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By Amanda Driscoll | Comments: ( 902 ) | Date: ( Jan 18, 2020 )

A bright barnyard tale from the author of Duncan the Story Dragon about facing your fears and a pair of shears , and learning that a hug from your mama can make just about anything seem possible.Wally does not need a haircut His hair is perfectly fine Sure, it trips him up a tad and gathers a bit of greenery.But Wally does NOT want a haircut.He doesn t even want one aftA bright barnyard tale from the author of Duncan the Story Dragon about facing your fears and a pair of shears , and learning that a hug from your mama can make just about anything seem possible.Wally does not need a haircut His hair is perfectly fine Sure, it trips him up a tad and gathers a bit of greenery.But Wally does NOT want a haircut.He doesn t even want one after his mama and their barnyard friends show off their own fun new dos But when his unruly hair holds him back from the hoedown, he might have to reconsider.

  • Title: Wally Does Not Want a Haircut
  • Author: Amanda Driscoll
  • ISBN: 9780553535792
  • Page: 465
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Amanda Driscoll

Amanda Driscoll Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Wally Does Not Want a Haircut book, this is one of the most wanted Amanda Driscoll author readers around the world.

Comments Wally Does Not Want a Haircut

  • Ivonne Rovira

    What’s more charming? Writer and illustrator Amanda Driscoll’s slyly clever pictures or the humorous story that accompany them? No need to choose, as Wally Does Not Want a Haircut will delight not only children but their parents and grandparents, as well. Wally stubbornly refuses a haircut, fearful that taking shears to his wool will hurt. In the meantime, his overgrown coat becomes matted and accidentally picks up sticks, leaves, dirt — and even a wayward baby chick! A useful book for kid [...]

  • Karin

    I was hoping for a little more with this one. The cover is what pulled me in, but I was a little let down. Wally is afraid to get a hair cut so he has let his wool become such a large poof that he can't even hug his mama anymore. He gets sticks and twigs stuck in his wool all the time. In order to make Wally feel better, all the other farm animals get hair cuts to show him that it doesn't hurt, but Wally still won't budge. BUT, something happens that forces him to ask for a cut and he quickly re [...]

  • Sandra Guerfi

    Wally the sheep is fluffy and proud of it. Although his wool gets dirty and picks up random objects as he goes through out his day and mama assures him it won't hurt, he is not interested in getting a haircut. Even when the other animals in the barn start sporting new hairdos, Wally is not convinced. What will it take to convince Wally that keeping himself groomed is really for the best? This is a cute story that would be perfect for that child that doesn't see the reason for haircuts or everyda [...]

  • Patsi Trollinger

    Amanda Driscoll has a knack for creating charming characters and placing them in lively stories told with live art and words. Wally, a sheep who dreads shearing time, sustains that tradition. Any parent who has cajoled a young child through the first haircut will smile while reading this book. Kids will laugh out loud at the wacky fun as cows get curls and pigs wear wigs. Wally may not want a haircut, but kids will want this book.

  • Madeleine Greene

    Wally Does Not Want a Haircut is about a lamb who refuses to get his hair cut. No matter how much dirt and leaves and even other animals tangle his wool, he doesn't want it cut. His mom tries to cut it but ends up scaring Wally into a haystack where he gets stuck. The only way out is through a haircut. The book uses very few words and large images to catch the readers attention. The book is probably aimed at a younger audience. Sound effects and alliteration like "snippety snip" "bzzz" and "swic [...]

  • Shelby King

    I actually discovered this book over the summer when I was nannying a four year old boy with autism and severe OCD was facing fears, and anxieties about getting his hair cut himself. I searched the internet for a book that I could read with the child to help him face his fear; that is when I . stumbled upon Wally Does Not Want a Haircut. This book was so helpful to the little boy! We read it every day for two weeks and talked discussed why it was important for everyone to get their hair cut and [...]

  • Maria Mascalco

    Wally Does Not Want a Haircut by Amanda Driscoll is a beautiful yet funny tale about a sheep who does not want a haircut. Even though his fur is dirty and things keep getting collected on him, he is still adamantly against getting a haircut. Driscoll does an amazing job at using alliterations and puns in a way that will be funny to both adults and children reading it. This book would be perfect to read to any children who are against going to the hair salon. Driscoll makes her characters funny a [...]

  • Morgan Courtney

    Wally Does Not Want a Haircut was very short and sweet. Wally is a young sheep with tons of fur and refuses to come near scissors. He quickly learns that his fur is only holding him back from all the fun with all the other animals. His mother eventually is able to cut his coat, and able to give him a hug, which is one of the things his missed the most. I was a little sad when I finished the book, as I was ready to keep reading! I think this would become an excellent series of books focusing on W [...]

