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By Bey Deckard Starr Waddell | Comments: ( 970 ) | Date: ( Sep 18, 2019 )

Sometimes it s just about being in the right place at the right time with the right person Sarge is the short story of a burgeoning D s relationship between two space marines stationed on an alien planet where an endless war drags on Sergeant Wilkes is a hard man with a long, celebrated military career Brawny, tattooed, and utterly submissive, Murphy is just an interesSometimes it s just about being in the right place at the right time with the right person Sarge is the short story of a burgeoning D s relationship between two space marines stationed on an alien planet where an endless war drags on Sergeant Wilkes is a hard man with a long, celebrated military career Brawny, tattooed, and utterly submissive, Murphy is just an interesting diversion until Sarge realises he has found something truly rare.

  • Title: Sarge
  • Author: Bey Deckard Starr Waddell
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 368
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

Bey Deckard Starr Waddell

Artist, Writer, Dog Lover beydeckardCanadian indie author Bey Deckard wanted to be many things when he grew up veterinarian, vampire, paleontologist, crane operator, sniper, ophthalmologist, brain surgeon, marine biologist, lawyer, forensic anthropologist, set designer, underwater archaeologist, mortician, rock star, philanthropist but writer was not on the list Artist wasn t there either because he d been drawing and paintings since he was a tot and figured that made him one already Freelance graphic design paid the bills while Bey levelled up with a BFA in Art History minor in Anthro However, he landed in the tech world where the degree was worth FA, and stayed there for over a decade before leaving, thoroughly sick of working for The Man That s when the writing started, and Bey still can t believe it wasn t on that list above because he absolutely loves doing it and can t really imagine doing anything else Bey s books aren t quite romance and aren t quite erotica, and they jump from genre to genre, but they re all character driven and he likes to think they re interesting These days, if Bey s not writing or working on graphics, you ll find him posting pics of his best buddy and constant canine companion Murphy, cooking up some tasty vegetarian eats, hanging out on facebook, or sitting back to watch a movie with a drink or many As a reader, Bey s usual staples are biographical works, medical research papers, all sorts of history books nautical, medieval, and medical being his favourites , science fiction, fantasy, horror, KGB CIA thrillers, and graphic novels.

Comments Sarge

  • Gigi

    Update September 2016: Oh no! New cover fail! That's not Sarge. That guy gives me the willies. Bummer.First review from Oct. 29, 2014:So who the fuck is Bey Deckard and how the fuck did s/he get me to sob like a little girl while reading a 50 page story? Loved this kinky gem!!!!!! It's a must read! Kink, BDSM, military boys and, I kid you not, romance! All in 50 short little pages. Highly recommended.June 2, 2015 review after re-read that includes more than me fangirling the fuck out:Sarge, the [...]

  • SheReadsALot

    4.5 HEARTS--"You're a good boy, Murph," he says softly to me."You get me home, get me patched up, and you'll see what good boys get."That was the line that hooked me when I first learned about this story.There's nothing like great dirty talk. And when it's paired with great D/s? It's like there's a jackpot to be read. And "Sarge", the first in the F.I.S.T.S. series, definitely has that in spades. In less than sixty pages, it gets the job done to portray a burgeoning relationship between two spac [...]

  • Sheziss

    I decided to start this book just before going to sleep but was so tired I had to leave it half done (my eyelids weighed a ton). The next morning, just after breakfast, I picked it up again. I remembered it was hot but I had almost forgotten it was incredibly romantic. I was so excited, so moved, so touched, I just wanted to grab my keyboard and write. But I had no words to say. My mind had gone blank. If I was inspired a moment before, the next minute I fell mute.I'm not going to lie, this year [...]

  • Shurrn

    Is it hot in here?or is it just this book?"You're a good boy, Murph," he says softly to me. "You get me home, get me patched up, and you'll see what good boys get.I swear to god, I have never made a sound like it before; half whimper, half gasp, it's past my lips before I can stop it. Sarge sees the effect his words have on me, and he smiles. Sure, the alien planet might be unbearably hot, but the setting barely holds a candle to the heat being generated between our main charactersYou will not b [...]

