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Interested in funny, heart warming, and inspiring real life travel stories You will love reading Railonama Railonama is a compilation of short stories and poems inspired by travel via the Indian Railways The book features enriching and highly entertaining stories selected from a pool of submissions from people all around the world who have traveled in trains in India TInterested in funny, heart warming, and inspiring real life travel stories You will love reading Railonama Railonama is a compilation of short stories and poems inspired by travel via the Indian Railways The book features enriching and highly entertaining stories selected from a pool of submissions from people all around the world who have traveled in trains in India This book will make for an engaging and riveting read for those who enjoy traveling and exploring.The book contains stories from authors Ajay Mankotia, Ambika Jindal, Anindita Deo, Anupama Sharma, Asiem Sanyal, Atul Sharma, Bala Parthasarathy, Chandrashekhr B Kulkarni, Diane Caldwell, Dilshad Sanyal, Dr K.C Jindal, Dr Roshan Radhakrishnan, Elayne Clift, Francois Juneau, Frank Joussen, Ganesh V, K.H.D Karr, Ken Haigh, Kshitij Bisen, Lalita Bhatia, Malini Mathi Vathanan, Mary McCormack, Michael Clifton, Monali Ghatge, Nikhil Narayanan, Pat Hale, Pradeep Chaswal, Raminder Rayar, Renuka Vishwanathan, Rohit Khanduri, Savita Mudgal, Shailender Arya, Sharada Balasubramanian, Sheela Jaywant, Sheila Kumar, Sijeesh V Balakrishnan, Snigdha Khurana, Sukanya Mohan, Sumedha Sengupta, Susmita Bhattacharya, Tessy Koshy, Varsha Halabe,Vibha Batra, Yogesh B Sharma.

  • Title: Railonama
  • Author: Anupama Sharma
  • ISBN: 9789380619798
  • Page: 414
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Anupama Sharma

Anupama Sharma who loves traveling, conceptualized and created Railonama She cherishes all her trips and is forever in awe of the beauty and wonder that pervades India She is passionate about public service and is currently studying public policies at New York University She is also the founder of pickafight, a non profit in India and has committed all the proceeds she gets from the sales of the book for charitable purposes in India.

Railonama Kindle edition by Anupama Sharma Children Railonama Kindle edition by Anupama Sharma Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Railonama. Railonama by Anupama Sharma Jun , Railonama is a collection of beautiful stories based on traveling by rail Funny, poignant, and inspiring, these stories will stay with you long after you put down the book, just like memories of amazing journeys. Railonama Home Facebook Railonama , likes A book of unforgettable Indian train stories A MUST read for those who wish to travel in India. Railonama by Manmak Issuu Interested in funny, heart warming, and inspiring real life travel stories You will love reading Railonama Railonama is a compilation of short stories and poems inspired by travel via the Indian Railonama Duotrope Apr , Railonama Submission Statistics The statistics in this section are compiled from submission reports sent to us through our submission tracker They are not provided by the publication s editors staff or by Duotrope s admins Information in this section is updated a few times per day. Railonama Home Facebook Railonama , likes talking about this A book of unforgettable Indian train stories A MUST read for those who wish to travel in India. Call for Submissions Railonama Pratham Books Apr , Via Railonama If you have ever travelled the Indian Railways and have a story you can t forget, we d love to read it We are compiling a series of short stories that are emotionally engaging, inspiring, and unique We plan to publish the short stories in a commemorative book in When we walk down memory Book Review Railonama Anupama Sharma Chiconomical Railonama by Anupama Sharma is a compilation of the brilliant and sometimes not so brilliant experiences that people have had on the railways over the years As soon as you see the book, you are atleast I was charmed by its old school steam engine cover art which is just a sweet snippet of the goodness that s present inside I have Railonama An anthology Railonama by Good Times Books publishers and edited by Anupama Sharma breaks away from the rather overdone love story anthology and gives the reader something pretty unique to ponder upon as they pore through its pages Anupama, the co founder of pickafight, has compiled a collection of short stories based on the one platform no pun intended, I swear Railonama Unforgettable Train Stories Paperback Books Railonama Unforgettable Train Stories Paperback Books Buy Railonama Unforgettable Train Stories Books online at lowest price with Rating Reviews , Free Shipping , COD Infibeam

Comments Railonama

  • Francesca Forrest

    This was my first ever giveaway book win, and I am thrilled with it. The stories--mainly reminiscences--are very brief, so you get many many different tastes and views. I've never been to India, but I have several friends and acquaintances from India, other friends who've lived there for significant amounts of time, and others who've traveled there, and I've been interested in India since childhood, so I was eager to ride the Indian Railways in an armchair way. But Railonama is not only for peo [...]

