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By Cleo Peitsche | Comments: ( 908 ) | Date: ( Feb 25, 2020 )

EXECUTIVE TOY 1 is an erotic BDSM menage romance of 18,000 words Contains multiple partners and BDSM elements in office settings To stay alive, Lindsay has always relied on her looks and her wits It s not always enough, and underneath her carefully polished exterior is a desperate woman who will do anything to survive When she s called to account for her misuse of tEXECUTIVE TOY 1 is an erotic BDSM menage romance of 18,000 words Contains multiple partners and BDSM elements in office settings To stay alive, Lindsay has always relied on her looks and her wits It s not always enough, and underneath her carefully polished exterior is a desperate woman who will do anything to survive When she s called to account for her misuse of the company credit card, she hopes to flirt her way out of trouble Instead she finds herself faced with a gorgeous stranger who is immune to her manipulation, and she s shocked by the punishment he deals out No one in the office can tell her who the stranger is, and when she encounters him again weeks later, things take another unexpected turn times three Three handsome, rich businessmen In their arms, she almost feels safe But she knows the truth safe is an illusion, and staying alive is all that matters This BDSM romance contains explicit sexual content and graphic language that may be objectionable to some readers Includes sexual dominance and submission, spanking, multiple partner, menage, and many other delights For adults only.

  • Title: Executive Toy
  • Author: Cleo Peitsche
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 449
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

Cleo Peitsche

If Cleo isn t writing or reading erotica, she s probably sitting on her balcony, watching the wind blow through the trees She loves snowstorms, horses, and pi a coladas If she won the lottery, she would hire an assistant to take care of the technical side of e publishing so that she could write all day.Some random facts about Cleo 1 Thinks life s too short to forgo HEAs and HFNs.2 Sprained an ankle joining the mile high club Never again 3 Favorite writers include Cormac McCarthy, Junot Diaz and Rachel Caine.4 Gets weak kneed for bookish guys who know how to fix things with their hands swoons

Comments Executive Toy

  • Sophia Triad

    When I started this book, I couldn’t help it but comparing this series “Executive Toy” with the series “Office Toy” by the same author. At first glance they look similar. Both series are about three dominate males, powerful, masculine, extremely good looking who start a menage relationship with a woman who works for their company. The woman is very attractive, very confident, very open in her sexuality and it is her choice to submit to the three of them. And this is where all the simil [...]

  • Tami (synchro from BL)

    I wanted something sexy And here I have the perfect quote why this was not what I wanted: "My pussy is dripping down my thighs." For your sake, Lindsay, I sincerely hope not. On the upside: It was free.

  • Cassandra Caress

    Oh WOW!!! Cleo knows how to write these things and make them more than hot! And the story around is also very interesting! I've learned from previous books not to assume anything where the story would go. lol Cleo has some mean twists coming! Anxious for the next one in this series! I want to be Lindsay so badly!

  • ⚜️Charlotte⚜️

    3.5 Stars!3 Men and a Vixen.(on her knees)Vague introduction, but not quite enough to be able to connect the characters, basically a prelude to the next bookQuickie read, with very descriptive Hot Dirty Sexother guilty pleasure, and itWas free! ;)F / MMM

  • Joyce

    Super quick office kink read. I honestly feel like I only read a chapter.

  • Mrs.Vishous-Kattalakis-Belikov :::Para Itch Reviews:::

    Hot. Steamy. Quickie! Definitely will read moreCleo is always an auto buy for me!

  • Talltree

    Thought this would just be porn but was just bdsmy and rather intelligent. Liked the h a lot.The book surprised me.

  • Themis

    Wow I didn't expect to enjoy this little read but I really did!!! I'm rating 3.5 closer to 4 stars. At first I don't like Lindsay but by the first scene with the mysterious gorgeous guy I like her a lot. She is running from someone and hiding her true identity. The punishment she receives for her incorrect use of the company's expense account is hot, a spanking with the employee handbook! How appropriate! She gets to meet her mysterious guy and two of his friends, Slade and Romeo, on an other la [...]

