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Librarian s Note this is an alternate cover edition ASIN B00HUC746ECal Reynolds has always been special He comes from a long line of Hunters a group of humans gifted with exceptional strength, speed, and magical ability The Hunters purpose is to protect the world from demons from the Underworld But even among this select group, Cal stands out When his strained rLibrarian s Note this is an alternate cover edition ASIN B00HUC746ECal Reynolds has always been special He comes from a long line of Hunters a group of humans gifted with exceptional strength, speed, and magical ability The Hunters purpose is to protect the world from demons from the Underworld But even among this select group, Cal stands out When his strained relationship with his father causes Cal to leave the Hunters, a series of events is set in motion that causes him to discover secrets about himself, his family, and his future that he could never have imagined In the midst of trying to decipher the pieces left from this chaos, Cal reconnects with Gabrielle Morgan, the only girl he s ever loved, after a nearly seven year estrangement But Cal is Chosen and that has far reaching ramifications, not only on himself but on those he loves as well When Cal is faced with the ultimate deception, he begins to realize that he will need to choose where his loyalties, and his love, lie and the seduction of darkness is almost overwhelmingly alluring Please note this book was previously very briefly released under a pen name of Jennifer Wayne This book contains fairly substantial edits and updates since then.

  • Title: Chosen
  • Author: JenniferOrtiz
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 381
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:


Jennifer spends her days working a full time job, running her three kids helter skelter all over creation, picking up her husband s socks WHY ARE THEY EVERYWHERE , hiding her online purchases from said husband, and plotting ways to meet the boys of Supernatural in person.In a nut shell, she is a coffee addict, former nail biter, constant hair color changer, mother chauffeur maid indentured servant, wife, writer.Not necessarily in that orderoh, who is she kidding Coffee always comes first.She s an author of paranormal romance and contemporary romance, although historical or fantasy novels aren t out of the question either She s got ideas Maybe someday she ll have the time, too She is obsessed with Supernatural, Outlander, Grimm, Survivorman, and reality TV competition shows.She loves the color purple She believes in boys with big hearts and smart mouths and the girls who love them Life and love isn t always easy or happy but she still believes in Happy Ever After Eventually.

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Comments Chosen

  • Stephanie- The Boyfriend Bookmark

    When I told Jennifer Ortiz that I would review her book, I was taking a big chance. Not because I didn’t know much about the author, but this was a bit outside of my comfort zone. But I have learned one thing from reviewing books, living outside my comfort zone tends to find me reading books I would not have picked up otherwise. It is not because of the cover. But more the content. I am not a big paranormal book reader, but taking those risks in what I read have led to some amazing books. It i [...]

  • Sharon

    I like the overall concept of this book, in that it is written in the perspective of a 20 year old young man. Cal finds out that his life has been a lie and that his path in life is different than he thought. We are allowed to eavesdrop on Cal's innermost thoughts and I found myself laughing out loud at some of his phrasing. As a fan of paranormal books, I thought that the ideas contained within the plot were original and interesting. To be honest, I wish there was a little less of the romance a [...]

  • Patsy

    LOVED IT !!!!!!First of all, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Didn't want to put it down. Cal has been born the Chosen and destined to hunt paranormal bad guys. He's not sure who he can trust and he struggles to do what he feels is right. He's in love with his best friend Gabby, who is a witch. but she doesn't know how he feels. There's plenty of action, drama, humor, steamy sex, and romance. Can't wait for Part 2 to see what happens next. If you haven't checked out this book, you need to. You'll [...]

  • Judy Lewis

    Great Balls of Fire! This book is totally AWESOME! Chosen by Jennifer Ortiz is the first book in The Chosen Chronicles and it is, hands down, one of the best paranormal/supernatural/fantasy/action/romance books I have ever had the pleasure to read. Ortiz is a woman on fire and a total master of words and wit! Her amazing talent, astounding imagination and unique style shine brightly in this amazing saga chronicling the life of twenty year old handsome Cal Reynolds. The story is told almost entir [...]

  • Anne Huart (Books & Tea)

    When I signed up to review Chosen, it was because I was seduced by its blurb. I knew it would be a read a bit out of my comfort zone, but demons fighters, secrets, destiny Maybe it talked to the Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan inside of me Anyway I was more than willing to give it a try. I started reading the book a few weeks later, with that blurb still in mind. After reading the first chapters, I stopped, quite puzzled ans read the blurb again. Caused nothing in it hinted it was supposed to be a [...]

