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Quatro homens s o misteriosamente assassinados numa praia de Malibu, junto a um bairro de multimilion rios Jack Morgan, l der da Private, a conceituada ag ncia internacional de investiga o criada para proteger os mais poderosos, chega ao local do crime com o objetivo de ilibar um dos seus clientes e descobrir o verdadeiro assassino.Mas eis que, a meio da investiga o, JaQuatro homens s o misteriosamente assassinados numa praia de Malibu, junto a um bairro de multimilion rios Jack Morgan, l der da Private, a conceituada ag ncia internacional de investiga o criada para proteger os mais poderosos, chega ao local do crime com o objetivo de ilibar um dos seus clientes e descobrir o verdadeiro assassino.Mas eis que, a meio da investiga o, Jack recebe um telefonema inesperado Thom e Jennifer Harlow, o casal mais famoso de Hollywood, desapareceram sem deixar rasto, juntamente com os seus tr s filhos Por entre revela es incr veis e descobertas chocantes, miss o da Private encontrar a fam lia desaparecida, antes que a not cia chegue aos media e aterrorize o p blico.Com dois casos tenebrosos para resolver, persegui es, assass nios, explos es mort feras e alta velocidade, Jack, Justine e os restantes elementos da Private n o ter o m os a medir para provar, mais uma vez, que s o os melhores, os mais r pidos e os mais inteligentes.Um thriller impar vel de ritmo alucinante, com as reviravoltas inesperadas a que James Patterson j nos habituou.

  • Title: Private: Agência Internacional de Investigação, Los Angeles
  • Author: James Patterson
  • ISBN: 9789898800220
  • Page: 476
  • Format: Paperback

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James Patterson

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Comments Private: Agência Internacional de Investigação, Los Angeles

  • Amy

    For me the "No Prisoners" story line was far more interesting than the movie star storyline (where you couldn't help but read "Brad and Angelina"). At the end, I was really rooting for the demise of the movie stars & wonder why we, as a society, put their "craft/art" above morals and appropriate punishment for deviate behavior. And then there was Justine."sister", stop being so maudlin and get over yourself. I am NOT impressed with your workout, nor do I care about your sex life. Had Patters [...]

  • Suzanne

    4.5*This was a very engrossing book! From the kidnapping to Jack’s run in with Tommy, and also Justine struggles. Am I the only one who feels like Jack should just toss in the towel on Tommy? I could go without him. I hope Private remains with Jack. The twists in the Harlow case when nearing the end were twisted but entertaining as all get out! The No Prisoner theme was intriguing but in a very starkly real premise. I enjoyed reading more about the Harlow crime plot in this one than the No Pri [...]

  • Joy

    For reasons unknown, this book was written with two plots that have no relationship to each other. Most plot turns were predictable; those that were not related to storylines I'd stopped caring about at all.The writers may have visited Los Angeles a couple of times, but they know little about what it is like to live here. They drive all over the place but never get caught in any traffic (even at dusk on Halloween). They call Pacific Coast Highway "Highway 1," whereas most Angelenos don't use tha [...]

  • Fiona (Titch) Hunt

    I was asked to review this for Netgalley as I had already read the others in the series.I would say I loved Jack Morgan's character as the way he gets himself into all sort of scraps is amazing. His team are always there with him and would love to know what happens with the outcome to his brother's trial.Can't wait for book 8 Mr Patterson :D

  • Tim

    This is two separate stories rolled into one. Sometimes that's a good idea, but in this case not so much. It's as if Patterson couldn't decide which story to tell and leaves us with an incomplete mis mash. While there are endings, the results are overall incomplete conclusions. 5 of 10 stars

  • Nicole Alycia

    4.5/5 starsThis book was just as good as all the rest in the series. It loses a half a star for scaring the crap out of me that one of my favorite characters in the series might not be in it anymore. So not cool. The storyline was totally different than any of the other books in this series and I loved the ending of the book. I'm looking forward to continue reading this series.

  • Matthew

    A REIGN OF TERROR IN THE CITY OF ANGELS.It looks like the whole world is about to discover whether Private are really as good as they say they areDuring the course of running this blog, I've been asked several times why I review entire series. Don't you get bored? I'm asked. Don't your reviews start to sound the same if you review tons of similar books? Yeah, maybe, but I'm a little obsessive. I like reviewing a book upon completion, whether it be a short, cluttered mess or an in-depth look, boo [...]

