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Amanda s husband, Cuban pop star Alejandro, believed he was doing right by his wife when he left her on her parents farm in the familiar shelter of Lancaster s Amish community Amanda, however, has other ideas Unwilling to sit idly by and hide from the paparazzi, she follows her husband to Europe for the start of his world tour to find out if their marriage can be savedAmanda s husband, Cuban pop star Alejandro, believed he was doing right by his wife when he left her on her parents farm in the familiar shelter of Lancaster s Amish community Amanda, however, has other ideas Unwilling to sit idly by and hide from the paparazzi, she follows her husband to Europe for the start of his world tour to find out if their marriage can be saved once and for all.When the two reunite, it s plain to see that their love is stronger than their differences But as they travel together, Amanda is surprised to discover that her own fame is beginning to match her husband s Now she must struggle to bridge her Amish upbringing and a new, unasked for role in the public eye As other unexpected tensions challenge their bond, can Amanda and Alejandro keep their promises and make space for her faith, his fame, and a growing love

  • Title: Plain Choice
  • Author: Sarah Price
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 378
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

Sarah Price

ECPA Christian Fiction Bestseller June 2014, July 2014 Top 100 Author for Books eBooks January 2016, September 2013, August 2013, May 2013, April 2013, February 2013, January 2013, December 2012 The author of over 30 novels, Sarah Price publishes with Realms, an imprint of Charisma House and Waterfall, an imprint of Brilliance Audio Her book, An Empty Cup, was 3 on Top 100 eBooks in January 2016 Follow her on social media Blog sarahpriceauthor Facebook facebook fansofsarahprice.Instagram SarahPriceAuthorTwitter SarahPriceAuthr SarahPriceFAMILY HERITAGEDuring the early 1700s, the Preiss family arrived in America aboard an old sailing vessel called the Patience The family left Europe, escaping Catholic persecution for their Anabaptist beliefs Sarah Price comes from a long line of devout Mennonites, including numerous church leaders and ministers throughout the years.In 1969, Sarah Price was born in Pennsylvania and lived on the land of her ancestors, Johannes Preiss and King Tammany , otherwise known as Tamanend, a chief of the Lenni Lenape nation in the Delaware Valley In the early 1970s, her family moved to Morristown, New Jersey where she still resides with her husband, two children, and assortment of animals.Ms Price has advanced degrees in Communication MA , Marketing MBA , and Educational Leadership A.B.DMs Price was a former full time college professor After being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013, she now writes full time.

Comments Plain Choice

  • Rhonda

    I have a huge problem with Sarah Price.ge problem! This is the end of the series chronicling the lives and love of Alejandro and Amanda!! I want to know more.I want to see what happens next for two characters that I have fallen in love with! Alejandro and Amanda have a choice to make they save their marriage or end it? Do they continue to travel together as Alejandro performs around the world? Do Amanda and Isadora stay on the family's Amish farm and let Alejandro go his separate way? Do Amanda [...]

  • Tina Watson

    Sarah Price picks up where she let off with "Plain Return" with her fourth book in the Plain Fame series "Plain Choice". We, the reader fans, are following Cuban singer Alejandro Diaz' love story with Amish Amanda Beiler; from how they met to Alejandro bringing Amanda into his singing world lifestyle to them getting married, and now new life choices, along with tests that life has a tendency to through at anyone's life.Now in "Plain Choice", we follow them in their fictional lifestyle of kind of [...]

  • Kristina

    Plain Choice by Sarah Price is the fifth book in The Plain Fame series. Amanda Diaz has returned home to her family’s farm in Lititz, Pennsylvania with her adopted daughter, Isadora. The road is no place for a little girl. However, she desperately misses her husband, Alejandra Dias also knows as Viper, the singer. Alejandra misses Amanda, but he knows the road is not the place for her and the little girl. After a while, though, Amanda knows that she needs to make things right between Alejandro [...]

  • Fiction Aficionado

    This is the fifth and final book in the Plain Fame series, and if you are going to read any of these books, you will be best off starting at the beginning. Having said that, I cannot recommend the series. Christian fiction should encourage readers to embrace Biblical values and reject that which is not pleasing to God, but I feel this series does the opposite. It tries to syncretise a worldly, materialistic life performing sexually explicit and immoral music with a faith in God. It tries to sugg [...]