  • Theresa Needham fehse

    Free book for honest review. juliesbookreview Chosen by Jennifer Ortiz is a sexy and thrilling New Adult paranormal romance that instantly draws the reader in as it tells the story of demon hunter Cal Reynolds. Cal has always been the best at what he does; hunting demons and protecting the human world. Though he may be great at what he does, Cal is struggling with the relationships in his life including with those with his estranged friend Gabby and his father Steven. Ortiz does a nice job of cr [...]

  • Cathy

    Chosen is the story of Cal, who is a hunter of demonic creatures. It is told via his perspective, which is that of an arrogant, confused, horny male at age 20. The story picks up during a time when he is fed up with his damaged relationship with his father and decides to leave the Hunters. His journey takes him to the employment of a shunned past Hunter named Simone, who he suspects is hiding things from him like his father was. Tired of secrets, he turns to an old friend and love Gabby to try t [...]

  • Discrete Divas

    I loved this story!Cal is a hot bad ass Hunter who fights alongside his friend Gabby.Calvin and his father don't see eye to eye after the death of his mother nothing is ever been the same he and Gabby were fighting a demon that no one can kill.Simone sees notice and wants him to come and work for her doing the same thing that he's doing but making more money.Gabby does the ultimate betrayal by trying to magically see her way that it's wrong for him to work for Simone. He gets mad at this ultimat [...]

  • Keep Calm Novel On

    I received a copy of the ePub from the group Lovers of Paranormal (LoP) in exchange for an honest review. Chosen is Jennifer Ortiz's debut New Adult Paranormal Romance. Cal Reynolds is a hunter and the novel is written from his point of view. His personality is revelled via his words, actions and thoughts. He is on a mission to discover himself and his destiny. The novel takes a look at relationships from a male perspective. There is undeniable chemistry between Cal and his childhood friend, Ga [...]

  • Kay

    This was a different book than what I normally read, that being said I really did enjoy it. This is the first book in a series by a new author who does a great job of story telling. Cal is a Super Hunter, he hunts celestial demons. He seems self assured yet he is unsure of himself at times and is in love with his best friend Gabby. Cal will make you love him, laugh at him and want to smack him upside the head at times.Thank you Jennifer Ortiz for the chance to share in your first book. I can't w [...]

  • Mary Frame

    I loved this book.Jennifer Ortiz's debut novel is a well-written, action packed ride with dashes of humor and romance.The book is written from the POV of Cal, and the author has created a wonderful anti-hero. You love him, you hate him, but the best thing about him is that he's unflinchingly honest. The side characters are all well drawn out, and my favorite was definitely Gabby--Cal's lifelong friend and the girl he truly loves.I cannot wait to read the next in the series!

  • Mikhail

    Good story!!! My Review to come

  • TreasureCoveBookReviews

    This book was kind of a bit hit and miss for me. I think this is mostly because I really, really wanted to love it – but I just didn’t (expectations will do that to you!). But that’s not to say that I didn’t like Chosen at all because I did – or more specifically I liked parts (I liked the action scenes and Simone’s character), parts that I would have ideally liked more of. Having said this, I think that many will enjoy the first book in this series- so go read it and try it for your [...]

  • Amanda*Tears & Lipstick Smears Book Blog

    ***3 Almost There Stars***I was honestly looking forward to this book because I click so well the paranormal genre. We had this kick ass cover and a blurb that sounded exciting. But I didn't feel like I got any of that. I wasn't disappointed, per say, but I couldn't click with this one like I normally would. It was hit and miss for me. I'm going to give an honest review here as I always do. But going in, know, that it's so hard to write a review on a book that I didn't really like without it sou [...]

  • Lauren Jones

    Chosen is a story about a young man named Cal who has to make his way through life as a Hunter. A Hunter is exactly what the name entails. He hunts wild, living, outrageously powerful monsters who no one else can. Lie after lie, the people that he thought he could trust the most are keeping secrets from him. He makes a rash decision to join a force who does not abide by the Hunter’s code. Her name is Simone. Through an unbearable time in Cal’s life, he creates a friendship with Simone that i [...]

  • Marsha Spohn

    First reviewed at Keeper BookshelfChosen drew me into the story and never let me go until the final page – which also got me ready to pick up Forsaken, the second novel in The Chosen Chronicles which releases in Summer/Fall of 2015 (fingers crossed ‘cos dates can always change).Because most of the set-up for this story can be found in the cover description, I’m going to jump to my reactions to Chosen for this review.This story is told from Cal’s point of view, which gives us complete acc [...]

