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By Gerhard Gehrke | Comments: ( 664 ) | Date: ( Feb 23, 2020 )

What would you do if you found a dead alien on a lonely highway Was it an accident, sabotage, or murder And why is everyone blaming Jeff The extraterrestrials aren t waiting for answers They want revenge And Jeff isn t ready for company.His only hope is an outcast mechanic from another world and a woman who might do anything to get off planet, including selling out heWhat would you do if you found a dead alien on a lonely highway Was it an accident, sabotage, or murder And why is everyone blaming Jeff The extraterrestrials aren t waiting for answers They want revenge And Jeff isn t ready for company.His only hope is an outcast mechanic from another world and a woman who might do anything to get off planet, including selling out her own kind Jeff has to get to the bottom of why there are so many alien bodies piling up and who is really responsible.A science fiction adventure novel, A Beginner s Guide to Invading Earth tells the story of a reclusive ex computer programmer who is the unwitting central figure of a plot to keep humanity from ever making first contact.

  • Title: A Beginner's Guide to Invading Earth
  • Author: Gerhard Gehrke
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 111
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

Gerhard Gehrke

Gerhard Gehrke is the author of The Supervillain High series of YA science fiction novels, as well as Nineveh s Child, A Beginner s Guide to Invading Earth, and House of the Galactic Elevator His short story Past a Spinning Star won Anotherrealm s Editor s Choice award He has written for television and is a content creator for an upcoming video game He studied film at San Francisco State University and lives in Northern California.For fun he photographs snakes, lizards, and insects on the hills and trails around his community.Connect with him at gerhardgehrke.

Comments A Beginner's Guide to Invading Earth

  • Laura Thomas

    I expected some humor in this story. The title sure suggests it. As does the fun cover art.There’s a whole lot of laughs here. The author’s choice of casting his main protagonist as your average Joe makes it mysterious and fun.And the aliens. What can I say. You’d expect them to be intelligent, right? They come from galaxies far, far away. They must be smart to be able to conquer space travel.Well, that’s not the case here. They seem completely unaware of how scary they look to us humans [...]

  • Sean Randall

    Humour is very hard to get right for everyone, so there were parts of this that I just found well. Weird. But I did like the idea of a man traumatized by technology, actively trying to avoid it, and being swept up in the flood anyway. The writing was solid and interesting, just not 100% to my taste.

  • Henrik

    A little bit funny, a little bit silly, a little bit weird.The concept of an unwilling regular Joe getting caught up in galactic politics and powerplay sure borrows bits and pieces from The hitchhikers guide to the galaxy, but while there are similarities, not least in the descriptions of different alien races,it never feels like it tries to mimic the language or the humor, but instead it goes its own way, and succeeds.It's a fun read with some interesting twists.

  • S. Thomas

    Jeff is unaware that he has been chosen as Earth’s ambassador to the galactic commons. Members of the galactic commons are unaware of how to safely have first encounters with humanity. Hilarity ensues!If you can’t get enough of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, and yes I even mean Colfer’s very funny installment too, then Beginners Guide to Invading Earth will take you to new heights of alien ineptitude. If you’ve read one too many paranormal urban fantasies with a teen love angle, [...]

  • Bonnie Keck

    Not Kindle Unlimited {#2 is] so must have gotten it from one of my freebie sites and #2 is keyed up in my ku. What if.t contact wasn't the real first contact, that the probability computer and other linked computers had been sabotaged and programmed to blame the humans, and Jeff Abel in particular? What if Jordan human, tricked in to helping the Greys Irving, and yes they have individual names so not X-Files where the conspiracy is to hide alien presence, but instead conspiracy by alien in [...]

  • Matthew Bird

    The book isn't badly written. The story is fairly interesting and the characters are OK. But that's the issue with this book. Most of it is just 'fairly average'.The start of the novel is the best bit. The aliens keep trying to make contact, but somehow keep getting killed in various Earthly accidents. Sadly, the novel doesn't keep this fast-paced and rather humorous thread going throughout.Jeff is introduced with an interesting backstory. He is keeping away from computers and worried about bein [...]