  • Robyn Carroll

    Wally is a sheep who absolutely doesn't want to get a haircut. It isn't until he gets stuck in the hay, that he decides that he needs to cut his hair. After he cuts his hair, he realizes that it wasn't that bad overall. This book's colorful illustrations of each aspect of the book from him getting stuck in the hay to how he looks when his hair is cut enhance each sentence of the story and allows kids to see what is really going on in the book. Even the front cover of the book shows Wally with tr [...]

  • Michael Lausche

    The wonderful story about a sheep named "Wally" that does not want a haircut is filled with great illustrations of all kinds of animals, struggles Wally goes through, and a happy ending. Wally has hair that is long and his mother insists that she needs a haircut. But, Wally loves her hair too much to cut it. She is frightened by the "Snippy"scissors, and refuses to get her hair cut. Her hair is so long that she can't even hug her mom anymore because her hair gets in the way! All of the other ani [...]

  • Alexandra Stoencheva

    *Spoiler alert* "Wally Does Not Want a Haircut" is all about young Wally the sheep who is DREADING his first haircut. The sound of the scissors and shears scare Wally like no other. He did not care how long his hair was, he was not ever going to get a haircut. Wally's mama was doing her best trying to convince Wally that haircut would not hurt, she told him "Don't worry little lamb, haircuts don't hurt. Watch me." Mama's act of getting a haircut inspired all the other animals on the farm to get [...]

  • David Brown

    Wally Does Not Want a Haircut is a fun, easy to read, story about a young sheep who is due his first haircut but is scared. Wally can see that his abundance of hair is disrupting his daily life and routines, but he is still scared of getting a haircut. Wally’s farm friends all try to encourage him by getting haircuts, styles, and even wearing wigs. In the end, Wally decides to join in the fun and decides to also get a haircut; there is just one problem with that, he’s stuck because of his ov [...]

  • Grace Vezina

    Amanda Driscoll does a wonderful job of telling the tale of a wholly lamb, Wally, who does not want a haircut. Wally has a whole lot of wool that is dirty and keeps getting stuff stuck in it. His mom tries to comfort him and tell him that a haircut won’t hurt, but Wally is so afraid that even the sound of the shears sends him into a panic. Many of the other barnyard animals start getting haircuts in hopes they can convince Wally that it doesn’t hurt. It isn’t until Wally gets stuck in a ha [...]

  • Isabelle

    "Wally Does Not Want a Haircut," written and illustrated by Amanda Driscoll, is a picture book about a little sheep resisting a haircut, despite the assuring of his mother and barnyard companions. It uses expressive, cartoony illustrations, with occasional word-art, alongside alliterative language to tell the story.I think this story would work great as a read-aloud, with large or small groups, especially because of the expressive language and interesting sound effects, coupled with a relatively [...]

  • Kaylie Zander

    Wally the sheep is afraid of haircuts! Amanda Driscoll tells the tale of a young sheep who has let his wool grow much too long. Wally’s mother tries to calm his nerves by making haircuts seem fun. She, along with the other barn animals, get a haircut and dance around in hopes of proving to Wally that there is nothing to be afraid of. However, when Wally tries to come out from hiding, his wool is stuck in a hay bale. With no other choice, Wally agrees to let his mom cut his fluffy wool so he ca [...]

  • Dana

    After reading this book about a sheep that does not want his hair cut, I had the opportunity to participate in a book discussion with the author, and to listen to her presentation about the publishing process. Amanda Driscoll is the author and illustrator, drawing all the pictures by hand and then using graphic design to fill in the colors. On each page Wally's wool picks up more things from the barnyard; first leaves, then a baby duck, then a squirrel. Wally runs from the scissors and eventuall [...]

  • Jessica

    Wally Does Not Want a Haircut is a barnyard romp which describes our main character, Wally, and his distaste for the idea of getting his hair cut. Wally is happy just as he is, with his hair overgrown and matted, even if it keeps him from doing some things he enjoys, like dancing around the farm or hugging his mama. Driscoll’s storytelling is breezy and fun, filled with energetic sound words, alliteration and loose rhymes. The illustrations, also by Driscoll, bring her characters to life perfe [...]

  • Mattison Bingham

    Wally does not want a haircut at all, ever. Even though, it holds him back from dancing and hugging his momma, he still refuses. One day things change when Wally gets stuck in between two hay bales. His hair is so tangled in the hay, the horse can't even pull him out. He had no other option but to cut his hair. Although he was scared, he learned that getting a haircut was awesome because he could dance all around once again. Wally Does Not Want a Haircut was a fun read, little ones would especia [...]

  • Kara

    No matter how out-of-control his hair may be getting, stubborn Wally refuses to get near any pair of scissors. As his mother ever-so desperately tries to talk him into it, Wally just won’t have it! He’s so against it that while in the midst of escaping his mother’s shears, he gets stuck in some bales of hay. Younger readers will be sure to get a kick out of the illustrations as the other barnyard animals sport their new fancy do’s in hopes to persuade Wally. The humorous cartoon illustra [...]