  • Gaby

    I was given an electronic copy of this book in exchange for an honest review, through the club Lovers of Paranormal.2.5 stars/5 Overall, this was a quite good book: an easy, funny read with a lot of action. But, there were a few things that bothered me about it.First of all, it was very predictable. I am that kind of person who pays attention to even the smallest details in the hope of deducing what is going to happen. Here, it might be my fault, but my favourite books all have something in comm [...]

  • Karyn

    This book totally intrigued me because it was a very different paranormal story. There were supernatural beings that the author invented which was really refreshing.This story had action, a mystery, some romance, and surprising plot twists. The main character was struggling with his own internal demons and it kept me guessing as to how he was going to react to various situations. He did not conform to the rules and this kept me on the edge of my seat.The characters were well developed so it brou [...]

  • Gray Global Creations

    4.5 Star readI was given a copy for an honest review.Im not a big fan of the paranormal. My sister usually reads these as she is a HUGE fan. That being said, I actually enjoyed the book. And by the way is a BIG book! But Jennifer keeps you interested the entire way. It reads well, and flows bloody brilliantly.Cal is a very arrogant, I can do what I want kinda guy with some mad skills. If I were a stealth ninja paranormal awesome heroine, I would have his skills!Its quirky and some hilarious dial [...]

  • Faye

    This was an enjoyable read.Cal is a hunter but he's no ordinary hunter. He is the Chosen which means he pretty much has greater power than the rest and he knows it. He's character is quite cocky and arrogant although there were times I pitied him. In th sense of his relationship with his best friend. If they weren't footing around each other or when Cal kind of screwed up their relationship first. I'll get over that eventually. Still, I love the childhood friends to lover theme. One thing is for [...]

  • Ramona Plant

    I truly enjoyed this book. The subject of this book, hunters and more, is not often covered in books. Jennifer however found a new approach to this genre. The book is extremely well written with a very good pace to it all, not dragging out nor rushing you through the story. The book is written from the perspective of a 20 year old guy, which does show. This might be off putting to some readers since he has quite the potty mouth. You know Cal is a little angry, struggling with his past but trying [...]

  • miri

    I'm sorry to say Chosen was kind of disappointing for me. Perhaps it was because I love books that seem to be packed with adventure toting gorgeous covers, but this did not quite live up to my expectations. I had difficulty with the writing style from the start - it's written in the first person POV (Cal's) (which I don't actually have a problem with), but probably because he's twenty and the book is meant to be written as how he would think and perceive things, it is really casual and colloquia [...]

  • J.

    Chosen is told from the viewpoint of a young male named Cal Reynolds. It’s a different perspective and sometimes interesting although most times Cal seems more like a teenaged girl. There is a lot of internal dialog going on which gets tiresome. I can’t say that I fell in love with the characters. It’s a book I could easily put down. The storyline is fairly weak. Cal learns he Nephilim and great things are expected from him. He doesn’t handle it well and relies on longtime friend Gabby t [...]

  • Undeniably Addicted to Books

    RATING: 4 STARSA paranormal book from the male character’s POV. I loved it. Cal’s inner dialogue was just perfectly funny. He is the stereotypical 20 year old in his behaviour; arrogant, confused, horny…And a Hunter, hunting demons to make the world a better place. Cal is fed up with his paternal relationship. His father has been less than stellar in his life, and as a result, Cal decides to leave a life he’s always known in search of something more. Along the way, he stumbles upon many [...]

  • Edelmira

    Chosen. Just wow. This book definitely left me speechless. Such an AWESOME read! I never read a book like it before. The author wrote this so well and got me hooked. My jaw dropped quite few times while reading this book. I truly loved it! (Even though I really wanted to smack some of the main characters head a few times to get their stuff together hahaha.) No really though, the story was something else. The plot was amazing. I give this book 4 stars. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND ! :) *Received a free ebo [...]

  • Denise

    ** I received this book in exchange for an honest review. Lovers of Paranormal, LoP**'Chosen' was a fantastic read. I loved the storyline and how it played out. Full of some great action, kick-ass characters, humor and some hot and steamy scenes. The characters were great. I enjoyed the friendship between Cal and Gabby. The love/hate relationship was quite entertaining. The humor was awesome. I loved Cal's point of view on things, definitely all male on most understandings of women in general. A [...]

  • Danielle Knight

    I was given this book in exchange for an honest review (Lovers of Paranormal LOP). I absolutely loved this book. Call is a hunter and his friend is a witch. You often wonder whether or not they will ever be more than friends. Jennifer Ortiz is an amazing writer and I can't wait to read more of her stuff. Great read!

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