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By Shelly Frome | Comments: ( 787 ) | Date: ( Nov 22, 2019 )

In this crime novel, a wayward handyman grapples with the suspicious death of his employer, a fragile choreographer who secluded herself in the Litchfield Hills As the fallout mounts, the reader is taken to various locales in and around Manhattan, an escapade in Miami Springs and back again to the hills of Connecticut until this twisty conundrum is finally laid to rest.

  • Title: Murder Run
  • Author: Shelly Frome
  • ISBN: 9781620066164
  • Page: 280
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Shelly Frome

Professor Emeritus of Dramatic Arts at the University of ConnecticutFormer professional actorScreenwriting columnist for Southern Writers MagazineFeatures writer for Gannett Media

Comments Murder Run

  • Gayle Pace

    If you love those gangster and "mafia" movies and books than you will like MURDER RUN by Shelly Frome. This is Mr. Frome's sixth novel. He takes you into the belly of the underworld where thieves, hit men and crime leaders. There's something about those gangsters that get you hooked.In this novel you are given characters that would easily fit into a gangster series on TV. The author takes you where the murders and the things setting up the murders take place. That's in the dark streets and alley [...]

  • Andrew Ferrell

    That's right gentle readers, Shelly Frome's book, Murder Run, garnered 5 stars from me. I am a fan of mobsters and mystery so this book hooked me from the beginning.Jed Cooper is a simple man. He likes to work with his hands and doesn't talk fast, or much at all. This makes his latest gig as personal handyman to a reclusive dancer vacationing in Connecticut ideal. Miss Julie has a secret though. One that could cost Jed his life. When Jed receives a mysterious late night phone call he rushes to M [...]

  • Apex Reviews

    Murder Run is a dynamic, spellbinding offering that shows just how Shelly Frome, a member of Mystery Writers of America and former professor of dramatic arts, has earned the distinction of prolific playwright and novelist.Frome’s winding tale is centered on the struggles of Jed Cooper, an unsuspecting handyman who finds himself the main suspect in the murder of his employer, an attractive choreographer from NYC. As Jed strains to find out who killed her and why, he encounters a mélange of col [...]

  • Marja McGraw

    “Murder Run” by Shelly Frome is a wonderful addition to the world of fiction.At a time when I needed something to hold my interest and to entertain me, along came Murder Run. Handyman, Jed Cooper, is a man with a past, but he’s also a man who’s tried to change his life. He’s now a prime suspect in a murder. Can he prove he’s been set up? Can he rid himself of his past? And what did the victim see that ended her life?You’ll follow many paths through the story, and each one will take [...]

  • Ron Schwartz

    Shelly Frome’s Murder Run is a classic mystery novel “who done it”, that keeps you guessing. I made the mistake of trying to read this while I was doing something else and kept having to go back to earlier pages to pick up the story until I finally sat down and digested the story. What fun! Poor Jed Cooper on the run for doing something and being set up. Cops, the Mob, petty thugs you name it. You have to pay attention as he’s moving all the time Connecticut, New York, Miami trying to un [...]

  • Gloria Feit

    From the publisher: In this crime novel, a wayward handyman grapples with the suspicious death of his employer, a fragile choreographer who secluded herself in the Litchfield Hills. As the fallout mounts, the reader is taken to various locales in and around Manhattan, an escapade in Miami Springs and back again to the hills of Connecticut until this twisty conundrum is finally laid to rest.We are introduced to Jed Cooper, the protagonist of this novel, on the first page, as he answers the phone [...]

  • Patricia Gligor

    "Murder Run" by Shelly Frome takes readers on a journey of mystery and suspense. As I read, visiting each location, the author's vivid descriptions made me feel as if I were really there. The main character, handyman Jed Cooper, is a unique and complex character who has a history of being in trouble with the law. And now he's been accused of murdering his employer.

  • Charles

    Two plot threads that move slowly and some aspects of which could have been deletedA handyman (Jed) with a bit of a sordid past is living in a trashy trailer and working for Miss Julie in rural Connecticut. She is an older woman that previously lived in New York City and she seems a bit nervous and fearful. One night Jed gets a call from an unknown man that he better get to Julie quickly, otherwise she probably won’t make it. He goes as fast as he can to Julie’s residence and chases a man th [...]

  • Joan

    I had difficulty reading this book. I found the plot to be a bit confusing. The book alternates between two situations. A woman has been murdered and Jed, the handyman the woman hired, is suspected of the murder. That's the major story but we are also taken to another situation in New York involving the mob. For over half the book there seemed to be no connection to the two stories.I really didn't like the characters. Jed is sort of an anti-hero. He had been in trouble as a youth, been to a yout [...]

  • Laura Reading

    This is not a book you can read a little at a time. It takes some concentration as there are two major themes or plots that weave together eventually. It is definitely not a book I should try to read while reading 3 others. The very first page drew me in with an urgency and intensity that captured my attention. Even though protagonist Jed becomes known to us as somewhat of a loser, I still cared what happened to him and wanted him to get justice. As I stated, you need to allow yourself to become [...]

  • Carmen

    I invoked the "100 page rule" on this one. After a little over 100 pages, I still had no earthly idea what I was reading, and put it down. I didn't know Jed or have any insight into him. Sure, I knew what I needed to know about his background and how he arrived to the place in the novel, but there was no depth of character or empathy at all. His drive to tie current events to the past fell flat for me, and offered no level of interest or anxiety. The antagonists were merely irritating caricature [...]

  • Becky Willis

    Murder Run will remind you why you liked the 'mafia' type movies from not too long ago. Frome has a way of making you feel like you are a part of those days as well as have you feeling like you are a part of the story. I think a good story brings you in, doesn't let you go, and when it is over you think about it for days if not more.Shelley Frome takes the reader from the rural hills of Connecticut deep into midtown Manhattan, from the lakes of Miami to the docks in New Jersey. With huge bouts o [...]

  • Wall-to-wall books - wendy

    For me, the best thing about this book was Jed! I loved him and his strange personality. He was a fun, quirky, quiet character that made you just naturally feel sorry for him. I didn't like the cops at all! They were really kind of mean to Jed. A couple other reviewers didn't like Jed, but I loved him. I don't know why, maybe I've known a few people like him. LOLThis was a little more hard core mystery than I normally read, so it was a little slow at times and a little difficult for me. But I st [...]

  • Gayle B

    If you like 1940's mob movies, you will love this book. The story is set in today's time but the character's are out of an old movie. I could picture Humphrey Bogart and James Cagney as a couple of the characters. :) Jed has made some mistakes in his life and is trying to stay on the straight and narrow. He moves away from the bad influences, and gets a job as a handyman for Miss Julie. She has moved out to the country in Connecticut and seems to be afraid of something or someone. When Miss Juli [...]

  • Christa Nardi

    Jed Cooper, is a young handyman who worked for a choreographer hiding out in Litchfield, CT and tried to help her, but really didn’t know why she was so afraid or of what. He is the prime suspect when she is found dead and he works hard to clear his name. Jed has his work cut out for him as the two detectives are clueless – counting on Jed to either find the murderer or confess, and the corrupt state trooper isn’t much more help. Jed is the good guy and I cheered him on. With multiple stor [...]

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