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What happens when you go against the rules The rules in your world, the rules the whole of the gangland live by, and the rules you set as King of that world yourself Mason Fox teams up with his daughter, Katie, in a bid to bring back his little warrior from the hell she finds herself in But it s set in stone that squealers always pay with their lives And now Mason mWhat happens when you go against the rules The rules in your world, the rules the whole of the gangland live by, and the rules you set as King of that world yourself Mason Fox teams up with his daughter, Katie, in a bid to bring back his little warrior from the hell she finds herself in But it s set in stone that squealers always pay with their lives And now Mason must hand his life over just so that his soulmate can once again taste freedom However, what he doesn t understand is that Katie Fox doesn t live by rules The Mafia s rules, her own father s rules, or anyone s come to that The only rules Katie follows is that of her trusted lust for revenge Free spirits know no fear And with no fear comes slaughter and harmony The only two laws that Katie understands Sometimes, love is just that little bit too ferocious.

  • Title: Decay
  • Author: D.H. Sidebottom
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 167
  • Format: Kindle Edition

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  • Nikki Levy

    OMG!!!!Seriously OMG!!!The Fox's are back and don't you just know it!!WOW Mason and Ava do what they do bestey have you sitting on the edge of your seatey have you in tears they have you screaming at your kindle. THEY JUST HAVE YOU!!!.Wow what a ride at one stage i wanted to jump off because i didn't think my kindle would survive, i didn't think my mental state would survive but holy mac DHS does it againis is book 13 in one totally amazing outstanding awesome series, you'd think after 12 books [...]

  • Charlie✰ WLTB Blog ✰

    Life for the Foxes never going to be the same! Mason and Ava Forever <3I really don’t know what to say! I was so lost for words with this book once I finished. Sigh……It is heart breaking in parts, Steamy in other parts and the roller coaster of a ride we are put through is Typical with Mason and Ava…. Ava and Mason will suffer the ultimate betrayal. Will their lives ever be the same again? Who will walk away intact? The fox’s and friends are about to have their Life’s torn apart, [...]

  • K.A. Graham

    I will never get tired of my beloved Fox family, and their years of shenanigans they’ve given us. They truly have my entire heart, and have made me an absolute emotional mess on many occasions. Ava and Mason are back once again, with the whole gang intact, and one phone call sets a tailspin of chaos, heartache, and betrayal in action. Ava as always, is the epitome of a strong and determined mother, wife and friend. She protects what’s hers at all costs, and has Mason reeling at her latest en [...]

  • Diane Yoskowitz

    After 13 books in this series I still can't get enough of this series! I LOVE THE FOX'S! I'm addicted to their story. I mean how much misfortune and drama can one family have. I'm an emotional wreck, but I'm also loving Mason & Ava and how they are there for one another. Decay has so much going on that all you can do is hold on and enjoy the ride. You need to read this! You need to have tissues! You need to have bubble wrap on your e-reader! You need to try to calm down when your heart is be [...]

  • Jo Conway

    How happy are we all to be getting more of #TeamFox!!!!Wow Decay is a fast paced, action packed thrill seeking read-seriously it should come with a warning to your health!!!!D H Sidebottom wastes no time & jumps straight into a story that had me white knuckled & gasping for air. Now into the 13th book of the HoS/NSC series & she still delivers amazing new twists, these characters & plots just get better & more intense!What do you do when the world as you know it starts to cru [...]

  • Cranky - The Book Curmudgeon

    ***** 5 Cranky Stars *****I love the Fox family and their shenanigans. They're some of my favorites to catch up with.Ava and Mason are back, bringing the whole gang with them. All it takes is one phone call to unleash a chain of events resulting in chaos, heartache, and betrayal.Ava is a strong woman, defending her own like a mama bear. How she protects what's hers leaves Mason reeling. We also catch a glimpse of little Katie Fox. My, has she grown up. She finds herself in the middle of a war an [...]

  • R.f. Greenwood

    I loved being back with the Fox's after so long!Mason and Ava still at large being their normal selves.Katie surprised me, I'm not sure why considering her parents. But still i got a shock with her.George surprised me alot too, i feel like I've been on a long holiday and i haven't caught up with everything yet. I feel like i need to go back to where it all began and refresh my mind but hey, i wouldn't survive with sanity if i read the series a second time and neither would my kindle ;)As always [...]

