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By Christy Lynn Abram | Comments: ( 474 ) | Date: ( Apr 04, 2020 )

INSPIRED BY A TRUE STORYFourteen year old Nikki s world is turned upside down when her mother makes an impulsive move to Missouri Having left everything she knew behind, Nikki is left to fend for herself from her mother s vicious cycle of abuse and abandonment while living at her grandmother s house amidst her mother s drug addicted siblings Feeling unloved and thanINSPIRED BY A TRUE STORYFourteen year old Nikki s world is turned upside down when her mother makes an impulsive move to Missouri Having left everything she knew behind, Nikki is left to fend for herself from her mother s vicious cycle of abuse and abandonment while living at her grandmother s house amidst her mother s drug addicted siblings Feeling unloved and than ever like a burden, Nikki seeks to find a missing piece to the puzzle of her life her father Along the way, she unravels layers of family abuse and pain causing her to feel helpless But she won t give up Not yet, Not Nikki Not until she finds what she is looking for Will Nikki find the love she so desperately needs

  • Title: Little Miss Somebody
  • Author: Christy Lynn Abram
  • ISBN: 9780692386224
  • Page: 159
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Christy Lynn Abram

Christy Lynn Abram is a Expressive Writing Coach and writer of self help and creative nonfiction Her articles have been featured on Mindbodygreen, Ezinearticles and many other websites Christy s first book, Chakra Wellness 7 Ways to Renew the Total You, was released in 2014 Her second book, Little Miss Somebody, is based on her struggles as a teenager For fifteen years, Christy struggled with the aftermath of her abuse, but after seeing how her pain was affecting her children, she made a choice to love herself healthy Now, her mission is to empower young women to find the greatness that lives within them, through writing, healing and sisterhood Her hope is that her story will inspire you or someone you love to release your pain and discover your best self Learn about Christy s mission by visiting her website christylynnabram

Comments Little Miss Somebody

  • Meghan

    Nikki has had a tough time and has gone through a lot of horrible things in her short life. This is her story.When I first received the email on this book, I wasn't sure. Some of the things that the author was going to be discussing in these pages were going to be tough things to read and I wasn't sure that I would be able to understand everything this girl was going through, but I went ahead and grabbed it up anyways.After reading the book, I am so glad that I did. Even though Nikki and I grew [...]

  • African Americans on the Move Book Club

    What do you do when even the slightest bit of attention results in both mental and physical pain, no matter how hard you try to fit in? This was the experience that Nikki had every day, whether she was in school or the crowded house she shared with her cousin , grandparents, her crackhead uncle and aunt who made rare appearances and her mother who showed up periodically to remind her how much she hated her own daughter. Nikki was starved for love which would lead her in the wrong places to find [...]

  • ThatQuietteGirl

    When I sat down to start reading “Little Miss Somebody” on a Saturday morning I had two intentions, one was to read a chapter or two put the book down and go about my Saturday ritual of cleaning my house, doing laundry and working on some family trees. Second it was not to cry because reading the back cover alone made me sad.It was not to be. I read the book in about 5 hours, much of the time with tears running down my face, anger boiling in my gut and hoping and praying that the next chapte [...]

  • Charles

    Little Miss Somebody is a gripping and emotional journey in the young life a young lady who goes through more by 14 then any kids should. From living with a Mother who is selfish and does drugs, to struggling with her own identity and how to cope in her living situation, this book covers the life of a child who has had it rough to say the least. As a Teacher of students in an elementary school, this book stuck a chord with me. I work with children who come from broken homes with little care for [...]

  • March Shoggoth Madness The Haunted Reading Room

    Review: Little Miss Somebody by Christy Lynn AbramHeartwrenching to heartwarming, this story runs the continuum. Down to earth and realistic, unafraid to face the nitty gritty, LITTLE MISS SOMEBODY will tug tour heartstrings and wrench your emotions, eliciting empathy, sympathy--and pride, for the will of a survivor.