  • Shelley Giusti

    This series keeps getting better and more intense as it goes. The characters now are like visiting old friends and you are in the story right with them helping them solve the case. Once I start to read these I can't put it down.

  • Pierre Tassé

    This was such an easy book to read. Short chapters and complete thoughts. I wanted the book to carry on but, alas, it was the end. Yes, it ended abruptly and not a smooth finish, other than that, a typical PRIVATE book which is what I pay good money for.

  • Marla

    I like this series, it is a nice breath of fresh air from Mr. Patterson. Of course since I don't live in the world of crazy, I don't know if this kind of situation could really happen, but that is the entertainment of the story. Jack is the head of Private, a privately owned investigation company that are at the very high end of the spectrum. They are working two cases at the same time so it is a fast-paced time for them. In typical form for a Patterson book, you don't know until close to the en [...]

  • John Mchugh

    I tried my first James Patterson book while vacationing on Maui. Even as beach reading, discovered at no cost in the hotel's read and share lending library, the best I could say about it was, "Okay in a pinch." Or something like that. Well, Nancy had a copy of this signed by Patterson's "co-writer" Mark Sullivan. Like the "Master" painters beginning centuries ago, where the Master had the idea and basic design and then hired specialists who did the backgrounds, or clouds, hands, buildings, feet [...]

  • Erin Ennis

    I can't fully explain it, but I have a hard time getting into the Private series in general, and LA is no different. I'm not sure if its the dual story lines; which unlike many Patterson novels actually do not connect back to each other in this work. I'm not sure if its due to the main character, Jack Morgan, who is missing the typical character flaw that Patterson so artfully puts into his characters that make them feel real. I'm not sure if its Private in general; a firm that is allowed to do [...]

  • V.E. Lynne

    'Private L.A.' is the seventh novel in the 'Private' series, though just the third to feature investigator Jack Morgan. In this outing, things are going from bad to worse for Jack: his twin brother has been charged with murder, a vicious killer called 'No Prisoners' is at large in L.A. and Hollywood power couple Thom and Jennifer Harlow have been kidnapped. The plot moves along at Patterson's trademark fast pace and the three strands of the story are handled well and wrapped up satisfactorily. T [...]

  • Jodi

    Oh my! James Patterson meet Shades of Grey. This is not what I normally read when I read James Patterson. It was way graphic in the sex and over the top as far as I was concerned. People may like it but I may need to stop reading his books. I don't mind gore with murder but this is not okay with me. Whole family kidnapped and Jack and his crew are trying to find them. The children are found first. There is a mass murderer going around killing several people in public places.

  • Lorrea - WhatChaReadin'?

    Private really has their work cut out for them this time. Two major cases that have very strong implications to the community. First, there are four dead and burned bodies that have been found on the beach. They carry a sign that says 'No Prisoners'. Days later there are more dead bodies, another sign, and promises that this is not the end. Then they have the case of the Harlows. A Hollywood couple who make great movies and do amazing philanthropy work all over the world. When they go missing wi [...]

  • Magpie67

    Jack deals with assassins, the mob, and a missing couple. At the heart of it all. money greed. Each case was a little bit different and yet. it was merge and not a merge Coincidence at best, as two worlds collided. Was justice served up enough though???? Loving this series, excited to begin the next one.

  • Melindaaaa

    Taková "Pattersonovská" klasika. Ze začátku jsem byla trochu rozpačitá, ale pak se to rozjelo a zase vše bylo v klasických kolejích, které máme tak rádi :) Recenze bude

  • Krishna

    Woah!! That was racy!!Fantasbookwriting!!Thumbs Up!!

  • David

    First things first I read it in 10 days!! (For me this is a major breakthrough. Just to think a few years along I wouldn't look at a novel or think of them as something I would enjoy but look at me now! I must confess that there are 2 reasons why I chose PRIVATE - LA to be the first book I would read for entertainment.1) This may sound very superficial but the cover graphics! I wasn't sure where to begin and the cover art literally caught my eye. (The series has been going for some time, I enter [...]

  • Simone Perren

    This is the next book in the Private series (all of which I have done reviews for on my blog as well) but I have to admit, this was one of my least favourites. I absolutely adore this series so reading this it just didn't live up to my expectations as the others have. Don't get me wrong, it's not terrible, nor is it even that bad but it just didn't fit into my thoughts of what a Private book is like.Firstly, although not mentioned in the synopsis of this book, there is actually two stories runni [...]

