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By Laurel Snyder Emily Hughes | Comments: ( 557 ) | Date: ( Nov 21, 2019 )

Charlie and Mouse, two young brothers, enjoy a day out together, attending an imaginary party and collecting rocks.

  • Title: Charlie & Mouse
  • Author: Laurel Snyder Emily Hughes
  • ISBN: 9781452131535
  • Page: 378
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Laurel Snyder Emily Hughes

Laurel Snyder is the author of six children s novels, Orphan Island, Seven Stories Up, Bigger than a Bread Box, Penny Dreadful, Up and Down the Scratchy Mountains OR The Search for a Suitable Princess and Any Which Wall Random House as well as many picture books, including Charlie Mouse, The Forever Garden, Swan, the life and dance of Anna Pavlova, and Baxter, the Pig Who Wanted to Be Kosher A graduate of the Iowa Writers Workshop and a former Michener Fellow, she also writes books for grownups, and is the author of a book of poems, The Myth of the Simple Machines No Tell Books and a chapbook, Daphne Jim a choose your own adventure biography in verse Burnside Review Press and the editor of an anthology, Half Life Jew ish Tales from Interfaith Homes Soft Skull Press.Though Balti will always be her home, she now lives happily in Atlanta.

Comments Charlie & Mouse

  • Laurel

    Whenever I post about my kids to Facebook or Twitter, friends write to me and say, "You should make a book about your kids!"So now, at last, THIS is that book! As a result, I am completely unable to be objective about Charlie and Mouse. It's the story of my two sweet boys, and their small adventures in our regular neighborhood.I love them. I love this book. And looking at the amazing art Emily Hughes made out of our lives, I can't help loving the entire universe.Gratitude.

  • Betsy

    Only the jaded should write reviews of children’s books. Oh, it makes sense! Think about it. Children’s books are where the saccharine and overblown and overbearing go to die. Things that wouldn’t cut it in the greeting card world somehow manage to live, thrive, and survive as treacly picture books. Is it any wonder that I say hurrah for the candid, cynical, tell-it-like-it-is reviewers of the world? If I am a parent and there is any danger AT ALL that my child is going to ask me to read a [...]

  • Laura Harrison

    Wow! I haven't read an early reader chapter book this good in maybe decades. Thank goodness someone was brilliant enough to hire Emily Hughes to do the illustrations. A perfect author/illustrator pairing. This book needs to be owned and read. Again and again.

  • Danielle

    Simple and perfect.

  • Caitlyn

    This reminds me of the best classic beginning readers, like Frog and Toad. Much is conveyed with a simple set of repeating vocabulary. It feels timeless and modern at once. Small details like a boy playing dress-up in a tutu and cowboy vest, and neighbors that appear to be a gay couple, as well as a multiracial cast make it much more inclusive then many others in its genre. Kudos to Laurel Snyder for this very welcome contribution to the beginning reader category.

  • Kate

    Humorous short chapters about two siblings in realistic situations. I read this aloud to my 6 year nephew who laughed and whose mother said "it sounds like you and your sister." Lots of repetition for emerging readers ready for a little longer but not too hard. There are also some more challenging words to learn. Bits of humor in the art and text for adults too (want to know how early the brothers get up and why the parents look so tired? look for the clock on the kitchen wall).

  • Alyson (Kid Lit Frenzy)

    Given that this seemed to be geared as an early reader more so than a picture book, I wanted the illustrations to better represent the text. Children at the level of reading for this book would still depend heavily on the illustrations to assist in figuring out the text.

  • Andy Plemmons

    When you finish reading a book to your child, and he says "we have to read it again", you know it's a special book. Thank you Laurel for writing such a special book that gives us a peek into your kids' lives and reminds us of the magic of neighborhoods, outdoors, and family interactions.

  • Becky

    First sentence: Charlie woke up. There was a lump beside him. He poked the lump. The lump moaned. "Are you awake?" Charlie asked. "No," said the lump. "I am sleeping." "How can you be sleeping?" asked Charlie. "You are talking." The lump stopped talking. Charlie poked the lump again. "Get up," he said to the lump. The lump did not get up. Premise/plot: Charlie & Mouse is a picture book with four chapters: "The Lump," "The Party," "Rocks," and "Bedtime Bananas." Charlie and Mouse are brothers [...]

  • Tasha

    Based on Snyder’s own two sons, this early chapter book is a real delight. It perfectly captures the relationship of siblings who enjoy spending time together. The four stories in the book are alluringly short and yet immensely satisfying. The book begins with Charlie waking up to a lump next to him, a lump that isn’t ready to get up yet. The second story has the two boys deciding that it’s the day of a neighborhood party and gathering their parents and friends. In the third story, the bro [...]

  • Destinee Sutton

    If you like famous duos such as Bink & Gollie, George & Martha, Frog & Toad, and Sadie & Ratz (famous to those in-the-know), check this out. Funny & adorable.Besides being great in big ways, there are also some wonderful details: Mouse wearing a tutuFriendly neighbors Mr. Erik and Mr. Michael Sakamoto's Shave Ice"Is that a thing?" "It's a thing."

  • Niki (Daydream Reader)

    What a great new early reader series!

  • Justin Langlois

    I picked this one up because it is the winner of the Theodor Seuss Geisel Award for 2017. It is very witty and fun to read. It's perfect for little kids just learning to read or big kids who read for a living.

  • Peacegal

    Cute, hilarious, and fun, this easy reader is reminiscent of the beloved classics of 30 - 40 years ago. Adults and kids alike will be chuckling along with the witty dialogue and funny adventures the pair get themselves into.

