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By Peter Stanford | Comments: ( 256 ) | Date: ( Jan 21, 2020 )

The most famous traitor in all of history who was he really, and what does he mean for us today In this fascinating historical and cultural biography, writer and broadcaster Peter Stanford deconstructs that most vilified of Bible characters Judas Iscariot, who famously betrayed Jesus with a kiss Beginning with the gospel accounts, Peter explores two thousand years of cuThe most famous traitor in all of history who was he really, and what does he mean for us today In this fascinating historical and cultural biography, writer and broadcaster Peter Stanford deconstructs that most vilified of Bible characters Judas Iscariot, who famously betrayed Jesus with a kiss Beginning with the gospel accounts, Peter explores two thousand years of cultural and theological history to investigate how the very name Judas came to be synonymous with betrayal and, ultimately, human evil But as Peter points out, there has long been a counter current of thought that suggests that Judas might in fact have been victim of a terrible injustice central to Jesus mission was his death and resurrection, and for there to have been a death, there had to be a betrayal This thankless role fell to Judas should we in fact be grateful to him for his role in the divine drama of salvation You ll have to decide, as Bob Dylan sang in the sixties, Whether Judas Iscariot had God on his side An essential but doomed character in the Passion narrative, and thus the entire story of Christianity, Judas and the betrayal he symbolizes continue to play out in much larger cultural histories, speaking as he does to our deepest fears about friendship, betrayal, and the problem of evil Judas the ultimate traitor, or the ultimate scapegoat This is a compelling portrait of Christianity s most troubling and mysterious character.

  • Title: Judas: The Biography of an Idea
  • Author: Peter Stanford
  • ISBN: 9781444754728
  • Page: 377
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Peter Stanford

Peter Stanford Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Judas: The Biography of an Idea book, this is one of the most wanted Peter Stanford author readers around the world.

Comments Judas: The Biography of an Idea

  • Petra

    Fascinating! This history of Judas and the perception of Judas through the ages was completely fascinating.The author starts by looking at the Gospels, both those in the bible and the Gnostic ones, that mention Judas. He compares/contrasts what is written. Judas is, surprisingly, very vaguely mentioned and what is mentioned is at times contradictory or out of sync with the circumstances. Who was Judas? What were his motives? Did he exist? It adds up to an interesting story.Then the idea and perc [...]

  • Joseph

    'Alas for that man by whom the Son of man is betrayed! Better for that man if he had never been born!' Jesus's words as found in the Gospel of Matthew could hardly be harsher. And Judas Iscariot has certainly suffered from bad press since the days of the early Church, his name held synonymous with the most despicable form of treachery. Yet, it has also become quite fashionable to recast Judas as an anti-hero, a Romantic figure or as a well-meaning, if misguided, disciple. Whatever your take on J [...]

  • Paul

    Peter Stanford has written one of the most interesting biographies of a Biblical character whose name is still known by one and all today as the ultimate and most despicable traitor the name which we call any traitor, Judas. Peter Stanford has written a fantastic account of Judas from the Gospels and how he has been dealt with throughout the ages. What we do learn that Judas Iscariot is probably one of the most well know names from the Bible, who we know betrayed Jesus to the Roman Guards in the [...]

  • Ina Cawl

    Judaswhat does you feel or link this name toTreachery.Double Crossing.Selling outall this bad names are linked to that namebut the Author tries to Deconstruct this theory which prevailed for 2000 yearsand tries to put that that name in favor light because without Judas selling out Jesus to roman there will be no death and without Jesus death there will be no resurrectionmaybe Judas was the anti hero for many centuries to many people,but this book will try to change long held views about Divine d [...]

  • Maria

    Peter Stanford investigates the historicity and story of Judas. He does this in a chronological order, first he writes about the earliest mentions of his name. Then he builds on this and even describes the 20th century and our current feelings about Judas. A very interesting book with a lot of information, but written in a very understandable and nice way: easy to follow. I would recommend this book to everyone interested in religion. This book also explains how Judas was used by different group [...]

