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By Brian D. Anderson | Comments: ( 818 ) | Date: ( Jan 20, 2020 )

The time has come when the people of Lumnia must unite, or be doomed to fall Ancient foes must become trusted friends if they are to endure But The Eternal Emperor Shinzan has weapons that have yet to be unleashed And he will not allow the challenge to his power to go unanswered Ethan must now seek out the meaning to the prophecy which has guided his fate With Kat atThe time has come when the people of Lumnia must unite, or be doomed to fall Ancient foes must become trusted friends if they are to endure But The Eternal Emperor Shinzan has weapons that have yet to be unleashed And he will not allow the challenge to his power to go unanswered Ethan must now seek out the meaning to the prophecy which has guided his fate With Kat at his side, they walk fearlessly into the unknown But ghosts from the past return to haunt them And their love and devotion will be tested to the very limits of endurance.

  • Title: Dragonvein
  • Author: Brian D. Anderson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 325
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

Brian D. Anderson

Brian D Anderson was born in 1971, and grew up in the small town of Spanish Fort, AL He attended Fairhope High, then later Springhill College where his love for fantasy grew into a lifelong obsession His hobbies include chess, history, and spending time with his son.

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Comments Dragonvein

  • edge of bubble

    I would have liked this book if I was under 16. I'd have liked it even more if I was a teenage boy. I don't know why I keep going with this series. It is not bad enough for me to satisfy my horrible book cravings either.A quote to show the vehemence of the situation;you have the knowledge within you, but only you can find the strength to use ite force is meh in this one. but the stoopid aplenty.

  • Kathleen

    Anderson wrote The Godling Chronicles. I liked that series. However, this new and unfinished series is weaker. I've read three books so far and might stop here. The three books could have been compacted into only one or two. The writing style, including the dialogue, is flat and lackluster. Too much is told in passive tense.In this book, I felt annoyed and frustrated by an absurd high-school focus on sex. This felt like a romance, rather than fantasy, and the love and jealousy and sexy stuff ser [...]

  • Tushar Patel

    This is a 3rd book in this series and it’s a good series so far. Like it way this story build but have some disappointment bcz less involvement of dragon. Hoping in next book has it.

  • Christopher B

    Sexual content I have read 50% of the book and there is sexual content in every chapter. It has taken away from the main story and I can't finish it. The main characters are devoted to there personal relationships aka sex. I hope this author stops this I really have enjoyed his other works and would recommend those. This book isn't suitable for kids too much sex.

  • Erik Van Pelt

    This one seemed shorter and to have both more and less depth in terms of character. There is no doubt that Brian Anderson is a really, really good writer, I just keep waiting for that part in the story where really good transitions into great. I think in part the world of Lumnia is lacking in some depth. The characters are racing from one spot to the next trying to achieve something, but three books in the what something that might possibly be is still in question. While its clear the writer has [...]

  • Barbara Richmond

    I was looking for a good book to read and the reviews convinced me this could be a good 3 book series to read over the holidays. I wasn't disappointed, I enjoyed the first book and couldn't wait to finish the series. I was upset when book 3, of the 3 book series, ended with a cliffhanger. Why do the author and/or publishers do this to their readers? Yes, I could have read the reviews for book 3, to confirm there wouldn't be a book 4 BUT if the author and/or publishers are honest with the readers [...]

  • Suzie

    Soonce we get past the gratuitous sex scenes.n, but hey, Kat has waited a long time, we see that Ethan has undergone some major character changes and developments himself. He certainly is not beyond making the tough decisions now. He is becoming the true leader, no longer the boy-scout. It is very sad to lose one character we have grown to love, to be replaced by one we'd all like to kill with one foul fire-breathing dragon's breath. Oh yeah and. ENTER THE DRAGONS!!! (said in my best but really [...]

  • Bill Tillman

    DragonveinWell a dissatisfaction with both style and content. Anderson let Martin take over Ethan's life and it has left a sour taste in my mouth.

  • Kay

    DisappointedStill no endingThe story is lagging badly. I do not expect to buy the fourth installment even if it is the conclusion.

  • Franceska

    I'm reading through these books just to find out how it plays out even though I'm not fond of how the author has taken character names and places and sections of text from very well known science fiction authors as if they're his own. Pity he can't be original but the parts where he is original are really quite boring and I have to take breaks to stop boredom. I'm being harsh but yeahhe's borrowed Tolkien's words so directly that I'm not feeling too friendly. Its like a bad movie you just want t [...]

  • Warren Clay Church III

    Dragonvein book threeA very enjoyable read, very much to my liking. Full of change and action, a great way to spend a few hours of reading. This is exactly the kind of book that I would love to have on a weekend trip. I will have to get the rest of this series!

  • Andy Klein

    I suppose this book might have been great had I been a 13-year-old boy. This series just took a nose dive off a cliff. And I don't care what happens next.