  • Leigh Byrne

    Fourteen year old Nikki’s childhood is marred by a painfully flawed family with almost every adult member battling an addiction of some sort. Her mother, Clarene, a self-medicating alcoholic, all but abandons Nikki leaving her to struggle daily for the most basic of human needs: food, shelter, safety—and love. When Clarene, in between binges, does dart into Nikki’s life, she does nothing but inflict physical abuse and confidence-crushing ridicule upon her daughter. Alone, with a hollow bel [...]

  • Ella Drayton

    Little Miss Somebody is a very emotional book. Go ahead and set your box of tissues next to you before you even start reading. You will need them! Nikki's story is not unlike a lot of stories I've heard before. And I've experienced some of the same things she went through in my own life. What makes this book so poignant and special is how it is written. It's not as if you're reading a second-hand account or a rigid story about the tragedies of life. Nikki's life is poured out over these pages so [...]

  • Kim

    I read this book in pre-release in order to review it, but I must honestly say that of all the books I've ever been asked to review, this is the only one so far that I truly liked, that I truly felt was quality writing, and that I would buy a copy of when it comes out. I hesitate a little bit to compare it to "Precious," because that was a story so terrible I never want to think about it again. While this is also a story of a girl with an uncaring mother who is trying to survive very trying circ [...]

  • Sage Adderley-Knox

    To say this story is heart wrenching would be an understatement. Little Miss Somebody is told from the perspective of 14-year-old Nikki. She is struggling to survive with a mama who doesn't provide basic necessities, like food and clean clothing, never mind safety, love, and kindness. Despite having a few family members that care for her well-being, Nikki can't seem to escape emotional, physical, or sexual abuse. Even though this covers heavy material, I think it's an important story that is wel [...]

  • Joyce Andrews

    Little Miss SomebodyA book of pain. Nikki was only 13, but she had been through more than anyone should have to in a lifetime. If you want to get angry, and cry, get this book. Looking for part 2 now.

  • Lisa G

    Just can't catch a breakWow, page Turner!!!! poor girl just couldn't catch a break. Loved it!!! Can't wait to see how Nikki life turns out with her Mom!!!!

  • Nicole

    Heart wrenching. Can't wait to read part 2.

  • Carlos Mock

    Little Miss Somebody by Christy Lynn AbramThis is a memoir narrated from the first person point of view. Our protagonist is Nikki, a 14 y/o African-American girl who lives with her grandmother, Rose, because her mother, Clarene, is so drunk, she is barely home to take care of her. Clarene likes two things: men and booze. Nikki goes to bed hungry on a regular basis, and her extended family is the little support she ever gets. Michelle (Meechie) is Nikki's cousin whose mother, Lauren (Tee-Tee), is [...]

  • Ione

    I am not sure whether this work is autobiographical or fiction, but it touches on some sensitive subjects that I feel the author expresses well. If it is indeed based on personal experiences, she is also very brave.I can honestly say that this is a book that I wanted to keep reading, and had time allowed, would have read in one sitting. Although the words were easy to follow and the book relatively simply written, it was by no means childish. The characters were authentic, and I felt that Nikki [...]

  • Peacefullocks

    Growing up is hard, but when you're doing it with absentee parents, that makes it even harder! This coming of age story introduces us to Nikki, and her unorthodox extended family. Nikki and her mother Clarene have moved to St. Louis from Washington, moving in with Clarene's mother's overcrowded home. Leaving behind a stepdad and younger sister, leaving the feeling of security and certainty to uncertain environment with some family who really didn't want them there!Clarene a bitter beautiful woma [...]

  • Beth Arvin

    I was honored with the opportunity to read this book before it was polished for final publication. Christy Lynn Abrams's novel of a fourteen-year-old girl growing up with an abusive and neglectful mother began to tug at my heart from the first page. Nikki struggles not only to connect with her addicted mother, but to fit in at a new school, where she is berated for her shabby clothes, but also envied by the girls who notice that the boys are attracted to the pretty new girl. The girl's attacks o [...]