  • Erin

    Wow this is a hot story.She seems to have a secret (which is not being told in this story)And she thinks she can get away with steeling from the company. But she is wrong. But she is intrigued by the man who disciplines her. When she sees him back he is not alone and he is used to share everything with his friends. Actually it are his friends who want her and he doesn't and I think that is hot. They don't like each other, but they to feel a lot of sexual attraction to each other.The way the thre [...]

  • Aղցela W.

    This book was ok I just wish it was longer. Lindsey gets caught stealing money from the company that she works for and she thinks that she is getting away with it wrong. When her boss asks to speak with her he spanks her and ordered her to leave. Weeks go by and she has not seen the mystery man. Late one night she hears laughing down the hall at another business. She goes in and is greeted by 3 men including mystery man. The sex scenes were hot I just felt that this book was too short and I want [...]

  • Amber J.

    Super short and super hot and kinky! Couldn't put this book down, read it straight through into the wee hours of the morning!

  • Nstefa

    Quick fun read! 3 guys all alphas and very sexual with massive cocks want one female

  • A.M.

    Lindsay is using the office credit card to buy lingerie, nail appointments and hair products. When she’s called to the accountant’s office she wants to explain that she intends to pay it back, but she doesn’t get a chance, nor does she get fired. She gets spanked with the office manual by a glorious man she’s never seen around the office.Turns out he’s Hawthorne Tarraget and he owns the company.Three weeks later she meets him, and his friends in his office. Romeo Wood Bison is Samoan, [...]

  • R.G.

    When you get a book like this you don't expect much. An actual plot is rare but nice and at first it seemed like this one would be good. Lindsay has a secret, she's on the run, needs help, and now here comes some heroes. but it's an episode which I hate, so no real ending, but worse was the naughty parts. They're uncaring and cruel and Hawthorne just straight up hates her and she hates him which makes it worse. just straight up terrible.

  • Keema Osborne

    Wow, it seems that Hawthorn, Romeo and Slade has found their girl. Lindsey is soon realizing that her actions has consequences, weather she owns up to it or not. Although, I strongly believe that they already know who she is and is wait for her to come clean. The real question is will Lindsey be able submit and truthful to them when the time comes.

  • Elinor

    Moui. Alors je voulais un truc érotique, mais la scène de cul met vraiment beaucoup de temps à arriver pour un texte aussi court trop d'"histoire" pas très enthousiasmante, et la dite scène de cul est pas mal mais pas non plus exceptionnelle. Décevant, quoi.

  • Ilana

    Title: Executive ToyAuthor: Cleo PeitschePublisher/Year: Pouch Productions 10/17/14Length: 59Series: Executive Toy #1OverviewTo stay alive, Lindsay has always relied on her looks and her wits. It’s not always enough, and underneath her carefully polished exterior is a desperate woman who will do anything to survive. When she’s called to account for her misuse of the company credit card, she hopes to flirt her way out of trouble. Instead she finds herself faced with a gorgeous stranger who is [...]

  • Monica

    I don't understand some of the reviews for this book. If you can't tell from the book cover what this book is basically about at the very least the description should have made it clear that it involves a lot of sex for a woman and several men. So, YES, this book is full of erotica! I will, however, agree that the fact that Lindsay's family past trama was never addressed was a ridiculous over site by this author. In addition, some may find Lindsay extremely immature and entitled with her behavio [...]

  • Dana

    In what can only be described as a foursome with teasing hints of a plot, Executive Toy is the story of Lindsey, who is running from her family and something else that seems to be sinister. We never find out why she's running or what she's running from. Lindsey is called in to see the boss when her use of the company card exceeds the normal spending limit, except it's not the boss who meets with her, and spanking was not the sort of punishment she had in mind. When she meets the mysterious stran [...]

  • Megan Riverina Romantics/Meggerfly

    Rating: 3.5/5Heat Rating: 5/5I'm not the biggest BDSM fan but I took a chance on this short freebie and was pleasantly surprised. Even though I don't agree with the "BDSM elements" in the blurb - this story doesn't contain hardcore BDSM but has more than what I consider "elements" - I found it hot and flush inducing. The four characters in this story, Lindsay, Hawthorne, Romeo and Slade, have definitely captured my attention. The dynamic between Hawthorne and Lindsay is very intriguing and it wi [...]