  • Carrie

    This review contains spoilers from previous novels from the Plain Fame Series."Plain Choice," by Sarah Price, is the latest in the Plain Fame Series which included "Plain Fame," "Plain Change," "Plain Again," and "Plain Return." "Plain Choice" picks up where "Plain Return" left off: Alejandro Diaz, the famous hip hop/rap artist also known as Viper, has returned to his life outside of Lititz, Pennsylvania, where his Amish raised wife, Amanda, is staying with his daughter, Isadora, the result of a [...]

  • Cindy

    The Continuing StoryWhat a great story! I loved reading more about Amanda and Viper. If you haven't read the other books in this series, read them first. This story has more about their daughter. It's fun to see her grow to love her parents. There's a great lesson about marriage and commitment in this book. There's a good balance of happy and sad moments.

  • joan rowell

    Plain Fame book 5Very good story. Kept my interest through out the book. Very happy on how it ended. Its great that now they realize how important being a family is. God bless them.

  • Rebekah

    One of my favorites I the seriesI'm not usually a series reader. I find that I often get bored with the story. I am really enjoying this series and this book is one of the best. Happy reading!!

  • Lori Bernards

    Loved itLoved the whole series of books. I loved following there journey to love and family. God is good. Would love more

  • Linda Joiner

    True Commitment The evolution of a good marriage and what it takes to achieve trust and overcome many obstacles. With a happy ending.

  • Nancy Head

    Read the lion's share of this book in one day. A compelling story of God at work.Loved it!

  • Jenny

    I would give this a 3.5 Star rating. I really liked the ending.

  • Mary Manson

    Wonderful SeriesI just finished reading all five books in the Plain Fame Series. Each book flowed effortlessly from one to the next. Theses were not your typical Amish stories as this series was a blend of Amish and the World. But, Ms. Price made it work!! She skillfully blended both worlds. I truly enjoyed the story!

  • Kristi

    There comes a time when every author needs to say goodbye to the characters they have created and loved and written about. I feel like Sarah Price was way overdue to bid farewell to Alejandro and Amanda. A fifth book wasn't really needed in the series as it didn't add to the story or the characters.As I've stated in other reviews of books in this series, I thought the premise for the story was interesting. World-famous rapper meets Amish girl in unusual circumstances, they are attracted to each [...]

  • Holly (2 Kids and Tired)

    As with the first four books in this series, this one picks up immediately where the last one ended. It is a series you must read in order. And while I have liked this series well enough, it wasn't until this last book that I truly enjoyed it. Believing that the touring wasn't good for his recently acquired daughter Isadora, Alejandro has Amanda return to her family's farm with her young stepdaughter. However, Amanda is finding her backbone and refuses to be separated from Alejandro and watch th [...]

  • booksthrubifocals

    Plain Choice is the latest novel in the Plain Fame series written by Sarah Price, whose family roots were anabaptist and has a long history of up close and personal interaction with those living this unusual lifestyle. This is the first book in this series I have read and the most adult version of an Amish romance I have been exposed to. Although I was surprised by the content, circumstances made more sense as I considered the cultural challenges of a relationship between a barely grown girl, Am [...]

  • Kelly Tyree

    Plain Choice is book 5 in the Plain Fame series and it really just brings the love story of Amanda and Alejandro to a wonderful close. It was easy to fall in love with these characters as you read the series and you are really pulling for them to be a couple that really makes it. In this book, Amanda makes the decision to be with wife to Alejandro that God called her to be. That causes her to sacrifice her own desires and wishes to fulfill that commission that God has called her to. Their daught [...]

  • Sarah

    Alejandro leaves Amanda and he is to stubborn to make it right because he thinks he's doing the right thing by her. So off on the world tour he goes and he doesn't look back or question his choice till he's there and starts to wonder what like would be with out her and he wonders if the choices he's making are the right ones. Amanda is back home on the farm with Alejandro's daughter and knows it time to fix things with her husband she's just waiting for him to make the first move, well until som [...]

  • Linda Walters

    I had high hopes for this book, because of its unusual story line. And I was wondering how this was going to work out. I would have to say that although Amanda and Alejandro were interesting enough people, it was just an okay story. It could have been so much more.Although I could see the struggle of both MC's to adjust to the other's life style and upbringing. I still found it hard to connect to the story and most of the people.Alejandro's stage persona "Viper" and the surrounding groupies and [...]