  • Privy Trifles

    45 travel stories stitched together with one thing in common – the Indian Railways makes Railonama. Add to it a pinch of romance, some laughter, a dollop of memories and a dash of emotions - you are good to go. A perfect synonym for “slice of life”, Railonama is a book that will take you down the memory lane to those long summer vacations that involved travelling to Nani’s house in that train, staring out of the window trying to count the distance and falling asleep staring at the star s [...]

  • Renuka Vishwanathan

    India's most popular mean of travel is the train. So, out there, almost everyone has a story to tell about their train journeys. This delightful book is one such attempt to collect such tales of travellers into a collection of stories that make you cry, laugh, ponder and undoubtedly get entertained. A real pleasure to read this.

  • Shrut

    You have to get your hands on this gem of a book. Railonama is a collection of beautiful stories based on traveling by rail. Funny, poignant, and inspiring, these stories will stay with you long after you put down the book, just like memories of amazing journeys.I recommend this book to anybody who likes traveling. And if you've ever traveled on the Indian Railways you will particularly enjoy it. From the cries of "chai, chai!" to the clickety-clack of the track, from fighting with your sibling [...]

  • Boo

    This review is also available on my tumblr.I got this book from the First Reads scheme. Thank You for giving me this opportunity.This is a typical anthology book. Filled with stories and poems that went from very good to middling. none were awful all were well written and well edited. Some of them touching, some funny, some thoughtful. This is obviously a book which is a labor of love. Its a gorgeous book perfect reading.My only bugbear would be I would have liked to see biographies just to hear [...]

  • Hemantkumar Jain

    This is unlike any other anthology that I have read. First, its not fiction. The books is a nice large collection of individual experiences of people who have the Indian Railways deeply etched into their memories. If you are an Indian and have traveled on the Indian trains/railways, you will identify with almost all of the stories in the collection. You will 'feel' them and most probably even visualize them in your mind. It was more of a nostalgic read than a short story collection kind of feel. [...]

  • Aditi Goswami

    A collection of travel stories, this book fills the reader with hope and positive outlook towards travel in particular and life in general. A wide variety of topics/experiences covered makes it both a memorable and a very interesting read.This book has changed my perspective on travel and would surely do the same for you. I look forward to my next train journey and am excited towards whatever time has in store for me.

  • Varima Narula

    Railonama is a great book. It takes the reader through various emotions. Some stories are thought provoking while others are inspiring. Some are full of fun while some bring a tear or two in your eyes. It is a must read for all book lovers. I didn't want to put the book down and when I had to, couldn't wait to get back to it. Well done Anupama.

  • Priyanka Paliwal

    This book brought back my past cherished memories of traveling with Indian railways. More than the train itself, this book touches a very special piece of the Indian society - the journey into the lives and vibrant experiences of the middle class of India. The book is an easy and joyful read. Highly recommended!

  • Anivesh Bharadwaj

    Brilliant book! Takes you into the separate world of Indian Railways and its family. You just tend to relate the stories of the writers to yourself as these have been part of you while you have grown up and traveled in the train exploring different parts of India.

  • Khushboo

    A really great collection that gives one an insight into the lives of so many different people, and brings indian trains alive- whether or not you've travelled on them. A unique set of stories!

  • Richard Crown

    I wish this book was published before I travelled to India. Highly recommend this book if you are traveling to India for the first time.

  • Nupur Tiwari

    This book is dear to me , as It was my first book review for Blogadda Book review Program for Indian bloggers. Why I give 4 stars to this book is:-It is a travelogue, which all age groups irrespective of high-end english knowledge will enjoy as the simple stories connect with you.-The incidents potrayed in the book are sure to remind you one of your journeys where you faced something similar-Also, the journeys of people outside India have been captured, and as it turns out, it was a blissful exp [...]

  • Sunil Jha

    Read the book. • The stories are very interesting. • The compilation is also very good. • It is difficult to put down the book once you start reading it.But our nature of my job as it is, it was not possible to finish the book in one seating. But because it is a collection of stories, it helped me in reading the book in many spells without feeling any loss of continuity. But whenever I was forced to put down the book due to some exigency, I was always eagerly looking forward to return to t [...]

  • Anand Nerkar

    Just finished the book! A must read for all who loves to travel! These are amazing train journey stories and how the people connect with each other and take back the good or bad memories along with them. After reading all the stories I remember the famous dialog from movie "Anand" about the transmitter and the receiver and how Rajesh Khanna gets the vibration from the people and talks to the people even if he doesn’t know them. I think this book is all about how people receive these vibrations [...]

