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By Kaily Hart | Comments: ( 977 ) | Date: ( Jun 06, 2020 )

For Nash Carmichael, this downtime was meant to be like any other Pick a random city and settle in for some much needed RR of the adult variety Except Nash didn t count on meeting Lexi He d written her off as too young, too blonde and too cute for his brand of entertainment until her smart mouth intrigues the hell out of him Alexis Lexi Ryan might be outwardlyFor Nash Carmichael, this downtime was meant to be like any other Pick a random city and settle in for some much needed RR of the adult variety Except Nash didn t count on meeting Lexi He d written her off as too young, too blonde and too cute for his brand of entertainment until her smart mouth intrigues the hell out of him Alexis Lexi Ryan might be outwardly tough and plenty sarcastic, a byproduct of her crappy childhood, but it s pretty much all for show Fact is, she s got a big ass problem one she s kept from everyone, one she hasn t been able to solve on her own So how then does the hot, gorgeous, it s just sex guy manage to zero right in on it And somehow fix it Nash s only permanent place is a storage unit he hasn t checked in over five years and that s just how he likes it The sex with Lexi is plenty hot and dirty just how he likes it but it s sweet too, and not just that Soon he s trying to remember why he vowed never to be pinned down by anything or anyone.

  • Title: Pin Down
  • Author: Kaily Hart
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 263
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

Kaily Hart

Kaily Hart, a seemingly straight laced mother of four left corporate America and a high powered, lucrative career to be a stay at home mom Ha That lasted about four weeks, during which time she realized she had a deeply repressed dream to write Romance By day, Kaily plays conservative wife and soccer mom, but at night crafts hot and steamy tales of romance and love with gorgeous heroes who wouldn t dream of leaving the toilet set up Ever She s smart and sassy, at least in her own mind, and is trying her best to bring the alpha male solidly back to contemporary romance Two years ago she never would have thought she d be doing this, but now that she is It just feels so right.

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Comments Pin Down

  • Ally

    Quick. Ok. Nothing earth shaking hereFine story but the big moment where the hero saves the heroine happens behind closed doors or rather off stage. That was a bit of a letdown. Nonetheless, didn't mind the read. Would have liked more. Read for the URR 2018 New Years Challenge, 28. Military Romance

  • Jen_C

    Not what I expected from the blurb. Not sure how to explain. I liked the beginning, but then the style lost me and I thought the cursing was overdone. The side story of her stalker is mentioned but resolved "off screen"Anyway, not my cuppa.

  • Dorsey aka ❤️ Wrath Lover Reviews❤️

    Review to come.

  • Sommertime

    This was a great quick read. I've read and re-read this book multiple times and I love it! Nash and Lexi are complicated and sexy. There were a few things that would have benefited from a longer book but overall a wonderful romantic story.

  • Hot Reading Mom

    Short read; but good. No cliffhanger. Nash connects with a young woman. There is a bit of suspense but it is just a minor, really minor, part of the story.

  • Erika

    Another fabulous story by Kaily Hart!!! Oh and another hunky BBF in Nash!!!!***I received an ARC of Pin Down by Kaily Hart for an honest review.**I have said this before, but Kaily Hart is a genius when it comes to my BBFs!!! He men are all so different, except they are all very much the Alpha Males we all love and desire. And Nash is no different. Though he did add an element of a**hole to him initially, he was rude, and a bit selfish. But the fact that he realized all the mistakes he made on h [...]

  • Jill

    This was a poorly written book. It had potential but the editing was a travesty and the complete collapse of the plot was unacceptable. The story is about a foxy jerk military guy who is rude to a "Welcome Home" volunteer at the airport. Later in the evening he intervenes when he sees her get cornered at a club. She gives him a ride home, one thing leads to another and another falls short in delivering the goods yadda yadda yadda. Their paths cross again and there is a hint towards a stalking pr [...]

  • Tarsha

    I really enjoyed this book. It was a nice quick easy read. Lexi and Nate first meet at an airport. He's in the military and she there to welcome them home. Of course they don't start off on the right front because Nate is an ass to her at the very beginning. They probably thought they would never see each other and again but of course they do. Nate and her are at the same bar and he sees her dancing. Later on he rescues her from an unpleasant situation, he gets a bit injured and she takes him ba [...]

  • Lindap

    I needed something quick and mindless, and Pin Down fit the bill. No major character building, but enough to keep me interested. It was decent for a novella.

  • Donna Mcaleer

    Pin DownLove these men out of uniform books as I love an ex military man, specifically special forces!!! Nash and Lexi, it started as just sex, great, hot sex!!!! Will they find their way to commitment?? Great story, loved Nash so much and Lexi was quite sarcastic and funny, a good read, worth the five stars and more,

  • Gucci Girl

    3 StarsPin Down was a quick short story. The characters were interesting, Nash male lead and Lexi female lead. I loved the humor, the sexy time but at times I was confused on which characters point of view I was getting. One minute it was Lexi's POV and the next sentence would Nash's POV. Overall good story!! Happy Reading!!!

