[PDF] ↠ Unlimited ☆ Way of Individuation : by Jolande Jacobi Ï

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  • Title: Way of Individuation
  • Author: Jolande Jacobi
  • ISBN: 9780452008663
  • Page: 494
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Jolande Jacobi

Jolande Jacobi was a Swiss psychologist, best remembered for her work with Carl Jung and her writings on Jungian psychology She was born in Budapest, Hungary as Jolande Szekacs, but became known as Jolande Jacobi after her marriage at the age of nineteen to Andor Jacobi.She spent part of her life in Budapest, part in Zurich and part in Vienna Her parents were Jewish, but Jacobi converted to Roman Catholicism later in life Jacobi met Jung in 1927, and later was influential in the establishment of the C.G Jung Institute for Analytical Psychology in Zurich in 1948 Her students at the C.G Jung Institute included Wallace Clift She died in Zurich.

Comments Way of Individuation

  • Jonathan Karmel

    We spend the first half of our lives developing the part of ourselves that we are conscious of: our ego. We decide how we are going to play various roles: friend, lover, professional, parent. He hone our personality traits and figure out how to get the objects of our desire.Then, in middle age, we are confronted with thoughts of death. According to this book, we should embrace this change of life, and rather than just searching for happiness, we should seek the inner peace that will make it poss [...]

  • Bo

    Amazing book. Helped me sort out some mental dilemmas without resorting to corrupt institutions. I especially like the diagnosis of modern man's neurosis being a result of spiritually vacuous materialism spawning from fear of death, lack of meaning, and outdated religious doctrine. The metaphors are all around, all pointing in the same direction, and all unique. Each path, ultimately, must be taken alone.

  • Katja

    Dieses Buch ist von einer von C.G.Jungs treuen Nachfolgerinnen geschrieben. Es setzt sich als Ziel zu erklären, wie man den Individuationsprozess verstehen soll und wie er in der Beziehung zur Religion, zum Gewissen, Archetypen, Gesellschaft etc. steht. Persönlich bin ich froh, dass ich dieses Buch gelesen habe, weil ich explizit ein Buch über Individuation suchte und nun Jungs Theorie besser nachvollziehen kann. An vielen Stellen könnte man sich wegen des Stils der Autorin aufregen. Z.B. fi [...]

  • Sybe Starkenburg

    Much of my writings are based on the notion of Jung's Individuation process or personal growth. Our home is filled with literature on Jung by authors such as June Singer, Daryl Sharp, James Hollis and others. Jacobi stands out for her clarity of writing. As relevant today as ever.

  • Vladan Krečković

    Very good and systematic review of Jung's work. This book is good literature for people who want to learn more about analytical psychology or understood Jung's teachings more precise. Also, it can be perceived as a good introduction to the whole topic.

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  • [PDF] ↠ Unlimited ☆ Way of Individuation : by Jolande Jacobi Ï
    494 Jolande Jacobi
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