  • Jasmyn Jefferson

    Little Miss SomebodyViewing the world through the eyes of a young Nikki was an intense journey that sheds light on the continued generational abuse that our society continues to stay silent about. The author went out on a limb in exposing Nikki’s wide eyed observations and pain she experienced living in a web of complicated dysfunction. None of which was her fault I felt while reading this book at times that I was right there with Nikki, watching and sometimes experiencing through memories of [...]

  • Suzie

    At fourteen, Nikki found herself struggling to survive in a new school. At home, her mother refused to show her any love or attention; each time she looked upon her face she knew she reminder of a love that didn’t last. She lived with her Aunt and Uncle but she felt that she was a burden in their home. Nikki knew there has to be a way out of the constant hell she was forced to endure. She came up with the idea to find her father. She dreamed he would rescue her from the abuse that she was expe [...]

  • Juwan Johnson

    Little Miss Somebody was a wonderful book that really hit close to home because of it's use of colorism and inclusion of issues that are all to familiar to me and those who grew up like me. From the very first page, I knew that this reading was something special. The "White Girl" reference because of her proper speaking. I had never read something so spot on about the things that I saw and experienced growing up. The G-G's were almost mental replicas of some of the girls I knew in Middle School. [...]

  • Rebekah

    oh my god! I would just love to tell everyone about this book I already posted a status about it on facebook and finally here! I want everyone to know that this book might leave you with tears in your eyes! it's a great book and I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I did.

  • Tasha Chandler

    I couldn't put this book down. Those poor babies!!! Nikki just couldn't escape the pain that she was receiving from everyone in her family. At one point I thought she has escaped the pain, I thought she had gotten out.

  • Lissa Rice


  • onlythejessi

    I have to say from the start, this is not an easy book to read. It tugs at heart strings. It hollows out the chest, and leaves an empty feeling behind. All I wanted to do throughout the entire book was save Nikki. If you are sensitive to abuse, especially child abuse and sexual abuse, please be aware this book does contain moments of all of the above. Nikki, a fourteen year old living in the ghetto in St. Louis, is looking for a reason in life. Her mama is an alcoholic who is never home. She has [...]

  • Whitney

    Full review hereRating: 3 out of 5Short Form Review: Fourteen-year-old Nikki can’t catch a break, moving from one dysfunctional home to another, and constantly being let down by the adults in her life. This book is a page turner, but will leave readers wondering if there’s any hope at all for her future.In Little Miss Somebody, fourteen-year- old Nikki’s life is anything but easy. Born to an alcoholic mother in a family riddled with substance abuse issues, she’s merely the youngest the a [...]

  • Stephanie Ortez

    "Little Miss Somebody" is a strong statement of love and forgiveness. It narrates the story of Nikki, a sweet girl with a tragic, abusive past. I find her one of the most inspirational characters in literature; her resilience and power of love teaches us many lessons about survival. Nikki comes from a dysfunctional family, living a submissive life caused by her mother who usually leaves Nikki alone, without food and money. What really captivated me about this book was Nikki's loyalty to her moth [...]

  • Debbie

    Wow just Wow! I thought I would pick this book up and just scan a few pages to see what it was about. Nooo that is not what happened The first page grabbed me and I didn't put it down until I finished it. Nikki’s story is so well told and compelling that you can't turn away. I wanted to cry for her, help her, save her and love her. Through it all her faith kept her going and hoping for something better. I can't wait to find out what happens next. This book will grab your heart strings and pull [...]

  • Boundless Book Reviews

    When I first started reading this, I was so sad for Nikki. What kind of mother, leaves her child for days? Let's get starve and not even have clean clothes for her? Taking her away from what she knows. Just to leave her in a house, with drug addicts. I understand going through something, but when it involves your children, they always come first.At of times it was hard to read. But it's reality, stuff like this happens to good kids. Children don't deserve to be mistreated. Their own parents blam [...]

  • andrea williams

    ExcellentThis was was good from the beginning to the end. I need part 2 asap. This book was different from the book im used to reading.

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