  • Ganesh V

    Oh, what a ride this book took me on! I felt like I was travelling by a train, jumping off it at a particular station, boarding another train, hopping off at another station and so on. A delightful collection of tales and one essay on travelling by train in India. As you read them, you will find your mind traversing the entire spectrum of emotions. Pick it up right now. Don't miss the bus, or rather, the train. :)

  • Divya

    The short stories in Railonama give the reader compelling impressions of what train travel in India is like. If you have traveled on trains in India, they will bring back fond memories of fun trips and unique scenes. If you haven't experienced India's trains yourself, these stories will make you feel like they have been a part of your life.

  • Disha

    A great collection of stories, most stories are so easy to relate to. Anupama has done a great job in compiling these and bringing such plethora of experiences together in this book. Must Read!

  • Parwati Singari

    Telling Tales of the Train Traveller.Rainonama, is an anthology of train stories, collected by Anupama Sharma, published by Good Times Books Pvt.Ltd. With the ISBN 978-93-806197-9-8 is a travelogue, Toofan mailek duniya hai toofan mail, is a refrain from a vintage Hindi movie of the same name. Yes that was what a train journey always meant to me, new vistas, changing landscape, cuisine and dialect until the language is totally different from the one we started our journey with. Maybe a life is a [...]

  • Laurel

    Driven by her passion for travel by the Indian Railways, Anupama Sharma has gathered short story writings and poems of dozens of travelers and their unforgettable encounters on the Railways. The book’s charm lies in the fact that the author and reader together find that frequency of ridership is not a prerequisite to discovery. Sharma makes for a terrific tour guide. Travel writers invite the reader as a guest through a trove of memories. The willing reader accepts the invitation, open to new [...]

  • Sundeep Supertramp

    2.5The first I came to read the blurb of this book, I was reminded of a quote by Ruskin Bond is one of his TV interviews. The host asked Bond what was his inspiration, where did he get his stories from? He replied, "From railway stations." He emphasized that spending a couple of hours in a railway station could inspire any author with a story. Indian railway is so full of stories. And this is book is just about that. Collection of short stories and poems from around the country, from whomever th [...]

  • Suchitra Thapliyal

    Great effort to create an anthology that captures different stories of travel in India that would have been lost otherwise. The book and its stories captures all the emotions experienced by a common man in his/her life.ion, happiness, contentedness, sorrow etc. The story 'Courage is Everything' is funny yet serious where a medical student had to save a life because he realized everyone in the train is dependent on him and have faith in his capabilities. Yet another story 'Steel City of India' te [...]

  • Megan Black

    Just in case anyone is headed to India or travels elsewhere in the world this is a little book to savor. Railonama is full of short stories that chronicle the experiences of travelers on the trains of India. The travelers are from all over the world and their stories are both heart-warming and instructive. There are amazing stories of the incongruities of life but also the surprising ways that we show up as human beings for each other. A perfect read while traveling, wherever you might be headed [...]

  • Devesh Bharadwaj

    It's been a while since I got a chance to ride the adventurous Indian railways again. Reading railonama brought the excitement back through the amazing stories the author has compiled. I would love to read some more stories. Living in Canada, railonama seems to be the only railway station which entertains me with that aroma!

  • Mounika Lakkakula

    I feel really honored to have received this book through giveaways.I really felt happy reading through this wonderful travelouge.Thank you Anupama Sharma for sending me this book.It feels really great to enjoy this awesome book :) thanks again

  • Sriram Ravichandran

    A collection of 40+ interesting and heart-warming stories set in different trains in India.

  • Jaseena AL

    Rating : 4 stars

  • Anirudh Dinesh

    Railonama is a collection of short stories about traveling by trains in India. It is a lovely selection of experiences that anyone who has traveled by the Indian railways can relate to instantly. It brought back memories of the conversations I’ve had with co-passengers in sleeper coaches and AC compartments, of the chaiwallas early in the morning, of the singing children, the folks selling hot vadas wrapped in newspapers and my mom packing chappatis and curry for our train journeys to Kerala. [...]

  • Viju

    I first saw Railonama as a part of First Reads giveaway and the title itself drew the 90s kid in me, who traveled by train often, to the book. While I did not get the book in the giveaway, Anupama Sharma, the person behind this wonderful book, sent me this review copy upon request. Thank you Anupama! It was really nice of you to do so!All of us, be it 70s kids, 80s kids, 90s kids or the millennials, have been on a train journey with Indian Railways at least once. There were several people that [...]

  • Anurag Verma

    Brought back nostalgic memories of traveling in India. Great compilation!

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