  • Optimist ♰King's Wench♰ & MANTIES Champion

    4.25 Sucker-punch Right to the Kink Stars!I’m rapidly approaching hero worship with this author. This little nugget packs more of a punch than I had any right to expect in fifty odd pages. Sarge is a well constructed novella with fantastic world building, superb research into military speak, likable characters that are kinky and ON FI-YAH!For serious. I need a fire extinguisher to put out the still smoldering flames. A DAY LATER!Sarge and Murphy are part of war with some alien species that has [...]

  • Elizabetta

    Audacious.When the first scene takes place on a battlefield, on an alien planet somewhere, with a rather graphic description of a serious injury sustained by one of our lead guys (Sarge) as he’s being tended to by his subordinate (Murphy), you wonder what the heck you’ve gotten yourself into.Then, Sarge propositions Murphy. There, on the battlefield. While he’s seriously wounded. And Murphy gets a stiffy.“You’re a good boy, Murph,” he says softly to me. “You get me home, get me pat [...]

  • Ann

    Whoa.Dammit Bey. Dammit Nick. There are so many feels and delicious filth packed into this short novelette and I ate up every word. Telling the story in Dual POV either is the best thing ever or . . . not, and in Sarge, it is the BEST. It’s really the only way the author could have conveyed so much in so little time. Murphy is a BIG space Marine who is actually brilliant but speaks very little because he just isn’t that comfortable with verbal interaction, he’s there to do his duty, and th [...]

  • Bey Deckard

    Aug. 19, 2016 - Sarge is now available in Audiobook format: geni/SargeABWhen you get down to it, it's a sweet love story.

  • JustJen "Miss Conduct"

    Edited to add Audio Review - September 1, 20164.5 star review by The Blogger Girls.This story pulled me in immediately, so that I felt as though I was in the trenches right there with Sarge and Murph. I’m not usually a fan of sci-fi stories, but here, I was gobbling up every detail. I found the technical details to be extremely vivid and believable and one of the things I really enjoyed about this story.These guys are fighting in a war on another planet. They’ve been fighting so long, it alm [...]

  • Adrianamae, Marco's fan

    Just Jen "Miss Conduct" has a pretty thorough review of this story, so if you want the whole details of the plot check out that Review. I'm only going to give my impressions on this story. It's beautiful. It's gritty and rough, and at the same time, lovely. Yes, for such a short story this little undiscovered gem packs quite a punch--which was a surprise for me because even though I love scify, I do not enjoy D/S relationships one bit. But you see, their relationship had to do with devotion more [...]

  • Steelwhisper

    1.5* rounded up.There are times when I really have a problem understanding why my friendlist rates something high. This is one of those cases. I have a variety of problems with this.1. ProseWhy is it that all soldiers get served a voice which is overripe with obscenities, swearing and the language level of a toddler? And not just the voice of a private, the officers are the exact same? And I am supposed to feel attached to these half-wits? I've read the diaries and non-fiction accounts of severa [...]

  • Laura

    Two words is all it took to send me scrambling for the BUY button with this one. Space marines! Boom! I was in! :)But I didn’t see how far or deep Sarge and Murphy got under my skin until I realized I was still thinking about them three days after reading their story.I’m still thinking about Murphy’s plea “Can I, Sarge?” and the way Sarge’s finger taps and slides over the “M” in Murphy on the door. I can still hear and feel these men!This unforgettable short story will linger—s [...]

  • Emma Sea

    I liked it, but I would have liked it more if (view spoiler)[they'd both died in each others arms at the end. (hide spoiler)]. The D/s was excellent. I got a nice sense of what it did for Murphy. And it was an enjoyable change that he wasn't really into anal sex.

  • Eugenia

    4.5 Stars!!! Superb audiobook rendition by Nick J. Russo. I love Mr. Deckard’s writing.typically dark, typically gritty, and definitely hot. Yet above all, what stands out most are his characterizations. No matter how twisted or messed up, these people in his pages have things that fall out of their mouths are REALd I’m not just talking body fluids. Words, my friends, words and thoughts, not mindless fluffed up drivel. Although here is dribbling, hehehe.Real is beauty.This was a short story [...]

  • SheReadsALot

    A Double Tag Team review with Ann!4 HEARTS--Being as I've read this book and enjoyed Sarge to pieces, this audiobook has mighty big shoes to fill.Murphy, the big hulking submissive soldier who finally gets his man, older Sarge set in a sci-fi erotica action packed short story I am still grinning.My feelings for Sarge, as a story, hasn't changed.Listening to Deckard's words is a different experience for me. The story is still mega hot. Duh, it's a Deckard. But it took me forever to get into the b [...]

