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By Wolf Specter | Comments: ( 587 ) | Date: ( Jan 19, 2020 )

The Mating Ball used to be a yearly event where bachelor Alpha werewolves meet potential mates, but now it s a party mostly used to hook up with as many people as you can Ethan, one of the humans hired to entertain the werewolves, goes into the event with only one expectation getting paid for having fun The prospect of maybe meeting an Alpha female is only a bonus Max,The Mating Ball used to be a yearly event where bachelor Alpha werewolves meet potential mates, but now it s a party mostly used to hook up with as many people as you can Ethan, one of the humans hired to entertain the werewolves, goes into the event with only one expectation getting paid for having fun The prospect of maybe meeting an Alpha female is only a bonus Max, a successful Alpha, has been getting pressure from all sides to settle down and prove his Alpha genes Two problems he doesn t believe that the Mating Ball works and he is only interested in men Once there, he meets Ethan, who catches his attention immediately, but the man insists that he isn t gay, or interested in Max As the ball comes to an end, the two men can no longer deny their attraction and take off together Only to wake up to a very special surprise Omega s Fate is a first time gay romance, with unprotected steamy action This story contains male pregnancy Mpreg.

  • Title: Omega's Fate
  • Author: Wolf Specter
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 123
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

Wolf Specter

Growing up, Wolf believed there was a ghost in his attic To this day, he still believes that ghost creeps out of the shadows from time to time He wishes it would say hello.Wolf s stories explore the complicated, sensual bonds between men There are always happy endings just as there is always a dash of otherworldly delight.His work is exclusive to.

Comments Omega's Fate

  • SheReadsALot

    A freebie I read to decompress from the last book I read. Wasn't expecting much, hopefully mindless KNOTTING and growling?Not so. Instead there is a plot, awkward phrasing and a straight college graduate who can't help taking to gay sex with a gay, geeky, not handsome Alpha.Oh and the formerly straight, former college student is humand unknowingly an omega.For all the story's faults, I couldn't stop reading. Even as I grimaced.Ends with a cliffhanger. I'm totally reading the next book, I might e [...]

  • Katrina Passick Lumsden

    Hahaha, OMG, this is stupid. I don't even care what happens. I'm not gonna read the next one. It ends on the cliffhanger that Ethan is pregnant, and I just don't care. Lol.

  • Meags

    3 Stars Ethan is pregnant. Oh dear indeed. Bahaha! You're just going to end it on that note?! Well, fine!! *scurries off to read book two*

  • Susan

    Mpreeeeeeeeeeeg.Not the best series I’ve read about this subject.I wish I felt the connection between Max and Ethan more.Max is an alpha. He meets Ethan at a party and it turns out they’re mates. It’s quite unique with Max being a werewolf and Ethan being human.Ethan is not all on board the mates-for-life train yet, so he is very cautious. After all, before he met Max he was straight as an arrow.The two have sex (fastest straight->gay acceptance I’ve ever read). But a couple of hours [...]

  • Jennifer☠Pher☠

    I read book one and two back to back because I just don't know how you could not and now just found out there is a third book! (I fixed the series in case anyone else missed it)Not the best Shifter book out there but I was entertained and wanted to know what would happen next. Cheesy in the best way so all is good. But really, Mpreg and Magic? Yeah, fun.Off to grab book three!

  • Makhda

    3.5 starsInsta love-lust. If it's PNR I don't mind that one bit.

  • Jeanne 'Divinae'

    Ethan is a human who is need of some financial assistance. What better why then attend a ball full of Alphas, find a female(because he's straight), hook up for the night and he gets ten thousand dollars. A win-win in his book.Then the ball actually begins and he realizes it's all about who you know and it much more about politics. He is quickly bored but then he meets Max.Max realizes Ethan, a human, is his mate. This is unheard of! But hey, it's what fate says, so he follows him around watching [...]

  • Aղցela W.

    This was a short quick read. Ethan one of the humans hired to entertain the werewolves, goes into the event with only one expectation: getting paid for having fun. The prospect of maybe meeting an Alpha female is only a bonus. Max is a successful Alpha male who is getting a lot of pressure to find a mate so he can lead his pack and to do that he must provide cubs which means he needs to find a female only he is interested in them because he is gay. While this book was well written I felt that it [...]

  • Tj

    Interesting. I thought I would not enjoy this so was prepared for that but in the end it was a "cute" book. I wouldn't say it was everyone's cup of tea but it was a short, fun read.

  • Jacq

    sweet read. just not enough depth.

  • Trench Ant

    The writing and story are decent. However, I can not call this a book or even a novella as what it really is: a few chapters that leads to the second book which also has a few chapters, which leads to the third, forth, fifth, etc books of the same. Write a BOOK author! This insanity of releasing a few chapters at time to increase sales by passing it off as a series is out of control! Author, you made the move to the publishing world. This is NOT Literotica or SOL where you get accolades for putt [...]

  • Aryaa Kinsley

    This is my first series from Wolf Specter and since I just finish a rather heart-wrenching book I want something sweet and cute. But what I got was HUH? what? seriously? He goes to a party a straight man to a pregnant man of an alpha CEO in one night? As far as accidental Mpreg story plot go okay, I guess I can accept that. They have sex and boom BABIES!! But what annoy me the most was a 40 pages per book. Considering the chronological timeline of which these books were published why not just ma [...]