  • C.S. Lane

    Fantastic Read! I was first introduced to the author, Brian Anderson, when I thought, mistakenly, that he was the author who was chosen to complete the Wheel Of Time series by Robert Jordan: an author that I adored and avidly waited for the next book from with bated breath. It wasn't "him"! Wrong author! But what a happy accident when I downloaded this author instead! I downloaded the first book in this series "to try". I was lost. I couldn't read each offering fast enough and was constantly wor [...]

  • Aaron Bunce

    Dragonvein book 3 is, unfortunately, more of what I didn't like about book 2, and less of what I was hoping to see moving forward. It's clear that Anderson conforms to a rigid story line, and in all likely hood had the entire series story lined out before writing this book. Otherwise, I can't entirely answer for this book, which feels shorter and simply wedged in.The introduction of Martok into the series is both a benefit and a liability. We have a protagonist with all of his ancestors living w [...]

  • Barb McKinley

    Doggone it! I hate waiting for the next book!Another triumph for Author, Brian D. Anderson. This book has so much to offer that anyone that loves Fantasy epic will swoon. I love the characters and really hate the bad ones.ough Martok is either really bad or really loves Lumnia. I think he is evil but with all that is happening, I may be wrong.The main plot of good against evil is delicately balanced and has many subplots that will keep you wanting more. I hate that this book ended and wish it ha [...]

  • Craig Jr.

    More of this series' complex nature is coming forth in this book. A few threads are tying themselves together, and characters are becoming more developed. We lose a character, and we learn a bit of some newer characters, and meet some new. Everything is tying together quite nicely and near the end we have a surprise that caught me off guard, and I wonder, will Ethan be able to control it? Will Ethan be able to overcome it? Will Ethan be stronger than his ancestor? That is the real question, and [...]

  • GaiusPrimus

    V3 of the 3 Volume binge read.I thought this was probably the strongest story piece out of the whole but 2 major issues that I have with it are:1. Martok - The guy is sounding like more and more a Deus Ex Machina plot twist, but whatever. It would've been much more enjoyable to have the whole is he/isn't he bad thing last longer than it did, giving us a bit of time to feel something other than dislike for this character within a character.2. The "undead" silver dragon - Dafuq did this come from? [...]

  • Jill Farris

    Another great seriesI have to honestly say I didn't think Brian Anderson could do any better then the Godling chronicles. I was wrong. I flew through this series so far and await for more. His writing style flows like water. Descriptions of armour and such one could clearly see in one's mind. The speech from characters, feels you are there hearing every word . Emotions that are needed in scenes easily come to surface. My only regret I have to AGAIN for book 4 to come out. If Brian Anderson is ma [...]

  • Frank

    This third volume continues the story, which is really one big novel, with no real cliffhangers between books. Our hero Ethan, must seek out the meaning to the prophecy of his life, with the aid of Kat, who is rescued after getting lost on Earth. Ethan gathers his forces to fight the emperor. The story is getting a bit more edgier as violence and death ensues. Volume 4 still not published of a planned 5 volumes. Frustrating as I would like to see where the story goes.

  • Megan

    I've really enjoyed the series so far it's imaginative and interesting but can we talk about the more shall we say intimate scenes? I enjoy a good steamy scene as much as the next girl but something about the way they are written in this series just leaves me feeling icky. I think the world building and character development are impressive but the scenes I mentioned detract from them. Mr. Anderson you are a very gifted author but the steamy scenes need some work.

  • Lurino

    It's twistedThe cast have found their voices, and they tell their complexity through the different voices. The world doesn't expand further, but it was filled with more details. Would be nice to see how the heroes can twist fate through their efforts and not some convenient machinations

  • rusty r.ridenour

    It was a good book to readThis book started close to where book two left off hated to see the last two chapters appear because I know it will be a long time before book four comes out

  • Zinzi

    Good. Great addition. I just wish Ethan wasn't so weak. He's annoyingly weak. With all the practice he's been doing and the many gifts he's gotten, I expected him to get stronger Hopefully things change in book 4.

  • Enrique

    A captivating read.This is the third book of the series. It continues to develop old characters and introduce new ones. The story is well placed and is building n g towards the conclusion. It is a good read, especially if you commute.

  • Johan

    Wow, what a ride this was! Couldn't believe al that happened but am still very much unhappy with Ethan's failures and Martok being who he is. Hopefully Kat can see through is act before it's to lateED THE NEXT BOOK, like yesterdayPeace out

  • arnold miller

    Read belowAt least 20 words or more. So hear it goes. This is a GREAT series!!! Can not wait for more.

  • Rachael Pope

    Sensitive Reader Alert: Sex scenes will make some reader's uncomfortable. I eventually quit reading the series.

  • Brandi

    I think it's a knock off of eragon & wizards first rule. I don't like how Cat was made slutty when she got back either.

  • Jessica Dowdell

    I enjoyed this story, but found the writing immature and clumsy.

  • Mamabear 406

    Great seriesLove this series! I can't wait until the next one. Eager to find out what is next for Ethan and his friends.

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  • [PDF] Download ↠ Dragonvein | by ✓ Brian D. Anderson
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