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By Jen Malone | Comments: ( 945 ) | Date: ( Jan 21, 2020 )

A kid friendly spoof of The Hangover Though she s never done it before, twelve year old Meghan is determined to make it through lights out at her best friend s sleepover She s also ready to have The Best Night Ever and her friends Paige and Anna Marie are happy to bring on the fun There will be miles of junk food, stacks of crazy scary horror movies, and hours of karA kid friendly spoof of The Hangover Though she s never done it before, twelve year old Meghan is determined to make it through lights out at her best friend s sleepover She s also ready to have The Best Night Ever and her friends Paige and Anna Marie are happy to bring on the fun There will be miles of junk food, stacks of crazy scary horror movies, and hours of karaoke smack downs Not even the last minute addition of Anna Marie s socially awkward soon to be stepsister Veronica can dampen their spirits.But nothing prepares them for the scene that greets them the next morning The basement is a disaster, Meghan s left eyebrow has been shaved off and she somehow has the Class Bad Boy s hoodie, plus there s a slew of baby chicks in the bathtub Worst of all, Anna Marie is missing.Now the remaining girls have to piece together what happened the night before There s just one teeny, tiny problem None of them can remember anything past the two bit act by the hypnotist Veronica hired as the party s entertainer.Can they find Anna Marie and pull off the ultimate save face all before parent pick up time The clock is ticking, the clues are getting weirder and weirder, and only one thing is certain last night got a whole lot zanier than games of Truth or Dare.

  • Title: The Sleepover
  • Author: Jen Malone
  • ISBN: 9781481452618
  • Page: 241
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Jen Malone

I once spent a year traveling the world solo from Nepal to Romania to Fiji, where I learned 99.9% of humanity is pretty freaking awesome yet somehow doesn t share my love of ice cubes in a drink I met my husband on the highway, literally In fact our meet cute was SO cute we had a whole story written about it in Ladies Home Journal My twin boys placed second in the Most Identical contest at the International Festival of Twins Their little sister placed first in the most adorable contest at the All The People In Our Living Room Festival I once accompanied a pajama clad Oprah Winfrey and her puppies through the laundry room of the Four Seasons I have also been in a hotel room alone with a shirtless Mark Wahlberg In both those instances, it was not what you think Oh, and I went into early labor while on Stevie Nicks tour bus That is pretty much what you think.Here s the official bio Jen Malone writes fun and flirty YA travel romances with HarperCollins and humorous girl power MG adventures with Simon Schuster She once spent a year traveling the world solo, met her husband on the highway literally , and went into labor with her identical twins while on a rock star s tour bus These days she saves the drama for her books You can learn about Jen and her books at jenmalonewrites Find her on Twitter and Instagram jenmalonewrites.

Comments The Sleepover

  • Ronni Arno

    Every so often I read a book before it comes out, and I can't wait til it's released to the world so everyone else can read it, too! THE SLEEPOVER is one of those books. Meghan has no idea that her sleepover party will end in shaved eyebrows, baby chicks, and missing guests. Add in complicated family relationships, friendships, and tween crushes, and there's something here that everyone can relate to. The antics and adventures in this absolutely amusing middle grade novel will appeal to kids fro [...]

  • Brooks Benjamin

    I'm warning you now. This book HURTS. Seriously, I laughed so much and for so long I wasn't sure what was aching more: my sides or my throat. But I won't lieIt was totally worth it. A little herbal tea and a heating pad later and I was good as new. And that's wonderful because I couldn't wait to start telling people about the pure LOLability of this book. How these girls get thrown into the most wild and totally weird after-party morning of their lives and have to retrace every step to put the p [...]

  • Martha

    Sleepover hits the mark on what many young tweens enjoy most, girl drama! This story takes thisup to the next level, it almost reads itself! Twelve-year-old Meghan goes to a a sleepover with her two best friends, Paige and Anna Marie, the birthday girl. These three friends each have very different families. Meghan, the narrator of the story, is an only child with strict parents, she has never managed to survive a whole overnight away from them. Her "ladybug" cell phone comes with only two availa [...]

  • Gail Nall

    This book is basically everything I ever wanted in a sleepover as a kid (well, minus the forgetting stuff part): baby chicks, outrageous pranks, a giant hedgehog, and of course, a cute boy. So funny and it'll keep you guessing, too!

  • Victoria Coe

    It's impossible to read this book without laughing. Highly recommend!

  • Lizzy

    The Hangover for kids. Pretty funny.

  • Jen Downey

    Intensely fun book alert for tweens and adults alike: Think alcohol-free M&M/hypnotism fueled tween version of The Hangover. Truly delightful, and I don't even especially lean towards contemporary stuff. Cover doesn't do clever slightly dark hilarious well-crafted story justice! Veronica was THE BEST!

  • Lori Goldstein

    This MG spin on The Hangover (hypnotist!) is super fun and creative. The characters are fully drawn, the writing is smart and full of great humor. I laughed out loud while reading many times. Themes of friendship are strong, and this is perfect for tween girls especially!

