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Secret lives, hidden dreams, and forbidden sex in the Old West what s a woman of nobility to do when a handsome rancher tears through her world like an Owyhee dust devil A British AristocratOr is she Lady Pearl Montford has performed in theatres all over the West for crowds of all sizes, but what would the world say if her secret was found out that she s really plain oldSecret lives, hidden dreams, and forbidden sex in the Old West what s a woman of nobility to do when a handsome rancher tears through her world like an Owyhee dust devil A British AristocratOr is she Lady Pearl Montford has performed in theatres all over the West for crowds of all sizes, but what would the world say if her secret was found out that she s really plain old Pearl Jane Evans from Kentucky To make matters worse, Pearl s past life as a professional trick rider is floating to the surface thanks to an unsavory suitor from her past who wants either her or 10,000.A Frustrated RancherRugged Josh McKinnon has a ranch to build and blooded horses due in any day, but there s one problem standing between him and his dream Lady Montford, a high falutin diva actress Wrangled into playing opposite the snooty Brit in Shakespeare s Much Ado about Nothing, Josh has to put his ranch on hold and put up with her nonsense for two weeks Only thing is how can he focus on his ranch when all he can think about is the way Pearl sits a horse Much Ado About Love With a slew of critters causing stirs left and right, meddling family members and townsfolk playing cupid, and horse rustlers causing a ruckus, Pearl and Josh have a heck of a time keeping their minds on the play and their hands off each other When the dust settles and the curtain falls, will Pearl and Josh be able to overcome the odds working against them and find love in the wild Idaho countryside

  • Title: Much Ado About Mustangs
  • Author: Jacquie Rogers
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  • Page: 356
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Jacquie Rogers

I m a former software designer, campaign manager, deli clerk, and cow milker, but always a bookworm Check out my zany, outside the box western series, Honey Beaulieu Man Hunter It s full of western action and pickles Yes, I said pickles.For a romantic read, try my western historical romance series, Hearts of Owyhee Hearts of Owyhee.Detra Fitch of Huntress Reviews says Jacquie Rogers writes some of the best Historical Romances on today s marketAbsolutely fantastic Need a quick HEA fix Try Willow, Wish For Me, a short story set in the Old West magic, romance, and fun all wrapped up in one package Non fiction Ann Charles and I are co authors of two non fiction books Nail It The Secret to Building an Effective Fiction Writer s Platform Level 1 Laying the Foundation, and Growing Your Audience Workbook for Published, Unpublished, and Under published Writers.

Comments Much Ado About Mustangs

  • Cissie

    Much Ado About MagicJacquie Rogers makes magic happen on the pages of this book as we read about Josh and Pearl. Pearl is not who she appears to be but is a whole lot more than Josh expects! She can outwit and outplay the many men who vie for her attention. Josh is looking for peace and quiet as he buys a ranch and recovers from a recent injury. Thanks to his scheming family, that's just not happening. Instead, he has to protect his leading lady, no matter how annoying she is.This story keeps yo [...]

  • Jan Woodruff dobbins

    I am a great fan of Jacquie Rogers books she hit the mark again with this book. I don’t think this author could write a bad book if her life depended on it.Her characters are well formed and it takes no time at all to forget that you are reading a book. You are in her world right there with Pearl, Josh and Jasper. You laugh when something funny happens and you hold your breath and read quickly when something exciting is happening. I didn’t find any lag time. To me the book kept me involved a [...]

  • Julia David

    Josh only wants to get his ranch up and running, but first he has to be in play with a snooty actress named Lady Jane Montford. Lady Jane is really Pearl Jane. She and her family had a trick riding act until her father had an accident that almost killed him. She and her twin brother started traveling around acting in plays all around the West so that they could raise enough money to buy a ranch and settle down. It was all planned and working until an old "suitor" shows up and causes trouble. The [...]

  • Heather Chargualaf

    Just loved this one. What happens when Pearl comes to town as Lady Pearl a Noble English woman but really is just plain old Pearl who loves horses and wants to settle on her own ranch. Josh just wants his bit of land to so he can raise horses and live out the dream. Not when he has to stay by Pearls side every minute to protect her. Gotta love the story as it takes you on the Pearl/Josh journey that will have you not wanting to put it down.

  • Elaina

    What a great book! This is not the normal genre that I read, but I was gifted Much Ado About Marshalls (book 2) and I have been hooked on this series ever since. This story is about Josh McKinnon (brother of Kade in Much Ado About Mavericks) and Pearl Jane Evans, aka Lady Pearl Montford. Josh is trying to start his own horse ranch when Lady Montford, a famous British actress, rolls into town on the stage to play the lead in the town's production of Much Ado About Nothing. While recovering from a [...]

  • Bernice W.

    I looooooved this book, and I have to be truthful -- I don't generally read romance, however, I am SO glad that I decided to give this book a try because I would have missed out on a great book!! I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the series! I was very pleased with the pacing. I have a tendency to get bored easily and it was so nice to be able to read along without feeling like it was started to drag. Lady Montford was quite a snob while her brother, Jasper, was anything but. I complete [...]

  • Liette Bougie

    Much Ado About Mustangs is the fifth novel in Jacquie Roger’s Hear of Owyhee Series and, in my humble opinion, her best – mind you, the others were all very good but this one? Well this tops them all.I was lucky enough to be one of the beta readers for this book and as soon as it came out, I one-clicked it. What’s not to like in this story? Nothing, absolutely nothing. It has everything, from mystery to romance with many stops in the humoristic department. It’s simply impossible not to l [...]

