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By Connie M. Huddleston | Comments: ( 944 ) | Date: ( Oct 22, 2019 )

Archaeology, time travel, and a moose hunt combine to force 12 year old Greg to face his fears and find his strengths Greg explores a world that existed than 3,000 years ago with his new Native American friend Hopelf While Greg learns about Native American ways of life, how to hunt and fish, and just to survive, he is always searching for a way back home This new bArchaeology, time travel, and a moose hunt combine to force 12 year old Greg to face his fears and find his strengths Greg explores a world that existed than 3,000 years ago with his new Native American friend Hopelf While Greg learns about Native American ways of life, how to hunt and fish, and just to survive, he is always searching for a way back home This new book for young readers allows your child to travel in time with Greg to 1,000 B.C Greg s wild adventure will excite and enlighten all while telling a rousing story about a young boy s intriguing encounter with Native Americans This book was written for pre teen readers.

  • Title: Greg's First Adventure in Time
  • Author: Connie M. Huddleston
  • ISBN: 9780692310465
  • Page: 203
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Connie M. Huddleston

As a child, Connie Huddleston loved history and dreamed about her future as an award winning author However, she got sidetracked and became an Army wife, a mother, an elementary school teacher, an archaeologist, and an historic preservation consultant, all before publishing her first book Now in 2016, she has published six volumes, all dealing with her first passion don t tell her husband and children our nation s past She s even won her first book award While three are written for children under the name, C.M Huddleston, Connie s other works are histories for adults on a variety of subjects Currently she is researching and writing about President Theodore Roosevelt s ancestors and planning Greg s Fourth Adventure in Time Time travel occupies much of her time as there is so much to consider like can dogs time travel She resides in a log cabin near Crab Orchard, Kentucky, with her husband, a retired Army officer, and an Australian Shepherd named Katie who often time travels to far off meadows to chase deer She enjoys the quiet of rural Kentucky, except when Katie barks at deer, turkeys, and of course, the UPS truck

Comments Greg's First Adventure in Time

  • Laurel

    Well. I've just finished reading this book. So I'm still in a bit of a funk at having to come back to the real world from a fictional one.The concept is simple. A boy, Greg, is helping his archaeologist mother on a dig when a trowel and a quartz spearhead connect and he travels back in time. What follows is the tale of his experiences as he spends two weeks with native Americans in the past, particularly with a young man Hopelf, who is due to be married in the winter (it is late summer to early [...]

  • Brandi

    When I was younger, I used to go through phases where I would become fascinated by certain eras of human history. I remember going through a phase where I became enthused with anything and everything associated with the Pioneer Era, then my curiosity centered around the ancient world, then the Victorian Era, etc. During my 'phases', I would go to the library and check out any and every book associated with the respective timeframe. Since I was such a daydreamer (still kind of am, actually), I lo [...]

  • Jonathan Ring

    Won in a giveawayThis book is absolutely fantastic! I very much enjoyed reading about Greg's travel into "The time out of mind". His adventures with his friend Hopelf are humorous and engaging and I learned a bit about archaeology and early Native Americans. This is a great adventure book for young readers and would encourage them to give it a try.

  • D.G. Driver

    This is a fun book for middle grade readers. Greg's mom is an archeologist, and one of the artifacts she has unearthed propels him back in time to that era 3,000 years ago. It has a very informal tone to it that makes it sound more like Greg is your buddy telling you his big story. The tone gets more serious as the story intensifies toward the end. Living in prehistoric times isn't easy and is often dangerous. I like the way Huddleston builds the friendship with Greg and Hopelf and all the atten [...]

  • Literary Classics Book Awards & Reviews

    When Greg finds himself transported in time back to 1,000 BC he feels more than a little lost. Greg is an outcast in this foreign time and place; but then he finds a friend who helps him to survive. Hopelf is a Native American who teaches Greg how to hunt and fish and about the cultures of his people. After Greg saves his friend Hopelf’s life the native people honor him for his bravery. Despite finally achieving a sense of belonging, Greg is still determined to find a way back home. Young hist [...]

  • David Duncan

    Greg's First Adventure in Time, by C. M. Huddleston, is my eighty-second book that I have received and read from . This book is a fantastic read. I really enjoyed reading about Greg's travel in time. It takes place in prehistoric setting. Greg travels back in time 1,000 years. He meets up with his friend Hopelf. He and his friend teach us about archaeology, and early native Americans. Greg learning how to hunt and fish, start a fire without matches. In the end of the story Greg saves Hopelf life [...]


    I loved this little book. Lots of room for a serial and Greg would be awesome. Lot of fun within this book but a lot of serious material as well. Great book for young and young at heart as well. I am looking forward to any additional stories by this author.I received this book for free through First Reads giveaway.

  • Patricia Reding

    C.M. Huddleston has hit upon the secret of good reading for middle-graders in her award-winning Greg’s First Adventure in Time. The formula includes taking a respectful but sarcastic 12-year old boy, an adult ready to share an interesting life calling—such as Greg’s own mother’s career in archeology—a magical travel in time, and the discovery of a new land that comes complete with some soon-to-be new friends. In Greg’s First Adventure in Time, Greg travels from his mother’s worksit [...]

  • K.S. Jones

    What kind of excitement can a twelve-year-old have on his summer vacation when Mom is an archaeologist? 1. Dig in the dirt. 2. Find cool artifacts. 3. Travel back in time.Greg may not want to admit it, but digging up ancient artifacts is a very cool summer job! Best of all, since his mom is the lead archaeologist on an excavation destined to become a modern ballpark, he gets tagged "her assistant" and helps a class of eleven-year-olds learn the "basics of archaeology." For a twelve-year-old, Gre [...]

  • Rebecca Yager

    We all knew archeologists were time travelers, but how delicious to have it happen so literally! When I began Greg's First Adventure in Time, it felt a little like reading an extremely entertaining textbook on history and archaeology (and since I love both history and archaeology, that was fine with me). But by the time I had finished--while still enjoying the deluge of information and folklore--I was completely invested in the characters and the story. Greg, a self-professed chatterbox, is an e [...]

  • Cassandra Davis

    "Greg's First Adventure in Time" is just what the title says: an adventure! The pre-historic setting provides a thrilling backdrop for boy vs nature drama that reminds older readers of Jack London tales. Young readers will easily identify with the title character, Greg, but also commiserate with his new friend, Hopelf. This book deftly blends archeological information with the story, so that children learn about our ancient ancestors without feeling that they are reading a textbook.Because this [...]

  • Chris

    This was a really fun book for my daughter and I to read together. She loves history, and this has her on a new kick to become an archeologist! Well written, kept her attention as well as was enjoyable for me as an adult.

  • Catherine McCarran

    I concur with previous reviewers--this book was a lot of fun! Greg is an engaging narrator--observant, self-aware and funny (I laughed aloud during the moose hunt. Read it and you'll understand why.). Beyond entertaining me, the story reminded me of how much I LOVE archaeology! I wish I'd had the opportunity to first read it as a kid. The archaeological details are well-done and endlessly fascinating. I feel I got a real education on pre-Colombian North American indigenous culture--a time period [...]

  • Bailey Baxter

    "Greg's First Adventure in Time" brings early American history to life for middle-school readers. The main character Greg is magically transported back in time while helping his mom at an archaeological dig -- and he's immediately mistaken for a god by a young Indian man called Hopelf. They quickly develop a friendship (after Hopelf figures out Greg really isn't a god), and Greg is invited into the Indian boy's life. He learns how to catch fish with a net, hunt with spears, and even skin animals [...]

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