  • Vickie

    Ava and Mason Fox are back!!! With the rest of the heart of stone gang!! What can I say about Decay? This full series is a roller coaster of emotions and Decay is no different. This has and always will be one of my all time favourite series. These characters are like my friends. I feel like I've lived their lives with them. Just when you think everything's settled down it all blows up again. With a phone call setting things in motion, Ava and Masons lives get turned upside down. Ava, as usual, p [...]

  • Terri Turner

    Hold on tight for an emotional roller coaster ride with the Fox's once again. Book 13 in the Heart Of Stone/ NSC Industries series and what a ride it is !!!Oh my days, I couldn't believe what I was reading- glued to every page well into the night I was engrossed, so many different emotions flowed from each page I turned. One minute I was shocked, the next angry, the next heartbroken and crying and elated in parts, there was even the odd laugh. I adore Mason, and Ava his "Little warrior" can do n [...]

  • booklover

    Ok, so, i've got to review this book without filling the review with expletives but at the same time making sure i get my feelings across.Firstly ~ HOW my kindle isn't in a million pieces after this book, well i honestly don't know !!So many times i sat cursing up a storm at things that happened and how certain characters acted and the stupidity of their actions.Secondly ~ I did need tissues at times, not just because i was sad at what happened to some characters but also because i was so damned [...]

  • Anne Milne

    This is a series you get invested in, your emotions, your heart, I've cried more tears over these characters than any others and at times I'm sure I lost my sanity over them so many times. They are not just a family they're a dynasty but how much heartache can they take, when does one more hit be the one that blows everything apart. The loss and betrayals just keep coming, who will be left standing when the dust settles. I love Ava and Mason but Katie Fox I LOVE her we see just how much like the [...]

  • Katie Theobald

    It felt like forever waiting for the latest installment of Heart of Stone, one of my very most favourite series.It wouldn’t be HoS without the violence, death and destruction and the totally hot sex shared by my favourite glorious b****ard and his little warrior, but WOW what an emotional rollercoaster ride Decay has been.Dawn has another huge success with a fantastic edition, I'm a blubbering mess at the end and will look forward to more in the future, hopefully.

  • Theresa Shaw

    Fantastic book Dawn I have always loved heart of stones books but this one was amazing loved it so much was great to read mason and ava again , loving katie can't wait to read her book , heart of stones books are a must read

  • diana Scott

    I really don't know where to start when it comes to reviewing Decay . I will start by saying that The Heart of stone series is my all time favourite series and that will never change. We've come along way in our journey with Mason and Ava Fox not all of it good , we've had the bad and the ugly too and Decay is no exception . For me Decay was the hardest for me to read, bitter sweet almost because for me we really do say goodbye in one shape or another the Fox's and the gang. At times for me Deca [...]

  • Traci

    I put off writing this review because this book COMPLETELY BLEW ME AWAY !!! I wanted to make sure I had my words right doesn't matter I guess, nothing I say is going to do this book justice. 13 books . 13 you expect it to get old but DH Sidebottom, DOES NOT GET OLD !!!! Mason Fox DOES NOT GET OLD !!! This is one of the best yet in this series .This one broke me a little . I could not put this down. I wasn't expecting some of what i got NOT. AT. ALL. I was like OH MY GOD, HOLY CRAP ~~~ NO FREAK [...]

  • Rock Hard Romance

    "Our Lives crumbled right before all of us and no amount of hope or prayers would ever fix it again."YesThe Foxes are back!!Mason and 'his little warrior'Ava are,as ever the powerful couple they have always been,but with this latest in the HOS Series,will destroy not only them,but their children Katie and George,those close to them. with Us who have followed their journey from the start-with no chance of anything being the same EVER again!!As far as plot goes,I won't say much so as not to spoil [...]

  • Lindsey Melia

    I don't know why I'm surprised. Dhs sickness knows no bounds. But every time I'm shocked at how much she guts me. This book had me scared and I hadn't even got it yet. Just knowing more Mason and Ava, along with the gang was coming had me.on tenderhooks. I felt like i was buzzing when I first cracked it open And then she cracked open my heart :( Why DH, why do you hate us so much!? In the same breathe I wanna scream at you yet hug you as we. You gave us such a beautiful love story that feels lik [...]