  • Kelly

    It was refreshing to read this as I literally have just finished a similar book where a straight man has his first experience with another man. That book had the man knowing exactly what to do, feeling completely comfortable and it was entirely unrealistic. Whereas this book did a wonderful job with a man experiencing his first attraction toward another man, the uncertainty, denial, and awkwardness of it all. It was believable. I love a good shifter story and am now off to read book 2.

  • Lelyana

    Went to a party to have sex with an Alpha, and if he's fortunate, winning 10.000 Dollars. Ethan didn't expect he will sleep with Max, and Alpha male, richest Bachelor in town. What's scared Ethan is, he's straight!But he can't deny his attraction to Max, slept with him and Got pregnant!.What to dowhat to do???Their story continues in book 2.

  • K

    freebieoh dear straight human goes to a werewolf mating ball where he gets a bonus paid if he sleeps with an alpha. Only he doesn't really want to be there but find himself attracted to a male alpha goes off to his room and has sex and the next morning is pregnant erm yeah, mating ball is a nice idea but the rest not so much.

  • Christy

    Cute but definitely too short. Unfortunately, the author has left me hanging at the end so I'm going to have to, at least, buy book two to see if I enjoy it. Not 100 percent sure how I feel about that.Max is nice, Ethan is somewhat befuddled and the sex was only so-so.

  • Jana

    This ended on a cliffhanger but luckily I bought the box set. Starting on book two

  • Debby

    Wow what a cute bookThis book was recommend for me from , while the premises was cute the characters actually had some depth. I look forward to book two.

  • Elayne

    As the first in this series we get to know Ethan and Max. It was a quick enjoyable read and I'm looking forward to following this pair through their adventure s

  • Mark Mizell

    Great seriesI love the progression of this series. I can't wait for the next installment. I hope it continues for a while

  • Fan-girl

    This is a very short story. Not even a story more like the beginning of another book. It was very cute and fun but it's not a whole story. So be prepared to buy more books in the series if you want to know the ending.

  • Julie scott

    Omega's Fate (Mated to the Alpha#1)This was good I will be reading the next one in this series.And I think it will be just as good

  • Sadie Forsythe

    1.5You know how sometimes when you listen to an audiobook you can put it on faster than real life? That's what this story is like. The plot rockets at an unfollowable pace. The characters morph from screeching harpy, to sulking child, to hesitant lover, to enthusiastic lover, to morning sickness at light speed. The Mpreg is thrown in at the last as unbelievable attempt at a twist. The world isn't explained at all. I'm not even certain if Omegas are wolves or the humans who come to the party. I d [...]

  • Mike

    Interesting start to a wolfy, gay-for-you potential romanceJust the first installment, this shortish story of a human straight man falling into bed with a steady but quiet Alpha reads well, with a decent little story and interesting enough characters before the steam. The "surprise" at the end is a nice way to close the first chapter and enough of a tease for those (like me) who enjoyed it to continue on to the second.Despite the explicit name, there is an enjoyable story along with the heat.

  • blub

    Fairly good read. The concept of a ball to meet one's potential mate or just a safe place to hookup was pretty intriguing and something I hadn't seen so far in a Alpha/omega story. Also there nothing descriptive about any of the characters being a shifter although the term "alpha" and "omega" has been used here and there. The cover suggests this is a shifter tale but so far no dice. I do find myself wanting to read more and just getting to know Max and Ethan and seeing how they will deal with th [...]

  • Sassy Beta Reading & Review

    Read as part of the Taking Chances: Gay Romances book set.This was an okay story. Very short, with cliff hanger ending. Lucky for me, that book 2 is included in the book set as well. This one is super short. We are left with a lot of questions that I assume will be answered in book 2. A so-so story line. The characters are fine, their dialogue was okay and the descriptions to details were okay but could have been stronger. I'm hoping book 2 will clear up some things and book 1 will be more like [...]

  • Manuela

    ***2016 has been a very unstable year. Not only have I lost favourite role models in droves, I have been into dark places more times than I could count. Yes, I experienced highlights as well but the darkness has had a big impact this year and the only way to keep it at bay was reading, mass reading, back to back books with no stopping and no reviewing. I do apologize to all the writers that I won’t be able to review their books yet but I will get to it. Promise!***

  • Tristan

    3/5 It was a fun short read. With a cliffhanger of course. *sigh* Still, it was fun nonetheless. A bit weird tho, and I find it odd that (view spoiler)[ Ethan got sick right in the next morning. doesn't it usually take weeks for symptom to show up? Oh what do I know? (hide spoiler)]The pacing felt rush, but since it's such a short story it's forgivable. XD

  • Sue

    UnexpectedI normally don't read m/m books but picked this one up as the story line was interesting. I wasn't what to expect but it did surprise me. I'm sure to pick up the next part when I can as my attention has been caught.

  • Sandra Ramirez

    I liked this short story, the interaction between Ethan and Max is pretty real. They had great chemistry, if not a bit fast in the development that could be overlooked just because they felt good together. On to the next book in the short series.

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  • [PDF] Download ☆ Omega's Fate | by á Wolf Specter
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