  • Shirl

    Josh and Pearl's StoryJosh and Pearl were great for each other. He was suppose to watch and protect her, but he would much rather be building his corrals and barn on his new half of a ranch for his Friesians and Mustang horses he will be breeding.Pearl is a down to earth girl, who loves animals and wants to be at her new half of a ranch her and her brother bought, but she has obligations in the theater playing the part of a fancy lady.There are a lot of fun surprises and events that make this st [...]

  • jane pearson

    Much ado about MustangsI love Jacquie's much ado about books they have wonderful characters in who you can't help but love they intermingled with the characters from previous books that keeps you up to date on how they doing, this book brings together Josh and Pearl Jane but not with out mishaps or trouble, and very informative regarding horses. Go on read this book ,you will love it

  • Caroline Clemmons

    I enjoy romance with action and adventure as well as a dose of humor. MUCH ADO ABOUT MUSTANGS has everything a reader can want.Josh McKinnon has just recovered from the gun shot he received in a previous book. He is out of sorts, though, because his family members have trapped him into playing the male lead in the local production of MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING, which will star the lovely and famous Lady Pearl Montford. He wants nothing to do with a snobby British woman, especially not after she insu [...]

  • Aleen ~Lampshade Reader

    Durn tootin'! This was a fabulous read! I haven't read too many Western romances but this would be a good series to start with. Although it's book 5 in the series, it reads like a standalone. All the characters from the previous books were in there, however you did not need to know about them for the story to make sense. It was purely about Pearl and Josh. I could not put this book down and when I did, I wanted to know what would happen next. I even stopped doing my household chores to satisfy m [...]

  • Christine Woinich

    This was a fun read and a hard one to put down once I got a chance to settle down to read. You have a heroine, Pearl, who is not what she appears to be at first, but she slowly lets others in on her secret, especially Josh. He has been assigned to "protect" her and figures out her secret. Unbeknownst to both, the entire town is betting on when they will get married. I really enjoyed Pearl Jane during her more-down-to-earth moments like when she is riding and protecting herself. She is not afraid [...]

  • Alexandra

    The combination of Shakespeare and Western caught my interest and it is a very interesting plot idea, to be sure. More than once I laughed out loud and the similarities to the Shakespearean play are very nicely done. But there was much too much scheming going on in this village for my taste and the plot was too constructed, too often too obvious, for my liking. Apart from that it was a nice story with likeable characters and sweet romantic scenes - I especially liked their part one, two, three a [...]

  • Jo Ann Reinhold

    This is my first Much Ado book by Jacquie Rogers and all I can say is that I loved it! Not my normal read but I'm starting to question what my "normal" is now because as I find new authors I am continually stretching to new genre's. This is a period western and takes me back to my childhood when the old west and cowboys were my television stapleI loved them then and with Jacquie's story telling I find that I love them now!These characters are fresh and full of fun with writing that pulls you rig [...]

  • Bobbie Sue

    I have read the whole series and was not disappointed with the latest addition. What can go wrong when a trick rider and her twin brother decide to pretend they are British actors and travel around doing shows? They have decided to buy a ranch and give up the acting. Their grandfather has a plan of his own. There are a lot of adventures and I laughed out loud in many places. I recommend you give this series a try, you won't be disappointed. I received a copy of this book for an honest review.

  • Mercedes

    Amazing What do you get when you have Mustangs, Fresians, Cossacks, Shakespeare and bad guys Much Ado About Mustangs. This is another great installment in the Hearts of Owyhee series. Jacquie Rogers has done it once again, she penned another book that kept me up into the wee hours of the morning, she has gotten me in trouble with my husband for laughing so loud while he as sleeping. You cannot miss with this book

  • Karlee

    When Lady Montford comes to town to perform at the theatre as the female lead, the Sheriff learns that there someone who follows her to each town she travels. He places a rancher, Josh, who will be the male lead to watch over her as protection. Both Lady Montford and Josh have a distaste for one another but will they end up falling for each other in the end? Will they be able to find the one that threatens Lady Montford as well?

  • Connie Brown

    Jacquie Rogers has given us another great view of the place and characters of Owyhee County. She brings the characters to life in unique ways. I get so caught up with them I forget to stop and see other things. The description of the events, characters and countryside is enthralling. I would recommend this read to adults but it is a good one.

  • Libby Talley

    Jacquie Rogers has written a very interesting book with Much Ado About Mustangs. It starts out a bit slow as it introduces the characters, but picks up pace quickly. Then before you know it's hot and steamy with tempers flaring, passions burning, and actions showing. It's a must read for any genre, whether Western, Romance, and/or Action.

  • Kristen Gough

    This is an interesting love story that I enjoyed reading even though it's not what I typically read. The characters are engaging and there's enough going on here that it kept my interest the entire time. I was pleasantly surprised by this well written story and I recommend this to anyone to read. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

  • Marilyn

    I have read all the books in this series and I believe this one to be the best yet. I loved the characters. I enjoyed the interaction between the two main characters. I loved the respect and dignity of the main male character when in positions that could have resulted in other outcomes. It had some great family values also.

  • Vickie Raynor

    Exciting and fast. Josh and Pearl find first love and a whole lot of trouble. Everything goes wrong with gunfire at every turn. The strong and determined characters make this story impossible to put down!

  • Elizabeth Iavasile

    This book was very fun and fast paced. The characters are lovable. This is the fifth book in a series that has been nothing but enjoyable. Would highly recommend this series to anyone that enjoys old west action and historical romance.

  • Casie

    Great western romance! Quite a few comedic and thrilling moments for Pearl and Josh. Can't wait to read the rest of the series! I love the build ups and the knowledge that the author has of horses. Pearl is a wonderful character and full of life. Josh has a great honorable personality. Great read!

  • Jacquie

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