  • Sofia

    Sarge and Murphy, yes I liked. Liked the double POV, the story, the world building, the building up of the relationship, the changes, the making it through.This scenario reminded me a bit of Starship Troopers but without the bugs and the Ken and Barbie dolls, Rico and Ibanez that is. That's a good thing in my opinion, about the bugs I'm sure you understand and Murphy and Sarge are much better that the pretty dolls, much, much better.

  • Tina

    This short sci-fi story is rough and gritty and anything but a comfort read. If you like hot D/s power play, dirty talk and a strong military guy on his knees this one is the right book for you. Sarge is the start of a series and while waiting for the next installment I'm going to check out Mr. Deckard’s full novels.

  • Ula'ndi Hart

    Overall book rating: 3.5 Audio Book: Nick J Russo – 4.5Book Cover: 1 - Hmmmm NO Stars FIRST - NICK J RUSSO!!! I LOVE Your Murphy!! I swear I’ll listen to a whole recording of him just doing that “Murphy” thing. It’s just toe curling goodness. I liked the idea of it all. I really like engaging in the “new” of their world and all the little things that adds to it. It’s really brutal and I had to switch gears to ease into it for a moment as we kick off right from the start with a ba [...]

  • Syfy

    I'm stuttering, there's just so much more to this than meets the eye. Well done!

  • Sunny

    Sweet tease that packs a punch but ends way too soon.

  • Tully Vincent

    Sergeant Wilkes has had a long and prestigious military career. When he’s injured on the front, Murphy brings him in. Murphy is the opposite of Sarge… big, tattooed, and delightfully submissive. Can a couple space marines stationed on an alien planet where an endless war rages on find something special in each other?Gritty, violent, somewhat gory short novella. Its kinky, smoking hot and romantic almost in spite of itself. This story made me bawl like a baby, and I loved it! Sarge is an olde [...]

  • Dee Wy

    My response to finishing this story was two-fold. First I thought "Damn, just damn that was good." Then I wondered if I should be upset at the way the story ended. Then decided, "No, it's perfect!" Everyone should read this great M/M story.More please!

  • Trio

    I love this story, the way Bey Deckard sets up these characters and then how they develop throughout is just perfectly done. Sarge is an amazing character, he's so gruff and complex and still so honest and straightforward, to watch how his feelings develop for Murphy is really touching.Since I love this book so much I was thrilled when the audio version was released last weekend! Nick J. Russo (who is always fantastic) did an incredible job with this one. His Sarge is incredible, he really bring [...]

  • Sarah_loves_books

    A wonderful sci-fi piece with some hot D/s activity.Showed the mindlessness of war very well.

  • Amy

    ***Audiobook***Narrated by Nick J. Russo***A lot of feelz for such a short book. Nick Russo does an outstanding job narrating giving Sarge a low, gravely voice. Loved it!!

  • Jen

    Holy shit, B. Where did this one come from? More like it please.

  • Jason Bradley

    Oh my Jeebles! I have a new name on my Fave Authors list! This was amazing!

  • Joseph Tonlet

    Damn, I loved this novelette! But, that’s really no surprise – it’s written by the brilliant Bey Deckard. As with my other reviews, I’m going to say right off the bat that this isn’t a review – I can’t write them, I don’t know how, and I not even going to attempt to. Why tarnish a completely awesome story with my feeble attempt at review writing? However, what I will say is I want to know Murphy better – like up close and personal! *wink* He’s a beautifully written character, [...]

  • Chelsea

    That was great. Gritty, sexy, violent and sweet. Somehow Bey set this story in a world that we don't know heaps about but is described in perfect detail. There are no world building paragraphs, we're only privy to information that is relevant to what our hero's are doing or seeing. I'm not describing it properly, but it's very succinct and I loved it.The D/S relationship was great and I want more more more.Lastly I'm so fucking glad I'm reading this now and not when Murphy isn't out to read imme [...]

  • Fifi LaFleur

    For a short story it's pretty impressive. I love the characters' voices. They are pretty well fleshed out in just a few pages. Excellent world building.My only real qualm is that I want more of Sarge and Murphy. They have a pretty lovely relationship blossoming.

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