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By Rudolph W. Giuliani Ken Kurson | Comments: ( 183 ) | Date: ( Jan 19, 2020 )

Rudolph W Giuliani s management and decision making skills have proven to be outstanding through his years as U.S district attorney and his two terms as mayor of New York City And on September 11th, 2001, Giuliani emerged as America s steady hand In this program, Rudolph Giuliani shares with listeners the principles of leadership that guided him then, and throughout hiRudolph W Giuliani s management and decision making skills have proven to be outstanding through his years as U.S district attorney and his two terms as mayor of New York City And on September 11th, 2001, Giuliani emerged as America s steady hand In this program, Rudolph Giuliani shares with listeners the principles of leadership that guided him then, and throughout his career He talks about how he was able to take control, show leadership, and make it clear to New Yorkers and the world that under his stewardship, they were in safe hands.

  • Title: Leadership
  • Author: Rudolph W. Giuliani Ken Kurson
  • ISBN: 9781401359287
  • Page: 378
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Rudolph W. Giuliani Ken Kurson

Rudolph W. Giuliani Ken Kurson Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Leadership book, this is one of the most wanted Rudolph W. Giuliani Ken Kurson author readers around the world.

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Comments Leadership

  • Ginger

    One of the best books on preparing for leadership I've read in a long time.This has been sitting on my shelf since college, when I had the priveledge of hearing Mr. Giuliani speak. I'm enjoying his tales from his time as "Mayor of America" immensely as well as learning a lot about strong leadership. Not a trite, you've-heard-it-all-before read.I'm only sorry I waited this long to pick it up.

  • Bjorn Hardarson

    I great book to read, I am not intrested in US politics or his side in politics. What made this book a great book to read is how he reduced crimes in NY dow more than 60%. For me that is the power of good system or good software system. Everyone in any goverment, health care and etc. should learn from this book

  • Kaleb de Paiva Soares

    Bom livro, mas um pouco desorganizado na forma de tratar os assuntos.É motivador, desafiante, e didático, mas poderia ter sido melhor organizado no que tange aos temas, As vezes temos uma sensação de gangorra, onde os assuntos mudam sem esgotar-se e depois de um tempo se volta aos mesmos. Todavia recomendo para quem gostar de ler sobre liderança.

  • Dan

    I was surprised that this book talked more about his management style running New York City and not about conservative politics and principles. He espouses basic principles about leadership that would be useful running any large entity, His use of metrics to gauge the success or failure of a program could be applied to anywhere outside of government. Do not expect much about the personal life known to hit the back pages of the New York Post. This is not a tell all biography. Overall, it is an ea [...]

  • Leila

    The book itself is less about Rudy Giuliani or September 11th and more your basic “how to get ahead” book. While the basic morals were often trite and over done; I thought the examples about the behind the scenes work that took place to clean up New York was fascinating. The book is organized in chapters each of which discusses one moral or principle that Rudy believes makes a good leader. The chapter then lists examples of situations where this principle held true. I would have rather just [...]

  • nicdavdi

    I read this because I wanted to understand how Giuliani did such a great job during 9/11. Leadership styles differ, but in such a crisis a leader is tested to the limit. Giuliani appeared to me (from a few thousand miles away) to do a great job in providing focus for galvanising the reactions from a stunned population and providing a figure people could rally to. No-one says that leaders are not ego-driven, but Giuliani takes it to an extreme I have rarely seen. The number of times 'I' or 'me' i [...]

  • Jim

    Frustrated that my brain is stagnating, and wanting to make a change in work, life and who knows what else, I turned to some serious writing to see if I could learn anything. Not from this I couldn't. The Mayor has a particular style and a particular job which, over a hundred pages into it, I was finding difficult to apply to anything I did. I began to suspect that he had leadership qualities but was finding it difficult himself to understand why! So the book is sitting unfinished at the moment, [...]

  • William

    I have heard some great things about Giuliani, but this book made me believe all that I have heard. Giuliani's style of leadership while mayor is a great example for all of us learning the basics. He has set his course and kept to it. He knows what works for him and gives us the breakdown. Not that his course will always fit our own style of leadership, but it provides some great points to remember. At times, I felt myself reading an election bid for President. If he did run I would seriously co [...]

  • Anna

    Asked for and received as a gift. I don't know. Going to HPB.Found a video of his opening the 2001 Season of Saturday Night Live and his monologue really was great. Those were words we should have used. Paul Simon played "The Boxer;" and it will induce some tears. Anyway, there's no mystery why people wanted to hear more from him after all that tragedy and how New York deals.July 2014.


    I read this book when I was sold on the official 9/11 story. I gave it a couple of stars because some of his executive principles have come in handy during my business dealings. However, since I am now liberty-minded and openly question the official 9/11 story, which he leverages in the book, I cannot give it any higher marks.

  • Natalie

    I listened to this one on tape (okay, MP3, I guess) and thought it was interesting. It sounds like he did a lot of good for New York. But, if you've read Freakanomics, you know that a lot of the crime rate drops could very well have been attributed to other things. It was interesting to learn what he was doing during Sept. 11th though. Good read, for sure!

