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By Steven Wilson | Comments: ( 652 ) | Date: ( Oct 22, 2019 )

1944 The Allies have landed in Europe, driving the Germans back in a relentless march towards Berlin Inside the Nazi command, many foresee the demise of the Third Reich But others will do anything for the sake of victory.

  • Title: Voyage of the Gray Wolves
  • Author: Steven Wilson
  • ISBN: 9780786016723
  • Page: 211
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Steven Wilson

Born in Ohio and raised in Wisconsin Steven Wilson has been fascinated by history since he was a child One of his first books, a birthday present from his aunt, was THE CIVIL WAR by Bruce Catton He was equally enthralled by motion pictures, working in his great uncle s theater at the age of seven, hauling tins of un popped popcorn to the concession counter.He s held a variety of jobs including tower clock repairman, factory worker, shoe salesman, stock boy, roofer, construction worker and now, museum curator Wilson began writing novels in 1993, after a sketchy attempt to write short stories.His eclectic interests include motion picture history, movie soundtracks, 19th Century military history, and World War II He works fulltime as a curator and museum consultant and writes part time He considers research as least as important as the writing, and plans to write some non fiction works in the future.

Comments Voyage of the Gray Wolves

  • Kevin

    Enjoyable read, naval war story from WWII -- Well written, well researched and well doneThis book is a page turner, it grabs you and won’t let you go. Action, suspense and rooting for the underdog.Not only a story about the German Navy and German submarines, it’s also a story about decent men struggling with indecent political hacks.Well worth the time, and be warned, you may need to read it in one sitting.

  • Sean Ellis

    I had the opportunity to read an early draft of this novel. I was impressed with the outstanding research and attention to period detail. I'm very pleased to see that it is in print and that Mr. Wilson's writing carreer is moving forward.

  • Jim

    Nothing like a good submarine book, especially if it's about Nazi submarines!

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  • ä Voyage of the Gray Wolves || Ö PDF Read by ✓ Steven Wilson
    211 Steven Wilson
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