  • Karen

    A cold one and a hugI started the series with book four and was hooked, checking this book out of the KU library to read next. It's a quick, easy read. Characters are developed slowly, the relationship follows a predictable course, and there's a nice HEA at the end. I like that there isn't a lot of 'headspace' or repetition and that the characters are likable, if sometimes insufferable. Next up is book two.

  • kim

    Fun readNot at all what I was expecting! Fun flirty and romantic!!! Def. Worth reading , wish it was alot longer. Can't wait to move on in this series. I loved Lexi she s great and Nash is just . whew ! Lotsa fun!!!

  • Dina

    GreatI really enjoyed reading this new series. I can't wait to get my hands on what comes next. This characters are awesome

  • Patricia

    Heart felt love Different from normal romances we the readers actually share the pain of these two lovers as they battle with life and live interesting Novel

  • sfc

    Fast Didn't stop until I finished. Good consistent characters who interacted believably. Enough conflict and growth to keep things interesting. Loved the dialogue.

  • Desire For Lit

    Review is up at desireforlit/2017/12/26/piMyn

  • Melinda Kaye

    I really enjoyed this story, and am looking forward to the rest. It wasn't very long, it wasn't literature, but it was a great romance with two good people, and a great HEA.

  • Suszet Roberts

    LovedOmg the things that comes out of Lexi mouth, I loved the storyline some unexpected twists and turns. The chemistry was scorching

  • Debbie Lawrence

    Nash and Lexi.I loved the story of two loners who managed to find each other and find an attraction to want to stay together.

  • Sleepless Beauty

    Amazeballs!Truly 5 stars. For a book that was shorter than I am used to this one was the perfect length. It had all the feels. Anger, angst, lust then love. A hot ex-military guy and a sassy girl make for some chemistry. He can't commit and she won't back down. Got to read it!

  • Sara Long

    The preview blurb didn’t line up as succinctly with the actual story as it could/should have, but that aside, I enjoyed reading this novella. Lexi was genuine, outspoken, sassy and relatable. She wasn’t a rich snob or experiencing angst or harboring some deep-rooted problem. (The texting threats Lexi had been receiving seemed to be tossed in there for effect. If this had been a longer book and not a novella, it may have served a more effective plot role.) Nash was a big, handsome, arrogant a [...]

  • Teresa Rosenberg

    I'm no prude but this just was not my cup of tea. It read like a (male-centric) porn to me. The barest skeleton of a plot (think pizza boy delivering to hot sorority chicks) and went straight into sex, and lots of sex, and still more sex, most of which seemed designed more for a man's pleasure than a woman's, yet of course the willing heroine gamely gets off on it, easily and repeatedly, till finally, improbably, love blossoms, et voila, happily ever after. Combine that with the grating millenia [...]

  • Rose Baker

    Good readPin Down was a good, easy read. The characters were OK. Not as well developed as they could have been. The storyline was a little disappointing, there was all this build up about someone sending Lexi obscene text messages, Nash demanding information so that he can take care of the problem for her, and then it crashed and burned. It was like listening to a great song for the first time and waiting on the tremendous bass drop, but it never happens. I'm really glad the book was free, I wou [...]

  • Gskm

    Good oneThis was good. Hot sexy alpha and sassy female who doesn't put up with his attitude but gives a bit of her own. I feel bits of the story was rushed like the part of who was sending the texts although was explained, it could have had more detail. This was still a very good story. My favorite is still Nail Down. I really like the way this author writes her characters. I have a whole range of emotions while reading. Really good writing.

  • K.R. Reese

    Omfg! I fell in love with military romances from the moment I read my first one. Since then, I've found a dozen more. Some involve active duty while others are retired military men who fall in love. But NOTHING compares to Pin Down. It's sexy, classy, and ultimately heart breaking at some points. There's emotion and feelings that bring tears to your eyes. Definitely reading the rest of the novels starting now.

  • Sandra Hobson

    IntenseBold intense . Quick read wish had been more detailed in between scene with background to paint a all around pic . can understand difficulty with the adjustment Back into life after rough starts in life and surviving to commit. The details in between are just a s important as the sex scenes. .

  • Lori

    Pin DownThis is a really good story. I enjoyed reading about this couple. There was one part in the story where the heroine is being stalked, but that story line is glazed over. We are told of the issue, and later of the result. I would have like to read about it as it happened. Men out of Uniform is an intriguing series, and I look forward to book 2.

  • Barbara Evans

    Good reading Jake is on leave and mets Lexie. Hot, steamy sex ensues. Then it's time for him to go. Of course there's more to this tale than that. Guess you will just have to read it. You won't be disappointed if you like your heroes tall dark and handsome. I gave this 4 stars because it's almost the perfect romance.

  • Jos

    4-4.5 Solid StarsThis was a pretty quick read and I really liked it a lot! My first book by this author and certainly not my last:) Nash and Lexi really lit up my Kindle and as much as I liked it a lot, I would have liked a bit more time with them:) IU look forward to the next story for sure!

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  • [PDF] Download ↠ Pin Down | by ☆ Kaily Hart
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