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Life has given Penelope Drayton very little hope After years of preparations, 1806 is the year that she is determined to create her own hope The successful execution of her plan would grant her independence, but failure would certainly be her ruination Just when her plan begins to meet with difficulty, she finds a faithful ally in Miss Violet Wyndham Violet s brother,Life has given Penelope Drayton very little hope After years of preparations, 1806 is the year that she is determined to create her own hope The successful execution of her plan would grant her independence, but failure would certainly be her ruination Just when her plan begins to meet with difficulty, she finds a faithful ally in Miss Violet Wyndham Violet s brother, Mr Ashbridge Wyndham, has but one objective for London s Social Season escape unscathed With his mysterious benefactor, he is suddenly a sought after prize for the matchmaking mamas Unfortunately for him, marriage is the last thing he wants at present His sister Violet, with her shy but calming spirit, is the only part of the Season which he finds tolerable When Penelope and Ash meet through their mutual affection for Violet, will God use the acquaintance to begin healing for both of these wounded hearts

  • Title: Penelope's Hope
  • Author: Sarah Baughman
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 284
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

Sarah Baughman

Sarah grew up in Ohio and received her Bachelor s degree from Concordia University Chicago She was married after college, and has lived in Missouri, Michigan, and Alabama before moving to Texas Along the way, she and her husband had three wonderful children and received guardianship of a fourth Besides writing, she enjoys volunteering at church, sewing historic clothing, and spending time with her family.Having written stories almost since picking up her first pencil as a child, Sarah is thrilled to be publishing her first novel, Penelope s Hope Look for the release of Violet s Daybreak, the second installment of the Regency Silhouettes series in the winter of 2015 2016 It is her prayer that her writing will uplift and encourage her readers while also giving glory to God.Sarah enjoys connecting with her readers and would love to hear from you

Comments Penelope's Hope

  • Joleen

    Penelope's HopeBy Sarah BaughmanDate: 1805Locale: London England, during The SeasonCharactersDraytons: Penelope, her brother Cornelius, and their aunt Wyndhams: Ash, his "mother" and his two sisters Violet and RoseAn unseen character at the beginning and the end who has made Ash his heir.For my sake alone I add a synopsis to books, so read on if you don't mind a spoiler.(view spoiler)[Penelope is a complicated character who has not seen much happiness in her life. Her mother died when she was ju [...]

  • Connie

    This is a slow paced and predictable regency novel. I quite enjoyed it. There are no surprises, excitement or suspense. It’s just a cozy little novel. It contains a lot of details on the regency period, which will not be surprising to those familiar with the time. It also has some details on art and painting since the heroine is a painter, as one can easily surmise from the cover.I enjoyed these characters. The characterization is done well and the plot flows nicely, just very slowly. The cont [...]

  • Jamie

    3.5One of my favorite things as a book blogger is meeting and reading debut authors and their novels. It’s an exciting time for any author and it’s fun to have the chance to play a small role in that big career step. Plus if it’s historical fiction, a girl can hardly resist. I have to say, I was rather impressed with this debut. Not that I expected not to be! I should make that clear. Anyway, I found myself quickly connected to the story and the characters. I really liked both Penelope (yo [...]

  • Patti

    Excellent read!This was the first book I have read by this author. It will not be the last! I loved it. It had a great take on the Season in Town (London) and I learned so much that I had never read in any other book. I really loved the characters and felt part of the story. This is a book of forgiveness, learning to trust, and seeing things as they are not as you remember them to be. Highly recommend this to historical fiction lovers!

  • Lindsey (Books for Christian Girls)

    About this book:“Life has given Penelope Drayton very little hope. After years of preparations, 1806 is the year that she is determined to create her own hope. The successful execution of her plan would grant her independence, but failure would certainly be her ruination. Just when her plan begins to meet with difficulty, she finds a faithful ally in Miss Violet Wyndham.Violet's brother, Mr. Ashbridge Wyndham, has but one objective for London's Social Season: escape unscathed. With his mysteri [...]

  • ansel

    A darling debut regency romantic christian novel with a pinch of mystery that was a delight to read. Sarah Baughman did a fantastic job bringing us back in time to the Jane Austin era throughout this wonderful story with charming well developed characters you want to spend time with. This story centers around two families, the Drayton’s and Wyndham’s, who are brought together by the friendship of Penelope and Violet. Penelope’s relationship with the Wyndham family (Violet, Rose, Ash, and t [...]

