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By Adrianne Byrd | Comments: ( 255 ) | Date: ( Nov 20, 2019 )

No husband, no boyfriend, no pets and definitely no children These were the rules that took magazine CEO Leila Owens to the top Always in charge, in control, she was never rattled Until she finds a baby in her kitchen on Christmas and a sexy neighbor wearing next to nothing knocking at her front door Garrick Grayson didn t know whom to comfort first, the howlingNo husband, no boyfriend, no pets and definitely no children These were the rules that took magazine CEO Leila Owens to the top Always in charge, in control, she was never rattled Until she finds a baby in her kitchen on Christmas and a sexy neighbor wearing next to nothing knocking at her front door Garrick Grayson didn t know whom to comfort first, the howling infant or the career diva without a clue But with a little help, Leila s soon juggling bottles, naps and meetings, while Garrick is falling for adorable Emma and gorgeous, feisty, maternally challenged Leila Garrick had sworn off women married to their jobs Leila had sworn off everything else So why, when they were together, did things feel soright

  • Title: She's My Baby
  • Author: Adrianne Byrd
  • ISBN: 9781474026888
  • Page: 110
  • Format: ebook

About Author:

Adrianne Byrd

National Best selling author Adrianne Byrd has always preferred to live within the realms of her imagination where all the men are gorgeous and the women are worth whatever trouble they manage to get into As an army brat, she traveled throughout Europe and learned to appreciate and value different cultures Now she calls Georgia home Looking back, Adrianne believes her passion for writing began at the ripe old age of thirteen It was also the age when she was introduced to romance novels by a most unlikely source her fifteen year old brother The book was probably given to keep her out her brother s hair, but it was a gift that changed her life.In books, Adrianne found a way out of her awkward teenage years and into a world of fictional friends that would stay with her for a lifetime It wasn t long before her imagination took flight and she was writing her own love stories Within a year, she completed her first book, which she vowed would never see the light of day.Writing remained a hobby until 1994 when a co worker approached her with an article on Romance Writers of America Who knew there was an organization of women just like her By 1996 she sold her first novel, Defenseless, to Kensington Publishing.Her first release received rave reviews by Romantic Times and fans Her other novels were consistently selected as the Magazine s Top Pick In 2001 Slam Jam nominated, Say You Love Me, for best romance Her 2003 release Comfort of a Man won Romantic Times Best Multicultural Romance, Romance in Color s Readers Choice Awards for Favorite Book, Favorite Hero, and Favorite Heroine Shades of Romance s Best Arabesque Romance Book Slam Jams Emma Award for Favorite Traditional Romance Romance in Color s Reviewer s Choice Award for Author of the Year, Book of the Year and Best BET Arabesque Book And lastly Comfort of a Man was a 2003 Georgia Romance Writers Maggie finalist for best Contemporary In 2004 she released her first romantic suspense novel, If You Dare, with HarperCollins In 2006 her novel Measure of a Man was nominated for Best Multicultural Romance while her Harper Torch novel Deadly Double was nominated for an Emma In 2007 she won an eharlequin Joey Award.In 2006 Adrianne along with fellow writer Niobia Bryant penned her first Urban Novel, DESPERATE HOODWIVES, writing as De nesha Diamond The book is set for release February 2008 from Simon and Schuster For information, visit deneshadiamond.Ms Byrd has been featured in many national publications, including Today s Black Woman, Upscale, and Heart and Soul She has also won local awards for screenwriting For the future, she looks forward to continue creating characters that make people smile, laugh, and fall in love.

Comments She's My Baby

  • Connie

    Really sweet story! The three Owen sisters suffered an unspeakable tragedy when they were 8, 10 and 12 years old. Their mother's suicide left them abandoned, homeless and guilty. So when Samantha dropped Emma off and disappeared for 3 months I wasn't surprised. She was questioning her own parenting skills. But what I loved most is how Roslyn and Leila stepped up and took responsibility for their baby niece. And of course, there are no words for how wonderful Garrick was as he supported the woman [...]

  • Anika

    Awwwww! This one got me feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. I'm gonna go hug a puppy!

  • postcrdprincess

    Here's my review:I originally decided to read the back cover of “She’s My Baby (Kimani romance)” because of the cuteness of the baby on the front cover. Once I read what the plot of the story was, I became very interested in reading the story because it was slightly different then the stories I had been recently reading. Garrick (hero) and the Leila (heroine) are both career-oriented individuals; however, Garrick is looking for a woman who is more interested in taking care of a home and a [...]

  • Shawnette

    Excellent ReadThis is the first time I've read an Adrianne Byrd novel. But you can bet I'll be checking out more from her. I really enjoyed this story. I enjoyed the sisters relationship and how they held it together, somewhat despite what happened to them and between them. And I really enjoyed the romance between Leila and Garrick. It was a quick, sweet read.

  • Umme

    I read many of Adrianne Byrd's book and out of all of them , I must say that out of all that I've read , this was one of the most attention - grabbing. I really enjoyed reading this book, for many reasons. The first reason is that the book is based on relationships ; such as the relationship between lovers, sisters, parents and their children. I happen to be a person who really values and cherishes all relationships because it's an important aspect of life. Life is based on all the relationships [...]