  • Sharon Mariampillai

    I received a copy from Netgalley, in exchange for an honest review.This was an amazing read. This was my first series that had themes of the Amish lifestyle. I have to say that this book had me hooked from the first page. I loved how Sarah Price incorporates Faith into her books. It made me love the story more. This book was the continuation of the marriage of Alejandro and Amanda's love story. They were great characters. Alejandro "Viper" Diaz is a Cuban singer who is known for his bad boy imag [...]

  • Stacy

    I received an ARC of this book from NetGalley in exchange for my unbiased opinion.Plain Choice is the 5th book in the series about Amanda "Princesa" Diaz, an Amish-raised young woman and her now husband (though he wasn't at the start of the series), Alejandro "Viper" Diaz, a Cuban-born pop-star. At the beginning of the book, Alejandro has left Amanda and his 5-year-old daughter, Isadora, at home on Amanda's family's farm in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania while he goes on tour in Europe. Amanda i [...]

  • Angel Hatfield

    Alejandro left Amanda with his daughter Izzy at her parents Amish farm. It was the hardest thing he had ever had to do. Alejandro felt this was the best for Amanda as well as Izzy.Maybe Amanda should find an Amish man and be happier there were she was raised with her family all around her. Alejandro kept himself busy but at night he missed Amanda so much it was all he could do not to contact her. Alejandro had a European tour coming up maybe he could lose himself in that. Amanda waited for three [...]

  • Connie Anderson

    This is the fifth book in the "Plain Fame" series. I haven't read the other four books, yet. I did read that Sarah Price based this series on "Pitbull" and even got to meet him once (swoon). I don't know about the previous books, and I know this is about Amanda AND Alejandro, the Cuban pop star. However, much more is written about Amanda (but of course I am supposing that's as it was intended to be). I wish there was a bit more about him; not that I am complaining.I love that Alejandro trusted h [...]

  • Pam Pavkov

    Plain Choice is book 5 in Sarah Price's series Plain Fame. I have read a couple of reviews that could have influenced whether I read this book or not. I chose to read the book and decide for myself how good it was. I'm so glad I read it, I had a hard time putting it down. I was instantly drawn back to the story from the first page! It's a wonderful love story that most women wish they could live. Amanda and Alejandro had to travel down life's rocky road to decide what was most important to them! [...]

  • Debbie Ballard

    I absolutely loved and enjoyed reading and listening to the audio version of the awesome & amazing, captivating & engaging, Christian Romance written by the phenomenally, talented Sarah Price.Plain Choice is the sequel to Alejandro and Amanda's love story and begins with Amanda back home on the Amish home with her family and Alejandra on tour. The bishop brings to Amanda's attention incriminating pictures from the media of Amanda and another man on the farm. Amanda realizes she needs to [...]

  • Lois Arrowood

    Plain Fame series. Plain AWESOMEThe characters became so real to me and I hated to put the books down. I'm glad I have finally finished book 5. Now maybe I can get some sleep. LOL. They are just that good. I love the way that Alejandro takes such good care of Amanda from the moment he meets her. She may be the Princessa but he is the king. Love seeing the music industry from the performer's viewpoint and the viewpoint of his loved one. Such a interesting idea for a book. Sarah Price did it again [...]

  • Amy

    I am not happy, not happy at all that this was the final book of the series. I enjoyed these books so much and am going to miss Alejandro and Amanda. Although, I am happy with how everything turned out, so that is my consolation. If you choose to read this series, make sure to start from book one so you don't miss out on any of the backstory. ** I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review **

  • april geary

    Best bookSarah you out did yourself again loved Amanda and alejandro from the start I couldn't put this book down finished it in a day I loved how it ended and where the story took Amanda and Alejandro, on their love journey through out the series made me cry at the end of the book because of how the story ended I didn't think it would have ended that way I will recommend this series to all my friends love this series

  • Sharon

    AwesomeWhat a wonderful story. I truly loved this series. Book 5 was great how the story gave such a wonderful description of their travels thru Europe and the love between them and how that love kept them together. I would give it ten stars, if there were more. I recommend this series to those who love a good amish romance story. Read how Amanda goes thru all of her changes in her life. You will love her.

  • Julie Layton

    Not your typical Amish bookI enjoyed this journey with this unusual mismatched couple. I'm sorry I finally finished all six books. I really enjoyed all of them. My one complaint is what happened to the three-book series of the past? Now we have to purchase twice as many books to finish the story.

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  • ↠ Plain Choice || Ã PDF Read by ↠ Sarah Price
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