  • Rachael Eyre

    Much like the author, I attended Catholic schools and wound up thinking that Judas had received a raw deal. The Passion was a key part of the calendar when I was growing up; as we went through the distressing, grisly events one more time, I found it difficult to reconcile all the conflicting pieces of information. If Jesus was destined to die, surely Judas had assisted him in his goal? And if the traitor had felt remorse, didn't that mean he wasn't the irredeemable sinner my teachers claimed he [...]

  • Kekepania Kakiki

    Judas – the aptly named ‘renegade apostle’ – is, without doubt, the most compelling and intriguing followers of Jesus Christ. As a firm believer in Judas’ predestined role as God’s agent I have yearned for many years to read a comprehensive review of his life and surrounding mythology. This book promised much and delievered a truly fascinating account of Judas and his role throughout social and religious history. I strongly recommend this book to anyone interested in biblical history [...]

  • John

    great mental exercising Question who was Judas--Really now??

  • Ben

    A fascinating read, sifting through the Biblical references to try and gain a picture of Judas and then tracing through popular thought through the ages to see how this enigmatic figure had been seen in the public imagination. Whilst I have a more evangelical view of scripture than Stanford and so differ a little in my treatment of the Biblical texts, I was drawn into this work; for me too, Judas has long been a figure of intrigue. Stanford's biography bright to my attention the sorry history of [...]

  • Bahiji Aakoure

     I have just discovered the work of Peter Stanford for the first time when reading his book JudasJudas is perhaps the most hated man and the most famous character in the human history, everyone knows his story or at least everyone knows that he was a traitor. Who has never heard of the kiss of Judas? Bob Dylan wondered if one could not envisage that God was next to Judas at the moment of his kiss of treasonCardinal Walter Brand-Muller, the president of the Pontifical Committee for the Historic [...]

  • Caroline

    To me, as an agnostic/atheist, Judas has always been the most fascinating character in the Bible. Jesus is an impossible character to sympathise with, as written in the gospels - how can one possible sympathise or even understand someone who is supposedly both human and divine? And the other apostles are all fairly faceless characters, other than perhaps Peter. But Judas - Judas brings dramatic tension to the narrative, Judas brings all the messy ambiguities of life to the Biblical story, all th [...]

  • Wendy Jones

    This has to be one of the most fascinating books I have ever read. We don't hear much about Judas Iscariot, and indeed, even the bible does not go into great depth about him. My first thought on seeing this book was, how could anyone make a factual book about Judas Iscariot, when all we really know about him is the fateful kiss? well, I can assure you that Peter Stanford has managed this. The book is not only well researched but interesting to the nth degree. It doesn't just go into the Biblical [...]

  • Ruth Dipple

    This book explores the accounts of Judas as a person and as a role player on the Gospels and later theological writings as well as in popular culture up to the present day. It is wide-ranging but it sometimes feels as if the author has googled Judas and strung together the results. Factually he sometimes stretches himself too thin and gets things wrong (Thomas Aquinas was a Dominican, not a Franciscan). However the most disappointing aspect is the illustrations, all in black and white and poor q [...]

  • Keith

    A very interesting history of one of the most persecuted and possibly misunderstood people in history. I saw the author speak at Greenbelt and I'm glad I bought the book to get some of the deeper background. Much of the book rang true as the reason I took so long to read it is I did not like to be seen reading about Judus in public!

  • !Tæmbuŝu

    KOBOBOOKSReviewed by The Independent (4 Apr 2015)

  • Ford

    I liked the idea that Judas may have been carrying out God's plan, much like Eve and the apple, but the book was to deep for light summer reading. It was more like a text book.

  • Cypress Butane

    Not quite worth it when I'm looking at the problem inclusive of Gnosticism and too generally aimed despite. Not scholarly enough for my interest.

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  • [PDF] Download ↠ Judas: The Biography of an Idea | by ↠ Peter Stanford
    377 Peter Stanford
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