  • Abby Cooper


  • Rebekah Snyder

    This book is entirely ridiculous but equally adorable. Definitely worth the read. P.S. I <3 Veronica

  • Bookworm21

    So much action Mysteries humor you can't find a better sleep over book than this ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Bella

    It was really good and really funny!

  • Ramonsha

    Who is e characters

  • Ramonsha Davis

    The girl went. Somewhere and I need the charters

  • Liz Edelbrock

    This fun and wacky adventure is a light and quick read, perfect for any middle grade reader.

  • Ms. Yingling

    E ARC from Edelweiss Above the TreelineMeghan is apprehensive about going to a sleepover. Her parents are overprotective (her cell phone can only call home and 911), and she's never been able to stay the entire night before. Still, with best friends Paige and Anna Marie, she thinks she can make it. Things are a little stressful when Anna Marie's future stepsister, Veronica, comes to the party as well, but the girls all get along. As a present, Veronica has rented a hypnotist. The girls remember [...]

  • Zoe

    What a book! I'm a big fan of Jen Malone. Meghan has a bad history with sleepovers. Even when she's with her best friends Paige and Anne Marie, she's never been able to make it through lights-out before. She's 12 now, and determined to make it through the night. Even though Paige and Anne Marie try to convince her the birthday sleepover's going to be "epic," Meghan can't stop thinking about her strict parents' rules AND her super-secret-crush Jake who's a little bit of a rebel AND next door. Whe [...]

  • Katie Fitzgerald

    Meghan is excited for her friend Anna Marie's birthday sleepover. Though she has never managed to spend the night away from home before, Meghan is sure she will be able to do it this time, with Anna Marie and their friend Paige by her side. Unexpectedly, however, Anna Marie's future stepsister, Veronica, joins the party and brings along a hypnotist. The girls agree to be hypnotized, and the next thing they know, it's morning, there's a huge mess in Anna Marie's basement, and the girls have no re [...]

  • Rebecca Allen

    Jen Malone’s The Sleepover is billed as The Hangover for the middle grade audience. It doesn’t disappoint! Twelve-year-old Meghan has never made it through the night at a sleepover, but she’s determined to make it through this one. Her two besties, Anna-Marie and Paige, promise it will be EPIC!It turns out to be a little too epic. The girls wake up to a disaster of a basement and no recollection of what happened the night before. One of Meghan’s eyebrows is missing…and so is Anna-Maria [...]

  • Stephanie Faris

    Imagine a tween version of The Hangover. Substitute a bachelor party for a sleepover, replace the crazy-wild bachelor stuff with things that could go wrong when a group of tweens is hypnotized, and you have The Sleepover. What I love about Jen Malone's books is that they remind me so much of an 80s movie. Think Adventures in Babysitting, where a group of young people end up on a quest, faced with one adventure after another. And best of all, Jen's voice is magnificent. When it comes to capturing [...]

  • Ashley

    Well, now I want to re-watch The Hangover so I can compare the two. This book was cute, but unfortunately it didn't really hold my attention all that well. I made a status update saying that I was ready to bail, but then the girls in the story were going to talk to the crush, so I had to read on. Although I am glad I kept going - I was kind of wondering how it was going to end, and I was satisfied with the ending. I'm sure kids might be amused by this, and I do love the premise. Even though I ma [...]

  • Michele Knott

    I found the next best book to hand off to kids! One of my favorite things is closing a book and knowing kids will LOVE it!While (hopefully) the young readers of this book won't have seen The Hangover, this is a perfect kid version of it!Look for this book May 2016!

  • Krissy Neddo

    A bit slow to start, but once the girls wake up I loved their adventures. Yes, it's unbelievable, but so are lots of beach reads for adults. That's what this is for grade 5-8. The girls who have stuck with its slow start, have come back to say they loved it.

  • K.L. Hallam

    I'd read anything by Jen Malone at this point. Her books for tweens and teens fill me with such warmth and laughter, like a true friend. The mayhem and heartfelt characters in The Sleepover are such a joy to read. Very much like The Hangover for the younger set. Hilarious!

  • Roxanne

    This is a win review. This is the kind of crazy sleepover I wish I could have gone to as a child. This book is so funny I was laughing the whole time. It is like every single thing that could go wrong at a sleepover happened.

  • Dee

    This book was just plain fun!! I loved the characters (Veronica totally won me over) and enjoyed figuring out what happened along with them. Oh how it brought me back to middle school age sleepovers. :)Malone's books are always a great read and this one is a wonderfully written addition.

  • Shannon Doleski

    Such a sweet MG book! I want to go on some adventures with Veronica. She was hilarious!

  • Danaija

    this book is very interesting I love Jen Malone she is great Author she has amazing books.

  • Bethe

    Bookaday #75. I don't remember sleepovers being quite like this when I was 12 years old! Zany adventures & epic antics (middle grade rated) patterned after the hangover movie.

  • Andréa

    Note: I accessed a digital review copy of this book through Edelweiss.

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  • Best Download [Jen Malone] ✓ The Sleepover || [Science Fiction Book] PDF ✓
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