  • Ethan

    Thom and Jennifer Harlow are Hollywood's celebrity power couple. Good looks, talent, kind hearts. . . the couple has it all. Paying forward their critical and financial success, the two sponsor schools in impoverished nations and even adopted three children from the countries they serve. As they near the completion of their magnum opus Saigon Falls, the entire Harlow family vanishes. No one in the Harlow's inner circle seems to have any idea as to the couple's whereabouts. Even worse, none of th [...]

  • Julie Dann

    The type of book where you settle down on your beanbag in the garden for a quick read and end up sunburnt, stumbling back into the house like a snowblind explorer after losing track of time.My advice, have a husband or alarm clock at hand as books like this are like fast food or candy floss, and you will end up red-faced in more ways than one.This is another one of those joint projects, this time between James Patterson and Mark Sullivan. His latest crime series Private, is a bold marketing conc [...]

  • Jason Cook

    A tried and true trope of the mystery genre is presenting two seemingly-unrelated cases then tying them together in a clever way. Unfortunately, the authors forgot to come up with the clever tie-in, so what you get is two completely unrelated cases in one novel, which falls terribly flat.First the bad: - In addition to the trope fail I mentioned above, the prose can be best described as "lackluster," missing the gritty language and adjective porn I like in a good mystery. - The premise demands a [...]

  • Pupottina

    Cosa succederebbe se una famosa coppia dello spettacolo scomparisse nel nulla? Che cosa succederebbe se la notizia dovesse rimanere a tutti i costi segreta? Chi se ne dovrebbe occupare?Ovviamente, soltanto James Patterson può pensare e raccontare una storia tanto complessa. Per risolvere questo mistero, Patterson ha pensato ad alcuni dei suoi personaggi più riusciti, quelli dell'agenzia investigativa Private. La storia narrata nel nuovo episodio della Private è come sempre avvincente, coinvol [...]

  • Amanda McGill

    Better than the last novel in the series (Private #1 Suspect). Less story lines and more depth into the mysteries. There was only 2 major plots going on. The first one about "No Prisoners" a group of men who are destroying the city of LA and killing a lot of innocent people in the process. The second story line is about Brad and Angelina, no wait, Tom and Jennifer Harlow, who are mega movie stars, known for their charity work and adopt children from around the world. Tom, Jenn and their 3 childr [...]

  • Vicki Elia

    Audiobook Review1 1/2 StarsPrivate is hired to solve a high-profile missing person's case, and becomes entangled in a twisted game, both literally and figuratively. Bad guys are easily singled out, the plot unfolds fairly predictably, and converging storylines come together. Patterson's work as a co-author of crime/thrillers has become exceptionally pedestrian. In this particular piece, the high-profile missing persons bear a strong resemblance to a true Hollywood power couple, who may take grea [...]

  • Michael Travis

    I really delight in James Patterson books and became hooked on the Private series easily. I think the series is best served by continuing to focus on Jack Morgan instead of travelling the world to delve into areas that most readers might not even care about (unless you are looking for new readers across the globe). If I want to travel the world I will pick up a Rick Steves book or any other travel writing. Jack Morgan is the star and should remain the star. It could be just my view but I enjoy f [...]

  • Tammy

    High tension and high anxiety in this one. A love Jack though he is always getting into trouble and his company has a lot of high profile clients. Justine is a great gal and getting stronger as she works out hitting the "box". This is a No prisoners gang killing people and hard to find and what they are after also at the same time a high profile Hollywood couple is missing along with their children. Also Jack's brother is trying to get him involved in his murder trial since he is not a nice guy. [...]

  • Marla Madison

    Say what you will, Patterson detractors, Patterson's books excel at entertaining the reader. I must admit that Jack Morgan, Private's owner, is not the most likable fellow. The man has an ego as gigantic as his company's budget. That said, the story line in Private LA, is totally captivating from beginning to end. Justine Smith plays a big role in this one, and getting to know her better is one of the perks of the book. Great conflict and suspense, a book to lose yourself in on a Snowy night. Ku [...]

  • Sonia Cristina

    Como aconteceu com os 2 livros anteriores, também gostei muito deste, foi uma leitura rápida e intensa, seguindo 2 casos que caem no colo da Private e, claro, de Jack Morgan (ai este Jack!). Foi ótimo rever os personagens tão únicos da Private. Gostei dos tais 2 casos que foram intrigantes e me cativaram a atenção desde o início.Sem dúvida que os livros Private são os meus preferidos de James Patterson!

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