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  • Title: Heroine
  • Author: Unni Drougge
  • ISBN: 9789171335869
  • Page: 144
  • Format: pocket

About Author:

Unni Drougge

ENG Unni Drougge is a Swedish writer and journalist, currently living in Stockholm She grew up in a family of medical doctors, and has since worked in kibbutz, studied psychology and lived in an alternative community She used to be married to chief editor Mats Drougge, and they have five children She is divorced.According to Drougge you have to shock and to write provocatively to get attention in the social media She s said that she needed a job and wanted to gain power that couldn t be taken away from her She knew the mechanics of the media and its interests in provocation so she decided to dress up and speak up like a bitch FI Unni Drougge s 1 huhtikuuta 1956 Lund on ruotsalainen kirjailija ja toimittaja, joka asuu nykyisin Tukholmassa H n varttui l k riperheess ja on ty skennellyt kibbutzissa, opiskellut psykologiaa ja el nyt vaihtoehtoyhteis ss H n on ollut naimisissa p toimittaja Mats Drouggen kanssa ja heill on viisi lasta Drougge otti eron miehens v kivaltaisuuden takia.Drouggen mukaan mediayhteiskunnassa on huomion saadakseen shokeerattava ja kirjoitettava raflaavasti Tarvitsin t it ja halusin sellaista valtaa, jota ei pystyt ottamaan minulta pois Tiesin median mekaniikan ja sen kiinnostuksen raflaaviin asioihin Niinp p tin pukeutua ja puhua kuin bitch.

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Comments Heroine

  • Ida

    Heroine might not be the best book Unni Drougge has written but that doesn't equal a bad book, quite the contrary actually. The personas are rich, multi layered and really interesting, as are the settings. The book consists of five (?) different parts, each divided into three, four or maybe five chapters and every second chapter is written from either of the main characters' view. Everything is perfectly disposed and you get the feeling that Drougge really plan her writing and know what to write [...]

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  • [PDF] Download ↠ Heroine | by ✓ Unni Drougge
    144 Unni Drougge
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