  • Gerald Murphy

    Great book on leadership. Different area of work but very like many of Jack Welch book on his principals of leadership at GE. Makes me wonder why Rudy did not do well in Pres primary race. Also makes me wonder how NY could recently elect their new guy

  • David Robins

    Good book, great examples, bit too much cop-worship, but they're a powerful union in NYC. He didn't spend overmuch time on 9/11, although of course he had to include it, but instead emphasized the structure and relationships he had built up beforehand that helped him and his team through it.

  • Rick Abbott

    A terrific insight into the mind of one of the greatest leaders of the century. Giuliani clearly lays out that the leadership that he provided in 9/11 didn't just happen, it was predicated on years of putting great systems in place. Awesome book. A must read.

  • Melissa

    Great book! Focuses on managing and leadership with no attention paid to personal relationship issues, which I respect. Politics is mentioned but is not the main focus of the book. Riveting accounts of Sept. 11th really touched me.

  • Andrianto SS

    Great story of a tough leader in the midst of the catastrophe of NYC. Recommended to Indonesian who thirst a figure of strong, accountable leader. This true story should amaze us how this gentleman played his role in 8 years to reduce the criminal 67%. Salute to Rudi!

  • Jasmin

    An interesting book about leadership and the key points to being a successful leader

  • Eugenia

    Rudy for prez in 2012!!!

  • Christine

    Great book. Must read. Finished it in one sitting but I know I will get many miles out of it. Incredibly motivational.

  • Andrea Fontana

    I will not live with blinders on.okay. alright. I got through one chapter and a few excerpts thereafter.

  • A K

    Compelling read about the chronciles of 9/11 and how Rudy actually got things done in NY before 9/11.

  • Bob

    Figured I give it a try , but got tired of him kissing his own butt

  • Bronwyn

    I read this book b/c I met Guiliani at a booksigning. Funny story about that.

  • David McClendon, Sr

    The book Leadership by Rudolph W. Giuliani gives readers lessons regarding what it means to be a leader. Giuliani tells his readers how important it is to be a man of your word. He tells them how to honor their commitments, how important it is to honor your oaths.All of these things are important. He also tells readers how the leader has to walk the walk and lead by example. In short, not to ask anyone to do something you cannot do yourself. That is the mark of a great leader.However, according [...]

  • Jeff Scott

    Leadership GulianiKnow the basics of how stuff works, just don't get mired in the details: Knowing the small details of a large system leaves a leader open to charges of micromanaging. But understanding how something works is not only a leader's responsibility; it also makes him or her better able to let people do their jobs. If they don't have to explain the basics of what they need and why they need it every time they request more funds or different resources, then they are freer to pursue str [...]

  • Hector Zamora

    Rescato el tema de las juntas que organizaba Rudolph Giuliani con la gente clave de la ciudad de Nueva York, y su metodología de trabajo. HM."Rudolph Giuliani pasará a la historia por su papel como alcalde de Nueva York el día de los ataques terroristas –11 de septiembre del 2001. Su serenidad, su solidaridad con las víctimas y los habitantes de la ciudad y su liderazgo en la recuperación de la “Gran Manzana” lo han convertido en una figura de talla mundial. Consejos: · No hay nada m [...]

  • Lamia

    I’m currently researching the clean-up of New York City, particularly in the areas of crime and police corruption, which both Whitman Knapp and Rudolph Giuliani are credited for. Due to my interest, a friend of mine suggested I read Giuliani’s “Leadership”, since he explains CompStat and other methods of crime reduction implemented during his years in office. “Leadership” is a mix between a memoir and a book on management advice; each chapter features principles of leadership and Giu [...]

  • Robert

    Nothing all THAT new under the sun. We've all known what we need to do, and what we should do, and somehow didn't do. This is a good reminder of that. It's got enough meat that it's earned a semipermanent spot on my shelf and I'll be returning to it many times. In some cases Rudy pulls punches and gets it wrong (endorsing Cuomo), but in many cases he doesn't pull any punches. Dinkins didn't get it. The UN stinks. Arafat was a hypocrite crook. Koch threw people under the bus (which Rudy did too a [...]

  • Tara

    If you are reading this book because you don't want to know how Giuliani thinks and works then this isn't the book for you. Giuliani will share facts, figures, names, dates, and times to support what he believes makes a good leader and how to become one. He will tell you how he discovered what makes a good leader, the effect situations had on him and how he strives to be a good leader. I read this book because I wasn't exposed to negative prejudices about him. I'm from NYC and grew up with a fam [...]

  • Tim

    Guliani is a great storyteller, and it was interesting to read how he chose to do hard things that would force him to improve. For example, he went to work for a judge that would work him really hard but make him great. He also practiced and practiced his public speaking and debating ability. Good to see that someone can work hard on those things and gain ability there. He's also incredible with names, something I'm working on. I don't plan to organize anything exactly as he did, but reading abo [...]

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