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By Mary Pope Osborne | Comments: ( 345 ) | Date: ( Jun 04, 2020 )

Contains the following books 17 Tonight on the Titanic 18 Buffalo Before Breakfast 19 Tigers at Twilight 20 Dingoes at Dinnertime 21 Civil War on Sunday 22 Revolutionary War on Wednesday 23 Twister on Tuesday 24 Earthquake in the Early Morning

  • Title: Magic Tree House: #17-24
  • Author: Mary Pope Osborne
  • ISBN: 9780439422666
  • Page: 135
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Mary Pope Osborne

Mary Pope Osborne has channeled a lifelong love of exploration and travel into one of the most popular children s book series of the past two decades With her fantastic Magic Tree House series, Mary Pope Osborne keeps the good times rolling for kids all over the world.

Comments Magic Tree House: #17-24

  • Jaret

    This set of books in the Magic Tree House series really showed Osborne's creativity. Jack and Annie were sent on random missions that had one ultimate goal (rescuing an enchanted puppy in 17-20 and saving Camelot in 21-24). Jack and Annie brought back random items from each set of missions and Osborne was able to weave those unrelated items into a storyline and lesson for Jack and Annie. I thought it was very creative and would appeal to my students as readers.

  • Crystal

    My son and I just finished this set of Magic Treehouse books and it was another enjoyable set.The first four focus on getting gifts from various people/things to give to Morgan and Jack and Annie go off on these missions. I enjoyed Tonight on the Titanic the best, as did my 8-year-old, but the other three stories were great as well.The next four focused on getting special writings from various people and this time Jack and Annie were working to save a boy who had been turned into a dog. Jack and [...]

  • Bri

    This book swept me away to this other wonderful world. The setting was brilliantly set. I could totally see it in my mind. But the characters were definitely my favorite part. They are all so colorful, interesting, exciting, and hilarious. The main character is just perfect. The plot moved fast enough that I couldn't stop reading lest I miss something, but the author still took the time to flesh out the details. The details are what really make or break a story.

  • alex

    Leon loves this whole series, but especially Tonight on the Titanic. We must have listened to that one 10 times in the last 5 days. I even found him under his table telling the story to his legos yesterday.

  • Sarah Parker

    cute books!

  • Leanne

    Great as an audio book! Love the educational conversations that have come out of it.!

  • Alberto Lopez

    My girls loved this adventure series in audiobook. And what could be better than fun for the whole family while commuting to uneventful places?

  • PWRL


  • Jacob Lindquist

    It was nice

  • R

    I absolutely LOVED the series when I was a kid, and I still do! I would recommend it to anyone who likes fantasy / adventure books!! :)

  • Julie

    Great chapter books for 1st-2nd grade readers

  • Maryn

    Reading with Robbie. He loves them.

  • Bruce

    I love it

  • Alexis Gopshes

    Awesome series!! Gonna read them to my kids!

  • Theresa

    a great collection of stories for the early reader inspires independancetwo young siblings find a magic tree house that suddenly transports them to historical adventures

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  • Best Download [Mary Pope Osborne] ✓ Magic Tree House: #17-24 || [Biography Book] PDF ☆
    135 Mary Pope Osborne
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