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Alternate cover edition.End of the world Possibly.Taking a vacation wasn t what Kennedy Mitchell had in mind after aliens threatened to attack Earth Although she s happy spending time with her family, she begins to question DOE s motives for sending her home when she should be training Something s up and she knows it.Searching for answers, she turns to Phoenix, the one pAlternate cover edition.End of the world Possibly.Taking a vacation wasn t what Kennedy Mitchell had in mind after aliens threatened to attack Earth Although she s happy spending time with her family, she begins to question DOE s motives for sending her home when she should be training Something s up and she knows it.Searching for answers, she turns to Phoenix, the one person she can trust or so she thought It seems even he has secrets, and the she discovers, the she wonders if anything they had together was real.The stakes are higher than they ve ever been One keeper goes missing Another is determined to destroy her As if that isn t enough to deal with, everyday humans get closer to annihilation This time Kennedy has no one to rely on but herself.Hey, no one said keeping the world safe was easy.

  • Title: Center of the Universe
  • Author: Belle Malory
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  • Page: 221
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Comments Center of the Universe

  • Stephanie

    I received this book free form the author in exchange for an honest review.After reading book one and falling in love I was over the moon when I was asked to read book two, and I was not disappointed and actually I loved this one more if that was even possible. I found this book to be an exciting ride, with an amazing ability to be relate able in a world of the future awaiting alien attack. I love Belle Malory's writing she makes me feel like I am right there and the dialog is very real, I feel [...]

  • Justine

    I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review.Centre of the Universe started right where The Twelfth Keeper ended. I must say I like this book better than the first. I enjoyed the various relationships that we get the learn about, it really helped get to know the characters better. I feel like this instalment showed more emotions and dealt with quite a few realistic teenage situations. I just really enjoy Belle Malory's writing and where she takes the reader. Centre [...]

  • CB Loves Books

    I really enjoyed the Twelfth Keeper and looked forward to continuing the story of Kennedy and Phoenix. When I started Center of the Universe, I quickly realized it had a different feel. But that’s not always a bad thing.The first book focused more on introducing the keepers and setting the stage for an apocalyptic fight. There was mystery and intrigue, especially since no one knew much about Phoenix. This second book focuses more on Kennedy finding herself and on the emotional connection of th [...]

  • Julie Goetz

    This book I would consider more of a novella. It is short, not leaving much room for developing a storyline. I liked the first book better and I felt that there were holes in the overall flow. I didn't like the way the book changed character perspective at times. That being said, this is still a good quick story.

  • Alice Ford

    This book was pretty darn good. I loved the questioning of Kennedy and Phoenix's relationship, I am a sucker for romance! With the whole love triangle (square) thing the author was rocking, well it was a great heart wrencher. However I did feel like the whole situation was blown off quite quickly, and Pheonix's actions were forgiven top quickly for the suspense of the big to be held with a degree of reality, even though it is fiction. Another aspect of the book I enjoyed was the exploration into [...]

  • Brittany

    I read the first book in this series, and I was like --I can't get enough of Nix and Kennedy! I love the passion between them, the sizzling darkness of Phoenix, and the way his love blazes trails for Ms. Mitchell! Needless to say, I can't wait for more! A few hiccups occur, all accidental, and incidents that are worth looking over.but Phoenix has another side to him, the one Kennedy sees and the one in her dreams. Which really just gets me going.I enjoy this world, the characters, the danger, th [...]

  • Joanne

    I did very much enjoy this book, as I did the first one, but I'm left feeling like it lacked something. I think the books needed to be that little bit longer with more explorations of the world and the relationships. I just didn't FEEL Kennedy and Pheonix's emotions as I'd have liked to because there wasn't enough development of their relationship. In book 1 they went from not really ever speaking- Pheonix ignoring Kennedy and Kennedy being all awkward around Pheonix- to them being all serious a [...]

  • Sarah Waller

    I found this book very 'Meh'. Although I love the idea behind the story I think that the story focuses too much on the relationship between the two protagonists. From this, I feel that the brilliant idea of space, magic and mystery is somewhat diluted to become another 'woe is me, I'm a teenager and I'm in love' story. Another problem I had with the story was that it would delve into one part attempt to develop certain characters and then suddenly shift and not mention them ever again.The story [...]

  • Jennifer

    I adore the world Belle Malory has crafted for us with The Twelfth Keeper series. Center of the Universe is a coming-of-age story that picks up with our heroine Kennedy and her sexy love interest, Phoenix. Teen angst and drama ensue with love triangles on both sides and investigation into the threats outside their universe reveals new enemies. In true, sequel fashion, Center of the Universe ups the stakes as these futuristic teen supers navigate relationships and their place in the world they we [...]

  • Pamela

    This was a great story and continuation of the first," Twelfth Keeper." Kennedy is sent home on vacation, which is a puzzle to her. Her trouble starts with her best friend, Hunter, and even gets more compicated with her true love , Phoenix. And then there is Fang. With all this is the upcoming invasion of the Sae-yers! It was a too quick read:( But I loved it.

  • Dani

    Great bookI felt it was a little rushed in places, but generally a good read. I would have like Malory to take the characters a little deeper, by that I mean more development through out the story. If your into Cassandra Clare and the immortal instruments series your love this. When's book 3 out?

  • Petrina

    WowThe book ended with a horrible cliffhanger, but still wow! I cannot wait for the next book. The relationship struggles between the two main characters started to become annoying, but it was very gratifying that they got over that pettiness when it really counted. It seems like the real fight is about to begin.

  • Mia

    This book was better than the first. I'm a sucker for useless drama sometimes. I think that the whole fantasy part of the book still needs some serious work. In fact I think the author does romance/drama way better than fantasy. Without the super powers and aliens this book was pretty good.

  • Melinda

    Definately a breath of fresh Air! An amazing second book in the series and a big cliff hanger At the end! All I can say is I hope that Kennedy and Phoenix get their happy ending in the third book!! Wish it wAs out already!!!

  • Mhay

    We get to the exciting parts and then it just drops. I feel this story has so much potential with an awesome plot, but the way it's organized or written just makes it feel mediocre when the story is far from it. Not sure if I want to continue, especially with the ending.what in the world!

  • CrazyBookworm99


  • Rebecca

    No doubt I have to read the next book.

  • Kacii

    review to come

  • Soon Kinney

    Very entertaining. I love the story and the authors imagination. I can't wait until the next one!

  • Kasey

    I love this series. If there weren't so many grammatical errors I would have rated this 5-stars.

  • Alexcwill

    This is book was sooooooo good!!! But what actually happened to Phoenix, Davaris, and Fang? Fang died right? And Phoenix & Davaris got a pain in the stomach. But why? The explosion?

  • Radhika


  • Emma

    I really liked this book although it was a bit young for me but I do like Belle Malory's writing and I will be buying the next book in the series.

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  • ↠ Center of the Universe || ´ PDF Download by ☆ Belle Malory
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