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By Cece Bell | Comments: ( 914 ) | Date: ( Oct 24, 2019 )

Even frustrated grammarians will giggle at the who s on first routine that begins with a donkey s excited announcement, I yam a donkey Unfortunately the donkey s audience happens to be a yam, and one who is particular about sloppy pronunciation and poor grammar An escalating series of misunderstandings leaves the yam furious and the clueless donkey bewildered by the yaEven frustrated grammarians will giggle at the who s on first routine that begins with a donkey s excited announcement, I yam a donkey Unfortunately the donkey s audience happens to be a yam, and one who is particular about sloppy pronunciation and poor grammar An escalating series of misunderstandings leaves the yam furious and the clueless donkey bewildered by the yam s growing and amusing frustration The yam finally gets his point across, but regrettably, he s made the situation a little bit too clear and the story ends with a dark and outrageously funny twist.

  • Title: I Yam a Donkey!
  • Author: Cece Bell
  • ISBN: 9780544087200
  • Page: 345
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Cece Bell

I m an author and an illustrator, and sadly not a jazz pianist I live in an old church in the hills of Virginia with my husband, author Tom Angleberger I work right next door in a new ish barn I ve written and illustrated a bunch of books for kids and was lucky enough to get a Geisel Honor for one of em If you want to know about my hearing loss or my childhood or both , check out my first graphic novel, El Deafo It s only slightly fictionalized, honest I m at cecebell if you want to see weird stuff.

Comments I Yam a Donkey!

  • Michele Knott

    Yes, this book is about bad grammar. But really it's a silly, funny, laugh out loud, amazing read aloud. And if you channel an Eddie Murphy-as-Donkey accent, it really adds to the fun ;)

  • Emma


  • Kayla Edwards

    I was rolling on the floor. Just had it delivered today and I cannot wait to read this one to my kids at school!

  • Katie

    A delightful grammar lesson made even more delightful by the demise of the grammarians at the end. It's true that grammar matters, but maybe not so much when you're about to be eaten.

  • Julie

    This book is going to win all the read-aloud awards.

  • Rachael Stein

    Cece Bell, you treasure. All of the sourpusses who don't like this because it "encourages bad grammar" are weird donkeys and will be eaten for lunch.

  • Melissa Neufer

    Maybe it's because I'm a grammar nazi that I didn't enjoy this book as much as I could have. It's a cute book to learn about grammar but I found myself cringing every single time the Donkey talked. GAH! And then the vegetables are eaten in the end? And then the ending saying grammar doesn't matter? Could have been better.

  • Donalyn

    Even better as a read aloud!

  • Diana

    My 6 year old LOVES reading this book on her own. The repetition is great for little ones learning to read.

  • Macy

    I Yam A Donkey! is a children's book about a Donkey with few correct grammatical skills and a Yam he meets that has perfect grammar. The voices of both characters shine in this text along with its grammar lessons. Both of these essential elements could easily emerge in the classroom after using this text as a hook for a lesson. For a lesson on interdependence, students can use this as a model text for their own small writing assignment. Alternatively to other texts that may have one distinct voi [...]

  • Amy Porter

    This is a great childrens book about a Yam teaching a donkey good grammer. The donkey states "i yam a donkey." And the yam tries to explain to him that its "i am" not " i yam." The donkey does not fully understand, and think the Yam is trying to claim hes a donkey as well. This book is very fun and easy for young children to read. The illustrations are funny and colorful. This book is not only intertaining, it can also be considered educational for children about grammer. ( graphic novel)

  • Tasha

    This silly little book is a read-aloud gem. A donkey declares on the cover “I yam a donkey!” But unfortunately, he’s speaking to a yam and a rather persnickety one at that. The yam can’t leave the donkey’s odd grammar alone, and tries to correct him, but that quickly devolves into a “Who’s on first” type of exchange where misunderstandings pile up and the silliness does too. When the yam finally manages to explain that he is not a donkey (as the donkey has been misunderstanding) [...]