  • Niki Marion

    I love how words & image combine to show parents as equally haggard and lovingly supportive. A great precursor to those not quite ready for an Ivy & Bean-type chapter book, with enterprising sibling protagonists as likely to wear tutus as they are to haul rocks for spending money.

  • Cat

    This was a cute story! Great first chapter book and easy reader in one! I'd bet little beginning readers would enjoy this short tale! Illustrations were adorable!

  • Sarah

    My daughter would have loved this book when she was learning to read. Funny kids who say silly things--who wants a bedtime banana? And wonderful, detailed illustrations.

  • Jessica Lawson

    Had lots of fun reading this to the kiddos!

  • Amanda

    From the first chapter, "Lumps," my favorite part in the book: "Mouse ran down the hall. 'Mom,' said Mouse. 'Dad!'He opened a door.He found two lumps.Mouse poked one of the lumps. 'Are you awake?''No,' said the lump. 'We are sleeping.''How can you be sleeping?' asked Mouse.'You are talking.''I am a mom,' said the lump. 'I can do what I want.'"Hahahahahahahaha!!!!! LOVE IT.Great beginning reader for those just starting out into chapter books. Diverse cast of characters and neighbors--pg. 22 & [...]

  • Marcie

    I love the Emily Hughes illustration and this this will hopefully certainly be high up on this list of Geisel honors for the year. I presume this will be a great addition to the many ____ & _____ series. Actually because the author is American and illustrator British I think it is eligible for the Geisel but not the Caldecott.Chicago Public Library Best Books of 2017

  • Beth

    Reminiscent of Bink & Gollie with a little Diaper Gang and Pied Piper thrown in for good measure. Looking forward to reading the next one.

  • Debrarian

    Charming little early reader in four chapters about a pair of young brothers busily going about their day of waking up; waking parents up; leading a parade of neighbor kids to the park and declaring it a party; getting entrepreneurial with their main resource (rocks); and adding a banana to their bedtime routine. Funny, charming, believable. Emily Hughes' pencil drawings underscore the messy, happy approachability of the kids, adding plenty of witty and endearing details to appeal both to kids ( [...]

  • Margie

    Late last night when the temperature fell to eighty degrees, it was more comfortable for dog walking. The nine month old puppy was eager to race down the road after confinement in the air-conditioned home all day. All the smells of the neighborhood assaulted her with their messages. She probably had no idea the sight of the first firefly of late spring was the best part of her human companion's day.A firefly signaling in the darkness beneath a few stars and the light of the moon is an unpredicta [...]

  • Micha O'Connor

    The Geisel Award is named after the man we know as Dr. Seuss. Yearly, his namesake award is bestowed upon the most distinguished book for beginning readers. Past recipients include multiple Mo Willem’s Elephant and Piggie titles and Greg Pizzoli’s The Watermelon Seed. These are especially fantastic selections for youngsters who are just starting on their reading journey. Awarded this year to Charlie & Mouse by Laurel Snyder and illustrated by Emily Hughes, this looks to be a series with [...]

  • Sarri Tate Gibson

    The tone sounds a lot like Frog and Toad books. Charlie and Mouse are human siblings. A quote from the book that I enjoyed:(Siblings wake up and go into parents’ room to see if they are up, but they only see two lumps.)“Mom,” said Mouse. “Dad!”He opened a door.He found two lumps.Mouse poked one of the lumps. “Are you awake?”“No,” said the lump. “We are sleeping.”“How can you be sleeping?” asked Mouse. “You are talking.”“I am a mom,” said the lump. “I can do wh [...]

  • BrocheAroe

    Funny and sweet book of four stories that follow the adventures of siblings Charlie and Mouse throughout the course of a day. Story #1 is one anyone who has ever woken up in a house with a child will relate to, while Story #2 is about making your own neighborhood party. Story #3 showcases an ingenious way to earn money, while Story #4 provides a twist on the bedtime routine. Perfect for reading with children who can sit through longer picture books, or for beginning readers who can see their own [...]

  • Margaret Boling

    12/31/2017 ~~ I'm in love! Mouse (a boy) wears a pink tutu! Lots of kids in the neighborhood - check out Max and Jack and their filthy faces. And the expression on dad's face before he's had his coffee. And Mr. Eric and Mr. Michael in the neighborhood. And the party - when you bring the whole neighborhood, there's going to be a party. Adults will love reading this as much as young readers will.Note: after reading Charlie & Mouse & Grumpy and noticing the cat with the diabolical expressio [...]

  • Jana

    Charlie and Mouse are two precocious little boys who embrace each day with a fantastic exuberance. In this early reader picture book, young readers get to enjoy four stories that start with “lumps” waking up, enjoying an impromptu neighborhood party at the playground, creating a rock enterprise to make money, and enjoying a bedtime banana. The warm, friendly drawings by Emily Hughes ensure that this sweet story book will become a favorite on the shelf.

  • Melissa Mcavoy

    4 1/2 stars, which for a beginning chapter book puts it in the pantheon. Charming realistic stories with excellent illustration that includes diversity. The four chapters follow siblings, Charlie and Mouse throughout their day, from waking up in 'Lumps', going to the park in 'The Party', earning some money in 'Rocks' and heading to bed in 'Bedtime Banana'. Let's hope there are more Charlie and Mouse adventures to follow.

  • Becky B

    Charlie and Mouse are two brothers who are great friends and have adventures together. In this book they have a neighborhood party and gather all the neighborhood kids, they decide to make money by selling rocks, and they proclaim that a necessity before sleep is a bedtime banana.The text in this reads somewhat like ol' classic emergent reader chapter books like Frog & Toad or Little Bear. The vocabulary is fairly simple with the occasional challenging name. The illustrations are charming an [...]

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