  • Michele Mckenzie

    I absolutely love D H Sidebottom's books and the Heart of Stone series is no exceptionI've been waiting with baited breath for more of the Fox's for a long time and as usual I wasn't disappointed. If you like Mason and Ava then you'll love Katie! If you hated Kade (at first) and Steed then you'll detest George. I could not put this down, constantly thirsty for more but that thirst never getting quenched. Katie is a perfect mix of both Mason and Ava with Mason thinking she is the perfect lady and [...]

  • Sarah Book Obsessed Kinnard

    HOLY FUCK DAWN!!!! I really thoughts I really thought you were gonna completely break me there for a minute !! Damn you!! My heart was screaming and my brain was cursing You to hell !!! Amazing as always, I don't know how many times I've heard u say it's the last book in the series or the next one is the last one, but I believe u this time which is sad. But inevitable, all story's have to come to an end eventually. Thank you for this amazing series u really know how to get a girls emotions all o [...]

  • Leigh Black

    I absolutely love The Heart of Stone/NSC SeriesAva and Masons journeys have been nothing but spectacular .The whole get on this roller coaster grab a survival kit and hope you last the ride definitely applies to these books.The return of Mason And Ava with all of other favourite characters in this series. This book not unlike the others is jam pack filled with gut wrenching heart ache and the worst kind of betrayal and the force of love that will have an impact on you like you've hit a wall.Maso [...]

  • Heather Cavanaugh

    This is one of my favorite series of all time and this book didn’t disappoint. This is book 13 in the series. The Fox’s are just amazing. Love them!!! Katie is a mix between Mason and Ava stone cold and hardcore. You should make sure you grab your Kleenex’s and prepare yourself for a rollercoaster Fox style. You will never be the same when you finish reading this. Can’t wait to read more on Katie in the next book. Received an advance readers copy in exchange for an honest review. Reviewe [...]

  • Donna

    Jesus, you almost broke my heart, so happy you didn't go the route you were heading. I LOVE MASON His love for Ava, there are no words. My favorite character of all time, favorite series ever. Thier love had no bounds, unconditional, soul bearing, to the core pure devotion love.Sexiest man and couple ever. I happy with how this turned out. George needed to pay, always blaming Mason and everyone else, always the victim, never hes fault, he dug his hole, he deserved everything he got!!!This was fa [...]

  • Linda

    I have been reading this series since it started & I gotta say I am so glad I kept going. You would think after 12 books how much further can you go with it. All the books are great but I think Dawn went to so many different levels with this one that for me this was by far the best of the series. If you haven't read this series you really need to get on this & ALL of her other books. This is an author that you don't want to walk away from.

  • Amanda

    Absolutely brilliant, I am in awe, this series just goes one better with every torturous instalment, where on earth is your mind at Dawn??I'm quite speechless, I think you're taking Mason and Ava one way, then bang I'm thrown off and as for the twins, my God talk about twists and turns, my heart ached for every single Fox at some point throughout this brutally brilliant written story.A must read, but be prepared, it'll tear you apart.

  • Natasha Harvey

    I found some words, finally.Passion. Intense. Dark. Revenge. Devastation. Heartbreak. Love. Family.Oh my. Dawn REALLY did it this time. Yep!!!No words can really describe. Justad the damn book. Feel your love for Ava & Mason resurface, stronger than ever.Katie, you rock girl!!!!! I want more!!!

  • Nicola

    If I could rate this book higher then a 5 star read it would be a 10. Wow. Just wow. I almost wet myself when this appeared on my kindle. As always dawn never fails to keep the reader interested and wanting just one more chapter before bedtime. To date this as to be one of my favourite in the series

  • Marcia Carter

    SpeechlessI love Mason ,Ava and all the brilliant characters in this series. I just knew stuff was going down in this book and wow it really did. Little spoiler you will cry probably shouldn't read at work like me. Cannot wait for the next book. This author is amazingly awesome with all her books.

  • Ashley

    I feel cheated! I love, love, LOVE the interactions between Mason and Kade. So I feel cheated when theirs was glossed over. I need more Mason & Kade!!!! Hell, they opened my eyes to mmf, now I'm addicted to porn

  • Sian davies

    I absolutely love this series and this book didn't disappoint!.I won't give anything away but will finish by saying I can't wait for the next book.

  • Sakura (✪㉨✪)

    Too dark. Such violence and death. It was almost unthinkable.

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