  • Taylor Rench

    Amanda Driscoll's book, helps to calm the fears of young children that are getting their hair cut. With the vivid and colorful pages, filled from top to bottom with depictions of the barnyard and wally, this book is very engaging for younger readers. From the very beginning, Wally is adamant on not getting his hair cut, even after watching all of the other animals on the farm getting their hair but and styled. Afterwards, during the hoedown, Wally's mother wants to dance with Wally, but he canno [...]

  • Hannah Goble

    This cute, funny book tells the story of Wally the sheep, who is afraid of getting a haircut. His hair is out of control, making his life very difficult, and even keeping him from hugging his mama sheep. When he hears the sound of the clippers, Wally goes crazy! Even after all the animals got haircuts and styles, Wally is still too scared. But when the animals decide to have a "haircut hoedown", he wants to join but is unable to because of his crazy hair. Realizing that his hair is keeping him f [...]

  • GwendeLynn

    Wally Does Not Want a Haircut was a really fun book to read. Wally the main character is a sheep with a really full wool coat. His coat is filed with dirt, leaves, and sticks from his daily life and because of it Wally is very clumsy. When his mom tries to cut his hair (wool) to give him more maneuverability the buzzing of the clippers scares Wally runs and hides. To encourage him to get his hair cut the other animals on the farm get haircuts, pigs even started wearing wigs. While hiding Wally g [...]

  • Catherine

    This fun and exciting picture book will surely have all students laughing. Amanda Driscoll does a fantastic job both illustrating and writing this book. The inside cover pages begin to grab the young reader with images of lamb and sheep making happy, smirking, and shocked faces. This immediately grabs the reader's attention. Throughout the book, Driscoll's use of onomatopoeia and humor allow for readers of all ages to enjoy the story. Wally, the main character, is a young lamb who absolutely doe [...]

  • Ella King

    I thought that this book was very good. This story is about a sheep named Wally who does not want to get his hair cut. The story showcases some of the other animals getting new hair dos. Finally, Wally wants to dance with his friends but he is stuck. The other animals come to his rescue and try to help get him out. After awhile he finally asks his mom to cut his hair so he would become unstuck. The illustrations were also very good. The illustrations are very simple but also very fitting for the [...]

  • Emma

    "Wally Does Not Want a Haircut", written and illustrated by Amanda Driscoll, is a quirky tale about a young sheep,Wally, not wanting to get a haircut no matter what anyone does or says. Wally's friends even get haircuts to show him that it doesn't hurt and its not that bad. However, Wally still won't listen, even though he gets sticks, leaves, and dirt in his unruly fur. The funny and clever illustrations really pick up on how badly Wally needs a haircut, even though Wally explains time and time [...]

  • Sophia Tarullo

    The tale of Wally and his hair is a goofy one. Wally's hair is a mess that causes many problems for him, but he refuses to cut it. His mother tries to convince him that the haircut will not hurt, but Wally still refuses. All the other animals on the farm get haircuts and different hairstyles, but Wally sits behind the hay. When Wally goes to get out, he is stuck with his hair tangled. After tries by the other animals to get him out, the final solution is to cut his hair. His mother cuts it and h [...]

  • Sara Stelmach

    The picture book “Wally Does Not Want a Haircut” is a bright humorous story about a young sheep who definitely does not want a hair cut. He is adamant that he does not want hair cut even though “it trips him up a tad and gathers a bit of greenery.” Humorously, Wally hides from his Mama so he does not have to have it cut. He even sees all the other barnyard animals new do’s like mohawks, curls and updo’s, but he is still unsure. He finally decides to get up from his hiding, but he is [...]

  • Ellie VanLahr

    Wally Does Not Want a Haircut by Amanda Driscoll is about a little lamb who is too frightened to get his fluffy hair shaved off. His hair is full of twigs and leaves but still Wally does not think he needs a haircut. The book uses little words and is very picture oriented, it was most likely written for younger children. The illustrations are fluffy and colorful and are very pleasing to a young child's eye. This is the kind of book that is great before bedtime at home or when you have ten minute [...]

  • Vanessa

    "Wally Does Not Want A Haircut" is a delightful story about Wally the sheep and his unruly hair! This book is full of fun and colorful illustrations that helps captivate the reader's attention and adds humor to the story. Wally must face his fears of getting a hair cut in order to attend the barn hoedown."Sure, it trips him up a tad and gathers a bit of greenery, but Wally does NOT want a haircut." Wally is encouraged by his mother and their fellow animal friends but he still doesn't want a hair [...]

  • Kevin Bottom

    In this wacky tale, he learn of a sheep that is unwilling to cut his hair. The most obviously real life connection would be of that to a child is afraid of getting their hair cut. His hair gathers all sorts of things throughout the book, but the other animals finally get him to get one by holding a dance. This was after they each got one to show him they are not scary. The illustrations in the book were very accurate and truly did give the book a "farmy" feel with the way the they looked. This b [...]

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