  • Margie

    As a parent with young children or an educator working with elementary students, you develop a particular set of listening and translation skills. When the little gals and guys are first learning to speak, what they say and what they mean are sometimes open to interpretation. More than once I've stood still for a few seconds running a phrase over in my mind trying to match what I've just heard with what I know.When it finally dawns on me what they are attempting to communicate, I repeat it back [...]

  • Luke Borsody

    I Yam a Donkey would not be my first pick for a book in my classroom, it does have it's comedic moments. The quarreling between the yam and the donkey is somewhat entertaining, but in the end I Yam a Donkey attempts to tackle lessons to the audience that are a bit too big for it's bridges. This book could be entertaining to some children and should be respected in it's own way. I Yam a Donkey does a great job at teaching it's audience about grammar and vegetables, if I were to present this to a [...]

  • Sheri South

    As "guest reader" to a second-grade class, I read this book aloud. Considering that we'd just finished reading THE BOOK WITH NO PICTURES, it had a pretty hard act to follow. It says a lot that the kids loved it anyway, and when I asked them which book they liked best, a few were vocal in their preference for TBWNP, but several were solidly on the fence, voting for both titles. The teacher was delighted with my choice, since they had just covered subject-verb agreement the previous week, and this [...]

  • Amy

    Popularity/appeal rating: 5Quality rating: 4In a one-sentence nutshell:I laughed really hard at the ending. That uptight potato sure got his comeuppance! Reminded me a lot of Pardon Me! or This is Not My Hat. It's kind of wonderful when an annoying character gets flat-out eaten. Kind of wish that could happen in real life.

  • Kermit

    4.7 starsFunny and silly. It could be viewed as a cautionary tale for members of the Grammar Police. It's an argument about grammar between a dopey donkey and a well-meaning but slightly know-it-all yam.

  • Jana

    This book is hilarious! It has a good little grammar lesson for the kids, but it also has a good lesson for those that go around correcting others' grammar! I know plenty of people that ought to read this! I can't wait to take this one to school and share with the kids there!

  • Giovanna Forsyth

    Listening to my 7 year old scoff at the grammar of a donkey was pretty priceless. HE read this to me, and he was confused at first about why the syntax seemed all wrong, but then he got into it. This is a fun little book, with a surprise ending that had my son giggling.

  • Lauren Waters

    A very frustrated yam tries to teach a silly donkey grammar. The ending made me chuckle.

  • Elizabeth S

    Rarely is there a book that is so hilarious and also teaches a hard-core school subject (in this case, grammar), plus introduces some social issues ripe for discussion. Amazing!!

  • Miss Wilson

    Teaching grammar really should be this fun!

  • Michelle Nero

    I yam giggling Is it strange that I read this in my head with the voice of the donkey from Shrek?

  • Kristan

    My 4 year old hasn't laughed this hard with a book in a long time!

  • Jennifer

    This book made me giggle. It was a little too forceful on the grammar lesson, especially for a book geared toward younger children, but it was cute and comical. :)

  • Jason

    I was actually starting to hate this book and then it saved itself in the last two pages, which were hilarious.

  • Elizabeth

    This book had my co-worker and I cackling. So, so funny. Thanks for the laugh, CeCe Bell.

  • Melissa

    I love CeCe BellBee Wigged is one of my favoritesis is hilarious. We've read it 38 times in 3 weeks.

  • Claire

    Read this to a second grade class visiting the library today and they LOVED it. I had a great time reading it to them and talking about Donkey's bad grammar.

  • Lizzie

    Humorous take on bad grammar from a know it all yam and a clueless donkey.I will say that I am struggling with how to read this out loud without venturing into stereotypical accent territory.

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  • Ö I Yam a Donkey! || ✓ PDF Read by Ù Cece Bell
    345 Cece Bell
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