  • ALbi

    I would like to suggest this book to all Science Fiction readers. It's original and well written, fun and interesting, lovely and strange characters and creatures. The “Happy Alien Welcome Committee” reviews and accepts Alien civilizations since its foundation, now it's time to meet the Humans

  • Marcell

    I was expecting a funny story with a title like this and that's what I got. It had it's funny moments that made me laugh and the main characters were also likable. The description of the (very alien) locations and species were good, I had a good time trying to imagine the places where the events took place. Unfortunately, the story itself was weak. It was super linear with the motivations of the main characters unclear. I had the feeling that everyone was just drifting with the events, except fo [...]

  • Angi Plant

    Independent Reviewer for Archaeolibrarian - I Dig Good Books!I usually enjoy alien tales, but it felt like the story was going round in circles for me. Maybe if the book was a little shorter it may have felt better to read? I found it a take on alien abduction that just smacked too much of having heard this before. I think had it a, been shorter and b, been a new theme on aliens it might have worked for me. Sorry Gerhard Gehrke.Having said this, I did like the character of Jeff, who did develop [...]

  • Nich Weidman

    So much wasted potential. Although the book leans heavily on the foundation laid by books like Hitchhiker's Guide, it tries to go it's own way. Fun humor and fascinating alien races abound, but not much is ever made of it.While the different races are really neat concepts, not much depth is found for any of them. A tense back story is teased for the protagonist, but we never find out anything about itwe don't even really find out why he was chosen for first contact or what the full motivation of [...]

  • Michael

    A federation of alien civilizations decide that it might be time to bring humans into the mix. So they pick a human to be their first contact - a human that turns out to be a conspiracy theorist, paranoid, homeless drifter who doesn't quite understand what's going on. First contact fails, as a series of ever more suspicious event kills off 10 waves of alien ambassadors. The result is, of course, for the aliens to decide to invade instead of make peace.Sound like a silly story? It's even sillier [...]

  • Peggy

    **SPOILER FREE**I don't even know what to say about this book other than you have to read it! I'm not really into SCI-FI. But I took the chance on this book and oh my goodness. It was a treat to come home know this book was waiting for me to read after a crazy day. It light in the sci-fi area as well as some humor to it. Needless to say I finished this book fairly quick from enjoying so much!*Received for an honest review*

  • Jonathan Markevich

    It was Ok. Props to the author for writing his first novel, he will undoubtedly hone his skill as time goes on.I found it a little long. It should have been edited down to pack more punch. It also couldn't decide whether it wanted to be a HHGTG style absurd plot or a lightly serious adventure tale. Either would have worked with more focus, but the blend of two was a little frustrating.

  • A.B. Shepherd

    I only read 74% of this book. I especially enjoyed the beginning when the aliens were attempting to make contact Jeff with. I enjoyed the quirkiness and humor of the story, but I coudn't relate to or connect with the characters and the quirkiness of it just wasn't enough to keep me going. After awhile it just didn't hold my interest and it felt really LONG.

  • Vesselin Bakov

    Starts great, but slows down a bit after the middle and gets to be a bit of a drag to be completed at the end. Still, a great debut novel for the author, with a few memorable characters (especially Oliop, who reminds me of Alf, being slightly mischievous but ultimately good and fun character).Also, I wish I could be where the book ended (hope this is not a spoiler).

  • Jill

    A waiter in a dead-end job in Nevada meets aliens who communicate mostly through odors. Although this is an interesting premise by first time author Gehrke, the story does not have the edginess or harrowing adventures normally found in a first contact situation. As in any conflict, there are the heroes, bad people, and violence.

  • Jordan

    This book was a pain to read. It was poorly written and lacked any humor (which one would expect from the title of the book). I gave it a chance. I read over a third of it. I haven't quit on a book in a long time, but this is unreadable.

  • Luke Zoromski

    Pretty good. It had some decent humor. Worth a read

  • Charlie Schluting

    Writing was a little poor (he did X, he did Y), but really great story and world building.

  • Jonathan Longman

    A decent romp, not mind blowing but enjoyable.

  • Edward Fowler

    Entertaining read with various aliens running into issues with contacting humans and eventually ending in some inter-species alien intrigue.

  • Carly Kirk

    I enjoyed this book so much! It kept me interested and entertained and I can't wait for the author to produce more!

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  • [PDF] Download ↠ A Beginner's Guide to Invading Earth | by Ó Gerhard Gehrke
    111 Gerhard Gehrke
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