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By Paige Timothy | Comments: ( 123 ) | Date: ( Jan 18, 2020 )

Bridal consultant Laurie Fletcher spends all her time helping others prepare for the most special day of their lives Logan Reese is easily the most irritating man on the planet, and for some reason, he s made annoying Laurie his mission in life Will true love ever come Laurie s way, or is she doomed to watch others get their happily ever after while she sits on the sidelBridal consultant Laurie Fletcher spends all her time helping others prepare for the most special day of their lives Logan Reese is easily the most irritating man on the planet, and for some reason, he s made annoying Laurie his mission in life Will true love ever come Laurie s way, or is she doomed to watch others get their happily ever after while she sits on the sidelines

  • Title: And Something Blue
  • Author: Paige Timothy
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 195
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

Paige Timothy

Paige Timothy is new to the romance scene, but she s certainly not new to the industry Under her other pen names, she has published thirty books in a wide variety of genres With her new series, the Main Street Merchants, Paige is embarking on a new journey that promises to be filled with adventure.You can contact Paige via her e mail address, authorpaigetimothy gmail Source paigetimothy p about p 27 Oct 2014

Comments And Something Blue

  • Kathy * Bookworm Nation

    Super Cute!I really love books/series that take place in small towns. This is a fun series that takes place in Aspen Ridge, Colorado. Laurie works in the bridal shop and it was a lot of fun to see that side of the business (reminded me of the TV show Say Yes to the Dress). Logan is a lawyer from Denver who comes to Aspen Ridge with his sister to try on wedding dresses. To say that Laurie and Logan butt heads would be an understatement. While it's fun to watch the sparks fly, I did feel that Laur [...]

  • Kathy

    Super cute and squeaky clean. This is my kind of story. And Something Blue was somewhat predictable but still thoroughly enjoyable. The bridal shop was a fun setting.Two strong willed opinionated people are bound to have some ups and downs. From the moment Laurie meets the brother of one of her brides you know you are in for a good time watching these two collide. This is the first in a series of novellas but it stands alone. Laurie has three roommates who I am assuming will each get their own s [...]

  • Teya Peck

    It was a fast, light, quick easy, clean read. It almost seemed to fast but it was cute and it had attitude. It was a fun break from the heavy one I'm reviewing.

  • Katie W

    First of all, there was a map included at the beginning of the book that showed where each business was located on Main Street. I really enjoyed looking at that, so that I could visualize just where everything was. It really drew me in. Secondly, it was a short, fun story and I can't wait to read more about this great street!Laurie works in a bridal shop and helps brides-to-be find their perfect wedding dress. She's really good at what she does and when she makes a fantastic sale, she is very su [...]

  • Tara

    I liked this onebut it was more just ok for me.It was frustrating, because it had the potential to be better, but it bugged me that she spent most of the book disliking him. Don't get me wrong--I like when they start out disliking each other, but come on, give the guy a break! He was a good guy, and outside of the initial dress situation, what did he do to warrant all the disdain? I have no idea what took her so long to convince herself to like him, and I just got a little annoyed with her. And [...]

  • Leslie aka StoreyBook Reviews

    Loved this simple, wholesome and very clean romance novella. Laurie is looking for love but not finding it. Logan is a lawyer caught up in his own egountil they meet. While some of this was very predictable, it didn't make it any less of a story. I thought the story was well written and completedidn't leave you hanging, much! Hopefully in the next book we will find out a little more about Laurie and Logan even though the next book is about another roommate of Laurie's.If you have an hour or so, [...]

  • Alisa

    Main Street Merchants is a fun series! I have loved all the books, but this one is my favorite!Logan and Laurie meet when he comes into the bridal shop she manages with his sister and mother to buy a wedding dress for his sister. He doesn't make a good first impression - and he makes an even worse second impression - but he is persistent until he finally gets it right. This was a fun, clean short read -- perfect for a summer day like today!Content: CleanSource:

  • Kristen

    This was a super cute and clean little romance novella. I really enjoyed the banter between Laurie and Logan. Thought the author did a great job at that, found myself smiling a ton during this novel. Very, very cute.Moral Note: Social drinking at a work party

  • Candyce Vee Zern

    So good!Amelia C. Adams, I love that I was made aware of this series. Thankyou for changing all your books to the name I recognize. I love the humor you carry out through your books it was so much fun to see this couple connect.

