  • teavious

    My favourite thing recently has been discovering comics that I've followed for years here on too, so I can actually share the love.Ninety-Nine Righteous Men is a gripping tale with incredible visuals and touching themes such as religion, desire and homosexuality. It's wonderfully told, the art is very much on tune with the horror (?) turns the story takes and it's just a very interesting comic as a whole. ((Not particularly recommended to people younger than 17?))

  • Sharon

    I found this graphic novel on Tapastic. The author was posting one page a week. By page 10 I had to know what was going to happen so I bought completed book. The direction the story went took me by surprise. It took me a few days to get over the bitter sweet ending. But that's what make a great book to me, I can't let it go when I'm done. Be warned, this has explicit sex.

  • Radu

    Good, thought provoking read. For such a short comic it did just enough to get me to care before delivering the punchline. Right into my heart. With a knife. Ow.K.M.Claude if you're reading this I'll be looking for that sequel you left yourself wiggle room for.5/5

  • Rin Asami

    The story and art are fantastic! The story is very engaging and you get to really like the characters. I wish there was a movie!

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  • Best Read [K.M. Claude] Ç Ninety-Nine Righteous Men || [Fantasy Book] PDF ·
    267 K.M. Claude
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