  • Diana

    Well, this is a cute story. I'll be honest, there isn't a lot to this. It's a predictable romance where everyone ends up happy at the end of the book. Simple, cookie cutter, and exactly what most women want to read about. Unfortunately, I am not one of those women.

  • Yvonne Bailey

    A quick lighthearted read! I enjoyed Garrett and Leila's story. I would love to see a sequel in the near future to see if these two made it work.

  • Rose Moorman

    I absolutely loved it!!!This needs to be a Holiday movie. I never laughed so hard; I actually had tears. What a great read. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  • Arch

    The baby on this cover is cute. The story is cute too.

  • Victoria

    I really enjoyed it first actual book I've held in over two years

  • Angela

    Cute story.

  • WolverineBlue

    Cute baby handsome neighbor love storyIt had a great beginning. The story moved along at a good pace. It only gave necessary details and the ending tapped up the story.

  • Alona Marshall

    This was a great ready the layers to this story keep me going.

  • Theresa

    "No husband, no boyfriend, no pets and definitely "no" children" These were the "rules" that took magazine CEO Leila Owens to the top. Always in charge, in control, she was never rattled. Until she finds a baby in her kitchen on Christmas--and a sexy neighbor wearing next to nothing knocking at her front door.Garrick Grayson didn't know whom to comfort first, the howling infant or the career diva without a clue.But with a little help, Leila's soon juggling bottles, naps and meetings, while Garri [...]

  • Frances Hardy

    A Good ReadA story of three sisters who were traumatized by the suicide of their mother. One sister is happily married with two children while the other two are still carrying baggage from the death. They can't seem to let go of the death. The youngest has a baby, drops her off unexpectedly with the oldest who is a workaholic, doesn't want children, and doesn't know how to care for a baby. Her neighbor helps her,they fall in love, she becomes pregnant, they get married, and she overcomes her ins [...]

  • Grace Augustine

    She's My BabyThis story is about a baby called Emma she is as lovely as she is on the cover, her aunt Leila who was we'd to her career and the hunk of a neighbor Garrick across the street who loved children. This is a good family story Samantha Emma's mother has problems that why she left the baby in her sister's kitchen Carrick hears Leila calling in a panic for Samantha come over to the house and immediately falls in love with baby Emma and of course Leila. Read the book you will love the stor [...]

  • JoyTaMar Moorer

    I really loved this book. Since I'm really into romance, it was fitting. I really like Leilia's character as much as I liked Garrick's. Both were in denial in some wya or another and both had past problems that kept each other apart, like real people. Both of their problems had o deal with children. Leila- ever since her mother committed suciside, she wonder if she could ever be a good mother, and she thought that if she had any children that would kill her options of ever finding that out. Garr [...]

  • Valerie Edouard

    I love how the characters came together in this book. Love have a way of making you feel whole inside. That what happen to the heroine in this novel she was half alive so when the hero came into her life she felt whole and become to alive again.

  • Sharon Simmons

    Awesome story about family and love!Leila and Garrick's first meeting was funny! Eventually they got it together. Thank God Emma came into their life when she did. Also glad things worked out for Samantha.

  • Lorice

    Love it!Garrick and Leila is humorous. I so love the part when she left her house screaming for her sister. You have to read it to find out why it is so hilarious. I so love this book.

  • Courtney Myers

    So incredibly sweet story, characters touched my heartSo incredibly sweet story, characters touched my heart, great author, clear plot, fun read, would like to know what happens with the triplets

  • Valerie L McClure

    Excellent bookI disliked the fact it was too short. Situations we are facing daily. Career women want control of everything. Keep writing. I have always borrowed books from the library. Purchasing on my tablet will be different. Need my words

  • Lashunda

    Tear jerkerHow I loved this story. You will love every page. Motherhood is a beautiful thing. Just priceless. Adrianne Bryd you did that on this story. I will be looking for more books by you

  • Aqueena Evans

    Having a baby.I really enjoyed this book. It let you see that life doesn't always go smoothly. These sisters all learned to deal with life in different ways. At the end all of them took the hand they were dealt and made a beautiful life.

  • Tavenna

    Delicious!!!!!This book was cookbooks good and I love the Family concept of the story. Leila was my girl and I feel like I'm married to garrick. I love love love this book. It had the perfect ending!!!!!Hats off to the Author Adrianne Byrd!!!!

  • LaTonya

    This was such a great read! I loved this book from start to finish. I couldn't put it down & finished reading it in hours. This is the first book I've read by Adrianne Byrd and I was very impressed. I'm excited to read more by this author.

  • A.

    I struggled between a four or a five. Finally the beautiful picture of Emma on the cover and the wonderful characterization of her in the book convinced me that this book deserved a five.

  • Joy moorer

    I learned about love, among all things and to not try to be like or not be like your parents, cause in someway or another you will be. You may not act like them, but they will always be apart of you.

  • Rochelle

    WonderfulWonderful story line. Everybody struggles with something. Wondering if you can survive you can with the help of family and friends support.

  • Bebe20018

    Left me feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.

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  • [PDF] Download ↠ She's My Baby | by ☆ Adrianne Byrd
    110 Adrianne Byrd
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