  • Diamondgirl2634

    Great book!Loved the ups and downs of the emotions these characters have. Love a book where the characters engage me in their story. This book did that for me.

  • Geri

    So sweet! WARNING: No Smut!

  • Linda

    This was a cute romance. Not exactly unique, but well written and aside from the end which seemed a little rushed, a quick and and easy read.Laurie is a consultant at a bridal shop who is not only looking for the perfect match for herself, but dreams of one day opening her own shop. While helping her client, Kelly, pick out her dress, she meets Logan, the future bride's brother. Although he's gorgeous, he's also preoccupied and cranky, and spends most of his time on his phone and not what was go [...]

  • Marybeth

    When I read romance books there are several things that really make me enjoy the book, they are: clean, good chemistry between the main characters, believable dialogue, and good characters.And Something Blue by Paige Timothy is book 1 in the Main Street Merchant series. The book is a 100 page novella that I found fun to read. It had a little bit of a Pride and Prejudice feel to it. It was somewhat predictable, but I enjoy a good light predictable book every now and again especially when there is [...]

  • Lisa Foster

    Blue has been connected to weddings for centuries. In fact, in ancient Rome, brides wore blue to symbolize love, and fidelity. Laurie works as a consultant for the Bridal shop in hopes to own one someday. In her heart, she is wanting to marry her prince but he never seems to come as she has had one bad romance already. Logan is the brother of a customer from Denver, a good 1-2 hrs drive away. It is amazing how he all of a sudden seems to have a lot of reasons to come and see Laurie but she didn' [...]

  • Holly (2 Kids and Tired)

    Laurie Fletcher wants nothing more than to one day own her own bridal shop. But in the meantime, she works as a bridal consultant advising brides in the purchase of their wedding dresses. When bride Kelly and her mother and brother Logan come into Laurie's shop to purchase a high end expensive wedding dress, Laurie is not impressed at all with Logan. But, he keeps coming back into her life and her store and she can't help herself falling for him.While the characters in this story are young adult [...]

  • B. D. Mann

    This was the first time I have read a Paige Timothy novel. I expected a pleasurable reading experience having read several customer reviews, but Paige Timothy far exceeded my expectations. At only 108 pages it is a challenge for a writer to develop a story and characters with any real depth and was believable. This was a page turning read right from the first few pages. It held my interest to the last page. I love clean romances and this was squeaky clean. The only violence was when Logan punche [...]

  • KyBunnies

    Originally posted at Bunny's ReviewI started this series backwards. No surprise if you saw my TBR/currently reading list. Even though I read the second book before the first it did not matter. This was a wonderful sweet romance and the reading order did not really matter. There was just enough to provide everything the reader needed and did not over whelm with useless information.I highly recommend this book to any who enjoy a book without all the sex, cussing and over the top drama.The bunnies [...]

  • Rhonda

    4 STARSThis was heavy on characters that I want to know more about. It is a sweet romance that leaves you with a smile and want to read more books like And Something Blue. It is full of drama, romance and good friends.Laurie Fletcher is a strong minded, kind, smart, funny and caring. She also has strong opinions. Laurie works as a bridal consultant.She is single. The more I see her back story reinforces how much I like her character. Laurie finds herself attracted to the brother of one of the br [...]

  • Aimee (Getting Your Read On)

    This was the first book in this collection that I read and it was a fantastic way to start things out. I really love the concept of writing about a group of people who all work along the same street (Main Street Merchants). Different lives, different businesses, but all connected in some small way. I loved the little map in the front telling me where are the businesses were located too. It really helped set the stage in my head.Laurie is a fun character. She runs a bridal shop. Her first few enc [...]