  • Daria

    this little jewel I found free with a lot of free books you get what you pay for and you go in thinking that. I was pleasantly surprised with this one. Yes.s short with a wee bit of detail to keep it from being straight smut. I found that I liked the story line a lot. I liked all the characters and their personalities, yeah I liked Hawthorne grinz. When so much has went wrong for Lindsey can she really afford to be on the move again? Did she get a bit loose and fancy free with her expense accoun [...]

  • Karine

    I have never read anything by thing author before, yet I have downloaded a few free books of hers so I thought I would give one of them a try.While at the start I was a little unsure about this story and where it would end up going (it's 6 books long, so there has to be some plot right?), it did start to pick up towards the middle of the book. From there I just couldn't put it down.Yes some of the sex scenes are a little confronting but knowing this was an erotic office romance going into this I [...]

  • Centric

    Just finished reading all books in this Serial so will review as a whole.I enjoyed the concept of the story however I felt that more could have been done with character depth to achieve more emotional connection with the reader. The angst between Hawthorne and Lindsay was there and I felt that he cared for her before the declaration, however I felt the 'love' between her and Slade was near 'insta' while between her and Romeo was more slow building. Don't let that put you off though, the sex was [...]

  • Janne

    Started this book with the idea of another sexual relationship than they are actually having. I really think they are cruel and cold towards Lindsay and the way they behaved, even though she agreed to it. I also read book two, and some of the men open more up and is more kind to, Lindsey, but they are still treating her like a whore in my opinion. Maybe I will read more of the books hoping that their 'relationship/agreement' will develop to more loving and caring. UPDATED REVIEW;I did read the w [...]

  • Kristy Dean

    Very good short storyThis was another short story in part of a series. At least the next books are only .99 so I will continue the series. No box set yet. I have read other books by this author and like her writing. Very good just wish it was a whole set on one book instead of several. Overview. Lindsey just started with this company when her boss asks to speak with her. But when she shows up a different person is there. He spanks her with the work manual and tells her to leave. Weeks go by and [...]

  • BodiceRippingConnoisseur

    Executive Toy is just what I thought it would be a hard quick fluff piece. There is a possible story line but because of the way the book is divided, you only get a hint at what is to come. If you want a quick, fluffy read with a foursome that is hot then this is for you. Be prepared to purchase 6 books or you can pay for all 6 in the box set. amazon/gp/product/B011 (Here is the link to the whole set). If there was more story line to buy into, then I might purchase the remaining books but it jus [...]

  • Jane

    Lindsay is in trouble again; she has used the executive credit card for unauthorized purchases and expects to be fired. Instead a hot new boss first spanks her and docks her pay until she pays back what she owes. A few weeks later she becomes an Executive Toy for three hot alpha males as they share her in a BDSM office experience that is told from Lindsay's point of view. One thing is at the center of the story is how these three guys work together to share and don't give any slack as they use h [...]

  • Big Joe

    Lindsay has a secret, she is on the run. Has been for a while. At her new job she is called in for questionable expenses on her account. She doesnt know the guy who refutes the expenses. Things take an unexpected but hot turn. Later she finds out that the guy is the son of her boss. They meet again and this time he has 2 friends he works with, in more ways then one, with him. Things get hot from there!

  • Carol Miller

    Hot, sexy, humorousI think what makes this story a little different is that Lindsay can't stand Hawthorne. Even though she can't stop thinking about him. Its kind of funny when she sees him with Romeo &Slade. She wants Romeo, maybe even Slade. When she finds out the trio dominate together. She hopes to be able to put him in his place. Good enough to want to read next in the series.

  • Jen

    my problem. new author. read this. liked it. found out it is like a 6 book series. this would be fine but each part is short and costs 2.99 per story. this could have been written in novel fashion and yet it was split into all of these stories. I'm not paying 2.99 for each section. it's like buying a book and for every couple chapters you have to feed the meter to continue on. I'm bummed. I really wanted to keep reading this but am not going to pay 20 to get the whole story.

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  • [PDF] Download ✓ Executive Toy | by ↠ Cleo Peitsche
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