  • Julianna Rowe

    Pure GoldWhat a lovely period piece! In a world full of such ugliness, it is indeed a comfort to read such a refreshing tale. Part of the draw was the descriptive language and historical research that went into the story. It does not disappoint and I would highly recommend it to any of my friends.

  • Melissa

    Good storyThe storyline was good and the book an easy read. I enjoyed knowing the characters. My only complaint was that I never found out the connection and reason for naming Ash the heir and am still curious about it.

  • Anita

    I think Wonderful. Leaving me wondering when the Sequel will be released. I note this one has just been released so I may have to wait a bit. But wonderful story, plot, characters etcd yes even the ending. Good job and I hope to be notified when book 2 comes out. Thanks, Anita

  • Suzanne

    Took me a while to get into the book but did enjoy it. Will read the next in the series.

  • Carol

    Really enjoyed this book. I give it 4.5 stars. I can't wait for the next one to see what happens next.

  • ABesse

    I think this book can be summed up by the fact that the author used the words “nether limbs” instead of legs.I really didn’t realize this book was a Christian work until around half way in. Then it became like a whole different book. The second half is riddled with typos and grammatical errors. It also turns up the religion dial by about 70%.And, just by the by, if a non-Christian person tells you they enjoy having a relationship with you but that they do not like being proselytized to by [...]

  • Beckie Burnham

    Sarah Baughman’s debut novel, Penelope’s Hope, has all the flavor of a true Regency romance. This Indie author has done her homework — the setting, fashion, and dialog all lend a touch of authenticity to the book. The romance is sweet and the faith message is strong. If you would like to escape to the England of Jane Austen, this book is perfect for you.Penelope Drayton has been a part of the ton for several years, but she is longing for an escape from society’s expectations. Her plan to [...]

  • Mary Moerbe

    There are several strengths to this book, in particular its writing and intertwining plot lines. I appreciated the religious themes, in particular how one quiet-yet-overtly-religious character came to be seen as a source of committed support and help on practical and spiritual levels. Other religious themes included are hope, repentance, and the struggle of viewing God as father when one’s own father is distant, harsh, or in some other way not present.I really liked the tension between strong [...]

  • Melody McBride

    Good story! I'm just a bit nitpicky, and there were a few things that bothered me about the writing. There were times where I didn't understand how things happened because important moments weren't written. There were a few other things, but I don't want to go into them.I did enjoy the story though, so I'm giving it 3 1/2 stars. If it didn't preach as much (and the main characters had stronger reasons behind their coming to God), I think I'd have bumped it up a half star.

  • Sarah

    The first half felt suspiciously like the last book I read, but the second half became blessedly Lutheran. Refreshing to have! I was more wrapped up in this story than any of the others I was reading simultaneously.

  • Staciy Wilson Wilson

    Intriguing!Parts of the mystery were predictable, others not as much. It was a delightful tale and I will be obtaining the others!

  • Nancy Nieberding

    Tightly-crafted plot and well-developed characters! While I am not usually an Inspirational or Christian Regency Romance reader, this one gave me lots to ponder. Looking forward to the sequel(s)

  • Beth

    (This book and its sequel were originally reviewed on my blog: bit/2D9erxx) (Disclaimer: I have been friends with the author and her family for many years, and she provided me with copies of her book in exchange for an honest review.)Sarah Baughman’s Penelope’s Hope and Violet’s Daybreak are inspirational Regency romances that feature two young women coming to terms with their personal demons and their difficult families. Having followed the author on social media and having seen the depth [...]

  • Robin

    As stated, this is a Regency novel set in England. The characters are strong and distinctive. Penelope ends up in a situation where it would be well to act the part of an engaged couple with the brother of her good friend, Violet. Ash, Violet's brother actually suggests such a scheme in an effort to keep all the other ladies away from him now that he has been named as heir to a marquess. This is a somewhat familiar ploy in books but what made it different here is that Violet is aware of it. In f [...]

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  • ✓ Penelope's Hope || ↠ PDF Download by ✓ Sarah Baughman
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