  • L_manning

    Laurie loves her job. As a bridal consultant in a small town, she gets to help everyone have that special day. One day she gets a girl in with a short engagement but no shortage of money. The future bride brings her mother and very annoying (but very attractive) brother Logan. After things go sour, Laurie gets way more attention from Logan than she ever wanted. Will enemies become friends? Or maybe even more?This was a very cute story. I love that it was a short read, because I was sucked into t [...]

  • Shauna

    I LOVE that this is SWEET and CLEAN!Laurie loves working as a bridal consultantBut sometimes brides and their families can be difficult to work with!When Kelly Reese walks into Millicent's Bridal Shop with her mother and her brother, Logan, Laurie is ready. Kelly and her mother are easy to work withe brother not so much.As Kelly is getting married in such a short time and will need a rush orderLaurie has them sign a "no return" contract.But when Kelly's wedding is called offIt is Logan who storm [...]

  • Renae Weight

    Delightful RomanceThis was a delightful read and fits the romance formula well. The MC was smart and likeable, educated and followed her dreams. The wedding store stuff was a fun setting. I think the Main Street store theme for a series and its interaction works well. The thing that bothered me a little was how the couple got over their initial clash. In reality, they probably wouldn't have gotten together. I didn't get enough of his motivation early on for pursuing the relationship when she was [...]

  • Tifferz

    This is my first read by Paige Timothy and it won't be my last. I absolutely love this stellar read! I could totally relate to Laurie and her friends. All the embarrassing situations she found herself in were a delight. I was taken by surprise by Chad and the relationship they had. But we all come with baggage right? I liked that Laurie and Logan had heated discussions and they got to know each other. Such a fun, happy read. I really hope that Ms. Timothy writes about all of Laurie's friends. I [...]

  • Cathy

    This was a fun book, the start of a new series. I loved all of the girls you meet in this book. The girls are mostly roommates of Laurie, and I can't wait to get to know each of them in their own stories. I loved the flow of this book. The plot just seemed to work and be really sweet, just what you want in a quick, easy read. I thought that the characters were really well done, and I love how the little town and Main Street itself almost become characters as well. If you're a fan of clean romanc [...]

  • Melissa

    This was a cute shortish book, it had a long start and was a bit odd with all the arguing that happened between the love interests. The leading man was a bit of a jerk and then the leading lady was a little to blunt and mean. It all feel together well and ended nicely. It was well written but just didn't spark for me and that might have been because of the beginning. There was also way to many references to food. I wanted to eat everything while reading this book. It was clean with a couple kiss [...]

  • Candice

    This cute, clean love story is definitely one to feed a romantic's fantasies. Despite challenges and baggage, two well-meaning characters bumble their way into finding love and settling down in an adorable, when-can-I-move there sort of town. Perfect brain candy for a bubble bath or long plane ride.

  • Jamie Rhodes

    Cute squeaky clean short book. Laurie is a bridal consultant. Her first meeting with Logan, a future bride's brother, is less than stellar. However, her dislike turns into a bit more. The story takes place in a quaint little Colorado town. There is no sex in the book, and I honestly don't remember any cursing either. Just a fun clean read. Laurie's point of view only. No cliffhanger.

  • Liz

    Sweet and clean romance about Laurie, a bridal dress consultant who instantly dislikes Logan, the brother of a bride who was recently jilted and who tries to circumvent their no return policy.This was like a hallmark movie but with more kissing.There are others in this series, I hope. And I'd like to see a happy ending for Brennan.

  • Kathy Jo

    Liked the book but kinda torn at the moment. The hero was hardly in it for about the first 68% of the book. So I had a hard time believing the hero and heroine would end up together. And then the worst thing happened it just ended! I hate that! Full review to come.

  • Gayle

    This was a sweet, clean romance. It was a quick read and a bit predictable, but I enjoyed the banter and development of the main relationship. Looking forward to reading more about the roommates and the town in the other books!

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